Can Martian Manhunter Read Minds? (Explained)

J’onn J’onzz(Martian Manhunter) is a superpowered green alien just like the man of steel but can he read other’s minds or even alter them to his benefit?

Although, The Manhunter from Mars possesses a wide arsenal of powers to defeat his enemies, The easiest way for him would be by taking control of their minds. Besides using it on supervillains, The Martian Manhunter also read the minds of several league members in the DC comics.

Let’s dive right into the answers now.

Can Martian Manhunter Read Minds ?

Can The Martian Manhunter Read Minds?
Source : DC Comics

J’onn J’onzz is considered the most powerful telepath on earth and is one of the strongest telepathic beings in the whole DC universe. He can not only read the minds of human beings with ease but can also manipulate them into doing his work.

Apart from John’s telepathic abilities, He’s got a huge variety of other superpowers. Combine them all onto a target, He/She will be wrecked instantly. The only people who can get away from his telepathy are beings with insane mind control.

Before going into the details on which superheroes or villains did Martian Manhunter use his telepathy to read minds, You need to understand what he can do with just telepathy in his arsenal.

The whole range of his telepathic abilities were listed below: 

  • Capable of reading the minds of every single being on earth in a matter of seconds.
  • Create illusions in the mind to confuse the target.
  • Trace out people from remote areas.
  • Shut down the target’s mind.
  • Mentally shield someone from other’s telepathy.
  • Can feel every single mind in the Galaxy.
  • Influence someone’s thoughts to his benefit.
  • Transfer information directly.
  • Alter or manipulate memory.
  • Blast the target’s brain connections.
  • Make them sleep or paralyze.
  • Gain mind control of the target.
  • John can link the minds of several superheroes at once

The Martian Manhunter can perform all these actions on subjects from all corners of the planet from a distance as far as the moon. He is believed to be the strongest telepath in his race exceeding his brother, Ma’alef’ak by Aquaman.

The main reason for such immense control over telepathy is because it was practiced from their childhood as most Martians do not communicate verbally.

Now that you knew all about Martian Manhunter’s telepathy, Let’s see a few people on whom he actually used it.

Superhero Minds That Martian Manhunter Read


Martian Manhunter knocks out superman by reading his mind
Source : DC Comics

The man of steel trusts Martian Manhunter on his word. He often seeks advice from John to evaluate the situations when Batman’s not around.

As we all knew Martian Manhunter is a psychic, Superman allows John Jones to read through his mind so that he can make the right decisions to save more people. The Man of Steel even stated Maritan Manhunter as the most powerful being on the earth, His exact words were :

I can count on one hand the number of beings in the known universe I would be afraid to face in open combat. J’onn J’onzz is at the top of that list. He is the most powerful being on the face of the earth.

Moreover, J’onn J’ozz once fried Clark’s brain and knocked him down without a single touch.

Fun Fact: The Martian Manhunter once took down the 6 core members of the Justice League on his own.

Wonder Woman

main qimg 99aa31beafc5fadaeafe1d3865adacc5
Source : DC Comics

The Princess of Themyscira was one of the powerhouses of the Justice League. Her experience in combat is an invaluable asset for tactical planning and can shift the outcome of the fight. Not to forget Diana is super strong and a complete badass.

In the Injustice comics, Superman wants to control humanity with Wonder Woman at her side. When Martian Manhunter tried to sense him with reason, Diana attacks John squeezing his head with her hands and bracelets.

The reason Martian Manhunter was able to evade her attack was because of his telepathy. He has been reading her mind reacting to the changes she undergoes and when she crossed the line, He had to take her down. If not for Superman intervening in the fight, the Manhunter would have killed Wonder Woman.


The Dark Knight may not be the strongest but with all the resources and time, He can be a force to reckon with. With several brilliant tactics and tricks up his sleeve, Batman can handle almost any situation there possibly can be.

One such example would be when the Cape Crusader shut himself completely when Hugo Stange( An insane psychologist obsessed to fight Batman) hypnotized him to reveal the true identity of Batman. 

Even batman can't win against Martian Manhunter's telepathy
Source : DC Comics

The Dark Knight later revealed that he hypnotized himself in order to protect his identity which made him forget about Batman. Though Batman had shown immense control over his mind on multiple occasions, He is vulnerable to Maritan Manhunter’s telepathy.

Once, Batman cheated John into convincing him that he read the mind, Bruce actually hid the important information in his deep mind which was his last resolve.

Even with such supreme control over his mind, Batman admits that if Martian Manhunter wants to read, he can do it.

In the animated series of Justice League, John read Batman’s mind when they first met to know his true intensions.

Batman study cards say that

“Nothing is likely to prevent Martian Manhunter from finding out if he truly searches my deep mind”

Admit it, If the Batman says so then it is legit.


Martian Manhunter reads Flash mind which was processing at attoseconds
Source : DC Comics

The speedster who can run, read, fight way faster than the speed of light is also prone to telepathy and J’onn J’ozz is one of the strongest telepaths in the league.

In the DC comics, When Barry Allen time traveled from prison, He was having a hard time catching up to himself. He is imagining at the speed of his movements and when confronted by Martian Manhunter, John was able to read his mind and calm him down.

Manhunter stressed that his thoughts are moving as fast as he is but he’s not moving. He’s just imagining everything at lightning speed without even leaving the room.

Green Lantern

Upon choosing as a host by the Lantern ring, Hal Jordan gradually became the most powerful Green Lantern with unmatched willpower but that couldn’t save him from The Martian.

The Manhunter inherited the power of Black Lantern and mind raped both Flash and Green Lantern with his telepathy.

Martian Manhunter mind raped Green Lantern
Source : DC Comics

Black Lanterns are deceased beings from all over the universe who fell into the domain of death and now serve the purpose of eliminating all life. The Maritan Manhunter with a Black Lantern ring was more than a handful for the superhero duo as he tortures them to near death.

Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate is one of the strongest superheroes in all comics. He is not only the DC’s version of Doctor Strange but is also an immortal with much more powerful magic than the latter.

Fate uses humans as a vessel to contain his spirit of Nabu and it was passed down from one wielder to another.

With nearly every superpower and magic at his disposal, He is unbeatable, even for Superman.

main qimg 5c166d53a8bddb090d19a110d4432323
Source : DC Comics

The Lord of Order, Doctor Fate states the Martian Manhunter is a formidable telepath. The Manhunter can read Doctor Fate’s mind to an extent but the helmet shields him from going further in. Reading the sorcerer’s mind itself can be considered as an achievement that only a few pulled off.


This is one character from DC who is often underheard. The Spirit of Vengeance is basically a god sent to cleanse evil.

The Spectre is a cosmic being with the physical embodiment of God’s vengeance on Earth. He is bonded to a host and offers guidance to the human soul to punish the wicked. Believe me, with his divine powers, He kills his victims in ironic ways.

The Ghostly Guardian A.K.A Spectre has almost unlimited powers with pretty much anything we can think of will be in his arsenal. Few of them are listed below :

  • Unlimited Strength.
  • Invulnerable to almost anything and everything.
  • Can manipulate time and space.
  • Manipulation of matter and energy.
  • Can control all of matter and rearrange them from the molecular level.
  • Reality alteration.

Even with a being as godly as Spectre, The Manhunter from Mars was able to affect his thoughts by the strong telepathic ability he possesses.

When the Spectre losses control, The Justice League tackles him with the help of Martian Manhunter as J’onn J’onzz effortlessly enters the mind of Spectre to calm him.

Manhunter entered Spectre's mind
Source : DC Comics

Infact, J’onn took all of them into the deepest point of Joker’s mind to show that even a person as insane as the Clown has some good in him.

Supervillian Minds That Martian Manhunter Read


Malefic is none other than Ma’alefa’ak, Martian Manhunter’s twin brother, a native of the planet Mars.

He was considered to be the only one to be born without a weakness to fire. This is due to a mental block that is present in his head to protect himself from others.

When J’onn J’onzz escaped the deadly H’ronmeerr’s Curse set up by his brother to erase his entire race, Malefic arrived on earth and fought the league. He tried to kill the Manhunter but J’onn was able to erase the telepathic block and trapped him inside a phobia of fire.

This is where Malefic was exposed to the fear of fire and was consumed by the fiery heat.

White Martians

Martian Manhunter killed White Martians with his telepathy
Source : DC Comics

For starters, You have to know that there are both white and green Martians on planet mars. The Green Martians were peaceful philosophers but the White Martians were pure savages who lust for blood.

When Malefic wiped out the entire Martians race on mars with the help of White Martians, J’onn J’onzz flee and some of them followed him to earth. The Martian Manhunter used his telepathic abilities to read their evil intentions and froze them inside out to protect the earth.

In DC comics, The Manhunter explains to Superman that

“The White Martians are shape changers familiar with a wide range of mind control techniques.”

J’onn J’onzz was able to keep hundreds of those savages in a coma state forcing them to fall unconsious in space all by himself.

D’Kay D’Razz

Similar to J’onn, D’Kay D’Razz is a Green Martian who was brought to earth by a mad scientist named Dr. Erdel.

D’Razz was so obsessed with reviving her species with J’onn that she even plotted to kill Miss Martian(Martian Manhunter’s niece). When J’onn read D’Razz’s mind and got to know about her evil plans, He tried to convince her but he couldn’t talk her out of it.

She attacked Miss Martian when Manhunter and Superboy (Miss Martian’s boyfriend) wasn’t around and left her to die in an untraceable area. Finally, J’onn was able to save her and flew D’Razz to the surface of the Sun and killed her.

All D’Kay D’Razz wanted was to recreate the Martian race (Something similar to General Zod from the Man of Steel film).

Though she had a genuine reason, her actions cannot be forgiven as she became completely insane in the process and lost herself. Thanks to Martian Manhunter’s ability to read minds which saved the day again. 


Martian Manhunter made Joker sane again
Source : DC Comics

The Clown Prince of Crime is not only a threat to the Dark Knight but also to the Justice League.

In the JLA #1 Comics, Joker joined forces with Lex Luthor’s Legion of Doom (Of course for his own purpose) to counter the Justice League.

Though they were formed to play with the superheroes of JL when Darkseid got hold of the Anti-Life Equation, the criminal gang was forced to help the survivors.

This is when Joker grabs the Philosopher Stone for himself and created chaos in a matter of moments with it.

The Martian Manhunter then telepathically ordered Joker to stop his insane actions turning him sane. Though he couldn’t hold on to it for a long period, It was enough for the Flash to recover the Philosopher’s stone from Joker.

J’onn stated that

“Joker’s mind is like a storm raging and it’s impossible to completely control him”

Moreover, You wouldn’t believe what the arch enemy of Batman said when he went sane for a few seconds. The exact words of the Joker were

“Oh my god…What have I been doing with my life? I’ve done terrible things. I have to do something right. I have to fix it.”

This proves that the Martian Manhunter can read the trickiest of minds and is a true ally to rely upon at times of despair. With such superior telepathic ability at his disposal, He can even solve the most extreme cases with ease. 

The Entire Martian Race

This can be considered one of the greatest feats of Martian Manhunter as he literally stood his ground against the entire Martian race.

This is basically Martian Manhunter reading all the minds of his people and stopping them from passing over to the afterlife telepathically. You may be wondering what was special in that but the fun part is all of them were telepaths.

What do you guys think of his telepathy, were these examples good enough or did we miss something ?

To know more about J’onn J’onzz telepathic feats click here.

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