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Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends? (& Other Mysteries Revealed)

Are Tom and Jerry best friends? This is one of the most arduous questions everyone asked as a kid. But thanks to Reddit, This long-running mystery is now solved.

Here’s the viral theory to explain Tom as well as Jerry’s friendship.

It was reported that a Reddit post went viral in response to questions like the “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?” question.

Reddit posts are notorious for posting bizarre questions, and consequently, equally odd answers.

However, this particular post didn’t get the same treatment. Actually, the post has been shared numerous times making it extremely well-known.

Are Tom and Jerry The Best Friends?

According to the article, It is a resounding yes, they’re best friends.

The reason for this is that Tom actually likes Jerry for being a good friend, and in turn, Jerry is fond of Tom.

However, in order to ensure the safety of Jerry since he’s the rodent in all Tom appears to be a hater the other cat and chases him the presence of his master.

Tom does this to make sure the master of his pet is aware of the hatred the cat has for Jerry so that he will not substitute him for another cat that is likely to end up harming or killing Jerry.

Are Tom and Jerry Alive?

Yes, Tom and Jerry are indeed alive and well. It’s up to the studio to make new episodes and return them to the screen.

Are tom and Jerry Dead?

No, Tom and Jerry weren’t killed.

They didn’t die, and they won’t ever die either. They are immortal. Here is the reason why.

There’s an episode on Tom and Jerry called Blue Cat Blues in which both are suicidally depressed as a result of the love they share.

The episode concludes with them sitting together on a train track with the goal of ending their lives when a train’s approaching is heard.

You’ve probably seen all the episodes by now, don’t you?

If so, you’ll be aware that in every single episode, they basically kill each other.

They basically just rip and smash each other into pieces using various materials and objects.

With that in mind, If they both endure all those challenges then a train can be a piece of cake.

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Tom and Jerry Creator Passes Away

Sadly, Tom and Jerry animator Gene Deitch passes away at 95.

Gene Deitch, an American Oscar-winning animator, the illustrator was the creator of Tom and Jerry.

His Czech editor, Petr Himmel, told The Associated Press, Deitch died unexpectedly in the evening from Thursday to Friday at his home in Prague’s Little Quarter neighborhood. There were no further details provided.

The film ‘Munro’ by Deitch won The Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in the year 1960.

He was nominated for this award in 1964 twice for his film ‘Here’s Nudnik.’

It is also mistaken for the last short in the series because of its conclusion implying the death of Tom and Jerry.

The last short that was produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer included Tot Watchers in 1958, and the last short overall was Purr-Chance To Dream, which was produced in 1967 by Chuck Jones at Sib Tower 12 in the year 1967.

Do Tom and Jerry Dislike Each Other?

Both are very protective of their homes. They were of course in their own house, however, when an unidentified animal or person attempts to damage their home, they are very careful.

The two best friends won’t let anyone harm their home.

We’ve seen how they worked together to solve every challenge. Their teamwork has always led them to success, and their friendship has won millions of hearts.

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Tom and Jerry’s Relationship

Tom and Jerry Relationship - Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends? (& Other Mysteries Revealed)
Source : Tom and Jerry

Cartoons are the most enjoyable source of laughter, with all the comedy, dialogues, and bizarre things.

The relationship among cartoons could help people realize the importance of friendships that exist in the real world.

A few cartoon characters are famous for their relationship as a mother, father, and friend, and when they talk about friendship, Tom and Jerry got the top spot.

Also, be prepared to discover the secrets and advantages of a mouse and cat friendship connection.

But, we’ve seen them fight on TV shows, but they actually are now friends and have been regarded as the most popular cartoon friendship and the best friendship of all time.

These cartoon characters are excellent teachers for people, and children especially.

Here are some things to consider about their relationship.

Everyone has difficulties, personal problems with family members and can perform unexpected actions.

By viewing these characters in cartoon form you can understand how to handle situations.

In real life, relationships should be unrivaled and we need to ensure their safety.

When you face problems, you need to confront them with a team.

It’s quite shocking to observe two mice and cats’ strong relationship.

The cartoon world is not real, but it can teach us a lot.

Experts advise elders to take a break from watching cartoons with children so that they can establish a strong relationship between parents and their children.

Two animated American characters are popular throughout the world.

Children love watching mice and catfights in cartoons. But, Tom and Jerry always fight on screen.

Tom constantly tries to capture Jerry. However, Jerry is a clever and brave mouse and Jerry always came up with a method to eliminate Tom.

You may ask where is the love in this?

Their fighting and running scenes caused us to laugh, however, when they had a problem, the two of them fought to overcome the issue.

Let’s learn more about their bond and this post reveals the moments of their wonderful friendship.

Certain cartoon characters are bizarre, strange, and smart because their appearance, body, and actions determine their status.

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In the process of growing quick and reckless, Jerry comes under intelligent cartoons specialization.

It’s not easy to establish a benchmark for other cartoons, and today, a cat and mouse have earned their own name as Tom and Jerry the most adorable friendship of all time.

It is true that the industry of cartoons is continuing to create new characters, however, it will be difficult to create cartoons that look like Tom and Jerry ever.

What do you think of this popular cartoon? Do you like Tom and Jerry as friends or foe?

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