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MHA: How Old Is Toga (& Other Fan Questions Answered)

Himiko Toga isn’t who you believe she is. The nagging question of the age of Toga and many other answers are disclosed here.

Toga is among the most popular villains from My Hero Academia but the response to what is the age of Toga is around 17 years old. Keep reading as we answered some interesting questions here.

Toga’s First Appearance

In relation to the anime, Toga first made an appearance in episode 31 season 3 of My Hero Academia along with Twice.

In Manga the manga, she appeared in chapter 57 that introduced Kohei Horikoshi to The League of Villians.

Himiko Toga was born in the Toga family and is the oldest daughter of the bloodline.

When she was born, her parents were shocked by her passion for blood. Then, as Toga became older, her whole personality became a source of concern to her family.

This brings her into a tragic backstory that involves her parents as well as the world outside.

Toga’s quirk can be described in the form of “Transform” which allows her to alter her appearance by copying her abilities when she consumes the blood of her adversaries.

While it may only work for a few days it is beneficial. Himiko Toga has her backpack as well as, in addition to knives, an assortment that draws blood. This is all she requires in fights.

How Old is Toga?

Many people believe Toga is a child as she’s only a teenager, but in reality, Toga is a bit older than Izuku Midoriya.

Toga is certainly older than Tomura Shigaraki and is older than Midoriya.

If we assume she’s not too young, Toga seems to be about 17 years old with a few months earlier than Midoriya, This is according to the Manga Pages in My Hero Academia, So, This information is very much accurate.

Toga Birthday

The birth of Toga was on the 7th of August and was found to be made of blood and pomegranates. With a height of over 8 inches, Toga is 157 cm tall with a strange appearance.

Toga’s identity was revealed in an omake from volume 24 of Kohei’s My Hero Academia manga which confirms this as authentic information.

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Is Toga a Yandere?

The psychotic antagonist, Toga in My Hero Academia is indeed a Yandere.

She could be cute, and all, but her fascination with other objects and people is what makes her one.

She also has admiration for the opposing side when they are fighting and is known to use extreme measures in the course of the fighting.

This ambiguous behavior has made her one of the most most loved villains of MHA and the fans wanted to know more about her.

Toga and Twice Relation

As mentioned above, Both Twice and Toga were first introduced in season 3 to The League of Villians. They are assigned to the Vanguard Action Squad to attack the students’ camp.

Then in season 4, the two were assigned to eliminate Shie Hassaikai. We also see glimpses of romance between the two.

Twice and Toga are able to get along well and make an excellent pair to work together when fighting.

Not just on the battlefield, but these two have a lot of respect for one another since both were treated well by the world they lived in.

After Magne passed away, Twice felt depressed and accountable for the tragic event.

Toga is then able to sympathize with him, which is why the writers decided to provide some more depth.

The Manga, Twice literally asks Toga to become her wife.

Although Twice is aged 33 and is actually double toga’s old, the couple could be the next big thing in My Hero Academia.

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Who Is Toga’s New Crush?

In the wake of Twice, Stainy and Deku, Toga has a new love interest in the MHA anime.

In the most recent section of My Hero Academia, Toga declares, “I love Izuku and Ichaco Too.”

Yes, it is true that the bad guy has been a victim of both Izuku Midoriya as well as Ochaco Uraraka.

It’s hard to imagine the look on Izuku’s face when he learns this.

Who Killed Twice?

My Hero Academia has killed one of the most loved characters in the most recent chapter of the manga that focuses on the epic conflict between the hero and the villain during “The “Paranormal Liberation Front.”

This is evidently the most epic battle ever seen in the franchise’s anime!

The fights in the war getting more dangerous and risky, it was just a matter of time before the bodies hit the floor and we need to ask whether one of the largest deaths that occurred in recent chapters actually happened or if there’s some possibility for the character to actuality exist!

Twice, Lost his life.

The most loved villain of fans was killed by number 2 hero Hawks, who realized that the growing threat was among the most significant ones the Paranormal Liberation Front ever had.

With Dabi joining the fight one-on-one and proving to be a big risk to Hawks succeeding in his mission, the winged marvel was forced to utilize some of his feathers for the blade to stab it into Twice’s back.

The manic villain fell from a high-up balcony when he was impaled deceits were dissolved after his death. It seems that Twice is no more in the living.

The death of Twice may not be guaranteed, given that the villain is able to make a lot of duplicates in the “Sad Man’s Dance” technique that he could easily have the same effect as Hawks by creating a duplicate that was his own.

Although the demise of the clone happened right in front of Toga and Compress certainly gave the impression that Twice was dead.

There is certainly space that the antagonist can escape from the death’s jaws and trick viewers into thinking Twice had escaped his final destiny.

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Is Toga A Minor?

It’s true, Toga is indeed a minor and is aged below 18 years.

In most cases, Himiko Toga acts like an infant, getting exuberant about something or throwing a fit when she doesn’t like her way.

However, she’s not so young as she seems. She’s in her teens approximately the same age as Izuku and his fellow classmates.

Does Toga Go To School?

No, Toga is not a student at any school. However, she once disguised herself to gain access to Shiketsu HIght School.

She injects Camie Utsushimi and steals her blood, attempting to cover her up as a Shiketsu High school student.

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Is Himiko Toga dead?

No, Toga is not dead at the moment.

It appeared that she died in the final chapter, but fortunately for Toga fans, not for the heroes, it appears that Toga is able to live.

Is Toga Obsessed With Deku (Izuku Midoriya)?

To simplify it, yes she is.

She’s basically obsessed with him, to be sincere. But in my opinion, I suggest you go through the anime or read the manga in order to have a sense of the difference.

In addition to exploring her past, her current situation is being explored too.

Chapter 226 in the series finds Toga being pushed further than she’s previously been, and as well as her past being made public to her fans, they discover that Toga’s fascination with Izuku Midoriya rise to a new height.

Who Was Toga’s First Crush?

Toga's first crush. How Old Is Toga (& Other Fan Questions Answered)
Source : MHA manga

The image above shows an individual from her past whom she first had a crush on.

I’m intrigued by the idea that he wasn’t really like that, but it’s Toga not remembering the right thing and thinking it was Midoriya.

Also, you can clearly see that long back Toga met an individual who resembled Izuku and many believe that the reason behind her adoration is due to the similarities.

The other guy is who is similar to Izuku and Izuku, he isn’t dead.

The last time he was mentioned, he was said that he was in a medical facility, and later in interviews were referred to in the present tense, suggesting that there was a chance he still lived at the time.

Let’s see what the future holds for us.

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What Is Toga’s Villain Name?

Toga does not have a “Nickname”. Her villain name is similar to Shoto on the side of heroes.

Fans might be of the opinion that every villain thus far has had a villain’s name which isn’t their real name, with the exception of Toga. Jin was changed to Twice, Shuichi became Spinner, and so on.

Himiko Toga is a key villain in the anime/manga show My Hero Academia.

She is part of the League of Villains and is a part of the group’s Vanguard Action Squad and she certainly doesn’t require a villain name.

Who Is Toga In Love With?

Himiko Toga finally admits that she loves Ochaco but it isn’t clear how she feels about it but all she says is she wants to be Ochaco.

My Hero Academia put out a new chapter and fans once again reunited with Toga.

Toga was seen talking with her friends while Shigaraki was fighting Gigantomachia.

This is where it was revealed that Toga has fallen in love with Ochaco Uraraka and fans are delighted to hear that.

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What Mental illness Does Toga Have?

I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a person with a disorder of borderline personality along with her bloodlust.

In the end, I think her thinking process is like “If people can’t love me as I am, I’m going to become somebody else who they can love!.”

The show has made Toga appear to be “boy crazy” in an extremely unconventional way, which is using blood to impersonate others, all in order that she can get closer to her idol Izuku Midoriya, with whom she has a fervent love affair.

Is Toga A Psychopath?

If you’re of the opinion that Himiko toga is insane, then it is true. However, don’t label her with the title of a psychopath.

Despite all the murder, she’s not written as a true psychopath.

The emotions she experiences are authentic, her compassion is depicted as genuine. Her most savage and most empathic moments are both within overhaul’s Hideout storyline.

Did Toga Cry When Twice Died?

It’s not true, Toga did not cry when Twice passed away.

Chapter 266 in the series marks Twice’s final fight, as he’s stabbed to the side by Hawks.

Twice wasn’t victorious, but he was able to escape enough time to end his time with Toga before his death.

Like you would imagine, the young lady was shocked by the sudden appearance of Twice and was equally shocked to find him at death’s doorstep.

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What Does Toga Do With Izuku’s blood?

When she was able to, Toga bolted to follow Stain. She went on to justify why she sucked some of Ochaco’s blood.

It turned out that the theft was all about her love for Izuku that was never reciprocated.

Toga says, “Izuku and, just as everyone else kisses people they love when I am in love with somebody, I suck their blood.”

What do you think of Toga?

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