11 Most Powerful Fictional Characters Of All Time (Ranked)

With Comics and Manga featuring more stories than ever and introducing overpowered heroes, The need to know the most powerful fictional characters of time is here. With that in mind, This article is exactly what you need.

When we say the most powerful characters from fiction, We are talking about the raw strength of these beings.

Anyone with the use of gadgets, preparation time, or sidekicks isn’t included.

Note: This ranking is based on who we think is the strongest according to their feats. Though there may be slight alterations to it, Most of it is true to its word.

So, Without any further ado, let’s get into the strongest characters in all of fiction.

#11 Ultra Instinct Goku

#11 Ultra Instinct Goku

Publisher: Dragon Ball Franchise

First Appearance: Dragon Ball Z: Revival of “F” Chapter #2

Yeah, One of the most powerful anime characters is at the bottom of this list. This shows how deep this ranking goes.

Son Goku’s best mode is his ultra instinct form, in which he can literally move as if he was teleported and can anticipate his opponent’s moves.

It is said that Goku in this form is the strongest he’s ever been. His raw strength even surpasses the Gods of Destruction themselves.

Heck, Goku can even continue to grow his “Ki” as the fight prolongs, and the rage inside him increases the overall output of the Ultra Instinct, as we saw in his faceoff against Jiren.

Unlike other godly beings on this list, Goku can tap into Ultra Instinct solely because of his desperation to survive. Thus, Shattering his limits.
With so much power and speed, Goku can go toe to toe with the multiversal entities but not the ones further ahead on this list.

#10 Alien X

#10 Alien X

Publisher: Ben 10

Appearance: X = Ben + 2

You may have seen a glimpse of his power in the Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 show, but this guy is a superbeing.

As some alien to choose from the Omnitrix, Alien X is actually a DNA sample of a Celestial Sapien from the Forge of Creation itself.

With three personalities swarming inside him, Alien X is a representation of all three beings, namely Serena, Bellicus, and Ben, who voice love, rage, and reason, respectively.

Alien X is so powerful that he can literally create and destroy the entire universe at will.

Even when Annihilargh destroyed the universe around him, Alien X remained unharmed.

With the ability to warp reality, space, and time, Alien X can actually bring out his thoughts into the real world.

If that’s not enough, He can even duplicate himself to fight an army of celestials and can survive a freaking timeline destruction.

You may be thinking, who can top such a powerful being as Alien X right? Let’s know about someone who just stomps Alien X in the next ranking.

#9 Dr. Manhattan

#9 Dr. Manhattan

Publisher: DC Comics

Appearance: Watchmen #1

Yeah, It just took 2 characters to reach the power level of Dr. Manhattan.

Even though Alien X is a godly being, His best feat in all of Ben 10 was to replicate a universe.

Whereas Dr.Manhattan can easily destroy the multiverse, including the Monitor Sphere and the Sphere of Gods themselves.

If you didn’t understand what it meant, let me explain it to you.

Jon Osterman, aka Dr. Manhattan, can destroy an entire multiverse that consists of infinite universes, unlike a single one as Alien X did.

This blue beast is completely unbounded by time and views it as a non-linear quantum expression.

He can literally see the past and future simultaneously. This is something that neither Goku nor Alien X has displayed.

The only drawback to all that power is his lack of emotions and conflicted personality, which took a toll on his humanity.

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#8 Q

#8 Q

Publisher: Star Trek

Appearance: Encounter at Farpoint

Enter Q from Star Trek. Unlike Dr. Manhattan, Q is an alien from the future. He is an unknown entity who is ageless and has an IQ of 2005.

This guy can exist in a continuum of limitless dimensions of the galaxy.

If that’s not enough, Q can change matter to energy and can also suspend time altogether.

Due to compelling views on the human race, Q sees us as savage creatures and attempts to torment the race.

This extra-dimensional being is of unknown origin and has nearly limitless powers.

With the ability to alter the laws of physics itself, Q is one of the most powerful characters in fiction.

The reason we placed him above Dr. Manhattan is because of his free will to act.

Manhattan from the DC universe constrains himself from doing certain things. But on the other end, Q does whatever he wants.

#7 Cosmic Armor Superman

#7 Cosmic Armor Superman

Publisher: DC Comics

Appearance: Final Crisis Superman Beyond #2

Cosmic Armor Superman, aka “The Thought Robot, is a sentinel in the DC Universe.

Unlike other versions of Superman, This one is powered by Clark’s ideals and heroism.

This version of Superman is so overpowered that he appeared only twice in the comics.

Initially, He was created by the Monitors to protect the Multiverse from dangers.

Combined with the powers of Superman and Ultraman, Thought Robot can instantly adapt to any Multiversal threats and defend it.

With the ability to safeguard the DC universe, which resides in the Over void. He can literally edit the Multiverse with his actions and views it as a continuous story.

Many think that Dr. Manhattan can defeat this version of Superman but keep in mind that Cosmic Armor Superman is a plot device with the ability to access whatever power he needs to win.

He is the most powerful version of Superman ever created. Even more than Superman one million.

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#6 The Living Tribunal

#6 The Living Tribunal

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Appearance: Strange Tales #157

This is an exact version of what you saw above. Let me explain it a bit further.

The Living Tribunal is a humanoid in the Marvel universe whose sole purpose is to protect the Multiverse.

Unlike The Thought Robot, Living Tribunal is a cosmic entity that has existed as long as the universe itself.

The three faces of the Living Tribunal represent different things. The front means equity, the right face portrays necessity, and the left one means revenge.

If you thought Thanos with the infinity gauntlet is overpowered, then you’ve got to rethink it, as Living Tribunal can nullify the infinity gems like it’s nothing.

He can exist in multiple universes, simultaneously balancing good and evil within a space. Whenever one part grows overwhelmingly greater than the other one, He abstracts it to create stability.

The only thing here is that all these faces must be on the same page for Living Tribunal to intervene in any situation.

Fun Fact: In the Humorverse, Living Tribunal actually applied for a job to blend in with the humans, but he failed to get the contract.

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#5 Beyonder

#5 Beyonder

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Appearance: Secret Wars #1

The being known as Beyonder is actually from a race known as “The Beyonders.” Initially trapped by the evil group Intel, Beyond was fascinated by humans.

The reason for that is unlike himself, Beings on earth aren’t complete by nature, but their actions lead them to grow and contribute to the greater good.

He believed that human beings are not complete by birth, but their work leads them to fill up the incompleteness that comes within this multiverse.

The original Beyonder is a complete being who can rewrite reality itself and has powers surpassing cosmic entities like the Living Tribunal we talked about above.

With psionic powers, Beyonder can completely wipe out every being’s mind of his existence in the Multiverse.

In addition to that, He has the ability to cause multiversal destruction with a single thought, Beyonder stands tall in our list of most powerful fictional characters.

Even as powerful as he is, Beyonder has no knowledge of the outside world beyond his Multiverse and can only learn these by experience.

#4 Man of Miracles

#4 Man of Miracles

Publisher: Image Comics

Appearance: Spawn #75

Man of Miracles, aka The Mother of Existence, is the creator of the universe in Image comics.

Referred to as Mother, Man of Miracles has two sons namely God and Satan.

These have a deep hatred for each other and fought for decades. She saw it as an opportunity to create something useful for mankind.

But when her so-called kids went too far, During Armageddon, She was born as Man of Miracles to guide humanity away from her sons, in turn stopping the Apocalypse.

As a limitless entity, Man of Miracles is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient at the same time.

It was told that there was no greater being than her, but even with all that power, Man of Miracles cannot surpass the below super-powered characters.

After some copyright issues, These two beings were merged into one, and the characters from the two universes were retconned.

Now, We are entering the top dogs from Marvel, DC, and Anime, who are omnipotent.

These characters are the strongest ones in their universe, and no one can match them in terms of strength or feats.

We even had no clue where to rank them as their feats are just beyond belief.

Finally, After some digging, we are able to rank them properly, but these may vary.

Fun Fact: Man of Miracles from Image comics seems to be similar to the Marvelman from Eclipse comics.

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#3 The Creator

#3 The Creator

Publisher: Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Appearance: Umineko When They Cry

Ever wanted to know the most powerful character in all of anime?

As a being who conquered the witch domain, The Creator is someone who surpassed the depths of oblivion and became omnipotent.

Often referred to as the strongest character in all of anime, The Creator is a sacred being who can create 1 out of 0 and can also revert it to 0 in an instant.

If you didn’t get what that means, This super-being is non-existent and lives outside of the laws of nature.

Known as Maria, This witch is considered a god in their universe. She is a boundless entity devoid of any known limits.

This Omniscient witch lost her restrictions in exchange for obtaining everything. Even the concepts of life and death seem to disappear from her life.

With the ability to turn nothingness to infinity, The Creator is known to be the strongest being the world has ever seen.

Yes, You can also call her the writer if you understand the complexity of this character.

#2 The Presence

#2 The Presence

Publisher: DC Comics

Appearance: More Fun Comics #52

Often known as Yahweh, the Lord, One Above All, The Hand, and The Voice, Presence is a fictionalized counterpart to God in the DC universe.

Initially, The Presence was all alone in this endless cosmos, then he created the Void, who in turn created the universe and the multiverse.

This guy is so unbelievably powerful that he literally created gods.

If that’s not enough, The Presence is present in everything and everyone. He even stated that everything happens because he wants it to.

As the source of creation itself, The Presence is a divine entity of unlimited power.

In the past, The fallen angel Asmodel invaded the silver city to put an end to Presence.

But later, he found out that Presence is everywhere and he cannot be destroyed even by gods themselves.

Finally, The Presence is the most powerful character in the DC comics period.

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#1 One Above All

#1 One Above All

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Appearance: Doctor Strange #13

One Above All is a supreme being in the Omniverse who is the ultimate source of life itself.

As the sole architect responsible for all life inside and beyond the Multiverse, One Above All doesn’t intervene with simple matters.

Even when the Prime universe was destroyed, The Supreme one was hidden, stating that such deeds could be handled by his servants.

When I said his servants, Powerful entities like the Living Tribunal at rank 6 were created by One Above All.

If that didn’t make you clear, then how about the next one?

This being is so powerful that he created an opposite version of himself known as The One Below All to counterweight the expanding life.

As the Supreme being in the existence, One Above all is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

If you aren’t convinced by the above information, One Above All shares a striking resemblance with Jack Kirby and even Stan Lee who are the writers of the Marvel universe.

Often seen as the avatars of this character, One Above All is the most powerful character in all of fiction.

Fun Fact: One Above All stated that his only weapon is “Love.”

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