All You Need To Know About Wonder Woman’s Villain Cheetah

After the massive hit in 2017, Patty Jenkins is back with another sequel to the wonder woman movie but with a different villain named Cheetah this time. Wonder woman is a familiar name all around the globe but not all her enemies are well known.

Wonder Woman has a number of antagonists like Circe, Ares, First Born, Dr. Psycho, Apollo, Giganta, Silver Swan but, The most powerful and famous arch-nemesis of wonder woman is the cheetah.

Here’s everything you need to know about wonder woman’s villain cheetah from WW84.

1# Origin

All You Need To Know About Wonder Woman's Villain Cheetah
Source : DC Comics

Cheetah is the one of longest-running enemies of wonder woman. There are few other women who filled the shoes of cheetah over the years. This says we have many more cheetah versions out there.

To be specific, There have been four different incarnations of the Cheetah since the character’s debut. Priscilla Rich (the Golden and Silver Age Cheetah), Deborah Domaine (the Bronze Age Cheetah), Barbara Ann Minerva (the Post-Crisis and current Cheetah), and Sebastian Ballesteros (a male usurper who briefly assumed the role in 2001).

The cheetah we are talking about here is Barbara Ann Minerva of earth 1 and probably the most powerful version of all.

Barbara Minerva is an anthropologist and archeologist, who dedicated her life to seeking the true divine. This is what people consider as gods and unknown legends on earth.

Minerva was truly interested in working with Diana as she was chasing the evidence of ancient gods and the existence of themyscira is a real deal as it aids her in confirming the theories.

As time goes by, Her quest for the existence of ancient gods came true. She found Uezkartaga, An ancient fictional god who then transformed Minerva into a predator with godly powers and strength.

Note: This may vary from the film version of origin as Maxwell lord is another antagonist we have in WW84. If you want a detailed back story on Maxwell lord do comment below.

2# Character

All You Need To Know About Wonder Woman's Villain Cheetah
Source : DC comics

Barbara Minerva is originally a selfish, motivated individual. Later she finds herself in a quest for truths about ancient gods but soon after she transformed herself into an animal, she blamed wonder woman for it.

Her disgusting transformation and shame turned into hatred towards wonder woman. She not only hates Diana but also blames her for boosting her interest in ancient gods.

She hates wonder woman the most because Barbara thinks Diana was not being able to save her from herself which is pointless. She gradually develops envy and burning jealousy on Wonder woman for this reason. 

While both wonder woman and her villain cheetah derive powers from gods themselves, they have very different motives. Wonder woman to help people of the world and cheetah’s is to rip Diana apart.

Cheetah is also a member of Legion of Doom which can be considered as a justice league for bad guys. She also gets training from zoom, Who is one of the speedsters and an antagonist of the Flash. 

3# Strengths

Cheetah was endowed with a variety of powers. She has enormous strength, sharp claws which can even cut through Wonder woman’s skin, a predators’ hunting sense, enhanced agility, endurance, and night vision for stealth. Additionally, her bite transfers some of her powers into her victims, turning them into bestial human-feline hybrids under her control.

You may wonder Diana has a lot more than these how could she beat possibly Wonder woman?

The most dangerous ability of Cheetah is her superspeed. She has a speed rivaling Wonder Woman’s and is free from the inertia allowing her to move x2 the speed of wonder woman. These superhuman traits allow her to challenge Wonder Woman in physical battles.

Have a Glimpse of Cheetah taking on wonder woman in a fight :

Source : Wonder Woman Blood lines

4# Weakness

There is no specific weakness for Cheetah but her inability to change can be considered as one. No true kryptonite can hurt Cheetah besides her unbridled female passion and wickedness.

5# Why is Cheetah in WW84

In the first installment of wonder woman, We saw Aries as the antagonist but now we have two more in wonder woman 1984. The wrongdoers of wonder woman in the sequel are Maxwell Lord who probably is the reason for all things to happen in the movie and Cheetah who’s just a victim.

Don’t let this make you underestimate Cheetah as she is an even match against wonder woman in combat. The one-to-one brawls between wonder woman and her villain cheetah are one of the most brutal fights which get a hell of a lot of blood in the entire DC universe.

For this reason alone, The pure melee fights are visually pleasing to watch on the big screen. We get to see Diana in her full power where she also wears a new golden eagle armor suit for protection against Cheetah. Looking forward to the amazing action sequences in wonder woman 1984 between Diana and Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah.

Watch the Final Trailer of WW84 released in DC fandom :

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