Iron man’s Most Powerful Suit Ever

Tony Stark’s new armor is back and it’s Ironman’s most powerful suit yet.

With a new name and terrifying new look, the billionaire shows off an Extrembiote armor in the latest Marvel comics.

Spoiler Alert

Marvel Comics may have ended the King in Black event, but Tony Stark continues to experiment with his armor symbiote which eventually becomes Iron man’s Most Powerful Suit.

Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1 sees Iron Man team up with Flash Thompson’s Anti-Venom.

When Stark shows him around his compound, he reveals that he still has the horrifying and very powerful suit he made while the symbiotes overtook the world.

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Tony Stark reverse-engineered his Extremis armor during the King in the Black event to save Eddie Brock and defeat the Symbiote army led by Knull aka the God of Symbiotes.

Stark was unable to save Brock but he did manage to bond with his armor and create a horrifying new symbiote Extremis hybrid.

Stark took control of the Celestial after creating it on the fly. The armor was strong, but it was volatile and felt like an abomination. It felt almost like Stark was playing God with it.

Iron man's Most Powerful Suit Ever
Source: Marvel Comics

Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Manuel Garcia, and Robert Poggi are among the characters in Extreme Carnage: Alpha #1. Carnage is back terrorizing the Marvel Universe once more.

Flash Thompson is struck by a vision and almost kills one of his colleagues. Iron Man appears on the scene and immediately says he needs Anti Venom’s assistance as there is a big problem ahead for them both.

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Stark then tells Thompson that he has changed the lab to suit whatever crisis the Avengers face and that he has kept his Extremis-symbiote armor with him all the time.

Stark has even given his armor a new name. Ironman’s most powerful suit is called the Extrembiote.

Flash tells him he can control the armor like any other but is warned by the symbiote that it is a living thing and Tony cannot manage it long-term.

Iron Man confirms that Carnage is back stronger than ever. He asks Flash for help to find him and the other symbiotes so people don’t get scared like they were during King in Black’s takeover.

It is quite amazing to see Extreme Carnage Alpha #1 pull off the threads of Stark’s most terrifying and powerful suits.

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Although his Extrembiote armor may have a lot of power, it’s still a living thing, and it is difficult to control, so it wouldn’t be wise to use it.

Stark should have destroyed his suit, as he is setting up Carnage and others to steal the suit and make it fall into the wrong hands.

Iron Man will find out in time if he made the right decision by keeping his most frightening armor around.

What do you think of this situation? Do you want Tony to see Iron man’s most powerful suit or do you want him to destroy it before falling in the wrong hands?

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