Wolverine Vs. Deadpool: Which Regenerative Degenerate Wins?

It is not news to anyone that Wolverine hates Deadpool. One of his biggest fears is that he will live long enough to be one of the few survivors on earth with only Deadpool for company. So yeah, not big fans of each other. 

Fans everywhere have been itching to see an interaction between the two on-screen, and while that may be a distant dream right now, there are plenty of times when they meet in comics. The closest we got to this is a scene between Ryan Reynold and Hugh Jackman during the X-men Origins movie’s events, but that left us wanting more. 

With their insane healing abilities, both anti-heroes seemingly seem impossible to kill. We know that but what happens if they decide to settle their scores one fine day? How would that fight go?

Curious? So are we.

Let’s break it down and see who might win the day.


#5 Fighters Introduction 

Wolverine and Deadpool are characters who need no introduction. Still, let us take a brief look at these mutants, where they come from, and what they’re about. 

Wolverine Origin

Wolverine (Fighters Introduction) - Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Logan is a mutant with animal-like senses, retractive adamantium claws, and a healing factor that allows him to regenerate from any wound or injury. Code name – Weapon X, Logan was born with his powers and was even a World War ll veteran. He has fought alongside Captain America during the war as well. Wolverine did not acquire his Adamantium claws until much later when he joined the Weapon X program. It is here that adamantium was infused with his bones, and his powers amplified even further. 

Wolverine is a known loner and doesn’t really like working with others. Professor X had tried to recruit him to the X-men on many occasions, and though many of the initial attempts failed, Wolverine eventually joined and became one of the team’s core members. 

Probably the most famous mutant, Wolverine is one of the most powerful. He has gone up against Hulk and has the respect of almost all Marvel Heroes. 

Long story short, he is an unstoppable force that you do not want coming for you.

Deadpool Origin

Deadpool (Fighters Introduction) - Wolverine vs. Deadpool

The famous “Merc with a Mouth” is an antihero first introduced as a supervillain, but the quirky persona sliced his way into our hearts. Wade Wilson is a disfigured mercenary with super regenerative powers and exceptional physical prowess. This regeneration allows him to grow back entire limps in minutes. His physical capabilities will enable him to fight seamlessly and move faster than a normal human. 

The most attractive part about this character is that he knows he is a comic book character and is seen breaking the fourth wall on several occasions, both in the comics and the movie. There are many versions of this character’s origin. 

The one in the comics says that he was born with the mutant gene that gave him enhanced abilities and that his immortality was given to him by Thanos because they were both gunning for Lady Death. That’s a whole other love triangle. The movie adaptation depicts the character getting his powers via an offshoot of the Weapon X program. The experiments left him disfigured but gave him superhuman abilities and the power to just not die. 

The character was written as a sort of parody of the DC character- Deathstroke. Even the names are similar- Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson. The characters share many characteristics, including the fighting style, costume, and even the mask.

Since his introduction, Deadpool has seen great success in all forms of media and has become an iconic character that we hope to continue seeing.

#4 Powers

The powers and abilities of these two characters are similar, yet their fighting styles and the application of those powers are miles apart. Let’s look at what each of them has under their sleeve.

Wolverine Powers & Abilities

Wolverine (Powers) - Wolverine vs. Deadpool

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Wolverine is the adamantium claws. Though it was not part of his original power set, it’s a part of him now that is there to stay. Before he acquired the metal in his body, his claws were pure bones that could cut through almost everything. The adamantium claws enhanced this power even further and allowed him to ravage through anything that stood in his way. The claws can even cut through the Hulk’s thick skin and make him bleed.

The most crucial ability that Wolverine has is his exceptional healing factor. It allows him to regenerate from any wound or injury that he sustains. This healing factor has made him immune to almost all diseases and has allowed him to live for over a hundred years. He is not a fan of this, but his enemies are terrified of him mainly because of this ability. How do you kill something that cannot be killed?

The best visual example of Weapon X’s regenerative ability is during the events of X-Men’s last stand, where he is walking towards an unstable Jean Grey. While her powers are incinerating everyone who dares get close to her, he manages to walk to her. We see his body being ripped to shred but also immediately regenerating. This ability appears to work incredibly fast, and he is seen to brush off gunshots and explosions like it’s nothing. It’s like trying to fight Jason from Friday the 13th.

Deadpool Powers & Abilities

Deadpool (Powers) - Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. He gets paid to kill people, and to his credit, he attempts to ensure that they are, in fact, bad guys before he kills them. So, his most prized skills are his fighting and weapon mastery. These are good on their own, without his powers. However, his physical enhancements amplify this further and make him impossible to hit. His physical prowess enables him to see things faster than most and react accordingly, slice bullets right out of the air and even hit harder than a human can. The movie version of the character can be seen zipping past his enemies, dodging bullets, and slicing through bad guys with his swords. Even the sword usage takes a lot of skill and power, and he appears to be a master at it.

Like Wolverine, Deadpool’s most important power is his healing factor. Thus far, there has been nothing that could kill him. Sure, one could argue that you could use a collar that nullifies mutant power and then kill him, but good luck getting that collar on him. 

He has been shown to grow back the entire lower half of his body and other limbs in a matter of minutes. Even on getting shot, the wounds appear to heal almost simultaneously, and he keeps fighting as if nothing has happened. The combination of this healing factor and his exceptional skills as a fighter makes him one of the deadliest Marvel Characters out there. Hell, he once killed the entire Marvel Universe. 

#3 IQ Level/Experience

Something even more significant than power is battle experience. No matter how powerful a character is, some weaknesses will be exploited if they don’t cover all the corners. Let’s take a look at how well our two mutants can think.

Wolverine’s Battle IQ & Battle Experience

Wolverine Experience Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Logan has been around for a very long time and has been a part of every major Marvel Superhero team. He has fought in the World War and understands the ways of war. Wolverine knows what it takes and what needs to be done to win the day. The long life that Wolverine has lived would have seen him fighting against almost all foes in the Marvel Universe, and as far as we know, he has beaten most of them. This gives him an incredible number of experiences to learn from and has helped him develop the nerve to stay calm in a fight, properly analyze the situation, and see what he can use to his advantage.

Wolverine’s work with the X-men entailed a lot of training exercises that helped him to hone his powers and senses better. The training simulations would have given him almost real-world scenarios to work with. It is like doing math. The more you practice, the better you get at it.

Weapon X is also a part of the Avengers. This membership would give him access to the best, cutting-edge training available in the world, and it would give him the chance to see firsthand what the best superheroes in the world are capable of and how they fight.

The combination of all this makes Wolverine an incredibly dangerous and knowledgeable hero.

Deadpool Battle IQ & Battle Experience

Deadpool Experience Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Deadpool’s adventures as a mercenary for hire have put him against all kinds of foes, most of whom are much stronger than he is. The advantage Wade had here was his immortality. With it, the Merc gets an unlimited number of tries against his opponents. This means he keeps coming back until he figures out how to beat someone. It gives him an edge against everyone, regardless of their power levels.

While Wolverine has been in and out of the major Superhero teams, Deadpool spent a lot of time with the worst of the worst. This has given him a firsthand look at the most ruthless characters to ever exist. Sometimes fighting alongside them and sometimes against them, Deadpool has gained much experience from these battles and understands how to approach each villain. 

Sure, his first instinct is always to spray bullets at it, but don’t let this persona fool you. Wade is one of the most cunning anti-heroes out there. For example, funny and sarcastic quips are an excellent way to distract the enemies while you stall and find a way around their offense. This is a tactic that Spider-Man uses to his advantage as well.

Deadpool once managed to kill every character in the Marvel Universe, and he found a way to do it, even for the virtually un-killable Thor. How? He laced Mjölnir with Pym Particles and activated them as the hammer flew towards Thor, thus crushing him to death. This is only one example of the battle IQ that Deadpool possesses. It’s safe to say that he gets very creative when it comes to murder.

#2 Support

We all know how important backup is. Every good hero knows as well that you cannot always fight alone. While both of these characters are mainly loners, they often find themselves among allies willing to help them despite their attempts to turn them away. On rare occasions, we see these anti-heroes seek the aid of allies when they are faced with odds that are too big to handle. 

Let’s take a look at who would come running if they called.

Who Can Wolverine Lean On?

Wolverine Support Wolverine vs. Deadpool

As mentioned in the previous section, Wolverine has been a part of some major Marvel superhero teams, including the X-men and the Avengers. Almost all of his teammates highly respect his character, and it would be fitting to assume that any of them would run to aid. 

Firstly, the X-men. Weapon X is a core team member and has been a part of almost every major mutant storyline. He is looked up to by his peers and occasionally even considered a great leader, a position he is reluctant to assume. Nonetheless, Logan forms strong bonds with some specific mutants, including Jean Grey, Storm, Rogue, and even Cyclops. 

All of these Mutants are among the most powerful and would come to his aid if he ever needed it. The mental powers of Jean Grey would be devastating to fight against, the weather manipulation of the Omega Level would be able to provide cover for Wolverine as he does not need his sight to fight his enemies, and Rogue could drain their enemies’ powers. Cyclops could blast them away with his eyes. The X-men team would be a nightmare to fight against with all their might.

As a World War ll veteran, Wolverine has formed a good friendship with Captain America, and the Cap holds much respect for the Mutant. Cap, being the man he is, would run Wolverine’s rescue if he required the help. The combined fighting experience of the two would be enough to take down the powerful villains out there. It would be hard for Deadpool to fend off a Duo like that.

Who Helps Deadpool?

Deadpool Support Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Deadpool’s mouth has not earned him many friends. Even the Cap, usually patient, is not a fan of the Merc. 

This doesn’t say that he would have no allies at all. Few will probably come to his aid, even if with a bit of hesitation. Deadpool forms a friendship with Colossus, a core member of the X-men. Colossus, like his name, stands tall, entirely made of a metal body, and possesses strength levels almost comparable to the Juggernaut. We see the X-men come to help Deadpool on several occasions in the movies, and we see that bond get stronger, with Colossus almost trying to take care of the Merc.

Another recurring ally to Deadpool is Cable. This Cybernetically enhanced mutant has found himself both siding with Deadpool and, at times, has been his foe. However, they eventually seemed to see eye to eye and have worked together on many occasions. They have worked well together during the events of the second Deadpool movie and become trusting allies.

Bringing Cable in would give Deadpool the advantage of Time Travel and also would entail the use of high-end weaponry from the future. Time manipulation would be a great power to have in any fight.

#1 Wolverine vs. Deadpool

Now that we know who is who, where they are from, what powers they have, and what their support system would look like, it’s time to ask the critical question. 

Who would get their butt kicked? Who wins the day?

Let us find out.

Wolverine vs. Deadpool, Who Won In The Comics?

Wolverine vs. Deadpool Who Won In The Comics

Deadpool and Wolverine have gone head-to-head in the comics on many occasions.

During the events of ‘Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe,’ the Merc kills Wolverine using a sword made of Carbonadium. This is a metal that is made of unstable particles that disrupt the healing factor ability of Wolverine. Deadpool stabs him and kills him in this fight.

During another fight, Deadpool is up against a slightly weakened Wolverine, who had the adamantium stripped from his body by Magneto. This slowed his healing factor down, and though Wolverine managed to survive the initial onslaught from a full-powered Deadpool, the latter eventually beat him by stabbing him through his heart and lungs.

The third time that Deadpool bested Wolverine is a sucker punch. After trading a few punching and taunt, Wolverine beats Deadpool but mistakenly gives him a chance to rethink his way. At that moment, Deadpool sprays Logan with darts that contain tranquilizers strong enough to take down a T-rex. Doesn’t kill Wolverine, but it still puts him to sleep.

After their initial meeting, Deadpool stabs Wolverine in the heart, and they meet again under escalated circumstances when Deadpool is going through Therapy. During these events, Deadpool tries to fight a superhero to fight his depression, and the superhero in question turns out to be Wolverine. Long story short, Wolverine slices him up like he is carrots for soup.

On another gruesome occasion, Wolverine beheads Deadpool and plays footy with the head. It’s a rather graphic comic strip and yet somehow incredibly funny.

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Wolverine vs. Deadpool, Who Wins In A Fight?

Wolverine vs. Deadpool Who Wins In A Fight

How Wolverine could win against Deadpool?

Wolverine usually wins his battles simply because he can take the damage and keep standing for as long as it takes. However, so can Deadpool, which makes this his most brutal fight.

This is where the advantage of having teammates could come into play. There is no way to kill Deadpool as he is immortal, but since there are ways to suppress the mutant genes, there may be a way to subdue his healing factor and kill him during that time.

The hardest part would be getting a power suppression collar onto him, which is where X-men’s teammates would come in. Deadpool’s mind is tough to manipulate, so Jean Grey would not be able to control it, but if she could hold him steady even for a minute or two, that would be enough.

While Jean does this, Storm could create a cloud that disrupts his vision so that Deadpool cannot see anything. At that moment, Logan could pounce on him and make him wear the collar. This would suppress his healing factor, and Logan could kill him then.

How Deadpool could win against Wolverine

Deadpool’s healing factor is superior to that of Weapon X, and his fighting skills are more refined than of Wolverine. While stabbing him or beheading Wolverine would be tricky, one thing that Wade could try is to drown him.

Getting Wolverine to the water body would be a task in itself, but if Deadpool manages to somehow bind and restrain him, then drowning Wolverine would kill him. In the same way that the Merc uses the tranquilizers, he could use something of similar strength to subdue Wolverine and drown him from there.

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Averagebeing’s Verdict

Wolverine vs. Deadpool

There is a lot to consider here, and these antiheroes are formidable in their rights. But someone has to win, right?

After carefully analyzing their strengths and weakness, we have concluded that Deadpool would have the edge over Wolverine. In a typical fight, Wolverine could still win, but if we’re talking about a death match, Deadpool will win each time. 

The reason is that Deadpool can last much longer in a fight due to his healing factor, and he is not bound as tightly by a moral code as Wolverine. He does not care how, as long as it’s done. Deadpool would go to incredible lengths to beat Wolverine, and we’re not sure Wolverine is capable of that with all his broodiness. 

Deadpool managed to find a way to kill Wolverine along with every other character in the Marvel Universe without even a bit of remorse. While this is still not canon, it shows what Deadpool is capable of and shows us how smart and creative he can get. 

We feel Deadpool would first take someone hostage for leverage, probably someone close to Wolverine. Then use the dart gun to tranquilize Weapon X and subdue him. When Wolverine wakes up again, he could be tied with a strong chain that he cannot break, with a large metal ball attached to the end. He could find himself in a boat in the middle of the sea, and Deadpool could just push off it. Voilà.

The two would be evenly matched in a fair fight, and we think Wolverine might come out on top in such a scenario. However, in deathmatch, Deadpool would be the last man standing.

It may not be the most ideal outcome, but chances are that the “Merc with the Mouth” would win this battle. Sorry, Wolvy.

This brings us to the end of this fight analysis. Keep coming back to Averagebeing for more fight breakdowns, rankings, and more!

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Who Is More Powerful, Deadpool or Wolverine?

Wolverine is more powerful.

Has Wolverine Beaten Deadpool?

Yes, Wolverine has beaten Deadpool.

How Did Deadpool Beat Wolverine?

Deadpool beats Wolverine using a Carbonadium sword that disrupts his healing factor.

Did Wolverine and Deadpool Fight?

Yes, the two have fought each other on many occasions.

Who Heals Faster, Wolverine or Deadpool?

Deadpool heals faster than Wolverine.

Who Can Defeat Wolverine?

Deadpool, Thor, Jean Grey, and many more.

Who Is the Strongest Xmen?

Colossus is the strongest X-men.

Well, That’s all for today folks! Hope you liked our verdict. What do you think? Who will win in a fight between Wolverine and Deadpool?

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