Can Spider-Man Lift Thor’s Hammer? (21 Burning Questions Answered)

Are you a spidey fan? Then you must have some unanswered questions like can Spider-Man lift Thor’s hammer or how far can he jump? If you do then rest assured, We got you covered.

Like any other superhero, Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has some mysterious queries and fans have been longing to know sure shot answers for these.

That said, If you truly wish to know every detail of these questions then one must dive completely into the source material but we’ve done the difficult part and all you need to do is read it.

Without any delay, Let’s answer some haunting Spider-Man questions that fans ask.

Can Spider-Man Lift Thor’s Hammer?

The short answer to can Spider-Man lift Thor’s Hammer aka Mjolnir is “NO” but there’s a catch to it as another Spider-man from a different universe wielded the iconic weapon not once but twice.

Number 1#

Can Spider Man Lift Thors Hammer 1
Source: Marvel Comics

In Marvel Adventures #40, A new Spider-man emerged. This version of Spidey is similar to our 616 Spider-Man but also has a different character.

In this story, An enchantress used Spider-Man as a pawn to take over Asgard while Thor’s wasn’t there.

Under the spell, Spidey actually fought against several Asgardians and when Thor returned, He just crushed the hammer.

Here comes the interesting part, What Spider-man was given is a fake Mijolnir and that’s the reason Thor can destroy it so easily.

Number 2#

Can Spider Man Lift Thors Hammer 2
Source: Marvel Comics

In Marvel 2099 comics, The 22nd-century Spider-Man actually lifted Thor’s hammer
and this time it wasn’t a replica.

The 2099 comics feature a different story for all our beloved superheroes as these popular characters had different powers.

For instance, The Spider-Man from this earth is known as Miguel O’Hara and has supervision instead of the renowned spidey sense.

In this world, Captain America has wielded Thor’s hammer and inherited all the thunder powers the Asgardian has.

When Steve is taken into outer space, He chooses Miguel O’Hara as his successor.

Miguel may be a different person from Peter Parker but he has all the qualities that allow him to lift Mjolnir.

To his surprise, Miguel O’Hara didn’t gain any superpowers from the hammer. Not knowing what to do, He used Mjolnir to build things instead of destroying them.

Though Spider-Man 2099 is out of the actual continuity, This is the only version of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man who lifted Thor’s hammer.

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How Physically Strong Is Spider-Man?

How Physically Strong Is Spider Man
Source: Marvel Comics

Usually, Spider-Man can lift 20 tons with ease but provided the circumstances, He had proved time after time that he can lift up to 300 tons.

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can stop a running train, hold a cargo airplane, flip a military tank, and can even force a cut-down cruise to stay in one piece with his physical strength.

Is Spider-Man The Strongest Superhero?

Spider-Man is not the strongest superhero. He may be able to do things that many can’t but superheroes like the Hulk, Thor, Superman are way out of his league.

Now don’t get disheartened by this, If we consider all incarnations of Spider-man then he sure is the strongest superhero in Marvel comics.

Let’s countdown the strongest versions of Spider-Man.

5# Spider-Man 2099

Name: Miguel O’Hara
Reality: Earth-928

Super Strength
Telescopic Vision
Night Vision
Time Travel
Advanced Suits
Enhanced Reflexes
Organic webbing
Enhanced healing

4# Six Arm Spider-Man

Name: Peter Parker
Reality: Earth-92100

Brute Strength
Multiple Arms
Enhanced Reflexes
Organic webbing
Hand to hand combat
Spidey Sense
Saved Gwen Stacy

3# Miles Morales

Name: Miles Gonzalo Morales
Reality: Earth-1610

Superhuman strength
Enhanced Reflexes
Organic webbing
Venom Strike
Bioelectric energy threads
Resistance to injury
Spidey sense

2# Cosmic Spider-Man

Name: Peter Parker
Reality: Earth-13

God Strength
Unlimited Stamina
Enhanced Reflexes
Organic webbing
Matter Manipulation
HyperSpace Travel
Cosmic Senses
Cosmic Self-Sustenance
Force Fields

1# Secret Wars Spider-Man

Name: Peter Parker
Reality: Earth-616

Superhuman strength
Enhanced Reflexes
Avatar creation
Reality Manipulation
Dimensional Travel
Energy Discharge
Organic webbing
Spidey sense

Is Spider-Man One Of The Strongest Avengers?

No, Spider-Man is not the strongest Avenger but is definitely one of the higher-ranked superheroes in all of comics.

He is on Nick Fury’s top superhero list at number 8 and can defeat Ironman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Luke Cage, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Venom, X-Men, and Juggernaut.

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How Far Can Spider-Man Jump?

Spider-Man can jump up to 36 feet. Here’s how we break it down accurately.

In the comics, Peter Parker is known to leap not one but three stories at once. If we calculate that each storey is 12 feet then Spider-Man can jump as far as 11 meters in one go.

How Fast Can Spider-Man Run?

Spider-Man can run at 100 mph in normal situations but his upper cap can go up to 300 mph and may well even exceed that.

Here’s a page from comics to prove Spider-Man’s speed.

How Fast Can Spider Man Run
Source: Marvel Comics

As you can see, Peter Parker indeed covered 2 miles in under 5 seconds which is around 1440 mph and this is even faster than the speed of sound.

But this scenario will not be seen often and is very rare.

Anyway, Spider-Man’s fast feat measures him sprinting at 1440 mph in the comics but it happened only once and Peter never reached this level of speed again.

Is Spider-Man Faster Than A Bullet?

No, Spider-Man isn’t faster than a bullet. Though we’ve seen him dodge continuous gun fires, Peter Parker cannot outrun a speeding bullet. If the gun fired is above 10 feet distance then Spider-Man can dodge it. If not he gets shot at.

With the enhanced agility and reflexes, He sure is a tough one to hit but at this point, we’ve seen him shot by bullets multiple times. Spider-Man’s reaction time would be around 6.2 milliseconds but it is still not enough to be faster than a bullet.

How Fast Does Spider-Man Heal?

Spider-Man can heal stabs, gunshots, third-degree burns in under 3 days but he isn’t invulnerable.

Though his tissue regeneration is quite good, He isn’t like Wolverine or Deadpool who can instantly regenerate without much trouble.

Any lost limbs or serious damage to organs will be permanent.

How Fast Do Spider-Man’s Web-Shoot?

Spider-Man’s web-shooters can shoot up to 54 mph. That is the launch speed of Peter’s organic webs from his wrists.

How Far Can Spider-Man Shoot Webs?

With a launch speed of 54 mph, Spider-Man’s webs can reach as far as 60 feet in one go.

If he adds some stark tech or ballistic arc in it, The distance his webs can cover may well double.

What Is Spider-Man ‘s Web Fluid Made Of?

Spider-Man’s web fluid is made of amino acids like glycine and alanine. His organic webs are a form of protein as they are original spider silk.

The spider silk he produces is stronger than steel and more durable than kevlar as it can withstand a ton of weight before breaking.

What Is Spider-Man’s IQ?

According to Monica Rappaccini aka Scientist Supreme, Spider-Man’s IQ is above 250 and is tied with Reed Richards.

Peter has been gifted with scientific genius and is well par with any other students at his high school. He also showed added interests in science and chemistry which helped in building his web-shooters.

Is Miles Morales As Smart As Peter Parker?

Miles Morales isn’t as smart as Peter Parker. Though he’s capable of surpassing Peter in terms of physical feats, Tony Stark confirmed that Peter Parker is in a different league altogether.

While Miles Morales IQ is around 150, Peter Parker’s IQ level is more than 250 and matches Reed Richards in intelligence.

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What Is Spider-Man Afraid Of?

Spider-Man is afraid of three things in general. His fear of spiders, Not having enough money, and most importantly, fear of not being able to save his loved ones.

In the Amazing Spider-Man comics, Spider-Man has lost faith in himself and is on the brink of losing hope in the world he once wanted to save.

From time and time, We all saw Peter Parker’s friends and family being taken away from him. The fear of not being able to save people is Spider-Man’s greatest fear.

Is Spider-Man Weak To Bug Spray?

Yes, A normal bug spray will weaken Spider-Man provided if used in very high dosages and trap Peter in one place but that doesn’t kill him.

If you want to significantly weaken Spider-Man, Ethyl Chloride is his kryptonite.

Ethyl Chloride is known to drain all his powers and may well even kill him if exposed to long periods.

Another way to trouble Spider-Man is to make him eat peppermint as Peter Parker is allergic to the gum.

Can Peter Parker Get Drunk?

Can Peter Parker Get Drunk
Source: Marvel Comics

Yes, Peter Parker can get drunk but in many cases, he chooses not to. There are only two scenarios where Spider-Man got drunk in all of comics.

1# Amazing Spider-Man #601

Written by Mark Waid, Mario Alberti, and Andres Mossa, Peter Parker got drunk at Aunt May’s wedding and ended up sleeping with his roommate Michelle Gonzales.

2# Web of Spider-Man #38

Written by Fabian Nicieza, Alex Saviuk, and Keith Williams, Peter got drunk in a local bar but things change when his partner Harry calls him into action.

Spider-Man is forced to leave the bar as they need to restrain Hobgoblin. Surprisingly enough, Peter Parker missed all his shots at taking him down as he misses his webs.

This proves that Peter Parker aka Spider-Man can actually get drunk.

Which Spider Bit Spiderman?

A genetically modified radioactive spider known as Latrodectus aka Black Widow Hybrid bit Spiderman.

Though it may vary for different incarnations of the web-slinger, Latrodectus is the most common one to bite Spider-Man.

Can Spider-Man Control Spiders?

No, Spider-Man cannot control spiders. Peter Parker isn’t gifted with the ability to control spiders but another incarnation of the character can summon arachnids.

Kaine Parker, A Human Mutate Clone of Peter Parker has the ability to control arachnids.

Are Radioactive Spiders Real?

Yes, Radioactive spiders are indeed real and are found around Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Ukraine.

These spiders are known to be affected by the radiations in the 1986 disaster and contain radioactive properties.

In short, The bigger the spider, the more radioactive and more dangerous it is.

Are Spider-Man’s Powers Possible?

No, Spider-Man’s powers in real life are not possible to get. Even if you genetically made a radioactive spider that can give you powers the human body just cannot digest it.

Peter Parker’s abilities vary from Super strength, enhanced senses, agility, reflexes, organic webbing, and more. All these powers may well seem possible for fans but in the real world, this is scientifically proven to not work on human beings.

If you think these are some odd questions then brace yourself for the next one.

How Do I Become Spider-Man In Real Life?

Most versions of Spider-Man were given the powers by a radioactive spider and on paper, this seems possible but it isn’t.

So, How do you become the Spider-Man and gain his powers?

The answer to can you become Spider-Man in real life is a “No”. Even if you’re bit by a radioactive spider, The radiation it contains is soo low that the human body naturally nullifies it in our metabolism.

A normal radioactive spider contains lesser energy than a single banana. So, Becoming a Spider-man with spidey powers is impossible.

If you want to know more then I’ll provide you with an example.

A lost scientist in Chernobyl sat on a large radioactive spider unknowingly and when he woke up, His body was covered in rashes and small spiders broke out of his skin.

See, Being a superhero isn’t about powers. If you wanna be Spider-Man, Do what our friendly neighborhood Spidey does like helping out others.

These are some weird and crazy questions fans ask. Yes, People do type can Spider-man lift Thor’s hammer and all other stuff you’ve seen above.

We hope that you find the answers accurate and believe that this article put an end to your dilemma on many haunting questions.

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