20 Honest Reasons Why You Should Watch Anime (Explained)

If you were wondering why should you even watch anime or give it a try in the first place then you have come to the right spot. Apart from the masses who already watch and admire anime shows, there are some people who never really stuck to it.

We all grew up watching some kind of cartoons in our childhood but it is hard for an older audience to continue that. Many may have gone years without watching an animated film but it’s proven that anime can do more good than other sources of entertainment.

I know you may be hesitant at first but for once, Check out some noted anime shows and if you were not convinced yet, Look into these 20 honest reasons why you should watch anime today.

1# Originalilty

Comics are the source material for live-action superhero films and tv series which are ruling the world box-office these days. Similarly, The comics of Japanese anime are called Manga.

The majority of these anime films or shows are taken right from the pages of Manga just as the Comic Books of the western world.

But in reality, there will be some complications in producing a live-action movie as it can easily deviate from the source. So, The studios end up making changes that may turn out good or bad.

In Anime, there is no such trouble for the creators. The actual story is told without any major changes from the source material which is much better in every way. 

2# Character Depth

In the modern era of filmmaking, connecting the general audience with the characters plays a major part in any project’s success. This is one such space where Anime just stomps its authority.

Every character in an anime show is unique in its own way. Anime can bridge the gap between viewers and the story by adding significant depth to the characters who carry the whole show until the end.

A large chunk of people who watch anime connect to the characters with a complex persona. These individuals reach out to the viewers and pull them back into this imaginary world of anime.

Popular anime characters have a huge fan base as authors add that layer of depth to their personalities.

Here the individual’s character development is not rushed and there are no limits to it which ultimately brings out better dynamics onto the screen.

Anime characters can range from high school students to middle-aged workers, gods to demons and the list goes on. The diversity in its characters is such that people forget they don’t even exist in real life.

3# Amazing Action

This possibly is one of the best answers to the question of why you should start watching anime?

What’s better than some kick-ass action to start your day with ?

Animes are known for brilliant, brutal, lengthy fight sequences. For instance, The Dragonball or Naruto contains hours of nonstop brawling and leveling up as the whole series sets up the tone for the final act.

Thanks to the talented men and women behind who work really hard to bring such eye-pleasing action from the Manga pages. Even if you don’t like the whole pack, The actions episodes are a must-watch for the general audience.

Come on, Who doesn’t love satisfying high octane action. One can watch anime just for the action sequences they deliver onto the screen.

4# Beautiful Animations

Basically, Anime is a mix of hand-drawn, computer-styled cartoons that are taken from the Manga.

From the character animations to the insane world-building, These graphics are visually stunning and help exercise your imagination. Makers got no cap holding them down as most of them can be created and are actually delivered with insane details to the viewers.

With the increasing growth in technology and adaptation of new techniques in the industry, anime evolved vastly from scribbled cartoons to smooth and polished animations.

The attention to detail, pleasing nature, world destruction in a fight are all shown beautifully in an Anime. 

All these set the bar so high that it can surprise even the most imaginative people out there.  

5# Plot Twists

Anyone can get bored when they see the same plot again and again in multiple projects but in popular anime shows, you cannot find anything similar to one another.

This is because it simply doesn’t work that way.

Authors are always forced to move out of their comfort zone to create engaging storylines for the audience. Anime breathes life into such scenarios and situations that you can hardly imagine.

It provides the viewers with all the twists and turns needed to stick to the show. A few good examples to prove this point are Code Geass, Death Note, and Attack on Titan.

6# The Fun

The modern era made our lives busy with scheduled work and most of us miss the fun part. One option to experience such entertainment which we only wish we had is by watching Anime.

The characters involved in these Japanese animations are vastly different and react distinctly with one another which not only puts a smile on our face but also amuses us from time to time.

Even if it isn’t some comedy episode, the interactions between the individuals and the sheer drama they deliver are still a joy to watch.

One Punchman and Gintama are some fine examples to look out for in this category.

7# Never Cancels

Have you ever been angry or frustrated for the sole reason that your favorite movie or tv series got canceled? 

Have no such fear because Anime rarely get canceled.

Generally, How the industry works is when a project tastes success in its initial days, It will be given a green-lit for further exploration in the story arc but animes are known to move forward even without bringing in huge profits to the studios.

Of course, If the Anime doesn’t do a decent job of appealing to the audience or selling enough blu-rays it will probably be halted for a year or two. When escalated, This may also lead to its cancellation by the production committee but you can still read the Manga and complete the story for yourselves.

The anime holds an unmatched advantage for storytelling to those who love it.

8# Unique Concepts

People tend to attract special ideas. Especially, when they get to see such concepts and experience them in person.

Anime takes this to a whole different level altogether.

  • A bald jobless guy with unlimited power and no interest to fight.
  • Notebook from another world that can kill any person whose name was written in it.
  • A complete superhero and supervillain setup with students aspiring to be one.
  • High school class was given the assignment to kill its alien teacher in a year before he could destroy the planet.
  • An animal lover forced to slay beasts are few concepts sailing on the ocean of anime content out there.

These concepts are difficult to pull off and should be appreciated for attempting them.

Overall, Anime provides a huge variety of crazy mind-boggling stories with meaningful concepts to explore.

9# Weird Characters

Agree on it or not some of us want the underdog to win. Anime portrays such tales with unusual characters in the show.

In the majority of Anime you choose, There’s someone weird or just abnormal. They may be a good guy or the bad one but their character traits make the story much more engaging and keep the guessing game going throughout the narration.

These individuals can be defined as a vigilante or someone with deep notions who are willing to risk anything and everything for the cause they believe in.

A few of them are Puri Puri Prisoner from One Punch Man as he gets naked every time he fights, Mai Minakami from Everday Life loves to prank everyone with random behavior and an expressionless face, An attractive handsome man from Tokyo Ghoul who preys on human flesh for survival and a kid trying to look bold by yelling all the time.

My favorite strange character is L from Death Note. L can be considered as a great example of uncanny practices. He is not only weird in every way possible but also loved by many fans all over the globe for his intellect and vicious ways to draw out the truth.

10# Free To Watch

What better reason can there ever be than getting something for free!

Now that the why is solved, You may be wondering how can I watch Anime as I have no funds for a Netflix account or an Amazon subscription. What if I tell you that some of the most popular animes can be streamed for free legally right from your home.

Yes, This is indeed true. Some online domains offer long-running Anime with hundreds of episodes to stream for free by displaying some ads in them.

Crunchyroll is the name we get to listen about free Anime to watch. They provide Anime titles as popular as the Dragon Ball Super, Food Wars, and Naturo Shippuden to stream for free.

Apart from the huge library of shows to watch on Crunchyroll, We can also read the Manga and how cool is that.

If you kept reading this far and are still unable to make up your mind whether to watch anime or why should you even contemplate then the below reasons will help you out for sure.

11# Anime Inspires

Another reason why you should probably start watching anime today is for the inspiration it brings in you.

Anime in a pack contains a huge range of fan-favourite characters. When these icons progress through their own hurdles in the narration, It will surely fuel the viewers with some spirit.

Honestly, The fancy stuff an anime character does can fade away in a year or two but it is the journey that they go through that will make them special.

It just forces you to move forward, breaking all barriers in your way and motivates you to do the right thing.

Ken Kaneki from the One Eye Ghoul, Himura Kenshin from Rurouni Kenshin, All Might from MHA, Guts from Berserk are all disciplined and hard-working heroes we can take inspiration from.

12# Relatable

Let me tell you that people really connect to a story when it’s relatable and Anime in particular just does that.

We all are born and brought up in different places under different circumstances. You may experience some things which others may not. These are the things that make you unique but some anime characters can totally be relatable to you.

Of course, It’s hard to speak which one but there will always be one for you.

The main reason for this is the characters are grounded and realistic. The individuals in Anime may have some quirks but their core nature is always true to life and sensible.

  • Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs is an orphan wanted by no one and is considered a burden to society.
  • Revy Rebecca from the Black Lagoon was raped by a police officer and was mistreated by people all her whole life.
  • Izuku Midoriya from MHA is a kid who often gets bullied but aspires to be a hero to help others and works his way through in the show.

These characters relate to us on a personal note which further helps to engage much deeper into the show and the best thing is they always overcome their weaknesses.

13# Different Perspectives

Life is all about healthy connections and socializing with one another but if you are an introvert like me, Anime can just provide that magical remedy you need.

Anime can broaden your perspective on how people think of a subject. Even if it’s the same thing that looks like an obvious pick, you’d be surprised to see how others approach it.

Good anime has characters with different ideologies and the show is narrated from multiple points of view so that we tend to jump from one character to another believing in them.

There are no good or bad guys in such stories. It all happens because they made that choice. My pick for these kinds of tales is Baccano, Fate/Zero, Scrapped Princess, and Durarara.

14# Cure Depression

Did you know Anime can possibly cure your depression?

Yes, It is proven in a study that people who watch anime regularly can come out of loneliness and depression. It is because they involve themselves in this new world filled with colors, fun and wait eagerly for the next episode to air.

If you are having a bad year or struggling hard then this can drastically improve your mood. People having serious issues must consult a physiologist as it can’t be cured just with anime.

It all depends on your level of gloom and willingness to try. Individuals with such conditions are advised to avoid heavy emotional and violent shows which just makes things worse for them. 

What I recommend is to watch light-hearted comedic anime to bring joy into your lives.

These animes calms you down and soothes the heartache as you engage further into it. This is why you should watch anime as it can be the perfect cure for a bad day. 

15# The Culture

Just like the movies which boast about different cultural aspects of the world, Anime too can enlighten us.

Most of the Anime originate from Japan which is why animes have a direct reflection of Japanese lifestyle and culture.

Anime isn’t just some cartoons taking on each other, It is a cultural obsession.

You get to know a lot of interesting things if you pay close attention to the shows. As your favorite character walks out in the streets of Tokyo, You can notice different aspects such as lifestyle, festivals, customs, art, mythology, gestures, social practices, food, and many more. 

Anime is a window to expose Japanese culture and it does a decent job at it.

16# Being Happy and Satisfied

People who watch anime are generally pleased by it because they have a sense of satisfaction after finishing a series.

Whenever you complete an anime show/movie, your brain releases dopamine as a reward and this makes you feel relaxed and elated. The dopamine release you seek is triggered when you do pleasurable activities and anime can provide you that.

Overdoing anything can hurt but staying within your limitations and watching an episode or two in your spare time is healthy.

17# The Bond of Friendship

More than anything, Anime emphasis on relations.

Anime focuses on family, romance, and professional relations but it is friendship that we get to see often.

The real value of friendship is taught time after time over many popular anime shows. People who watch anime know they shouldn’t let their friends down. Especially, Those emotional moments hit us hard when it’s a teenager.

Over the years, there are many anime shows with high school students involved in them. Some of them are Assassination Classroom, MHA, Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note.

My favorite one is from the Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. A monster named greed says “What I wanted was to have friends like this.”

After all, Life is about sharing and creating those little memories with your loved ones. This ultimately leads you to find genuine friends and stay true to them by providing a helping hand in times of despair.

18# Learn New Things

You need to learn new things to surpass the rest of the competition but it isn’t always fun to do so. Anime makes learning super easy through convincing narration.

Few important skills we need to pick up from an anime are grasping new words, mannerisms, thought processes, reasoning, and decision making. Although These skills are never taught in your school/college in a one-on-one session, they play a crucial role in your life.

The best thing you can possibly get in return for your time invested in anime is the experience of the whole roaster and their journeys in the show.

These skills not only make you wise but also helps you to be decisive.

19# Mental Health

Mental balance is often neglected because of the pre-occupied lifestyle we made ourselves. Especially in these difficult times, People are prone to suffer from mental illness more than ever.

Anime forces you to dream big and continuously hits you at different levels. The major reason for this is the characters in an anime are realistic and true to life.

Grounded personalities not only keep you stable but also provide valuable insight into how they win the battles inside their heads.

Whatever anime you take, there will always be that inside battle. Learning to resolve these conflicts which lead to clear thinking will boost your mental health far more than any medicine.

20# Life Lessons

If we study the Animes from the past decade that gained popularity, Many of these shows have something in common.

All major anime that got worldwide recognition represent and address various issues of life.

Apart from a few childish ones, Almost all the shows pack some good teachings in them. The important lesson that a tale has to offer is that morals cannot be neglected. Anime can be your true friend who states those facts right at your face.

Want to see even more awesome anime content? Join our family, and be the first one to read them all.

A few life lessons that anime teaches are listed below :

  • Don’t ever give up.
  • Hard work beats talent in the long run.
  • Learn, Adapt, Overcome.
  • Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.
  • Be kind and it returns to you.
  • Never stop learning.
  • It’s never too late to do the right thing.
  • Learn to see things from others’ perspectives.
  • There’s always a price to pay.
  • Life is unfair but accept the changes and move on.
  • Be true to yourself and live a simple life.

These are my 20 honest reasons why you should watch anime today. Want to try a few American anime shoes?

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