Superman Isn’t DC’s Most Powerful Character (Truth Revealed)

Superman has been the most powerful character in DC for years but that’s about to change with the latest edition of DC comics.

Don’t get me wrong, The Man of Steel played a major part in shaping up the comic era. If there’s anyone who can top Superman in terms of strength then it ought to be from the Justice League.

Spoiler Alert: The article contains major spoilers for Green Lantern #9 2021. So, Consider yourself warned.

With the latest entry of DC comics, The strongest character in the DC universe is about to change and it’s none other than The Protector of Sector 2814 aka Green Lantern.

In Green Lantern #9, The Central Power Battery also known as The Green Power Battery of the Oa was destroyed.
Source : WB

In Green Lantern #9, The Central Power Battery also known as “The Green Power Battery of the OA” was destroyed.

This left many lanterns depowered and few of them even replaced their rings with alien technology.

With only a handful of lanterns left, The Green Lantern Corps was destroyed. This is when John Stewart unlocked the full potential of the ring entrusted by the elders.

In the story, John Stewart fights alongside a New God, Lonar against Esak. Esak is a minion of Darkseid from the fourth world who has genius-level intellect.

As all supervillains with intelligence, Esak is developing an artificial god called “Lightbringer.”

To make up for the god-like entity, Esak sacrificed numerous aliens, lanterns, and even Darkseid’s companions.

This is when John Stewart and New God, Lonar teamed up to defeat the Lightbringer.

After taking many powerful hits from the artificial god, Stewart surprisingly was in fine shape.

Even with no Central Power Battery, John Stewart is keeping up with Lightbringer.

Lonar explained this as Stewart’s newfound ability to draw cosmic energy from everything in the universe.

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Superman Isn't DC's Most Powerful Character (Truth Revealed)
Source : DC Comics

Not only does John single-handedly defeat the Lightbringer, but he is also seen to be surging with more and more power.

If Superman can draw out energy from the yellow sun alone then imagine what Stewart can become with multiple sources of energy powering him up.

Right now John is in the same league as the New Gods and that only keeps on increasing for the Green Lantern.

Lonar also mentions that as time passes John Stewart will only grow stronger and is well on the way to beat Superman in terms of raw strength.

With the ability to draw out energy from anything and the power that only bounds with one’s imagination, John Stewart could possibly go a notch further than Superman.

This not only makes Green Lantern the new powerhouse of the team but also one of the most reliable superheroes as there is no need for the OA battery.

With the new Green Lantern series set to release on HBO Max, It would be an awesome opportunity for WB to finally make this right.

What do you think of Green Lantern’s newfound ability? Can he become the most powerful DC character?

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Source: DC Comics.