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Falcon vs John Walker(U.S Agent), Who emerges victorious?

After being openly mocked by John Walker in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Who would win if the fight arises between them. Who would triumph in the fight of continuing Captain America’s legacy, the Falcon vs John Walker (US Agent)?

As we all knew Steve gave his shield to Sam Wilson but not to his 100yr old best friend Barnes. Fans understood that act because of Sam’s morale and good heart. But when Sam gave away that shield in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier we all got upset just as Bucky did.

Though both Sam and Bucky ended up disagreeing with the act, They need to get it back from John Walker which they did.

This conflict may change the whole context of the show. Imagine if one of Captain America’s brothers in arms went toe to toe with John Walker. Who would you bet your money on?

If it comes down to the main contenders for Steve Roger’s shield, It’s Falcon vs John Walker, and only one wins the battle. Here we’ll break down why one of them is a clear winner.

Here we made sections to provide a much more detailed explanation of why one emerges victorious over the other. The Falcon vs John Walker fight is categorized into six sections.

#1 Strength

The Falcon :

The Falcon punching a man on face
Source : Marvel Comics

Sam punches a man’s face so hard that it cracks on impact.

He even holds his own when he arm wrestled Captain America who was enraged by the hate ray.

Besides this, He only did pretty average feats like lifting Captain America with one hand, Slamming a man through a barbed wire fence, Breaking free of being tied to a chair.

Do not forget that Sam can fly and do some serious damage as he can use the momentum to his advantage. 

U.S Agent :

U.S Agent can lift up to 11 tons thanks to the new optimized serum. His Strength is believed to be on par with Spiderman himself who can lift 12.5 tons.

Defeated Captain America

Yes, You heard it right.

John Walker vs Captain America
Source : Marvel Comics

John Walker fought Steve Rogers as Super-Patriot (Leader of a group of highly skilled soldiers with the sole purpose of defaming Captain America in public). Steve Rogers and U.S Agent engaged in an intense brawl that lasted very long in a parking lot.

Steve found it difficult to go toe-to-toe with Walker as his opponent over-powered him. Finally, The god’s righteous man admitted defeat.

Although Steve defeated him again and reclaimed victory in the below appearances. He admits that he survived only because of his combat experience and tactical skills.

  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #350 (1989)
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA #16 (2019)

Grudge Matches

John Walker vs Hawkeye
Source : Marvel Comics

By this time, You should be clear that Walker isn’t a team player. After being expelled from the Avengers and the Commission, U.S Agent went on to settle grudge matches.

One of them was to settle things with Hawkeye. When the Bow and Arrow specialist refused to agree with the U.S Agent, Walker completely destroyed Hawkeye with his bare hands. Thanks to the Avengers who showed up in time and parted them.

As Sam Wilson isn’t a Supersoldier, Walker holds a clear advantage here. This makes it evident that Sam is well short of Walker in terms of raw strength.

Winner : John Walker

#2 Durability

This is the resistance one shows when taking damage.

Falcon :

Even with all that the serum can offer, None can take some bullets or explosions head-on. This is where Sam holds an edge.

The Falcon ultimate suit vs John Walker
Source : Google

With the help of his EXO-7 Falcon flight suit, He can easily defend himself from any direction he chooses. Not to mention that it’s been upgraded over the years and is finally made by the Black Panther himself with vibranium which is considered one of the strongest materials in the MCU.

Sam can also dodge these attacks swiftly on or above the ground. Even if he is cornered, He has nothing to worry about. 

U.S Agent :

John Walker's shield
Source : TFATWS Marvel

John Walker has a shield that is a duplicate of the original. Though the replica can take some powerful blows, It is nowhere near Cap’s iconic shield.

The U.S Agent is more durable in his human form than Falcon, but the question is, Can he defend himself with the gear they fight with? Can he master the shield both offensively and defensively?

Walker may able to defend himself but the shield gotta leave him some time or the other in a fight. Without his central weapon and no cover, he’s at a major downside.

Even if the U.S Agent has the original shield in the whole fight, Sam can do much better without it.

Winner : The Falcon

#3 Skills

Falcon :

Sam Wilson may lack the brute strength but he makes up for it with his clever moves.

He is trained by Captain America and Bucky Barnes. Sam has also gone through the Avengers program when he joined them. Not to mention that he’s already in the Air Force for years which makes him one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the MCU.

There’s no need to mention that Falcon is a proficient aerospace fighter whom we all saw in the Marvel movies. One thing the MCU has not shown yet is that he can speak with birds and has a special connection with the redwing.

The Falcon's redwing
Source : Marvel Comics

Yes, Sam Wilson A.K.A the Falcon can directly understand birds and they can react to his actions too. Thanks to his most under-rated ability which is limited telepathic and empathic control over birds commonly known as telepathy. 

U.S  Agent :

John Walker on the other hand is a proven soldier and leader in the army. He received several medals of honor for his service to the country.

Walker was actually trained by the Task Master, Who is a popular supervillian in the Marvel Comics.

The U.S Agent possesses superhuman strength, stamina, durability, reflexes, agility which when combined with the training from Task Master and the U.S army can make him a force to reckon with.

But these skills he acquired don’t work well if he is not focused which we’ll talk about later in the last section.

Winner : The Falcon

#4 Location

The fight area places a major role in a fight just as the skills of the combatants.

Falcon :

Sam Wilson can stand his ground in a close fight but not long before his human limits come kicking in.

Tight and closed areas may put Sam at a little disadvantage to his opponents. The whole concept of his suit is to fly. If the flight isn’t possible then the opposite party has the upper hand. 

On the other hand, If the fight takes place in a more open space then he has the edge.

U.S Agent :

Obviously, Walker has the lead if it comes down to a straight fight in a packed arena. He is superior to the Falcon physically which makes it difficult for Sam to counter his attacks for a longer period of time.

All this could change with a bit more room in the fight for Sam to play with.

John Walker may be a super soldier but he can’t do much if Sam fights in an open arena. This allows the Falcon to fly past attacking and evading John Walker as many times as he pleases.

Winner : Both

#5 Mindset

We don’t always give enough credit to the mindset of the fighters but the fight always goes in the direction of how the contenders think of it.

Falcon :

Sam Wilson is one who trusts people. He believes one can always be better if they work on it and No matters how bad things get, we can always sort it out without war.

But on a head-to-head fight like this one, He needs to give it all.

Sam always sees in finding ways to disengage his opponents and only kills him if it’s his last resort just as Steve Rogers.

This may put Sam Wilson at a disadvantage because a fight/war is never fair but he knows Walker is stronger than him. He knows if he ever defeats Walker, he needs to keep a safe distance and do it quickly which gives Sam that mental stability and planning in a fight.

U.S Agent :

John Walker believes in violence to acquire justice.

He doesn’t always look to safely disengage his opponents in a fight. Walker’s unstable mentality places a major part in his actions. The PTSD combined with the insecurity can make him a monster on the battlefield if he looses control.

Moreover, if the Falcon can mock John Walker(U.S Agent) and make him lose the tempo, he’ll just dive straight into the fight.

Walker is many things but not one known to proceed with a plan which puts him at a slight disadvantage.

Sam Wilson is not a super-soldier and was never ready to take it. He clearly refuses to take the serum in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 4 which proves to be able to do good with or without the serum matters a lot but if it’s Falcon vs John Walker(U.S Agent) and Walker was given the choice to kill or capture, He will definitely go for the kill.

Winner : John Walker

#6 Comic Head-on

Falcon has been alongside Captain America for a long time and has been actively involved in many of them. Whereas John Walker served as a military personal before upholding the mantle of Captain America.

Marvel Comics holds the answer to who wins in a fight between the Falcon and John Walker(U.S Agent). In the comics, when it’s Falcon vs John Walker, As surprising as it may get, The Falcon emerged as the victor.

The Falcon vs John Walker(U.S Agent), Falcon emerges victorious
Source : Marvel Comics

Sam Wilson even beat the crap out of John Walker and said these words ” I’m Captain America now. Deal with it.”

Winner : The Falcon


Sam Wilson is the best when it comes to continuing Steve’s Legacy and having a moral code but John Walker isn’t one known to play fair. Though Sam Wilson is the smarter one between the two, considering Walker’s brutal and deceitful ways, It will be one tough fight for Sam but the averagebeing’s winner is the “The Falcon !”

This is what it takes to be a superhero, to be good. Wanna be inspired by your favorite superhero click here. Watch the Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Dineyplus today.

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Thank you, Yours averagebeing


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