Can The Hulk Die? | 17 Ways To Kill The Hulk

Hulk is one of the most powerful comic book characters ever but can he actually die? Do you want to know the top ways to kill the green monster (Hulk)? Here’s everything you need to know if it comes down to killing the Hulk.

Before we dive deep into the ways to kill Hulk, Let’s learn some things about the big green monster.

The Incredible Hulk History

The Incredible Hulk History - Can The Hulk Die? (& 17 Ways To Kill Him)
Source : Marvel

The Hulk is renowned because of his superpower and the profundity of his story. However, he is also known for extreme endurance.

With an incredible healing factor, He’s almost invulnerable, and there are plenty of occasions in which it was said that The Hulk was immortal.

Does it mean the Hulk cannot die? Has he died? We answered it all in our post, so keep reading to learn more!

Contrary to popular belief contrary to popular belief, The Hulk isn’t immortal but death is likely, and it’s extremely difficult to accomplish this feat forcefully.

Marvel Comics is a comic book publishing firm that was established around 1939 and was originally known as Timely Comics.

Timely Comics changed its name to Marvel Comics in 1961.

Together with its principal competitor, DC Comics, Marvel Comics is the largest and most prominent major publishing company of comic books in the United States.

Marvel like DC Comics has contributed to the evolution of American comics that specialize in the genre of superheroes.

Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby are just some of the key writers who have contributed to the design and the worlds that comprise Marvel Comics.

The Hulk was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character first appeared with The Incredible Hulk #1 (1962) and is still considered to be one of Marvel’s most formidable superheroes.

The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in comics written in Marvel Comics.

Hulk is the alter-ego of the physicist Bruce Banner, who is an ordinary human being, lacking any superhuman capabilities.

Over the decades, Marvel has created several important superheroes and created successful franchises, such as Marvel’s Avengers, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more, each of which has been made into films or TV shows, as well as video games.

We’ve now given you a brief introduction to the subject that we’ve covered in greater in-depth.

Can The Hulk Die?

The Hulk is among the most powerful heroes in Marvel comics, which means that the characters must go to extreme measures to eliminate him.

One of the most common questions that were asked by everyone is, Can the Hulk die?

Yes, The incredible Hulk can actually die. Though it isn’t an easy feat to accomplish, The green monster can be dealt with if you plan it the right way.

In spite of his invulnerability and his strength often fool people into believing that he’s, in reality, immortal but this isn’t the case.

As we’ll soon come to find out that the Hulk is certainly mortal and can die or be killed, but both scenarios are extremely unlikely to happen.

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6 Ways To Kill The Hulk

#6 Nuclear explosions

Can The Hulk Die? (& 17 Ways To Kill Him) -  Nuclear explosions
Source : Marvel

Though this is a thorny aspect, Certain iterations of the character actually perished when exposed to the radiation of a nuclear blast.

However, there are instances where characters have survived the nuclear holocaust. Therefore, the canon may not be entirely consistent in this regard.

#5 Sleeping Gas

Can The Hulk Die? (& 17 Ways To Kill Him) - Sleeping Gas
Source : Marvel

It turns out that you don’t require divine elements or cosmic powers, let alone super strength to bring The Hulk down. Good old-fashioned gas for sleeping will suffice.

In a shocking twist, this is actually a DC Comics hero who demonstrated this in the year 1981’s DC Special Series #27, in which Batman came into contact with Bruce Banner.

This comic, which is a rare crossover, revealed Banner investigating the medical possibilities of a gamma-gun for WayneTech prior to when The Joker appeared on the scene, took the weapon, unleashed The Hulk, and then manipulated The Hulk into attacking his fellow Caped Crusader.

Batman was just a mere mortal, realized that he had no chance of winning a battle toe-to-toe with the unstoppable incarnation of violence but the greatest detective is always carrying an ace, in this case, in his belt of utility.

The Dark Knight took out The Hulk by delivering a huge dose of sleep gas, and his opponent’s sole response was to keep his breath.

A single, precise strike to the solar plexus followed and Banner took a sigh of relief and sent him into the realm of nods.

Overall, This is one intelligent way to kill Hulk and Batman, A mere mortal has proven it in the comics.

#4 All-Out Battle

Can The Hulk Die? (& 17 Ways To Kill Him) - Sleeping Gas
Source : Marvel, DC crossover

The possibility of being killed in battle is a reality for any character. No one, I repeat, No one is safe on a battlefield.

However, it is difficult to attain due to the strength of Hulk and his healing power.

He’s suffered death by Abomination and Old Man Logan as an example but he’d always come up with a method to come back.

He’s also been killed in a variety of “What If?” stories by different characters, including Deadpool, King Thanos, and many more.

Contrary to what most people believe, It is possible to take on the Hulk by sheer strength yourself. It’s just a matter of hitting the guy seriously, Really hard.

There aren’t many characters from the Marvel Universe capable of mustering this kind of power. However, they are definitely a few superbeings within the realm of DC comics.

In the 1996’s crossover event of Marvel vs. DC, Superman proved to be a worthy opponent for the Hulk throughout their slugfest and even wiped the floor with the green monster.

In the end, The Man of Steel took out Hulk with an incredibly powerful punch, after he was weakened by Sup’s heat vision.

On the other side of the coin, In the world of Marvel, The Thing is always an imposing hitter to take down the green chaos tower. However, their scraps could be either.

Additionally, X-Men villain the Juggernaut has also provided Banner with a beating or two at times in the past, most notably during 1993’s Incredible Hulk #402 when he beat The Hulk into unconsciousness during an encounter in the jungle.

#3 Aging

Can The Hulk Die? (& 17 Ways To Kill Him) - Aging
Source : Marvel

This is a possibility, but although we are going to look at this issue in isolation there is a means that the Hulk is able to die due to aging.

In other words, The Hulk isn’t actually old or he ages at such a speed that he’s almost immortal.

But Bruce Banner ages normally, in the event, that he should be a victim of old age the Hulk could also pass away, or be forced to stay in his Hulk form as the Hulk would die in the event of a change.

Let alone leaving Hulk isolated can also make him die of old age and fans ask can the Hulk die?

#2 Magic

Magic to Kill Huk
Source : Marvel

As shown in various comics, Hulk is vulnerable to magic.

For instance, Zeus magically removed his healing power, rendering him a dead man.

If you can eliminate the gamma radiation which created the Hulk, it is possible to theoretically end the life of the Hulk.

This is exactly what Red Hulk did on one occasion.

#1 Killing Bruce Banner

Killing Bruce Banner
Source : Marvel

If you need to take down the incredible hulk, Who would you rather fight?

Isn’t it easy to take down the human?

In the case of killing Bruce Banner, most iterations of the Hulk depend completely on Bruce Banner’s existence.

Killing Bruce Banner would most likely cause the demise of the Hulk.

The only Hulk version not so tightly tied with Banner can be described as Space Punisher Hulk, who transformed into an independent being.

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11 Times The Hulk Was Killed in Comics

#11 Deadpool’s Rampage

Deadpool Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Let’s start with the merc with a mouth. Deadpool as we all know has done some insane things in the comics and in one storyline, He killed the Hulk.

In the case of dealing with the Hulk when it comes to fighting the Hulk, sometimes the best strategy is to eliminate Banner before he transforms into the grueling green monster.

Although Deadpool might not be the most powerful present, the merc with a mouth was able to figure it out.

Amidst an alternative universe tale, Deadpool was on a rampage, with the intention of killing all heroes in the vicinity.

The character didn’t show any fancy tricks or anything, just pulling out his most-loved weapons and cutting the head of Banner off his body. Problem solved.

#10 King Thor Settles The Score

King Thor Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Hulk wasn’t the only superhero with an uncertain future to anticipate. There are many depictions of Thor on the horizon with him appearing as the new king of Asgard. Not every rendition of Thor is a good one.

In an effort to safeguard the entire universe by governing it in a way that would protect all of reality, King Thor went beyond the mark.

The heroes, including Hulk, tried in order to take King Thor down, but they failed. It was a brutal loss for everyone involved, but especially Hulk.

#9 The Gamma Bomb

Gamma Bomb Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

There are many possibilities that could lead to new openings in the Marvel Universe. It’s enough to make people think about whether the effort the heroes have put into will be successful over the long haul or not.

A sinister new version of Hulk known as the Maestro was an all-around idiot. In punishment, He was sent back to the time when Hulk was born.

The explosion of the gamma bomb destroyed Maestro at the exact time Hulk was born.

If you haven’t heard of Maestro yet, He is an improved version of Hulk with more strength and healing prowess. If he can be killed with a gamma bomb then Hulk sure will not stand a chance against it.

#8 Onslaught’s Power

Onslaught Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

When the power and negative feelings from Professor X as well as Magneto joined forces to create one villain, The heroes of the world were forced to face Onslaught.

Hulk was among the heroes who fought him and took on the ultimate risk.

The non-mutant heroes gave the villain a mass, as the Mutant heroes fought it.

Hulk seemed to have died during the fight, but it was later discovered that Hulk was sent to a different reality that was created by Franklin Richards with the rest of the heroes.

If it wasn’t for Franklin Richards, Hulk would be pathetically defeated and dead right now.

#7 Doctor Doom’s Neuro-Ray

Doctor Doom Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

In Fantastic Four #320, he did not stand a chance against the incomparable power that is Doctor Victor Von Doom.

The duo fought off against each other in a desert backdrop and while Doom’s armor and weaponry enabled him to keep his edge for a time, The metal-faced Latverian was aware that it was up to him to think of a way to prevail in this particular battle.

The doctor employed an x-ray of the brain to disable his adversary, taking control of his movements until the foe was completely defeated. However, this was only half of the fight.

In addition to it, With the Hulk at his mercy, Doom played on his personality a furthermore.

Achilles side for Banner and enticed Banner to pick an argument with The Thing by accusing him of being scared of the Fantastic Four’s powerful beast and avoiding the Thing.

Doctor Doom then employed his Neuro Ray and the Hulk completely lost to him.

#6 Self Sacrifice

Hulk's Self Sacrifice Kills Him
Source : Marvel

The world’s most famous heroes were tired of Hulk’s savage actions. So, He was tricked and sent to space.

He became a hero and a revolutionary in the world of Sakaar but it was eventually destroyed. His wife was killed during the accident due to the vessel which brought him to the planet.

A What If …? The version depicted Hulk as the one to sacrifice himself in order to protect his beloved wife Caiera.

It was a strangely noble death for Hulk which sent Caiera into a bloody path of revenge.

#5 Punisher Deals With The Hulk

The Punisher Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Although Deadpool’s plan to destroy all of Marvel Universe was amazing and shockingly violent, According to his own standards, he wasn’t the only one to do it.

Unsurprisingly, Punisher was the first to come up with that idea and did an amazing job.

Punisher made the task much easier for himself, by placing an electronic tracker onto the Hulk and tracking him until he went into Bruce Banner.

It was more than a small amount that was put pressure onto a trigger that got the task accomplished.

#4 The Huge Ice Wolf

Ice Wolf Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Asgard has been an unusually calming location for Hulk. It’s a mythological land of monsters and gods in which his lifestyle is actually supported. However, that doesn’t mean that his trips through the years have been relaxing.

Hulk was one of the groups of gods during an armed conflict when Agamemnon had betrayed them.

They pursued him and Hulk eventually taking him captive. However, the next thing that happened was a huge ice wolf identified as Hoafen arriving and eating Hulk as well as Agamemnon.

#3 Thor Breaks Hulk’s Neck

Thor Breaks Hulk's neck an Kills him
Source : Marvel

What If …? Stories raise a variety of interesting questions regarding what might have happened in different scenarios. Anyone who doesn’t know about the concept will have a whole dose of it with the new animated series that will be available on Disney+.

A story asked what might have transpired in the event that Hulk was on a reckless rampage.

The fight ended with the deaths of The Thing, Iron Man, and was brought to an end after Thor appeared.

Thor took out the Hulk by twisting his head inwards to cut his neck. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked.

#2 Eating Wolverine

Wolverine Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Food poisoning can be a gruesome experience regardless of the person who suffers. The consumption of Wolverine might have caused Hulk the worst illness of food poisoning ever.

In the story of Old Man Logan, Wolverine confronted the incredible genetically inbred family of Hulks. He killed the majority of them but left the original.

In the Old Man Logan comic series, Hulk kills and eats Logan. “Logan recuperates within Banner’s stomach and bursts out, killing him.”

Hulk consumed Wolverine completely and then saw the Mutant break his way through the intestines of Hulk killing him in the process.

#1 Hawkeye Kills Bruce Banner

Hawkeye Kills Hulk
Source : Marvel

Bruce Banner was always worried about the Hulk getting too far and he was rightly worried. However, the issue of stopping the Hulk after he had started was virtually impossible. So, Bruce had the idea of keeping him from getting started.

The first indication of change, Hawkeye was under instructions to shoot an arrow into Banner’s head. In the course of Civil War II, that is exactly what took place which shocked all in attendance.

Hawkeye puts an arrow through Bruce Banner before giving him a chance to transform.

That brings an end to the incredible hulk’s losing streak and top ways to kill him.

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Are you convinced that the Hulk can die? What do you think? Can mere mortals kill the Incredible Hulk with the above methods?

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