All of Superman Powers Revealed

We have listed all the Superman powers that were published in a comic book ever since he wore that iconic cape.

Superman is one of the most beloved heroes in comic books. This is partly due to his long history and secondly because of his vast array of powers.

He has more superpowers than any member of some super-teams, including super-speed, super-flight, super-strength, heat vision, and freeze breath.

The Last Son of Krypton does not have the OP abilities, but he has many other powers that are totally unknown to readers.

Superman’s powers are more bizarre than you might expect.

The weirdest, wackiest, and most silly of Superman’s powers are here for you to enjoy. This is a complete list of all of Superman’s powers and abilities, including the crazy ones.

Strap in and get yourselves ready for this super detailed article on all Superman powers.


#50 Super-Force Field

John Byrne, the writer/artist, revamped Superman to appeal to the young, discriminating audience of the 1980s.

Byrne, in a somewhat misguided move, made it his mission to provide pseudo-scientific explanations for Superman’s powers.

Superman was able to create an “electro psychic force field” around himself. This force field was responsible for Superman’s invulnerability as well as his ability to fly.

This force field also explained why Clark’s costume didn’t seem to be damaged by his many fights with Parasite and Bizarro.

Although it was an admirable effort to ground a larger-than-life character, in reality, DC’s writers now rely on the explanation that “Because Superman is Superman.”

#49 Super-Mathematics

Superman is often portrayed by writers as being incredibly intelligent. Can he think fast enough to be able to move so fast?

The hero was able to use a skill that he called Super-Mathematics at times. Although we aren’t convinced that his bean trick can be used by any garden variety math whiz, Lois was certainly impressed by it.

#48 Reverse Time

There have been many voices on the question, Can Superman time travel?

In Superman: The Movie (1978), The Man of Steel unlike the comics, has been able to travel backward in time by flying faster than light but Superman: The Movie has “reversed” it to save Lois Lane’s life.

Though this one among other Superman powers faded in the present era, Clark Kent aiding Flash in some mind-bending time travel story will be awesome to watch.

#47 Super Disco

Sometimes, only super-strength doesn’t suffice. Sometimes, you just need to have a little bit of finesse.

Supes showed that he is a master at the dance floor when needed.

He made use of his strength and his sexy moves in order to create vibrations and disarm a number of hidden bombs while people around him thought it was an earthquake. He didn’t even need to go undercover.

#46 Face Squooshing

Although this power does not have an official name yet, Clark was able to move his features around so that he looked like other people in early Superman stories.

They should return this specific one among other Superman powers because it was grossly weird and it’s awesome.

#45 Super Atmosphere

Adapting to a planet’s atmosphere and all is one thing but providing a whole new atmosphere from the scratch is beyond exciting.

This one is probably one of Superman’s mind-blowing powers.

In the comics, The Man of Steel did an unbelievable feat of creating a new atmosphere for an entire planet.

Hear it in his own words, “Having inhaled three-quarters nitrogen and one-quarter oxygen from alien planets…I’ll provide an atmosphere for NEW-EARTH!”

If it were real, Elon Musk would have taken advantage of Superman’s powers.

#44 Super Surgery

Superman’s iconic power was the heat vision which is something you probably already know but you may not be aware of one of his strangest uses for it, which is brain surgery.

Superman can use his heat sight to do major damage, as he did in 2001’s Action Comics #775 against Manchester Black.

Joe Kelly wrote the story and Lee Bermejo and Doug Mahnke penciled it.

Superman met Manchester Black, the leader of the Elites, a vigilante group. Superman was not a fan of the Elites, a group of superheroes willing to kill villains in order to save the world.

Superman was able to use his telekinetic abilities to cause a stroke by pinching blood vessels in his brain. But Superman won his revenge.

Black was rendered powerless when the Man of Steel used his heat vision and burned Manchester Black’s brain inside out.

#43 Super Punch

He makes his already powerful punch even more powerful.

His kinetic energy punch is a power that redirects all of the kinetic energy from his physical movements into his fists.

The kinetic punch was first seen in “Action Comics #49” (2016), which was created by Greg Pak & Aaron Kuder.

#42 Super Diet

Modern culture seems to be flooded with fad diets, but the Superman diet is unlikely to catch on.

Superman, in various films and comics, has stated that his body doesn’t require food or drink as humans. Instead, he gets all the energy he needs from the Sun.

Sometimes he’s been seen eating things, including a mountain of hamburgers from Action Comics #454.

Superman claims that his body doesn’t need it but he sometimes wants to.

This could be a vestige of his Kryptonian physiologically as they don’t usually live near a yellow sun.

In episode 36 of Superman: The Animated Series he stated that he eats because he is a habitual eater.

It is easy to imagine how delicious Ma Kent’s cooking was when he started this habit snd who could complain?

#41 Super Trap

Although it is difficult to find anything negative to say about the 1980’s Superman II, there is one thing we must mention.

The scene in which Superman throws the “S” symbol out of his emblem to create a plastic-wrap trap for his enemies.

Nobody has ever figured out a way to explain this power. It was also never used in television, movies, or comics but hey it was done once. Thus, making it to the list of Superman’s powers.

#40 Super-Ventriloquism

Ventriloquism is the ability to speak in a loud voice which may not require superpowers, but the distance that Superman has been able to travel makes it almost impossible without them.

This Super Ventriloquism was featured in many DC Comics from the 1950s to 1960s. It’s also been used in modern comics such as The Question, 2005.

Krypto, the Super Dog, has demonstrated the ability to impersonate Superman and even throw his voice through walls.

This Superman power is also seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League when he’s about to die.

#39 Super Antique

If you see Superman with an age-old antique/art, He probably did something to it.

Operating at super-speed, Superman engraves a message on the back of the mirror frame with his fingernail, and then he blows on the script with his super-breath.

All this was to create a hidden message as the force of Superman’s super-breath will provide an artificial aging effect, So that the writing on the antique appears centuries-old than it usually is.

See….Superman’s powers are beyond imagination.

#38 Super Weaving

According to the reports, Superman may be an aspiring fashion designer.

If this superhero thing fails, maybe he will be able to use his talent for designing wedding dresses at high speed and apply for Project Runway.

Let’s hear it in his own words, The Man of Steel said “I unraveled the unharmed silken threads! Thye dried in the sun. Now my Super-weaving will convert them into a modern wedding gown.”

#37 Third Eye

Ever heard of the third eye?

Nah, Neither you nor any of your friends know about this. Even I was surprised on knowing that Superman actually possesses a third eye right at the back of his head.

In the comics, Superman has had a weird third eye. Supergirl explains this is due to the combination of red and green rays stimulating Superman’s pineal gland.

I mean we all knew he’s an alien but having another eye really makes him weird and confirms his presence as an outsider to the people of Metropolis.

The editor of the comic also supports this claim with the below words,
“Many scientists believe this gland is a remnant of a third eye early man once had in the back of their heads to warn dangers coming from behind.”

Though Sups managed to wear off the radiation effects and shrunken the third eye, It is still believed that Clark Kent has this weird power around him.

#36 Control Ants

In The Invasion of The Super-Ants, Superman actually controlled and aided ants for an important mission.

Just like Marvel’s Ant-man, The Man of Steel can also control/command ants for his benefit.

In order to communicate with the tiny creatures, Superman needed a special Kryptonian antenna. In Action Comics, He used it to capture Lois Lane so she could be the Queen of both ants and Superman.

#35 Solar Flare

Superman’s most deadly weapon may be his solar flare power.

This ability is due to Kal-El’S continuous absorption over many years of the radiation from Earth’s yellow sunlight.

Superman #38 introduced the “Super Flare”, one of Superman’s newest and greatest powers.

Geoff Johns, Superman’s writer, gave Superman the new power and explained in comics that it was an extension of Kal’s heat vision.

We’ve seen that Superman had a lot of superpowers already, but he was pretty much nailed down by the 1990s.

Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. created “Superman” #38 in 2015, which introduced a new power to the Man of Steel.

Superman’s heat vision was pushed further than ever in a fight against Ulysses the supervillain.

Surprised by his actions, and to Ulysses’ delight as well, the Man of Steel unleashed an enormous energy blast from every cell of his body. It knocked him unconscious for 24 hours.

This explosion became known as the Super Flare.

Batman saved Superman, explaining that Superman’s heat vision was only a small fraction of the energy he could produce.

Superman overextended his limits and released all of his energy, at the expense of his abilities.

He literally explodes with the power and convenience of a small nuclear weapon without any side effects.

Clark is able to expel all the solar radiation that he has absorbed in one big explosion. Superman, therefore, is practically a small-scale nuclear bomber.

Superman, with the Super Flare, is both powerful and dangerous.

#34 Super Rainbow

If you thought the above Superman powers surprised you then this one will make you go mad.

In the Untold Tales of Superman, The Man of Steel has a new power and some people saw him use it.

These people even took photographs of this new Superman power as the others would never believe if they said so. This new Superman power is to shoot rainbows out of his hands.

Yeah, You heard it right. The people of Metropolis were like I know Superman can fly and has super-strength but this new power is fantastic!

The above words were not made for the article, They were actually in the comic.

#33 Super Caller ID

As we know, Superman can control the thoughts of others. It turns out that he is also able to read minds similar to Martian Manhunter.

He can also sense the identity of the person calling him via the phone. Is he reading what the phone is thinking?

This power is no longer useful in the age of smartphones and Caller ID, but at least we can rest assured that Superman will not be tricked into dealing directly with a telemarketer.

#32 Super Cigar Smoking

Superman is a good guy and you wouldn’t believe it if I said he smoke a lot but the scenario here is different altogether.

Superman was on a secret mission to extract enemies’ information and is now in a tight spot. As the enemies try to find out the mole, Superman should conceal his presence.

In order to hide, Superman pulled out a few packs of cigars and then said catch me.

Well, that’s not exactly what he said but it goes like this, “First I’ll ignite these cigars ‘General Grant’ gave me, Now to puff on them simultaneously so that I exhale a perfect smokescreen to hide my actions.”

The easy way is to ask Batman for a smoke bomb but if you are Superman, I guess you can probably inhale a ton of cigars to create a smokescreen.

#31 Super Projection

At this point, You should know there is absolutely nothing Superman couldn’t do. In Madame Zabanga’s Spirit Salon, Superman altered one of Caesar’s paintings so it could appear like a ghost coming out of the frame.

This is due to Superman’s infamous projection powers. All he did was coat the picture with special luminous paint and used his x-ray vision assisted by super-ventriloquism.

This created a live effect and made the people believe it’s actually Caesar’s ghost in the painting.

#30 Super Lock Picking

It is good that Superman was on our side with all these powers but if he were to be a thief and all his other powers were nullified, He would still have something up his sleeve.

In the original comics, Superman’s powers included a Super-Magnetic touch that could instantly unlock any lock in the human world. With this ability, he could be the world’s richest pick pocketer.

Well, It turns out the “S” stands for “Hope” and he sure has some good morale.

#29 Mini Superman

We now get to the most obscure and bizarre powers of Superman, and it will take some explanation.

Superman, Wayne Boring, and Jerry Coleman were investigating a spaceship that had crashed into the Earth when it exploded right in front of him.

Superman realized that he had lost all his powers, except invulnerability. Superman was able to shoot out a miniature version of himself that had all of his powers, instead of using them all himself.

Superman’s Mini-Me version could fly and had all the other powers of Superman, except for the cuteness.

Superman had to call his doppelganger in order to save himself from danger when it struck.

Superman got jealous of his super-Oompa Loompa’s popularity and sent it after a meteor shower of kryptonite. This proved that it wasn’t the size of Superman, but how you use it.

#28 Super Sneeze

We all know Superman’s cold breath but that was Superman deliberately blowing the out of his lungs at a slow pace. Imagine what would happen if he sneezes with all his power.

In the Action comics, Superman was caught in some cold and was unable to stop sneezing. People and buildings would be blown away left and right if he stays at Metropolis.

In order to minimize the damage, Superman flew away to a long-dead universe where all life vanished eons ago. He then did the “AAAA-AAAP-CHo-OOO.”

What happened is the whole solar system got destroyed with a freaking sneeze. If you ever run into Superman with a running nose, You better get the hell out there as soon as possible.

#27 Super Friction

Is there anything this guy can’t do?

The Man of Steel once took apart a flimsy cage and re-assembled it into a stronger form with his Super-Friction.

For starters, It one of Superman’s powers to rearrange matter and hold the atoms tightly. Thus, making the final form super hard and rigid.

#26 Phase Through Objects

Many superheroes have the ability to travel through solid objects. Shadowcat of X-Men and Martian Manhunter are two examples.

Superman also had this ability, but he hasn’t used it very often. Its most famous appearance was in “The Mysterious Cube”, an episode of “The Adventures of Superman” from 1958.

The show was written by Robert Leslie Bellem, Whitney Ellsworth, and directed by George Blair. It featured a bizarre escape plan from a crime that only Superman can solve.

Paul Barton, a wanted criminal, hides in a cube made of super-strong steel to try and get absolved from his crimes.

Superman was able to vibrate his molecules, allowing him to pass through obstacles and into the cube.

In his 2001, Superman #175 rematch against Doomsday, he also used the vibration trick.

It was written by Jeph and penciled in by Ed McGuinness. Superman does not do it often because he would rather smash walls than pass through them.

#25 Super Swim

In 1944, Superman Powers were just starting to shape up. By then he still didn’t master the ability to fly.

He was just leaping tall building and nothing more at this point. When the Man of Steel found himself in a rush, He just swam across to his destination.

What he basically said is, “Whew! Three thousand miles and only three hours have passed since we left the metropolis. Practically Super-Speed in the water!”

See even if he can’t fly, Clart would just swim to his destination in a few minutes.

#24 Super Memory

In this comic edition, The Man of Steel was having trouble passing a difficult exam. Hor-El then handed Kal a “Memory Pillow” and told him to use it on the day before the test.

Kal-El did as he said and boom, Superman passed his test and got a permit to work under Jor-El as his new assistant at the missile base.

What the Memory Pillow did is to bombard Superman’s subconscious mind with a variety of facts and figures. For example, 1 Tetrazoid is the equivalent of 4 duo-bonzac and so on.

He sure got a magical pillow that pushes information into his brain but with that much content on a single night, One should have the ability to hold onto these inside their mind.

Fortunately, Kal-El has Super-Memory and could rarely forget something.

#23 Super Healing

We all knew about Superman’s invulnerable skin but even he takes some damage when the foe is a bigger threat.

Characters like Darkseid, Doomsday, Trigon, Batman can definitely hurt superman in a bad way but being able to heal in a matter of hours is his undervalued superpower.

#22 Energy Absorption

At some point, DC writers tried to give real-world explanations for Superman’s superpowers as the character evolved over the years.

The original reason for Superman’s superpowers was not explained. However, Superman now receives his powers from stored solar energy.

This is via Earth’s yellow sunlight. Superman’s body uses energy from the sun to metabolize it, much like how people metabolize food energy. This energy is then used to fuel his superpowers.

It also slows down the aging of the Kryptonian. Superman, like most living things, can store extra energy for later use.

Most versions of Superman are able to access Kal-El’s primary power set without intentional absorption of energy. Since some of the yellow sun rays reach Earth naturally for everyone on planet earth.

Superman may also choose to charge up, giving him more abilities and, if necessary, healing. This was also shown in Batman v Superman when Sups got hit by a nuke.

If the Kryptonian uses his superpowers too often without allowing for a recharge, he can run out of energy and become weaker or more vulnerable to injury.

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#21 Super-Translation

Superman was born in Smallville as a farm boy. However, Clark Kent has grown to be an American hero throughout his life.

Kent fights for justice internationally and globally. Superman is not like other heroes who are restricted by language barriers.

Superman can understand, learn and speak any language he wants. His genius-level intellect is often tied to this ability.

Strangely, Superman’s ability to translate is a little-known part of his power set.

Clark rarely speaks the native languages of aliens, even though the Justice League is increasingly venturing into space.

Many fans are unaware that Superman has universal translation, despite its usefulness.

#20 Super-Smell

Superman is a super sniffer.

Superman has all his senses heightened, but some, such as his sight and hearing, are more prominent.

Clark Kent’s senses of smell are just as valuable as his X-ray vision and super-hearing.

Superman is a bomb-sniffing dog with all of the capabilities. Simply by sniffing, he can identify any chemical/substance in any object.

Is there any other hero who can do that? Yes, it’s great to be able to push planets and fires.

Kal-El’s ability to use his nose to combat crime is not to be sniffed at.

#19 Telescopic Vision

Superman’s eyes are capable of seeing through objects and generating heat beams.

Kal-El has a wide range of abilities due to his vision. Clark Kent is able to see at the smallest level and can also see space and planets with his naked eyes.

Kent can not only see the planets, but he can also see what is happening on them.

Superman’s telescopic vision allows him to see the galactic happenings from a distance without having to use any technology Batman or other Justice League members can.

Superman’s microscopic vision is almost forgotten. However, he did use it quite often in comics from the 1970s.

Kent was able to see and analyze fingerprints and molecules, which enhanced his detective abilities but yeah, Even with all those powers, Sups couldn’t be the world’s greatest detective as Batman.

#18 Super-IQ

If Superman were a dumb brute, he would be boring. It is probably not a good idea to give the Man of Steel genius-level intelligence.

Clark Kent, like Barry Allen, can read at super speed, making him one of DC’s smartest characters.

Kent also has an eidetic memory that writers gave him, which means his brain is as strong as his muscles.

Superman isn’t always a genius. Sometimes he’s just Clark Kent, a reporter for The Daily Planet.

Clark Kent is brilliant in some areas, however. Kent has invented the material for his super-suit, and even tried to cure cancer.

Though he and all the other justice league members get overshadowed by Batman’s abilities, The Big Blue’s mind is ranked as one of the top in the DCU at any given moment.

#17 Shapeshifting

Although shapeshifting may seem impossible in real life, it is a common superpower found in comics.

Marvel has a whole race of shapeshifters within the Skrulls. The fact that Superman also has this power is not surprising enough to make him the number one, but it’s how he uses it that makes him the best.

Superman #45, 1947 the same issue that introduced him to telepathy is where Superman uses his muscles and entire body to transform into a pale yellow-skinned alien.

He has pointy ears, no hair, and has no eyes. There are many questions that can be raised like,

How is it possible for a hero who has nearly impervious skin to stretch and condense it to such an extent? Why isn’t Superman able to create a better secret identity than Clark Kent, using this ability?

As with many of Superman’s powers, his ability to shapeshift, which he lost, is an essential skill for many characters.

Clark Kent saw it as just another tool in a growing toolbox. Clark Kent was able to change his body and face at will.

As for the secret identity thing, We think he just wants to be around Lois Lane which should make sense.

Superman #44 & Superman #45, are the most famous examples of Clark’s ability to shape-shift.

Kent first sculpted his face to alter his appearance. He then changed his entire body.

Superman’s ability to shape-shift has been lost, but he was once able to alter his appearance with the best.

#16 Super-Kiss

Superman has got you covered with another unbelievable power.

In comics and film, we’ve seen that Superman can give amnesia-inducing smooch commands.

Clark Kent gives Lois Lane an enormous wet one in the closing moments of the 1980’s Superman II movie and manages to erase the confusion that Clark is also Superman.

It might sound strange, but when you consider the other heroes’ efforts to hide their identities, it might not seem so bizarre.

Superman II screenwriters were not wrong to insert this bizarre superpower into Superman lore.

It comes from a comic book. Clark’s memory-loss-inducing liplock against Lois in 1963’s Action Comics #306 is used by Clark to conceal his superheroic identity.

Clark’s debonair ways left Lois confused and dazed by this well-timed moment of affection.

Superman’s abilities are not only used to fight crime, but he has used his powers in many other ways, especially when Lois Lane was involved.

Clark has used Xray’s vision to see things he shouldn’t have, and his power extends to his personal lives in other ways. Clark’s kiss has been used to mind-wash the recipient party multiple times throughout Superman’s history.

Clark Kent used his power to deliberately erase Lois Lane’s memories in Superman II. This is a morally questionable use of his power.

Kal also accidentally wiped Lois’s mind with a kiss. Although the super-kiss may have ended, it shouldn’t be forgotten.

#15 Electro-Magnetic Vision

Superman’s vision allows him to see in virtually every spectrum.

Clark Kent’s super-vision extends into the electromagnetic spectrum. This superpower doesn’t last long but it is possible that this Superman power was given to him by writers to be used in a particular story.

Superman can see radio waves with electromagnetic vision. This allows him to track broadcast signals.

Radio waves, particularly among comic book villains, have become quite obsolete with the advancement of technology.

This is no surprise, and it’s why Superman fans don’t know about this power.

#14 Super-Diet

Everybody knows that Superman’s superpowers are derived from the radiation emitted every day by our sun.

It’s only a matter of time before Superman is affected by something that happens to the sun.

Action Comics #454 shows Superman becoming extremely tired due to his ability.

He is so tired that he must eat thousands of calories to regain his strength.

He takes his hamburgers barrage to a local diner. He then heads home with all the contents of his entire apartment’s bodega.

Superman loses more energy due to the radioactive rock in the middle of the Earth. Once the problem is solved, Superman returns to normal.

Apart from that Superman also ate many bizarre things including Kryptonian chocolate, a time bomb, human flesh, a Nuclear explosion, Every green thing on the planet, Uranium, and even Kryptonite.

#13 Super Time Travel

Superman and Flash share many similarities, they are both Justice League members, both possess super-speed, and both heroes have very high intelligence.

However, the similarities do not end there. The Flash is well-known for his use of time travel which he often abuses.

The Man of Steel can also traverse timestreams similar to the Flash.

In 1978, for example, the heroes raced in DC Comics Presents #1. They traveled so fast they entered the timestream. Many Superman fans will also recall the 1978 Superman scene, in which Superman flew around the globe and then time-traveled.

#12 Electric Powers

In the 1990s, Superman was powered not by the sun but by electricity and other forms.

Writers wanted to breathe new life into the Man of Steel at that time so they replaced the traditional trunks with a brightly colored containment suit.

Kal’s original power set was also replaced by a new one.

Superman suddenly became intangible. Instead of bullets hitting him, they went through him.

Clark was able to create electromagnetic fields and sue people and their weapons and tools.

He was even capable of teleporting!

Although “Electric Blue Superman”, is controversial, he did have some amazing powers.

#11 Super-Hypnosis

In terms of Superman’s power set, the Silver Age was almost like the Wild West.

Many of the strange powers that have been documented come from this time. The one we are focusing on right now is truly perplexing, almost mesmerizing.

In Action Comics #38, 1941, Gardner Fox shows DC’s Man of Steel making a scene with Harold Morton, a rogue psychologist, and forcing him to surrender to the police.

Law and Order don’t show that, do you?

This mind-based power was again shown in 1978’s Superman #330, by Martin Pasko & Curt Swan.

Superman defeats Spellbinder at his own games by hypnotizing all of Metropolis with a flimsy television screen that floats above the city.

Krypto, the Super Dog also has this ability.

#10 Super Duplication

There is nothing better than Two Supermans. or should we called them Supermen!

Although it might sound strange, this is a common Superman story. It was possible because of outside forces. The Man of Steel had done it for decades without explanation.

In 1938, Superman’s Adventures of Superman episode, Lois and a crusty prospector get trapped in a Pennsylvania mine shaft.

Superman steps in to save the day but he must also become a duo to save them.

To save distressed people, Superman decides to split himself into two identical Supermans.

This is not including the hijinks of the “Rebirth Superman.”

#9 Telekinesis

Telekinesis is not just for women at Marvel’s X-Men.

DC’s hero has demonstrated the ability to move objects using his mind on multiple occasions.

John Byrne, an artist/writer who wrote the 1980s Superman story, explained that Superman’s ability to fly was due to his “self-telekinesis”, in which an invisible field surrounds him and allows anything he touches to lift off by the force of his mind.

Byrne explained that this telekinesis adds to his invulnerability.

A few years later, Superman IV: The Quest For Peace (1987) shows Superman demonstrating his ability to use a telekinetic beam from his eyes to lift people or repair buildings, namely the Great Wall of China.

So, Here’s another reason to not take Superman’s cape.

#8 Telepathy

Telekinesis is a common feature of Marvel Comics. This holds true for DC’s Man of Steel as well.

Superman #45 is a 1947 issue. The Man of Steel has an uncanny ability to read the mind of his enemy and implant thoughts.

These thoughts are intended to free Superman from any restraints he was being placed under.

Skip ahead a few decades and you’ll see that all Kryptonians are able to communicate without words via telepathy.

Although most people wouldn’t wish their relatives to be able to read their thoughts or vice versa, it might come in handy.

Superman is one of the most powerful comics characters.

It is unfair to give him mind control, hypnosis, and telepathy. It’s not a new idea. But it has been done before.

Superman’s intelligence and Kryptonian brain allow him to access mind-based powers.

Clark Kent was able to read minds and communicate telepathically at certain points in his life.

Kent has used his powers for both good hypnotically convincing criminals into turning themselves in as well as less admirable occasionally mindwiping Lois Lane.

Contemporary writers realize that Superman’s ability to read minds is too powerful and have ceased using it.

#7 Invulnerability

People complain about Superman because he is too powerful.

They say that he can’t be hurt so that makes him boring. He isn’t boring because he can’t be hurt.

This makes him amazing, Superman was able to withstand “an exploding Shell” in the beginning.

His resistance to exploding shells has only improved over time. Superman’s body is capable of enduring extreme impacts, high temperatures and even explosions with no damage.

It was told that Kryptonians are naturally dense. This explanation was changed, as with all of his powers.

One time, Superman was able to create an impenetrable force-field around himself. It works and makes Superman one of the greatest superheroes to ever live.

Superman, excluding Kryptonite, is virtually invincible.

He has always been bulletproof. Knives are the equivalent of feathers for the Man of Steel.

The Last Son of Krypton can handle anything you throw at him. He’s virtually unbeatable against any villain, with some exceptions.

Superman’s invulnerability makes him super powerful when it comes to problem-solving.

He can handle any environment. He can withstand the heat of the Earth’s center, the vacuum of space, and other potentially dangerous situations.

His ability to survive almost anything can make it difficult for readers to keep their interest. It’s safe to say that Kal-El is one of the most powerful heroes in comics.

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#6 Super-Strength

Superman’s incredible strength is another of his core abilities.

His strength was initially explained by Krypton’s stronger gravity, which gave him more powerful muscles.

Later it was explained by Superman’s ability to absorb the energy of the yellow sun and transform it into energy.

Superman, as his slogan states, is “more powerful than a locomotive.” It is much more powerful and meaningful than that.

Superman’s strength was almost limitless in the early comics. Superman could lift cars and rip steel. He was capable of lifting mountains and even moving entire planets.

He can’t do this anymore in modern comics.

#5 Flight

We’re now going to discuss one of Superman’s most famous and imitated powers.

Superman was unable to jump in the early comics. His slogan, “able to leap tall building in one bound”, stated that he could only do this.

This was due to Krypton’s heavier gravity than Earth. Krypton gave Superman stronger muscles.

In late 1941, Superman began to fly with hovering and changing directions. He has been flying ever since.

Superman’s flying abilities range from being telekinetic to possessing his own gravitational field that he can alter at will.

Superman’s ability to fly is unaffected by how he does it. He can fly at amazing speeds, even exceeding the speed limit of light. He can pick up and move huge objects while flying.

Come in who doesn’t want to fly away?

#4 X-Ray Vision

Superman’s most famous but least known power is his x-ray vision.

It allows you to see through almost any object. It is a valuable tool in fighting crime.

With just one turn of his head, he can scan the surrounding area for criminals and rescue people.

He’s just too gentlemanly to see through the clothes of women.

Long time, the only thing that he could not see through was lead.

In modern stories, Superman is able to see through it. In the early stories, Superman’s eyes could take x-rays.

This changed and it is rightfully so. Otherwise, Superman would be emitting tons of radiation into the air, infecting people and objects, and causing cancer wherever he goes.

Another explanation is that his x-ray vision is due to the ability to see cosmic radiation coming from objects or something.

There are many forms of strength. Although Superman may not consider his X-Ray vision dangerous, it is certainly useful in every aspect of his role as a hero.

Superman’s X-ray vision makes Clark Kent one of the world’s greatest detectives.

Batman might be Batman, but Clark Kent is no fool. He can see through walls to spot criminals hiding behind them and can see through any obstacle to locate hidden bombs and weapons.

Kal-El also has the ability to use this power in order to help people who need it, which is particularly useful when dealing with fires.

Superman used his X-Ray vision for most of his life to fighting crime.

#3 Super-Speed

His motto is “faster than a speeding bullet” and he’s certainly faster than that.

Superman can run, move and fly hundreds of miles per hour at superhuman speed.

Superman can move at the speed and above of light in some versions. He also has accelerated thought and reflexes, which allow him to see the world in slow motion and outthink his adversaries.

His speed has been compared with the Flash and races between them have always ended in ties.

Superman is able to do anything at super-speed. His flight is no exception. His top speed on Earth is Mach 9350 or approximately 2000 miles per second.

Superman can break light speed in outer space. Superman can fly fast enough that he can stop close-range bullets.

If it wasn’t for Flash, Clark Kent might be the fastest man alive.

Since 1967’s Superman #199, Clark has been beaten in several races by The Flash.

Clark recently admitted that Barry Allen is too fast to him in The Flash #49.

Superman is still freakishly fast, and he makes use of that speed to his advantage.

#2 Super-Breath

Superman’s “super-breath” is another useful power.

Superman’s “super-breath” is his ability to absorb or blow enormous amounts of air. He can basically turn into a vacuum and create hurricane-force winds.

His super-strong lungs are often responsible for his extraordinary power.

It’s hard to believe that something like this would be so useful. It is often used by him to lift heavy objects and people, such as cars.

Inhaling is also a useful tool. Superman can hold enough oxygen to travel for hours underwater and even into outer space.

One story even describes how he sucked up a tornado to blow it into outer space.

One side effect of his super-breath is that he can blow air through his lips to make the air ice cold. This is known as the Joule Thomson effect, children.

Superman’s “freeze breath” can freeze virtually anything.

#1 Heat Vision

Superman’s greatest destructive power is his heat vision.

Superman can shoot very hot beams from his eyes. Superman can channel the sun’s energy from his eyes to achieve this effect.

Superman can adjust the intensity and width of the beams so that they are wide enough to burn a group of supervillains or narrow enough for microscopic surgery.

The Man of Steel can also fire beams over hundreds of feet. The beams can heat up to melt metal, and even rock. It has been used to shave his extremely strong facial hair.

Superman’s ability to produce heat is what makes him so strong and unbeatable. He wouldn’t be as effective without the heat vision beams from his eyes.

Superman can strike far away thanks to his heat vision. As if Superman needed more ways to defeat villains.

These beams of heat are a great tool for heating leftovers or cutting through steel.

Kent can use them for cutting through hard surfaces or heating up whatever he likes.

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Superman Isn’t DC’s Most Powerful Character (Truth Revealed)

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