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27 Greatest Black Superheroes Who Inspire People

From Blade to Hancock to Black Panther, all succeeded in bringing Black culture and expression to the general public, giving the audience sense of definitive representation. Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream comics, and since then, many black heroes have made their debut in DC, Marvel, Disney, and more. It was pivotal and shaped the mainstream media. Various comics and movies have incorporated and put black superheroes in the limelight. 

From heroes to villains, to anti-heroines, to side characters, many have made it to entertainment media, and today we are going to talk a bit about these iconic characters. 

Without any more delay, let us get into the article, “27 Greatest Black Superheroes Who Inspire People.”

#27 Ironheart

#27 Ironheart - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Ironheart Iconic: 

Fans have loved Ironheart, also known as Riri Williams, since her 2016 comical debut because they want to see the history of Ironman continued through the eyes of a young woman. Ironheart, regarded as brilliant from an early age, created her own armored suit by dissecting one of Iron Man’s earlier prototypes, walking in the footsteps of her idol, Tony Stark.

Ironheart did not intend to become a superhero, but she did when she saw how much the world needed her help. Since then, she has worked both independently and alongside many heroes.

#26 Bumblebee

#26 Bumblebee - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Bumblebee Iconic: 

Bumblebee, another name for Karen Beecher-Duncan, made her comic book debut in 1976. She was one of the first few black female superheroes to make her comic book debut. Karen Beecher, who secretly built a super-suit with a bumblebee theme, was the girlfriend of the Herald, also known as Malcolm Duncan, from the Teen Titans. Then, while aiding Herald in making a good impression on the team, they both attacked the Teen Titans.

However, she could escape, nevertheless, before the plan was realized. The things we do for love, right? She later received an offer to join the Teen Titans when they were pleased by her skill.

#25 Spawn

#25 Spawn - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Image Comics
Why Is Spawn Iconic: 

Al Simmons, a government assassin who was betrayed and killed, came back from the dead as a super-powered avenger, but the cost of using his power is that it brings him closer to death and turns him into a servant of Hell each time. 

Spawn vigorously pushed the boundaries of dark, adult-oriented themes and explicit content for its time. Spawn became a comic book success due to this, and edgy anti-heroes became famous in its era. Spawn is one of the longest-running independent comics. The persona of Spawn is unquestionably one of the most notable black superheroes.

#24 Bishop

#24 Bishop - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics 
Why Is Bishop Iconic: 

Well, you may not have known about this hero before, but he has been in the industry of taking down villains way even before you and I were born. The X-Men family has to offer an array of heroes, and Bishop is one of them. You may find this hard to believe, but he was somewhat of a fan favorite of his comic era of the 90s. 

Lucas Bishop is a multiverse character born in a dystopian world, where most of the X-Men were killed by the planet’s mutant-hunting robots. Bishop has many abilities and powers under his sleeves, from superhuman strength to healing to speed to endurance, but his primary power is his ability to absorb energy. If it has any energy-related characteristics, Bishop can use them to his advantage. Due to this, he is one of the most distinctive and powerful X-Men on the team. And probably even powerful enough to take on the Wolverine.

#23 Vixen

#23 Vixen - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Vixen Iconic: 

Mari Jiwe McCabe, also known as Vixen, debuted first in Action Comics #521 in 1981. The debut comic featured her and Superman fighting alongside; to bring down poachers of India. She is a model, businessman, and crime-fighter, with the help of Tantu Totem, with which she can now imitate the skills of any animal she can think of; for instance, she can channel the powers of a tiger or a lion.

Vixen was set to debut as the first female African superhero in the DC universe in 1978 but was canceled; it was later featured on DC’s Cancelled Comic Cavalcade. Nonetheless, the black superhero is finally getting well-deserved attention, mainly thanks to its time on TV. 

#22 Blue Marvel

#22 Blue Marvel - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Blue Marvel Iconic: 

Marvel sure has a knack for naming their heroes. Blue Marvel is one of the late entrants in the black superhero list. He only debuted in 2008 on Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1. Nonetheless, he is more than worthy of being on the list. Adam Brashear is one of many faces; a Professor of Physics, an adventure freak, a former Marine, and a football player. And did I also mention that he is the recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honour for his valiancy?

Blue Marvel is extremely powerful. He is a two-legged live nuclear reactor who can hold, absorb, control, and manipulate anti-matter.  

Captain Marvel has gone through the peak of racial discrimination after his race was made public, and chaos ensued in America. America of 1962 was racist to accept a black hero. He overcame racial slurs and discrimination and kept moving forward as a superhero.

#21 Nick Fury

#21 Nick Fury - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Nick Fury Iconic: 

Can you imagine the Avengers movies without Nick Fury? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Nicholas Fury is someone who you do not want to mess with. He probably will be the best black comical character to make headlines, even without being a superhero. Every hero has to start somewhere, and Fury’s story came to light from inside a prison.

After being imprisoned, he received an injection of a serum that gave him extraordinary strength, which he utilized to liberate himself and the other prisoners, who subsequently made their escape. Fury was assigned to various projects over the years, from Weapon X to the S.H.I.E.L.D. 

Don’t make a mistake; Fury is no less than a superhero. Fury is stronger than the average person and is probably on par with Captain America in terms of physical prowess. Due to the serum injections, his mental and physical abilities have enhanced beyond the peak. With his stamina, agility, speed, enhanced senses, and healing, Fury is in a league of his own, making him a worthy leader to have led the S.H.I.E.L.D. And did I say he is immune to Alcohol too? You would love to have this ability now, don’t you?

#20 Static

#20 Static - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Static Iconic: 

Static, Virgil Hawkins’ alter ego, was created due to the Big Bang, which also granted him the abilities that made him Static. The subsequent occurrence transformed him into a Bang Baby, giving him the capacity to create, tinker with, and manipulate electromagnetic energy.

Furthermore, he possesses essential traits like morality, wisdom, and compassion. Static is one of the most adaptable DC characters; he has appeared in practically every media, including comic books, TV shows, and video games. And Static was good enough to impress the Batman; enough said!

Did you know that the real-life individual with the same name served as the model for Static’s alter ego, Virgil Hawkins? Due to his skin color, he was rejected from the University of Florida. The moniker Static alone symbolizes resistance to racial injustice. Static and his alter persona is more than just a superhero.

#19 Frozone

#19 Frozone - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Disney Studios 
Why Is Frozone Iconic: 

We have seen black superheroes hailing from the comic industry, but Frozone, unlike its counterparts, is a creation of Disney. Frozone has become one of the most iconic characters in an iconic movie, The Incredibles. In a superhero-mania world, Frozone is a heartwarming character to watch. 

He can manipulate moisture to make ice and freeze surfaces as long as he has enough water in his body. Even if Frozone was not the film’s main focus, he has won over many fans through his persona. And honestly, what’s not there to love about the frosty superhero?

#18 XS

#18 XS - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is XS Iconic: 

We all love the Flash and the speedsters that debuted year after year. The Flash Family is one of the most influential comic book legacies, with members including the first speedster with a silver helmet, the forensic scientist, and Barry’s nephew. Barry Allen and Iris West have two children, Dawn and Don Allen, who inherited their father’s supernatural abilities.

Dawn and Jeven Ognats gave birth to Jenni Ognats. Although Jenni did not have super speed at birth, she did have the gene; once it was turned on, the rest was history. From awakening her powers and saving her father to fighting alongside Flash, Johnny and Jesse Quick, Max Mercury, Impulse, and the Legions of Superheroes, XS is worthy to carry on the “Allen” family and speedster legacy.

#17 Aqualad

#17 Aqualad - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Aqualad Iconic: 

Jackson Hyde is the current Aqualad, although Garth was the first to work with Arthur. Garth, known by his superhero name Aqualad, is regarded as a protege of Aquaman. The Atlantean is a member of the Aquaman family and is his sidekick, along with Aquagirl and Dolphin. He can move objects with his mind, has superhuman strength, is impervious to injury, and can survive at any depth underwater.

Garth is a founding member of the Teen Titans. He was one of the first three Teen Titans, along with Robin Dick Grayson, Kid Flash Wally West, and Kid Flash. Can it get any better than this? I don’t think so. Over the years, Garth has played a crucial role in shaping the DC comics and the Atlantis.

#16 Cloak

#16 Cloak - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Cloak Iconic: 

One of the most well-known teams from Marvel is Cloak and Dagger. Initially, the duo started out as vigilantes, taking down the attackers who performed drug experiments on them when they were kids. The Cloak, or Tyrone Johnson, debuted in Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #64 in 1981. 

Due to exposure to the experimental drugs, Tyrone was infused with many abilities. Like Cloak’s body has become a portal to the Darkforce Dimension, where he can throw his enemies and lock them there forever. And he can teleport with the help of the Darkforce. The persona of the dynamic duo has never disappointed the fans, and I do not think they ever will.

#15 Moon Girl

#15 Moon Girl - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Moon Girl Iconic: 

Sheer brilliance and intelligence made Tony Stark design the Iron Man suit; the same intellect makes Batman a better detective and a hero; the genius intellect makes Lunella Lafayette or Moon Girl worthy enough to be on the list. Lunella is just a kid, to begin with, and she may not have any superhuman powers or powers. 

Still, she is highly intelligent and can even best brainiacs of Marvel, like Iron Man, Richard Reeds, Shuri, Bruce Banner, and more. Her mind, along with her battle suit, is simply invincible. It is progressive and worthy of celebration that a young African American heroine has her own title series. Look out for the Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur!

#14 Spectrum 

#14 Spectrum - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Spectrum Iconic: 

Monica Rambeau is Captain Marvel before Carol Danvers. She initially went by the superhero name Captain Marvel but then changed her name to Spectrum. Since her debut, Monica has donned many roles, from Captain Marvel to Photon to Pulsar to Spectrum. 

Rambeau is probably one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe. She can fly, make herself invisible, possess superhuman strength, blast energy rays, and so on. One such instance of her might is when only Captain Marvel could pass through a force barrier where the Vision had been knocked unconscious by slingshotting herself around the sun and transforming it into a gamma-ray laser beam; she broke it.

Monica is strong, but she also knows how to support her colleagues, whether that means persevering in a conflict or lending a hand when life gets the better of them. Monica is a true and worthy hero who has carried the “leadership” tag for years and performed some remarkable accomplishments as Captain Marvel, one being that she led the Avengers successfully through numerous battles.

#13 Amanda Waller

#13 Amanda Waller - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics 
Why Is Amanda Waller Iconic: 

Powers and abilities? None. Does Amanda Waller still deserve to be on the list filled with superheroes? ABSOLUTELY! I mean, are you going to say no to the woman known by her nickname “The Wall.” She got that nickname due to her stubbornness and aggressiveness. 

If DC happens to create an award called “Toughest Black Woman,” it would undoubtedly go to Amanda. Waller has established herself as a legendary figure in DC Comics, particularly for her position in leading Task Force X, or by more commonly known moniker, the Suicide Squad. Leading a notorious bunch of villains through covert operations is not an easy task unless you are Amanda Waller.

#12 Misty Knight 

#12 Misty Knight - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Misty Knight Iconic: 

Mercedes Knight may be one of the early female black heroes to be featured in comics, but she is more than her race and color; she is one tough woman. Mercedes is an honorary graduate of the Police Academy and then quickly rose to the NYPD ranks.

During one of her detective operations, she lost her arm due to a bomb explosion. Upon learning of her bravery, Tony Stark designed her a bionic arm with superhuman strength. Knight was then shifted to a desk job, where she felt insulted and quit the job to become a private investigator. 

So, you might be thinking that she is just a regular joe? No, she is not. The arm might have superhuman strength attributed to it, but what makes Misty Knight a superhero is her detective abilities and mind. She, along with Colleen Wing, founded Nightwing Restorations, which is a private investigation agency. Misty even ran a “Heroes for Hire” organization hiring various heroes like Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Black Widow, and Flacon. She has very high contacts in New York, including the X-Men.

#11 Shuri

#11 Shuri - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Shuri Iconic: 

Shuri needs no introduction. She is the sister of Black Panther, and more than that, she is a hero, an heiress to Wakanda, and a scientist. Ever since she was a kid, she always wanted to become the first female Black Panther, but the mantle was elusive, not for long. She may lack superhuman strength, but she keeps up to date with the superhero world with her high level of physical fitness, brilliance, and courage. 

True to her might, she has worked alongside many superheroes, such as Wolverine, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Black Widow, War Machine, and more. Shuri works to preserve the rich past of the people in the hopes that it will pave the way for a better future for Wakanda.

#10 Black Lightning

#10 Black Lightning - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Black Lightning Iconic: 

Black Lightning or Jefferson Pierce debuted during the Bronze Era of Comics; he was also the first African-American to have a solo comic series to his name. During his initial days, Jefferson Pierce was a teacher at Garfield High, and during his tenure there, he came across something macabre.

Jefferson came across several gang members and was very vocal against their doing, so much so that he kicked one of the students who was a gang member off the school property.

However, things turn for the worst when the gang members murder Earl Clifford, a student of Garfield High, and leave his body in the gymnasium as payback for Jefferson’s doing. This series of events made Jefferson Pierce go down the path of a vigilante and pick up the mantle to become The Black Lightning. The emotional turn of events makes Jefferson Pierce a man, a hero, and an icon.

#9 Cyborg

#9 Cyborg - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Cyborg Iconic: 

Victor Stone is transformed into the half-human, half-robot hybrid hero with Herculean strength and mechanical telepathy because of a freak accident, giving rise to the black superhero, Cyborg. Despite his powers, Cyborg lives a complicated life, juggling the difficulties of being a black man and a superhero while overcoming discrimination. 

Unlike many other superheroes we come across, Victor Stone does not really have an alter-ego or became a hero by choice – Cyborg is a result of an accident. The technology that keeps him alive gives him extraordinary power, makes him more robotic-looking, and gives him full access to the Internet via the computer implanted in his head. From being rejected for his robotic looks to fighting alongside the Justice League to even becoming the first ever black leader of the Justice League, Victor Stone has overcome many obstacles to become one of the most iconic heroes of the DC universe.

#8 Luke Cage

#8 Luke Cage - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Luke Cage Iconic: 

Carl Lucas, or as we all know him, Luke Cage, is one of the most dynamic and prominent black superheroes to come out of Marvel Comics. How did a small-time troublemaker like Carl Lucas become a superhero? In a botched prison experiment, Luke Cage, who had been wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, underwent changes that gave him superhuman strength and bulletproof skin, turning him into a superhero.

We have seen people become a hero because of their past, or to seek revenge or crumbling the injustice going around, but the story of Luke Cage is quite different. After escaping the prison with his newfound powers, Carl becomes a “Hero For Hire.” He became a helping aid to anyone who could simply meet his price.

From being hired by Doctor Doom to replacing The Thing from Fantastic Four to becoming a member of Avengers to leading the Thunderbolts, and finally, to becoming a father, Luke Cage has come a long way and made his place in the hearts of fans across the world.

#7 Falcon

#7 Falcon - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Falcon Iconic: 

With MCU at its peak, I don’t think Samuel Wilson needs any introduction. Sam had a rough childhood, having both his parents murdered in quick succession. Sam then soon went on to become an ally and close friend of Captain America. Sam was trained by Captain America himself. He is a strong being; who is well-versed in martial arts, acrobats, endurance, and shield fighting. 

Being black and a superhero is not an easy job. Sam was not someone to be taken down by discrimination. Wilson was drafted into the Avengers to fill a “quota” and quit because he was not just a token to fill up discriminative spaces and play appeasement politics. Sam, a man of compassion and ideals, stuck with Rogers through thick and thin. After all this, he is more than worthy of picking up Captain America’s shield. Falcon has proved himself time and again, as Flacon and also as Captain America.

#6 Batwing

#6 Batwing - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is Batwing Iconic: 

Batwing is one of the recently created heroes on the list, debuting only a decade ago in Batman Inc. #5, 2011. We have seen the Dark Knight taking on the vigilantes alone, but throughout the year, many sidekicks aided him in his quest, from the first-ever Boy Wonder to The Oracle. Though short-lived, David Zavimbe was the first ever Batwing to debut. The backstory of David was somewhat similar to that of Bruce’s, his parent died early, and he then took on the mantle of vigilantism to fight injustice. Through his newly launched initiative, the Batman Incorporated, Bruce Wayne made David the Batman of Africa, making David the first ever Batman in comic history.

David Zavimbe took a huge personal toll while fighting against the Massacre, which made him hang his boots and relinquish the role of Batwing forever. However, this was not the end. Luke Fox, the name sounds familiar?

Yes, it does; he is the son of Lucious Fox. Like his father, Luke was also a tech-genius and more. He was also physically mighty. His skills led him to become the worthy successor of the Batwing. Batwing will go down in the history of iconic heroes along with many other characters, from the initiative of having Batman figures all over the globe to being the first ever black Batman.

#5 Blade

#5 Blade - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Blade Iconic: 

He is one of the first few black superheroes from the Marvel universe. Blade is one of the first few black superheroes to be adopted into a mainstream movie. The slowly aging Blade has made it his life’s work to find the living dead. He is half human, half vampire.

The brutal master martial artist has murdered hundreds of vampires and is strong enough to compete with Dracula. The Blade has an extensive collection of weaponry at his disposal. He has engaged in combat alongside various heroes, including Nick Fury, the Punisher, Doctor Strange, the Ghost Rider, and Spider-Man.

#4 Storm

#4 Storm - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Storm Iconic: 

One of the most recognizable superhero faces comes either from high-octane teams like Avengers, Justice League, Fantastic Four, or The X-Men. Storm or Ororo Munroe is Marvel’s first-ever mainstream black female superhero. Not only that, she is the first black hero to be part of the X-men. Can it get more iconic than this? Storm is one of the prominent faces in the X-Men and can manipulate and control the weather.

The X-Men are a terrific team because they teach their members how to use their abilities and develop into stronger heroes. And Storm played a vital role in shaping the X-Men as we know them today. Throughout comic history, Storm has donned the role of a leader on multiple occasions and proved her might. Adding to many of her incredible feats, Storm is now a regent of Planet Arrako.

#3 John Stewart

#3 John Stewart - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: DC Comics
Why Is John Stewart Iconic: 

Hal Jordan’s backup and Green Lantern’s choice, Guy Gardner, was injured after an accident, and a replacement was nigh. The Guardians chose an engineer from Detroit named John Stewart. Hal initially opposed passing on the ring to John. His exact words were, “That’s the man you want to trust with a power ring – the finest weapon ever devised?”  

John Stewart’s first mission started on a bitter note when he had to protect a racist senator. After wearing the Green Lantern’s ring, he refused to wear a mask, saying, “I won’t wear any mask. This black man lets it all hang out!” He decided to spite the Senator and show him that a black man is on his protection duty. But everything aside, John is one of the best Green Lanterns. And his fan-favorite role in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series made him even more popular. 

#2 Miles Morales

#2 Miles Morales - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Miles Morales Iconic: 

Does Miles really need any introduction? Even though he made his debut a little more than a decade ago, Miles Morales has opened up many possibilities for intriguing fans and was a fresh take on the friendly neighborhood spiderman. Morales is Black and Latino, making him the first Black kid to become Spider-Man. Miles, like Peter Parker, was bit by a spider, and he has all the powers as Peter. However, unlike Peter, he can turn invisible and camouflage himself.

Miles Morales is a significant hero for the times, not because he is a superhero who can perform feats that defy logic, but because he can carry out daily acts of kindness for those around him, which is something that you and I should all do.

#1 Black Panther

#1 Black Panther - Greatest Black Superheroes

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Why Is Black Panther Iconic: 

In my culture, death is not the end.– T’Challa

It was never even a doubt that Black Panther would top this list. T’Challa, or Black Panther, is a prince and the protector of Wakanda. Donning a vibranium suit. T’Chall has enhanced agility, speed, strength, and instinct. Along with his superpowers, T’Challa is also considered to be one of the top intellectuals of the Marvel universe. 

Many heroes have stayed in the shadows, but Black Panther was not one of them. In the light, he stands gloriously and with pride. He celebrates and is incredibly proud of his heritage. The Black Panther movie has gained huge success and fame and was loved by fans all over. Black Panther was not the first movie to feature a black superhero. But the film was highly praised for featuring almost all black or African descent cast.

Despite Wakanda being a fictional country, “African Culture” was showcased in a popular superhero movie. The movie broke through all the barriers and showed the true essence of capturing culture and heritage. Black Panther will stay close to many for decades to come. The impact it brought and had on the fans is unforgettable. Wakanda Forever!

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Who Was the First Black Superhero?

One of the first black heroes would be Mandrake’s companion Lothar from Mandrake the Magician from 1934. The first superhero would be Lion Man from 1947. 

Are There Any Black Superheroes?

Yes, there are many black superheroes, and Black Panther was the first black superhero to feature in mainstream comics.

What Superheroes Were Originally Black?

Many superheroes were originally black, from Black Panther to Falcon to Aqualad.

Does Marvel Have a Black Superhero?

Marvel has many black superheroes, like, Black Panther, Storm, Miles Morales, and many more. 

Who Are Black Female Superheroes?

Many superheroes have been lead characters in comics, like Storm, Misty Knight, Bumblebee, etc. 

Which Black Heroes Are Famous?

There are many. To name a few, Black Panther, Batwing, Luke Cage, Falcon. 

Who Was the First Black Avenger?

Black Panther was the first Black Avenger, who joined them in Avengers #52, 1968.

Who Is the Strongest Black Superhero?

Blue Marvel is said to be as powerful as Superman, which makes him the strongest black superhero. 

Who Is the Black Guy in Marvel?

Black Panther is the black guy of Marvel since he was one of the early characters to be black. 

Does DC Have Any Black Superheroes?

DC has several black superheroes, like John Stewart, Aqualad, Static, Cyborg, and more.

Is Batman Black?

No, the original Batman is not black. However, there is a black Batman called Bat Wing. That happened due to Batman’s Incorporation initiative.  

Who Is the First Black Female Superhero?

Butterfly, a.k.a, Marian Michaels, debuted in 1971 in Hell Rider comic, making her the first black female superhero.

Well, Who’s your favorite Black superhero? Do visit averagebeing.com for more awesome superhero content.

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