All about Wonder Woman’s Bracelets

Wonder woman has been an idol for people all around the globe especially women who look up to her. The bracelets of Wonder Woman are an iconic piece of articraft but do you know how she got them in the first place, What happens when she takes them off, What are they made of, What other things do they represent?

Time to find out. Fasten your seat belts as we are in here for a ride.

1# Origin

Wonder Woman's Bracelets Origin
Source : Wonder Woman

Created by William Moulton Marston, the bracelets first appeared in DC Comics All-Star #8 in December 1941.

They do have an origin story that involves gods themselves. In the golden age of comics, Amazons were described wearing the bracelets as a symbol of submission to goddess Aphrodite.

Amazons were once the greatest nation on earth but things change. These bracelets are a constant reminder of Amazons experience of enslavement in a period when they were dominated under the rule of the treacherous Hercules.

Amazons were freed by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. She laid a rule known as Aphrodite law which involves that they must never surrender to a man for any reason. That is one of the reasons for every amazon to wear a pair of bracelets.

2# The Name

Though they are most likely known with the wearer’s name like Captain America’s shield. These bracelets do have an actual name.

Generally, they are known as wonder woman’s bracelets but the mystic item is originally called Bracelets of Submission in the comics. This name comes from the effect they have on amazons. More onto it later.

3# Made of

Made of  materials
Source : DC Comics

Initially, The bracelets of submission are a pair of metal cuffs. Their origin is varied every now and then in the ’90s but the comics (All-Star Comics #8) didn’t mention what they were made of until Wonder Woman #52.

Wonder Woman #52 by Robert Kanigher and Harry G.Peter in 1952 explained that the bracelets were made of amazonium. Amazonium is an indestructible metal from her home island themyscira. This metal is blessed by a spell from the goddess Aphrodite. 

After 1985, the history of Wonder Woman’s bracelets was changed. The bracelets are now forged from a legendary, unbreakable shield of Zeus called Aegis which is made from hide of the olympian she-goat Amalthea.

The live-action TV show in 1976 showed that the bracelets are forged from a metal called feminum found on paradise island which the nazis found out and eventually lead to the transformation of wonder girl.                     

They can be considered near indestructible as they were broken/damaged just thrice in the whole iteration of the character. Once by a terroist who possesses the magical daggers of Vulcan then by the Omega beams of Grail, Darkseid’s daughter, and by an Olympian pistol.

Wonder Woman forging
Source : DC Comics

The bracelets were reforged by Wonder Woman herself in the atomic forge on the island of Themyscira in Wonder Woman #238 which are quite unbreakable.

4# Represents

These bracelets are much more than being some jewelry or decorative item to wonder woman. Wonder woman’s bracelets are a symbol of love. The bracelets of submission pack a lot of humane senses into it.

The most important rule is to not abuse one’s strength. It is all about keeping herself contained. Emotions and love are much stronger than raw strength. The wearer should always be bound to love. This was brought to the screen with perfection in Wonder Woman movie starring gal gadot.

5# Branding

Do you know that wonder woman’s bracelets were once used to brand enemies just like the bat of Gotham who strikes fear into the heart of the criminals.

In the late 2010s, Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins altered wonder woman with a redesign. Along with a new costume and abilities, her bracelets were also changed slightly. These bracelets now have the ability to stamp “W” on the skin of enemies she fought with. 

The idea of branding people with wrists was later changed as fans didn’t like it.

Wonder Woman branding enemies
Source : DC Comics

6# Defensive

Initially, the bracelets were just used to bounce bullets off her. Later, the creators added quite a few abilities to the arsenal.

They consist of absorbing any type of incoming attack especially energy blasts, lightning, lasers, omega beams, and other projectile weaponry.

It guards wonder woman against any possible attack directed towards her and helps her gain the edge on the battlefield with no damage taken.

7# Offensive

They are not only used defensively but also to play an attacking game.

In comics, she can command lighting i.e, shoot lightning bolt straight from the gods onto her enemies when clinked the bracelets. They can also produce huge energy waves by smashing her bracelets against each other. Besides plunging even the strongest beings, they also look pretty badass to watch on screen.

For the first time ever, this was brought to life in the best way possible by Zack Snyder in Batman vs Superman and it soon became a trademark. Come on, we could watch wonder woman smash her bracelets against each other all day.  

Moreover, Patty Jenkins confirmed Wonder woman will be in her full power in WW84. Combine these action with some CGI and it could be amazing to watch.

Here’s a clip

8# The Unknown

Wonder Woman taking out her swords
Source : DC Comics

Do you know that wonder woman used her bracelets as a tool kit ?

Yes, Back in the day she used to draw out her swords from each of her bracelets. Now, that’s one quick way to reach out to your weapons.

But, It got removed eventually as it looked silly.

9# Removal

Wonder Woman on Bracelets removal
Source : DC Comics

Many fans wonder why does she even need the bracelets if she is already invincible in the first place. Well, you are about to get your answer now.

The bracelets control wonder woman from going all out on her enemies and are not to protect her but to protect us from her.

Yes, what you just read is absolutely true.

If wonder woman’s bracelets are removed by any means, she goes berserk. The full power of Diana prince is unleashed upon her enemies and there’s no holding back like superman. She would just finish them off.

Without these bracelets, her love for mankind is blurred and this would drive her insane making her extremely stronger and deadly. The demi-goddess becomes even more godly and dangerous if removed.

After all she is the goddess of war.

10# The Others

Others with similar bracelets
Source : DC Comics

If you think only Diana Prince possesses such cuffs then you are mistaken, my friend. Every single amazonian on themyscira has a pair of bracelets but none of them are as powerful as Diana’s.

Some of the characters who have their own bracelets with some extent of power are Wonder Girl who is also best known as Donna Troy, Wonder woman’s younger sister, and Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons(Wonder woman’s mother)

To sum it up. We can’t imagine Captain America without his shield, Thor without Mjolnir, or Wolverine without claws. The same goes for Diana, Prince of Themyscira.

No wonder why Wonder Woman’s bracelets are so popular. They became a part of her identity.

Even the famous Lynda Carter reveals that she still has the original wonder woman bracelets from the 1975 TV series and makes her feel badass every time she puts them on.

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