Top 10 Greatest Black Widow Feats

Black Widow is considered underpowered by many fans but let me tell you, she is not as useless as you think she is. You will agree to it once you’ve read this article of Black Widow A.K.A Natasha Romanoff’s greatest feats in the Marvel Universe.

Though she was overshadowed under the likes of Thor, Ironman, Captain America, Vision, Wanda, and many other heroes she is one well-trained special agent who can be deadly at times.

Yes, Black Widow doesn’t have any special superpowers but she for sure has some set of skills that are more than enough to take down someone as smart as Spiderman himself.

Here are the top 10 greatest Black Widow feats :

1# Fights-off 100 Men

Black Widow Fighting 100 Armed Men is one of her greatest feats.
Source : Marvel Comics

You’ve seen Black Widow take down 10-15 guys at once in the MCU but do you know she can go well over that?

In Marvel Two-in-One #10 comics, Black Widow took down 100 armed men all alone and it can be considered one of her greatest feats of all time.

When the fight started the odds were 1 against 100. Gradually, She kept disengaging them one by one with her widow bites.

The battle passed on for hours but was in favor of Natasha Romanoff at every stage of the fight. Later on, The playground became a handy 7 to 1 as she forced her way through them all by herself. After a few moments, Only one guy stops in her way from the 100 men whom she took down in no time.

When one of them said, “Stop her ! She’s only a lousy woman“. She replied in an astounding manner saying “That’s more than enough for the likes of you.” These words not only proclaim her self-confidence but also her nerve in such situations.  

2# Deflect Punisher’s Bullet

Black Widow deflects the Punisher's bullet
Source : Marvel Comics

In an encounter with the Punisher, Natasha Romanoff saves a mad doctor from the speeding bullet of Frank’s rifle.

Francis Frank Castle A.K.A The Punisher aimed at an evil doctor from a rooftop but Black Widow has to save him as the only one who knows his plan is the doctor himself.

Black Widow accurately judges Frank’s speeding bullet fired at the doctor and deflects it with her gauntlets. Further, She accurately fires her widow bites towards Frank from long range. Though they were not able to deal any damage to the Punisher, they blurred his vision as he was peaking through the scope of the rifle causing a distraction.

Natasha Romanoff cleverly uses this opportunity to sneak up on him taking the combat to close range. She then shrugs off the rifle forcing him to go melee. Thus, She was able to put an end to the atrocious plans of the mad doctor.

Her fast reflexes combined with the awareness of what must be done rather than what should make her a reliable asset to any team she’s with.

3# The Heartbeat

Daredevil on Black  Widow's Heart beat.
Source : Marvel Comics

One of the finest examples which prove Nat is capable of doing well beyond any normal human being is her ability to manipulate her heartbeat.

Daredevil may be blind but his superhuman hearing is so sharp that he can analyze any minor sounds even at 7 decibels (20 dB for a normal human). 

This ability serves as a polygraph for interrogation by listening for changes in a person’s heartbeat and it is said to be one of his favorite sounds.

Even Daredevil himself can’t figure out Black Widow’s statements. He feels the ticker as the heart that never tells him when she is excited or lying. He considers it as the heartbeat of a trained special agent.

Daredevil appreciates Natasha Romanoff’s ability to master herself as a self-crafted instrument of deception.

4# Live through a surgery

Black Widow holding on to a Surgery.
Source : Marvel Comics

Caution: This one’s pure pain.

Natasha holding off a major surgery without anesthesia is the brutal thing on this list. This is probably the most agonizing moment in all of Black Widow’s adventures and one of her greatest feats she ever pulled off.

Black Widow was taken into the operating room by the doctors to perform major abdominal surgery. She was then drugged to keep her mouth shut but it couldn’t make her unconscious.

The doctors continued with the resection which would be extremely painful considering there’s no relieving agent given in the scene. Romanoff held off tolerating the excruciation caused during the surgery so the doctors won’t accidentally damage any internal organs.

This gives us an idea of her determination, tolerance, and control over herself.

As surviving such a feat seems not enough, She fights Electra a few days after the surgery. We can only say one thing about this woman. She is determined to do the right things no matter what.

5# Defeat the Spiderman

Defeating the Spiderman is one of Black Widow's greatest feat.
Source : Marvel Comics

Did you know that a woman with Russian super-serum defeated the friendly neighborhood spiderman?

In Amazing Spider-man #86, Black Widow checked one of her greatest feats defeating the spidey.

It was a time when spiderman is the new superhero in Newyork city. Naturally, It draws the attention of people who would like to keep tabs on them because of his web-slinging capabilities and selfless acts.

Natasha Romanoff is curious about his powers and proceeded to take on the youngster to know more about the source of his abilities. As expected, She didn’t take him face on but in a sneaky way which is clever considering Peter parker’s spider-sense that comes into play.

She caught hold of him with the ropes from her utility from which he eventually breaks out but for that brief moment, Peter Parker was struggling in the Black Widow trap.

Obviously, he lacks the experience at that stage of his life but you gotta give it to Black Widow for out-witting the web-slinger.

6# Control the Hulk

Anyone who stands in the way of the incredible Hulk will be taken down and torn into bits and pieces.

What if you could control the Hulk? What if you can calm him down to Bruce Banner? What if all these can be done by a mere mortal?

A woman?

Natasha Romanoff says that’s a walk in the park.

While gods themselves worry about being around the Hulk, Black Widow walks right up to the monster and quiets him.

Yes, Black Widow has also shown fear for the Hulk in the past but she is one of the few characters who understands him as a whole. This might probably come from the relationship between the two but mutual understanding plays a crucial role here.

Any slight dismay, The Hulk could tear you just like that, and controlling him is a feat that no mortal has done more efficiently and repeatedly than Black Widow.

Here’s a clip of Black Widow taming the Hulk :

7# Tricking Loki

Ahhh…! Who doesn’t like the trickster?

Loki has been one of the most lovable antagonists as his character arc evolved over the years. Fans love him as he is able to get out of troublesome situations almost every time. I don’t even keep count of the times I’ve been tricked by him.

He is one such guy who can get what he ought no matter what. He’ll put your favorite heroes against each other, just to create a diversion for his plans.

Though most of those plans turned out to be evil, No character was able to figure out his true intentions except Black Widow.

In the Avengers 2012, Loki after being imprisoned by Ironman, and Thor was deceived into revealing his plans by Natasha Romanoff. At first, she played the victim role who was terror-stricken by his vicious plans and then revealed to be double-crossing him all the time just to get what she wanted.

None has fooled Loki as Black Widow did. Tricking the trickster himself is a feat achieved by very few to none.

Here’s a clip of Nat Tricking Loki from the MCU :

8# The Ressurection

We all know Captain America and Black Widow get along quite easily just like Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson in real life. In fact, they did fight side by side and accomplished many missions but anything can happen in the comics.

Here, I’m going to enclose a shocking moment from the comics which is Captain America killing Natasha Romanoff.

Black Widows death
Source : Marvel Comics

Not really the Steve Rogers we all knew but a fake one who looks and fights just as the original. This version of Captain America was created by Hydra as a pawn to operate its missions.

Hydra then ordered him to terminate Natasha Romanoff for getting in its way. The fake Steve Rogers did fight Natasha and killed her when he pounded his shield on her neck.

Black Widow was later restored into a clone by memory implantation in a lab.

Thanks to the tech that returned Nat to us, well, at least a clone of her. Not many of us get second chances in life. The resurrected Black Widow is ready to take on the world once again.

9# Wield Mjolnir gif maker 2 1
Source : Marvel Comics

When it comes to Mjolnir who wields it is a bit complicated. Over the years many did wield the magical weapon but it is still a bit unclear what the rules are.

Natasha Romanoff having a questionable background is uncertain to have wielded it. She is a double agent who would go to extreme lengths for the greater good but being worthy of the Mjolnir is not the right word.

In Marvel’s What If: Age of Ultron #3 Comics, An alternate timeline where Thor was no more, ultimately it leads the fall of the Avengers. The planet fell to the dominance of the bad guys as many heroes bit the dust trying.

In a world where something went wrong, things had to be back on track. In the final fight against an alien army, Black Widow tried wielding the Mjolnir not because she thinks she is worthy but out of desperation to save the world.

Guess what, She became the goddess of thunder and restored balance. Lifting the Mjolnir gotta be considered as one’s greatest feats especially Black Widow.

10# Always ready

3604737 3
Source : Marvel Comics

Not everyone can keep their guard up all the time. In a world surrounded by enemies, Heroes need to be alert day and night to be safe. One avenger, who is not letting her guard down any time soon is Black Widow.

Unlike many others, Natasha Romanoff is prepared for any circumstances and has super reflexes combined with the agility to give her an edge over her adversaries.

An instance to prove such a statement is Natasha carrying a pair of armored gloves as a civilian on a holiday in New York.

While Nat’s casually wandering on the streets of New York, An agent attacked her with a double-edged blade taking her by surprise. Romanoff defended herself as no one expects to wear armored gloves and roam around as a civilian in the city.

Being prepared at all times is considered a superpower because it is the alertness and the presence of mind that gets us through the most difficult situations. This is why she’s survived for such a long time from the likes of deadly agents, alien invasions, and godly beings.

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