Rick and Morty Season 6: Everything You Need To Know

Screaming Wubba lubba dub dub has come to a halt but fortunately, the new season 6 of Rick and Morty is in the works. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season of Rick and Morty.

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Spoiler Alert: Rick and Morty season 5

Thanks to adult swim, It’s now official that Rick and Morty season 6 is happening. From what we know the studio has confirmed at least another 50 episodes and we might even get a live-action movie from the crazy franchise.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Plot

Rick and Morty Season 6 plot
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For starters, Rick and Morty is the story of Rick Sanchez, an eccentric and alcoholic mad scientist, and Morty Smith, his restless grandson. These two alternate between interdimensional adventures and domestic life.

It also includes members from the Smith household, including Jerry, Beth, and Summer.

Season 5 of Rick and Morty concludes with some shocking revelations. We finally got to know Rick Sanchez’s complete origin story. He lost his original Diane and Beth, which sent him on a self-indulgent trip of universe-hopping sci-fi adventure.

In season 5, Evil Morty revealed that the Ricks of The Citadel used a concept called the “Central Finite Curve.”

This is to distinguish the universes in the Citadel of Ricks from all other infinite universes and then Evil Morty uses Rick’s information to enter the multiverse of infinite possibilities.

At the end of the finale, C-137 Rick and Morty are flying away from Citadel, which was destroyed once again.

Now Rick is out of portal juice so they are unable to teleport home. They will need to find a safe spot to land the vessel. Even if they make it back to Earth, Without the portal fluid, there are still a lot of Mortys in this dimension.

Rick’s ability to create more portal juice is another problem for the duo but he may have a harder time crossing realities after the Citadel has gone.

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Maybe that’s the plan. It’s possible that Rick’s writers are trying to make Rick a challenge.

This would explain why Rick’s portal gun was not used as often in Season 5, compared to previous seasons.

evil morty from Rick and Morty
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Let’s talk about the Evil Morty.

He is now a part of a multiverse in which Ricks aren’t the smartest men who have ever lived.

Season 6 uncovers the life of evil Morty and how the original duo keeps up on earth with all that happened.

Will Evil Morty just live a normal life? Will he seek revenge on the helpless Ricks without access to all of his gadgets?

These questions are more likely to be answered in Rick and Morty’s season 6.

Rick and Morty Season 6 Release Date

Rick and Morty Season 6 release date
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It’s been known that the show would sometimes not air new episodes for many years.

But the production seems to have improved and some cast members are confirming that Rick and Morty’s new series could be coming sooner than expected.

Spencer Grammer who voiced Summer talked in an interview in August 2021 about how Rick and Morty’s writers were already hard at work with Season 6 and that they would likely begin work on Season 7 soon.

The good news is the show no longer has to wait for renewal orders. It can start working on the next series of episodes immediately.

Harmon claims that the writers of the show were actually writing three seasons simultaneously.

Before production on season 5 was completed. Season 7 was in the works in August and Season 6 was already written before that.

With season 4 ending in 2020 and season 5 in 2021, All hands point to 2022 for the sixth installment of Rick and Morty.

It’s been confirmed that the writers of adult swim have already taken on writing the script for season 6 and are in production now.

Fans can expect season 6 of Rick and Morty to drop in mid to late 2022.

Rick and Mort Season 6 Trailer

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The official trailer for Rick and Morty seasons usually arrives two to three months before the season’s release.

As said above, We expect the series to release in the summer of 2022. So, Fans can expect the first trailer to arrive at the start of 2022.

Rick and Morty season 6 Cast

606024 1
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Rick and Morty will be back with Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke in the sixth season.

Spencer Grammer is also expected to return.

Rick and Morty Season 6 might see other guest actors like Dan Harmon, Alison Brie, and Christina Ricci.

Given their arcs throughout season 5, Other recurring characters like the president would be interesting additions to the franchise.

Once again we tumble upon Evil Morty, There’s no doubt that he is another major player in Season 5.

Evil Morty has been around since Season 3 of Rick and Morty. However, he made a remarkable return in Season 5.

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This is a major insight that the show won’t forget him as soon as we think they will. From all this talk, one thing is certain, Evil Morty has not ended and will definitely return in the coming future.

Final Thoughts On Rick and Morty Season 6

Rick and Morty Season 6.4 1
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It will likely still be a series consisting of episodic sci-fi adventures with Rick and Morty.

With the cliffhanger in the finale of season 5, It does open up the storytelling a lot more for Rick and Morty season 6.

Even if Evil Morty does not return in season 6, The consequences for destroying the Curve will be felt.

Through five seasons, Rick and Morty have seen many truly bizarre universes and adventures.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many universes where Morty’s rule is supreme. Imagine how wild and unconquered the worlds could be if there isn’t a Rick to keep them all in line.

Simply put, we haven’t seen it all.

Where Can You Watch Rick and Morty Season 6

Rick and Morty Season 6 will be available on HBO Max and Hulu.

You can watch the previous seasons on Adult Swim’s official site or on Netflix.

That concludes everything we knew about Rick and Morty season 6.

What do you think season 6 will bring to the table? Will Evil Morty return or the writers take the show in a different direction?

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