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The Suicide Squad’s Troublesome Plot Holes Revealed

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad biggest plot holes and unanswered questions that left people scratching their heads revealed.

“The Suicide Squad”, a movie that is both scary, funny, heartwarming, and badass, is an amazing, terrifying, frightening, hilarious, and sometimes even sad movie.

It’s also an easy movie with all the loose ends wrapped up. I repeat, Most of the loose ends are tucked away.

We’ve gathered the most important unanswered questions in “The Suicide Squad” to help you understand how the film failed to answer some plot holes.

Although generally deemed an improvement over the original, The Suicide Squad has some logical lapses and holes in its central plot.

Spoiler Alert

Before going any further, We warn you that this article contains The Suicide Squad’s spoilers ahead.

What are the most frustrating plot holes and head-scratchers in The Suicide Squad’s latest movie?

Fans and critics have been raving about the long-awaited sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad.

It is widely regarded as a significant improvement on the original movie that focused on Task Force X. The film’s storyline still raises questions.

The 2016 Suicide Squad film directed by David Ayer wasn’t well-received for many reasons. Conflicts between the director of the film and Warner Bros led to the film’s chaotic nature.

Warner Bros re-edited the film into something lighter and more humorous in the same vein as Guardians of the Galaxy.

After Ayer pulled out of making a Suicide Squad 2 sequel, Warner Bros hired James Gunn, a filmmaker who had previously written and directed Guardians of the Galaxy.

The brand new Suicide Squad was born. Although it is not a sequel or reboot, it is a much more enjoyable movie than the original live-action Suicide Squad movie.

More importantly, It also stays true to the source material.

While it may seem absurd to talk about logic when discussing a movie where the protagonists can rip off their arms like action figures, The Suicide Squad avoids many of the same logical pitfalls as the original Suicide Squad.

Many people were left wondering why the American government was afraid of Superman turning against them and decided that a group consisting mainly of non-superhuman weapons experts was their best defense.

Fans may be left wondering about The Suicide Squad, even though it is a more rational film.

Here Are Some Major Plot Holes From The Suicide Squad

Implant bombs In The Invulnerable Villains

The Suicide Squad's Plot holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad’s first scene explains how they control the Task Force X supervillains by implanting bombs into their heads and threatening to kill anyone who disobeys orders.

It is unclear how they do this with invulnerable villains such as King Shark and Mongal, whose super-dense skin could be more powerful than an ordinary needle.

King Shark could have been tricked into eating an explosive device. Sharks are known for getting a lot of odd objects stuck in their stomachs.

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The DC Animated Universe Suicide Squad used ingestible explosives to plant explosives into its operatives.

Deadshot had special nanites in his last meal before he was freed from a court-mandated execution. He was then offered a spot on Task Force X but they should’ve shown how the villains having super skin got injected.

How Did Blackguard Contact Corto Maltese?

The Suicide Squad's Plot holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

It seems that the mission to destroy Project Starfish goes south quickly.

The entire army of Corto Maltese waits for Task Force X to arrive as they landfall. This is the work of Blackguard aka Pete Davidson, who tipped off an army in hopes that they would let him walk free.

How did he get to them while incarcerated? He is likely to be monitored throughout the day in prison with high security. How did he manage to get around all this?

Especially in the very short time between his assignment and his deployment and when he was able to contact the soldiers in Corto Maltese.

He was instead shot in the face. This was a proper punishment for a traitor but it was not revealed how Blackguard managed to get the details of his upcoming mission or contact the Corto Maltese army inside Belle Reve Penitentiary’s maximum-security zone.

Believing Harley Quinn

The Suicide Squad's Troublesome Plot Holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

With President Silvio making the decision to make Harley his wife, Harley is taken prisoner of war.

He then gives a speech about Project Starfish, which will make Corto Maltese an international power willing to kill any women or children in its path. Harley shoots him though, leaving us to wonder why he would trust someone who invaded an island.

He has studied her and knows that she is on a heroic course. He wouldn’t support terrorism.

His war general replaces Silvio, but there’s another hole in the plot when troops invade to find Harley hovering above Silvio’s corpse. She thinks they won’t shoot her on the spot. This is absurd considering she just killed their leader.

Sacrificed A Full Task Force X Team

The Suicide Squad's Troublesome Plot Holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

The army of Corto Maltese had killed most of Colonel Rick Flag’s team, but it was discovered that they were there to distract the Task Force X squad headed by Bloodsport from entering the jungle on the island nation’s other side.

This was typical Amanda Waller aka Viola Davis but it was also uncharacteristically wasteful for the political operative.

Wall could have accomplished the same goal with a smaller team, and without having to risk Rick Flag as a commander.

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This also assumes that Waller knew of Blackguard’s plotting and did not allow the mission go-ahead to get rid of some of her most troublesome assets while keeping her hands relatively clean.

This group of heroes is quite pathetic. Weasel dies in a flash, but it is difficult to imagine what Weasel could’ve done under better circumstances.

Harley is a fan favorite, but her “audience popularity doesn’t compensate for the fact she doesn’t possess many skills that could help in a fight and she survived largely through dumb luck.

TDK is especially pathetic. He uses his detached arms to lightly slap opponents.

Sometimes characters will say that they didn’t pick the team. This is true. Waller did and she is willing to give her life for what she wants.

Why Save Rick Flag from The Resistance?

Source : The Suicide Squad

While Harley is taken by the government, Rick is taken by Alice Braga’s Sol. This sets up an action-comedy scene in which Bloodsport and Peacemaker’s posse kill a bunch of soldiers believing they are the enemy.

There’s lots of noise, screaming, bodies falling, and explosions in one place, but no one can hear what’s happening.

Everybody gets snuck on, but the camera angle clearly shows that there is one path. The gunman in the tree should have heard the commotion at some point.

This is a silly plot hole, but it allows for a series of tragic deaths against blind and deaf opponents.

It is also strange that Task Force X trusts these rebels. They could have been lying in order to gain information from them.

The Stupid General

Source : The Suicide Squad

The general insists that Harley be kept alive because he wants to question her and discover if she went with anyone.

There are literally hundreds of dead bodies on the beach, including Rick’s soldiers. He should be aware that Harley was sent to bring down his regime or Project Starfish. Maybe her glamor got him and changed his mind but Harley is one such character who should never be left alone.

The general may have a bad memory, his troops forget to report what happened during the invasion, or he doesn’t read his case file.

It’s difficult to believe that he believes Harley is his only concern, considering he’s the one who deals with soldiers. Her survival is only possible because of the war general who keeps her alive.

How Can We Tell If The Maltese Resistance Is The Good Guys?

The Suicide Squad's Plot holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

For a decent portion of the movie, Task Force X and the Maltese Resistance work together.

They share a few common goals. Task Force X doesn’t share their main goal of liberating their country from military dictatorship.

While this is an admirable goal, we are not given any concrete assurance that the resistance is noble.

Sol Soria was absolutely harmed by previous regimes. This is solid motivation, but not proof that the revolution was planned.

This country was ruled for more than three decades by a single family that held an iron fist. Similar stories have been repeated many times in human history.

It’s not unusual for resistance heroes to become dictators. The movie ends with a news story claiming that the rebels will hold democratic elections.

Time will tell if those elections are actually realized in the DCEU movies. They will most likely become a democracy.

However, the threat of war will continue to loom over them and make for interesting discussions.

Weasel’s Bizarre Part

Source : The Suicide Squad

Weasel is a throwaway character.

Weasel can be described as a variety of throwaway characters. His death is a tragic and comical ending that sets the film’s violent and comic sensibilities.

He’s also a throwaway character. In other words, he was thrown out of a helicopter. Wait! But wait!

He sips some water and then wanders off into the woods, apparently unaware of everything that had happened.

But seriously, what will happen now? Weasel, will we see again?

Weasel got immunity from Bloodsport’s deal to Waller or was he exempted since he doesn’t know anything about the hard drive?

Will Weasel be the Bigfoot of Corto Maltese in the future?

There are so many questions that remain unanswered, it’s worth a feature on HBO Max or some fanfiction. There are many ways to make more Weasels.

Bloodsport Is An Overrated Marksman

The Suicide Squad's Plot holes Revealed
Source : The Suicide Squad

Bloodsport aka Idris Elba is introduced to the audience as a master marksman who can never miss his target.

Over the course of The Suicide Squad, he accomplishes many impressive feats.

He even sends a compact bullet through space between fragmentary rounds.

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Despite all this, he suddenly loses his ability to shoot straight during his final battle against Starro The Conqueror.

He is unable to hit the large, vulnerable eye of a kaiju-sized starfish with the specialized rifle.

No Starro Backup Plan

Source : The Suicide Squad

It would be reasonable to assume that the government would have had special helmets or masks for protection if the Thinker was working on Starro and mind-control spores for over 30 years.

They are well aware that minions can latch onto faces and create a hive brain, so they should have prepared for this contingency. For me, this particular one among the other plot holes of The Suicide Squad film is so real.

It would be helpful if Starro could escape or be broken free, as happens in the final. The army still pulls up, their faces exposed, even though they know Starro’s power.

Although the general’s team has just taken control of the situation, it is hard to believe that the Herrera empire over which they launched a coup never took such preventative steps against a bloodthirsty conquering alien.

The Starro Drones Are Useless In The Final Fight

Source : The Suicide Squad

Although there is something horrifying about an alien starfish that can turn anyone into its mindless servants, Starro the Conqueror’s drones were surprisingly ineffective during the final battle against The Suicide Squad.

When there was nothing in their way, the Starro Drones moved at a normal speed and shuffled about like zombies.

The Starro Drones didn’t have the advantage of having so many people.

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Bloodsport was able, with six others, to free Ratcatcher from their clutches as he watched as Starro the Conqueror tried to dogpile him.

Strangely, the Starro Drones didn’t use their weapons to attack the Squad, even though they had several members of the Corto Maltese Army.

The Rats Problem

Source : The Suicide Squad

Ok, This thing from The Suicide Squad may not be the one you are expecting but it is worth a while to mention amongst the other plot holes.

If you saw The Suicide Squad ending, You sure knew the huge amount of rats Ratcatcher 2 calls to defeat Starro.

While saving the day with dozens of millions of rats is good but no one thinks of the after-effects of these.

To name a few, How can the people of Corto Maltese possibly store their food if the island shelters a million rats? How can they save their hard-earned money?

Not to make it weird or something but rats are generally known to cause numerous contagious diseases.

There are many health risks associated with rats and mice. Rats have been shown to transmit more diseases than any other species with over 35 identified ones. 

These diseases can easily be transmitted to humans by contact with live or dead rodents, rodent urine, feces, saliva, or bites.

Why Did They Save Peacemaker?

Why did they save Peacemaker.
Source : The Suicide Squad

How did Peacemaker manage to survive being shot in the neck by an assailant?

The Suicide Squad’s final scene revealed that The Peacemaker aka John Cena survived the events of the movie.

Two members of Amanda Waller’s staff identified the comatose Peacemaker, noting that they were being punished for helping Task Force X save Corto Maltese and defying her orders and that she was “saddling” them with a “dutchbag” who needed to “save this f***ing planet.”

It is not clear why The Wall would do anything to save The Peacemaker.

This is especially considering her indifference to Task Force X members who died earlier in the movie.

The upcoming HBO Max Peacekeeper series will likely provide an explanation.

It doesn’t matter what, it just proves something wrestling fans know for years: John Cena is never defeated and heals injuries at an incredible speed.

Let’s see how Peacemaker does in the Royal Rumble.

The Shady Blackmail

Source : The Suicide Squad

Bloodsport informs Waller that after Starro is killed by the Suicide Squad, he will be back on comms and can expose the fact that Project Starfish was commissioned by America before Corto Maltese turned against them.

The problem is that he doesn’t have the technology to upload the contents to a safe location.

Waller would have approved his suit and weaponry. There is no infrastructure or time for him to sneak off to do this.

Waller wouldn’t allow him to hack into the internet or have access to hacking tools.

This could make him a rogue who would disrupt the mission by allowing communication with the outside world, recordings, and live streams. This is a Hail Mary to get Waller to submit to his blackmail in order to keep the squad safe.

Amanda Waller’s Staff Knocks Her Down

Source : The Suicide Squad

Amanda Waller’s staff will be reprimanded for attacking her

Amanda Waller is dangerous to associate with. You’re likely to die if you are her enemy.

If you are her ally, she can turn against you at any time you stop being useful. At that point, it doesn’t matter if you die or live.

Even if your loyal employees aren’t, you could end up in the wrong spot at the wrong time. And she will probably kill you.

It’s easy for people to fear her, considering that she once led her entire team in an attempt to get them into a mission they were not cleared for.

It took her team an incredible amount of courage to knock her out, and Task Force X was able to save the day.

Now the question is: Will she allow her violent insubordination to stand?

After Starro defeats Bloodsport, the movie ends and Bloodsport signs his agreement with Waller.

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It is not clear what her team knows about the deal, but it doesn’t matter. It does matter that they hit one of the most violent and vindictive people in the head.

It’s difficult to imagine them getting away with it. She may not kill them but she has other ways to make their lives miserable and it’s highly unlikely that they will get away with it.

What do you think of The Suicide Squad plot holes?

Did we miss any other unanswered questions or plot holes from The Suicide Squad?

Let us know in the comments.

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