Is Vision Really Made of Vibranium?

Vision is a typical superhero with an odd origin and fans often consider he is made of vibranium from top to toe. He is an android with some special abilities under his belt and definitely is not the regular superhero we all have.

Many people wonder even if vision is made of pure vibranium then why did he suffer in the hands of Thanos? Though he is made of one of the strongest metal in the marvel universe why he got pierced by Corvus Glaive’s Blade?

Here is the answer for all your questions.

Is vision really made of only pure vibranium? NO, but if we dig deeper there is a logical understanding. We need to consider the following factors for a keen explanation.

1# Origin

Vision is created by Ultron with a selfish motive to end the world. Ultron embedded the mind stone into the dummy body. He used the Scepter to force Doctor Helen Cho to use the Regeneration Cradle for the creation of his new synthetic body. 

The avengers namely Tony and Bruce Banner uploaded the remains of J.A.R.V.I.S into the artificial body of the android. With many things going inside him, He totally became something else. The line “I am not Ultron, I’m not J.A.R.V.I.S” shows us that.

Source : Youtube

Thus, Vision is born a hybrid and has the ability to think on its own.

2# Science and Ratios

According to some comic theories, Vision is made up of a variety of things besides vibranium. Even though the major proportion constitutes of Vibranium there are some important materials too. The mind stone, Artificial tissues, and some electronic circuits constitute a synthetic body.

The percentage ratio of all these materials are

  • Vibranium – 70%
  • Artificial Tissues -15%
  • Electronic Circuits – 10%
  • The Mind Stone – 5%

Vibranium is a rare earth metal that is believed to have extraterrestrial origins and has landed in Wakanda when a meteor hit the earth. It can be found in abundance in the African hidden nation Wakanda. People of Wakanda use it for all their technological advancements and military purposes. The metal is most commonly known as the material that is used in making Captain America’s shield.

One important property of vibranium is that it absorbs kinetic energy and stores it for a particular time period. Sometimes, It even cancels out external energies by simply absorbing them. But it does have its limitations.

We all knew that the artificial tissue synthesized in the regeneration chamber is bonded with vibranium. Vision’s density ratio is a lot less when compared to Captain America’s shield due to this factor.

Adamantium is an artificially synthesized metal on earth. After the successful use of vibranium, Dr. Maclain recreated the process of bonding steel and vibranium but was unsuccessful. Those failures lead to adamantium at a point which is used in several experiments. The most famous use comes from the experiments conducted by the Weapon X program, bonding adamantium to a human skeleton structure.

Neither Captain America’s Shield nor Vision is made of pure vibranium. The shield is built from an adamantium and vibranium alloy. This allows Captain America to take direct blows from some of the strongest beings around him. This alloy composition makes Captain America’s shield more durable than the Vision’s vibranium-laced artificial tissues.

Cap’s shield has the hardness of Adamantium and the absorbing properties of vibranium combined. Whereas vision is not made of any adamantium alloy besides vibranium. 

3# Events

Corvus Glaive

In Avengers Infinity War, Corvus Glaive of the black order pierced vision with a blade. Vision even noted the fact that it further stopped him from phasing.

Here’s the clip of Corvus Glaive piercing Vision

Source : Youtube


In the late half of the movie, Thanos literally picked the stone with his bare hands from vision by poking a hole in his head.

Here’s the clip of Thanos poking a hole in Vision’s head

Source : Avengers Infinity War

Though being built of one of the strongest metals in the marvel universe, He is helpless in both scenarios. This shows us that even vibranium is very much breakable.

4# Breaking it Down

Glaive has a special weapon. A blade that is intangible which can pierce anything. As has the power to split atoms, which means it can cut through anything in the universe, including Vibranium. This can be a factor to keep in mind and the other one is the density control of vision which is less due to his artificial tissues.

Thanos on the other hand is shown great strengths. Even without the gauntlet he can break the vibranium and has done it several times in the comics. One such example is that he shattered Cap’s shield with his bare hands which is a lot thicker than vision’s skin. 

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Source : Marvel Comics

Remember the end fight from Black panther? The Sonic dampeners in the tunnel showed it could suppress vibranium’s effect. This is done by finding the correct harmonic to neutralize the force created by vibranium which implies vibranium’s transfer efficiency might not be perfect, which means it’s possible to overwhelm it with sheer external force.

Source : Black Panther

Maybe the blade Glaive used is made of unknown alien metal which could do that and Thanos raw power is too strong for vibranium to hold up. These are all the factors taken into consideration to put out a detailed explanation.

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