Tanjiro vs Zoro, Who Wins ?

Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro against One Piece’s Zoro which Swordsman wins a fight to the death?

Who would win if Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro kamado challenged Roronoa Zoro of One Piece to a sword duel or for any reason the deathmatch is set to Tanjiro vs Zoro?

Demon Slayer is enjoying a lot of success, with Mugen Train performing well at the box office, and season 2 due out sometime this year.

The hype is real.

Tanjiro, a samurai-like character, can also wield a blade. What about someone like Zoro who can wield three swords.

One Piece currently has over 1,000 chapters. This can make it difficult to catch up, but it doesn’t stop them from featuring one of the most iconic swordsmen in anime.

These two characters are well-known for their great fighting skills.

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There are many exciting anime characters that fight with swords. These include western-style broadswords and Japanese katanas.

Demon Slayer introduced anime fans to a new favorite swordsman: Tanjiro kamado. He is a kind boy who fights for justice and his sister Nezuko’s humanity. He needs a strong sparring partner to keep his skills sharp.

One Piece’s earliest character is Roronoa Zoro. He was a legendary pirate hunter and became a pirate after meeting Monkey D. Luffy. His goal is to become the best swordsman in the world, but what if he faced Tanjiro, his fellow blade-wielder?

Imagine how thrilling a battle between Zoro and Tanjiro could be. Before we dive in, take a minute and guess the ultimate winner in Tanjiro vs Zoro fight.

Now that we have two great anime swordsmen, the question remains who would win in a battle of swords.

Tanjiro vs Zoro?


Tanjiro Kamado


tanjiro vs zoro
Source : Demon Slayer

A young Demon Slayer who is kind and determined but also powerful is Tanjiro. When Nezuko, his sister, is made into a demon, Tanjiro undergoes training to become a Demon Slayer.

To stop demons and to cure Nezuko, Tanjiro’s training also includes a period of physical training where he physically trains for endurance, swordsmanship, and other things required for the Demon Slayer test.

He is a great example of perseverance. He endured another year to learn how to cut a boulder in half using his sword. This took him two years!

To become a Demon Slayer, he trained day and night. As a Demon Slayer, he completed missions and then switched to water breathing. Later, he was able to switch to sun breathing.

Tanjiro must survive grueling battles in search of Nezuko’s cure. Let’s now take a look at how Tanjiro is fighting Zoro.

Tanjiro’s physical attributes have improved through rigorous training. He has more strength, speed, and endurance.

He’s smart and adaptable, just like other characters on Versus. Tanjiro can find weaknesses in his enemies just by assessing them.

Sakonji taught him water-style breathing techniques, which he shows is a skilled swordsman.

Soon after, he discovers the sun style. This is the element from which all other styles are derived. He is also proficient in sword arts and has been using a sword for at most two years.

Demon Slayer’s Tanjiro may be a beginner at sword-fighting, but he has worked hard to make up the difference.

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Tanjiro was transformed by Nezuko and began to study the Demon Slayer Corps’ techniques. He has learned to maximize oxygen efficiency, avoid traps in mountain forests, and even cut a boulder in half using only a sword.

He passed the final test in the battle zone wisteria-ringed and then had his last Nichirin blade forge.

Tanjiro is able to use water breathing forms during battle. This allows him to make fluid, elegant moves in both offense and defense.

This technique works underwater, as a swamp demon discovered too late. However, water is not Tanjiro’s only element.

His family has been selling charcoal for generations. Through Tanjuro his father, Tanjiro is able to use flame-based moves to pay homage to the Fire God.

This technique was first used against Rui the spider demon. It may be possible to unlock its true potential by Kyojuro Rengoku, the Demon Slayer’s family.

Even Tanjiro can use his nose to win battles. Tanjiro can smell out the opening thread of a fight and distinguish between humans and demons.

Tanjiro can detect precise pauses in the opponent’s technique and movements, and pinpoints the moment when he will counterattack. Even powerful demons can be vulnerable to this.

It is often too late for them to conceal the weakness in their technique or protect themselves. Tanjiro, when combined with the Fire God move and water breathing forms can be deadly.


Unfortunately, Tanjiro has a weakness in his ability to show too much empathy towards his opponents.

Tanjiro is a hard worker and tries to understand all people, even his enemies. Tanjiro looks pretty well stacked. But is that enough to stand up against Zoro?

Roronoa Zoro


Tanjiro vs Zoro, Who Wins ?
Source : Deviantart (One Piece)

Zoro was already a child when he began his sword training, unlike Tanjiro who only started it as a teenager.

Zoro is already a well-known swordsman when Luffy meets him in the first episode.

Zoro, a childhood friend, made a promise to Luffy that he would be the greatest swordsman in the world with her. Even in his youth, he was able to defeat tons of adult foes. He couldn’t beat Kuna, his friend.

Following the death of his friend, Zoro made a vow to use her sword and develop a unique three-sword style. Yes, that’s two more than Tanjiro has.

Zoro would go onto become one of the most skilled swordsmen in the series. Luffy released Zoro from captivity, and he got his swords back in episode one.

The swordsman has continued to travel with Luffy ever since, improving his swordsmanship as a result. Let’s now see how Zoro is able to defeat Tanjiro.

Zoro is already a master swordsman in One Piece. He already has a well-developed style so there isn’t much to do. Zoro is stronger than Tanjiro, who has increased his strength.

He also has incredible speed and strength. The guy has lifted thousands of pounds in the past, so he is far more powerful than Tanjiro.

His unique style is called Santoryu, which allows him to carry three swords in each hand and one in the mouth. He has a variety of styles, including two swords, one sword, and nine swords. But that’s not all.

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Roronoa Zoro’s abilities are steadily improving over the course of One Piece. But even early on, he was a formidable, creative, and deadly swordsman.

Zoro has been acknowledged by Dracule Mihawk, who has faith in Zoro’s potential. Coming from him this is a huge compliment. Zoro has been using swords since his youth, unlike Tanjiro.

He has learned how to make cuts and how not to make them, so he is able to control his swings and have a purpose. Zoro is an intelligent and deliberate fighter.

One Piece’s swordsman Zoro is well-known for using three swords simultaneously in battle. He has one in each hand and the other between his teeth. This trio of weapons allows him to perform a variety of moves.

He can use one or two of them depending on the situation. With enough practice and experience, Zoro can cut almost any type of material.

This technique allows him to be able to hammer his way through Mr. One’s steel body and even set fire at one point.

Zoro is also very strong for his size. He has incredible speed, reflexes, and agility. He has been beaten or cut to death many times, but he kept his cool and continued fighting even when others would have fled or given up.

Zoro is a shonen hero with the same grit as Luffy or Goku.


Zoro’s biggest weakness is his inability to follow directions. He is always lost. After I have studied both candidates, and before I make a decision, I’ll allow you to take a few moments to go to the forums to pick your choice.

Which one do you think would win the death battle?

Final Verdict

Let’s move on to the verdict. This one feels almost unfair, but I would have to vote for Zoro.

It’s almost unfair comparing Tanjiro to Zoro.

Zoro has three, while Tanjiro only uses one sword. Zoro’s a master swordsman at the beginning of the series, has Tanjiro’s most powerful breathing technique.

He becomes more powerful as the series progresses. Zoro would most likely take Tanjiro’s sword out of his hand before Tanjiro had a chance.

Tanjiro would not be able to defeat Zoro’s swords with one of his three, so he would have to use all the water breathing techniques he has to exert pressure on Zoro through his graceful moves.

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Tanjiro’s best moves will negate Zoro’s signature offensive techniques like Oni Giri.
Tanjiro’s only chance of winning is if Zoro loses which would not be unusual for Tanjiro as he is resourceful.

Although the Demon Slayer protagonist is able to push his minor advantage using his fire attacks, he would be in for a surprise.

Zoro is able to cut through the fire, negating Tanjiro’s best move. Zoro can launch a counteroffensive by using his speed, strength, and agility to the maximum extent.

Tanjiro could strike back if he senses the opening thread. But that would be no good.

Zoro, despite his injuries, is too strong and can outlast Tanjiro. Zoro will crush him, and the young demon slayer won’t give up. Here, the One Piece swordsman would win.

All the hardship Zoro has gone through, and as strong a swordsman Zoro is, I doubt Tanjiro would be able to stand a chance. Particularly at this point in Demon Slayer anime.

Do you think Tanjiro can defeat Zoro? Comment below to let me know which candidate you believe would win!

What are your thoughts on Tanjiro vs Zoro battle?

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