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10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

When you weigh the world’s safety on your shoulder, you’re bound to look for something that may help relieve you of your stress. You can’t blame a hero if they have a vice that they keep to themselves, something to forget about all the problems of the world (Literally) and just relax. When you’re on call 24/7, you might just be a necessity.

So, Some like to play golf, some like running, and some like having a stiff one. However, the sad part is that some heroes can’t eat drunk even if they want to. Either because of a high metabolism or some other comic-driven reason, some heroes just cannot get drunk, no matter how hard they try. They have to deal with the issues of the world sober. That cannot be fun.

We’ve gone ahead and made a list of superheroes who can get drunk and some who simply cannot. A few heroes here need to get drunk to activate their powers as well. Let’s dive in and find out who they are!

#20 Wolverine

#20 Wolverine - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk #181 (1974)
Why Wolverine Can Get Drunk: Healing Factor does not work fully

Wolverine is known for always having a cigar in his mouth, and it is very seldom that you do not see him with a pitcher of beer in his hand as well. These are among the many reasons people consider him a badass – the fact that he can drink far too much and still stand. However, he isn’t devoid of getting drunk. The right amount can make Wolverine stagger.

Now, it would be natural to think that his healing factor should negate any alcohol, the same as many others who have the same power. That isn’t the case here. His abilities allow him to slow the intoxication process, but not enough that he never gets drunk. It is just that it takes longer for him, and at the same time, the healing factor helps him burn the alcohol out of his body quickly. So unless there is a constant supply, Wolverine can’t stay drunk for an extended period, unlike others.

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#19 Black Widow

#19 Black Widow - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #52 (April 1964)
Why Black Widow Cannot Get Drunk: Alternate Super-Soldier Serum

The Black Widow is one of the deadliest assassins in the universe. Her skills are unmatched, and her resources are endless. She was even given the name because she is ruthless in her methods, and no one escapes. Letting your hair down is a no-no when you have to be a soldier/spy at that level. So, it is easy to assume that Black Widow rarely ever attempts to drink. Lucky for her, she doesn’t even have to fight temptation.

Natasha Romanoff was given a Russian version of the Super-Soldier serum that was not quite as effective as Captain America’s but enhanced her performance. Black Widow can do the things she does because of it.

The aging process is slower, and there are minor regeneration capabilities. Among many things, Nat has a very high metabolism, and her body can burn through any alcohol inside. This makes her highly unlikely to get drunk. Now, This is yet to be tested, as even Steve Rogers can get drunk on Asgardian mead.

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#18 Wonder Woman

#18 Wonder Woman - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: All-Star Comics #8 (December 1941)
Why Wonder Woman Can Get Drunk: Descendant of Greek God

A core member of the Justice League, Princess Dianna is looked up to as a shining light of goodness for everyone to model themselves after. While alcohol consumption isn’t bad, having Wonder Woman parade around with a beer in hand is probably not a smart move.

One would think that as a God, his body would be able to withstand the effects of alcohol. There is, however, one thing to consider. She is the descendant of a Greek God, and they certainly do like to drink. The Greek Pantheon even has a God of Wine – Dionysus.

So, if even Zeus can drink, then even the half-Amazonian can too. Given her otherworldly physiology, it probably just takes potent alcohol to do any real damage. There have been instances in comics where Wonder Woman has joined her teammates and sisters in celebration, with a drink in hand.

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#17 Midnighter

#17 Midnighter - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Stormwatch (Vol 2) #4 (February 1998)
Why Midnighter Cannot Get Drunk: Healing Factor

Midnight is a hero from the Wildstorm Universe. This particular world was separate from the original DC Universe until DC took over Wildstorm comics. Wildstorm is an absolute badass who is brutal in his methods. Something even more interesting is that he is one of the more famous Queer superheroes out there. He fights crime alongside his life partner, Apollo.

Midnighter was raised a superhuman and had many powers when part of the Wildstorm Universe. The merger of the Wildstorm Universe was aligned well after the Flash Point event. This gave the character a different new look.

One thing that has remained constant is his high metabolism and superhuman physiology. Along with an enhanced healing factor, he eventually discovers he cannot get drunk. The superhuman metabolism negates the alcohol almost immediately as he consumes it. Midnight himself has stated this fact and said that he only drinks as a sort of placebo.

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#16 Jennifer Walters/ She-Hulk

#16 Jennifer Walters She-Hulk - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: The Savage She-Hulk #1 (February 1980)
Why She-Hulk Can Get Drunk: Can get drunk in human form

It would be pretty hilarious to see the Hulk get drunk, wouldn’t it? Just a big green hulking man, swaying and slurring his words. However, we might not be lucky enough ever to see that. With the kind of physiology that a Hulk has, it would be impossible. However, that isn’t the case if it’s someone who can change whenever they want.

Something that Jeniffer Walters realized about her condition is that she could consume as much as she wanted without feeling anything, but only in Hulk form. When she reverts to her human form, the effects of the alcohol come rushing back. There’s just no escaping the hangover for this one. Not unless she stays in her Hulk form all the time.

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#15 Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier

#15 Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Captain America #1 (January 2005)
Why Bucky Barnes Cannot Get Drunk: Alternate Super-Soldier Serum

When first introduced, Bucky Barnes was the lovable and handy sidekick to Captain America. All in all, they are not the most striking of characters. However, that took a massive turn recently. Thought to be long dead, Bucky returned as the Winter Soldier and arguably one of the most remarkable comic book characters Marvel has given us.

Bucky was kidnapped and used as a test subject for Hydra’s pursuit of the Super Soldier serum. Through their efforts, Hydra was able to create a fine specimen that could stand toe to toe with Rogers himself. Among the many abilities that this alternative serum gave him, he also gained enhanced healing and high metabolism. This allows Bucky to negate any kind of alcohol and even most drugs. Hydra had to use a very high dosage of drugs to keep him sedated.

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#14 Iron Man

#14 Iron Man - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #39 (1963)
Why Iron Man Can Get Drunk: Human being

Tony Stark is many things. A Philanthropist, a billionaire, a playboy, and an inventor. He lives a busy life, and some days he just wants to kick back and relax. How would a normal human being do that?

It could be argued that he is one of the best heroes the world has ever seen, with a story that champions second chances. With the tragedies in his life, Tony has turned to the bottle many times but always found a way to control himself. Tony Stark probably has a high tolerance for alcohol since he would have started at a young age, with no one to stop him. However, he is still human and can great much faster than most of the other heroes around him.

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#13 Martian Manhunter

#13 Martian Manhunter - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Detective Comics #225 (November 1955)
Why Martian Manhunter Cannot Get Drunk: Alien Physiology

Born on Mars, Martian Manhunter has a biological constitution very different from the average human being. His alien physiology allows him to control the density of his body, read minds, and even shape-shift. It can be argued that he completely controls his body and how it functions.

It should be no surprise that the alcohol on Earth would not affect this alien. Maybe there was a certain kind on Mars that had a similar effect, but no earth intoxicants have been up to the job.

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#12 Spider-Man

#12 Spider-Man - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #15 (June 1962)
Why Spider-Man Can Get Drunk: Still retains human physiology

Hailed as the greatest hero to have ever lived, Spider-man has been put high up on a pedestal as a role model for future heroes. While this is a lot of pressure, it has not shied Peter Parker away from letting loose from time to time.

After being bitten by a spider, Peter received many abilities, but the power to negate alcohol was not one of them. While Parker has absorbed many characteristics of a spider, his human form is largely retained. His performance overall is enhanced, but not to the point where alcohol has no effect. We even see a drunk Spider-Man taking on the Hob Goblin in one instance.

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#11 Vision

#11 Vision - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: The Avengers #57 (August 1968)
Why Vision Cannot Get Drunk: Sentient Android

In the comic book origin story, Vision was created by Ultron to act as his son and fight the Avengers. However, he turned on his creator and joined the Avengers in their crusade against the murderous Ultron. He was the reason that the Avengers gained the upper hand and became a frequent member of the Team.

The reason Vision cannot get drunk is pretty obvious. If made of flesh and blood, the chances of intoxication are higher. However, Vision is simply an android with artificial intelligence. He moves, walks, and talks like a human but does not have the physiology of a normal living organism and, therefore, cannot get drunk either. Who knows, maybe there is a specific kind of virus that can give Vision a little kick?

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#10 Hercules

#10 Hercules - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Journey into the Mystery Annual #1 (October 1965)
Why Hercules Can Get Drunk: Descendant of Greek Gods

Comic books are known to incorporate mythology into their stories and have so far done an impressive job at it. One such character that has also been introduced into the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe is Hercules, the son of Zeus. Hercules is known in both mythology and the comics as a mighty hero that fought for the Pantheon on many occasions.

Like with Wonder Woman, Hercules likes wine just as much as the rest of the Pantheon. Wine was the obvious go-to, whether to celebrate or drown themselves in something when they’ve lost. His Godhood does not negate the intoxication, as the Greek Gods want that little pleasure to exist.

#9 Cyborg

#9 Cyborg - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980)
Why Cyborg Cannot Get Drunk: He is a Techno-Organic being

The Teen Titans fans know exactly who Cyborg is. A badass hero who could shoot plasma cannons from his guns. His origin story has been retconned many times to fit stories, but what lies in common is that his father used a mother box on his body that was dying after an explosion in the lab. Once this happened, the mother box transformed him into a being like no other. He named more machines than men but held tight to his conscience.

With only his brain and heart in proper working condition, the rest of his body was replaced by alien technology. This means that he doesn’t need to consume food, and he certainly can’t get drunk anymore. There is no point in even drinking Cyborg.

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#8 Constantine

#8 John Constantine - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Swamp Thing #37 (June 1985)
Why Constantine Can Get Drunk: Human Being

Hailed as one of the greater sorcerers to be part of the Justice League, John Constantine is no mere human being. With an arsenal of spells that he has used to fight off demon kings and even be the ultimate game changer during the events of Justice League Dark War, Constantine is a magician you’d be lucky to have on your side.

He has seen a myriad of disturbing things, and his very own origin story is as dark as it gets. He probably has a tonne of spells that he can use to ensure that alcohol does not have the usual effects on his otherwise normal human body. However, with the darkness he fights daily, Constantine prefers to let the poison put him out of his misery from time to time.

#7 Quicksilver

#7 Quicksilver - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: X-Men #4 (March 1964)
Why Quicksilver Cannot Get Drunk: High Metabolism

Quicksilver is among the first X-Men to be introduced to us. With powers of super-speed, he has been an asset to the mutant cause and has seen himself on both sides of the coin. Born to Magneto, Quicksilver has fought alongside his father for the Brotherhood and has also joined forces with the X-Men when bigger threats rose.

Everything in his body works at a much higher speed than average. His high metabolism demands more caloric intake and insane amounts of food. The high metabolism also negates any alcohol that he may consume, making it impossible for him to get drunk. The alcohol is burned away immediately.

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#6 Thor

#6 Thor Odinson - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #83 (August 1962)
Why Thor Can Get Drunk: A God of Norse Mythology

We’ve already established that God likes their beer. Thor is no different. The modern references to the Norse God come from Viking Mythology, where they rode ships, drank a lot, and loved conquering lands. Thor fits right in.

We’ve seen the God of Thunder smash beer after beer in the MCU, and the comics tell a similar tale. However, his God physiology makes him intolerant to Earthly spirits. The man needs some kind of space cocktail to feel something at all. He would need quite a few barrels of earth alcohol even to feel a buzz. Sounds like an expensive affair.

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#5 Captain America

#5 Captain America - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #1 (March 1941)
Why Captain America Cannot Get Drunk: Super-Soldier Serum

We’ve covered quite a few Super-Soldiers in this list already. Now, we’re finally at the ultimate one. The perfect soldier and a reverse hero, Steve Rogers is considered to be the ultimate role model, so you’re not going to see him walking about with a scotch in his head. Turns out that even if he did, it would be of no point.

His enhanced physiology puts him in an almost constant state of regeneration. This is the main reason he can live much longer than a normal human. The damage that alcohol would normally cause to liver tissue is regenerated immediately, and this means that he can never really get drunk. Unless, of course, Thor comes through with that unique stuff.

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#4 Jessica Jones

#4 Jessica Jones - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Alias #1 (November 2001)
Why Jessica Jones Can Get Drunk: Retains human physiology

Jessica Jones was born of a botched offshoot of the Super Soldier serum. It seems like the Marvel Universe is full of those. Everyone wanted to be Captain America, huh?

A bunch of valuable powers showed themselves as a result of the experiments conducted on her. However, there was one gift that Jones did not receive. Enhanced healing. Her physiology in that department remained mostly human, which also means cell damage due to alcohol cannot be avoided. You won’t hear Jones complaining, though. She loves a good Jack Daniel’s.

#3 Superman

#3 Superman - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Action Comics #1 (June 1938)
Why Superman Cannot Get Drunk: Alien Physiology

The Man of Steel is no stranger to anyone. The perfect specimen, the ray of hope in the sky. Sometimes, people think he is a bird too. He has his bad days too. However, unlike the rest of us, Superman can’t drown himself in a bottle to forget his troubles.

Clark Kent was born and raised on Earth, but his Kryptonian physiology makes him immune to the effects of alcohol. During the second Superman movie, where he decides to shed his powers and go out to drink away his sorrows.

It’s better if we just pretend that that didn’t happen.

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#2 Gin Genie

#2 Gin Genie - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: X-force #116 (2001)
Why Gin Genie Can Get Drunk: Has a Human Physiology and needs to get drunk to activate powers.

Upon hearing this one’s name for the first time, you’d expect a mutant that has the power to grant wishes. That isn’t exactly the case, but the name isn’t as misleading as you would think. This mutant has the power to create tremors and earthquakes. Pretty cool, right? There is one drawback. She can only activate her powers if she is drunk. Furthermore, the more drunken she is, the more powerful she is. Probably not the best power set out there.

Now it makes sense why she has ‘Gin’ in her name. What makes this character even worse is that she once got so drunk, lost control of her powers, and ended up killing her entire make-it superhero team. Yeesh.

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#1 Flash

#1 Flash - 10 Superheroes Who Can Get Drunk (& 10 Who Negate Alcohol)

First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (January 1940)
Why Flash Cannot Get Drunk: Incredibly high metabolism

DC’s golden boy, the Flash, is the fastest man alive and probably one of the most powerful beings in all existence. He can run at speeds several times that of light and is fast enough to run across different dimensions. How insane is that? There aren’t many things that can stop the Flash, and alcohol is nowhere in the vicinity. So, if any villains are trying to get Flash drunk as part of their evil plan… it probably won’t work.

Everything is fast with the Flash and so, obviously, is his metabolism. The second it hits his system, the alcohol is burned away by his body, and he feels none of its effects. While he still possesses his powers, nothing seems to ever work.

He will not be very fun if you take him out drinking. I still love him, though.

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Honorable Mentions

  • Green Lantern (Can get drunk)
  • Miss Martian (Cannot get drunk)
  • Aquaman (Can get drunk)
  • Red Tornado (Cannot get drunk)
  • Hawkeye (Can get drunk)
  • Deadpool (Cannot get drunk)


Can Peter Parker Get Drunk?

Yes, Peter Parker can get drunk. His spider abilities do give him a minor healing factor and also a higher metabolism. Therefore, he can burn off the alcohol he drinks, but his tolerance for this is not very much. Hence, if Spidey consumes the right amount, he will get drunk.

Why Can’t Steve Rogers Get Drunk?

The Super Soldier Serum that Steve Rogers has in his blood gives him enhanced healing and a very high metabolism. No matter how much alcohol he drinks, his body burns it away. Therefore, he cannot get drunk.

Can Wolverine Get Drunk?

Yes, Wolverine can get drunk. Wolverine only possesses a healing factor, but that does not mean he has a high metabolism. The healing factor stops any long-term damage to his liver or organs, but it does not negate the effects of the alcohol. This advantage means he can drink as much as he wants without consequences.

Does Superman Get Drunk?

No, Superman cannot get drunk. Since Superman is from a different planet and has a unique physiology, Earth’s alcohol does not affect him.

Can Thor Get Drunk?

Yes, Thor can be great. Thor gets drunk all the time by drinking Asgardian Mead. However, he has been shown to become intoxicated by drinking Earth Beer as well. Vikings inspire him, and they sure like to drink.

Can Mutant Ninja Turtles Get Drunk?

Yes, the Ninja Turtles can get drunk. They have a higher tolerance for alcohol due to their mutated state, but if they drink enough alcohol, then they can get intoxicated.

Why Does Spider-Man Not Drink?

In a comic, Spider-Man can be seen drinking along with MJ and her friends, after which he has to fight the Hob-Gobin. During this fight, Spider-man was sloppy and made many mistakes. Since then, he has tried not to drink, as he could be called into action at any time. Furthermore, because he is considered to be a role model, Marvel has made sure never to show their characters consuming alcohol.

Does Spider-Man Drink Milk?

Yes, he does. Spider-man is a hero that everyone looks up to, especially children. Spider-man is depicted as drinking a lot of milk to get young children to consume more dairy, which is supposed to help them grow to be stronger.

What Is Peter Parker’s Favorite Drink?

Peter Parker’s favorite drink is milk. It is made so that children will be inspired to drink more milk.

With this, we end our list of superheroes who can and cannot drink alcohol. Whether they do, it does not say anything about their heroism. These heroes have fought off universal threats many times, and occasionally, they just need a little drink to keep their hands steady. It is what it is.

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Later, Nerds.


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