Jeremiah de Rozario

Jeremiah de Rozario is a professional songwriter and a comic nut. He has been an avid songwriter for over three years and has vast experience writing comics and pop culture. The people close to Jeremiah say he lives in a bit of fantasy land, as his career choices point us all in the same direction. Comics have taken Jeremiah on adventures since he was a child and continue to be where he draws most of his inspiration and life lessons. We know, weird! From stories of heartbreak, love, evil, and perseverance, comic books have it all. These fantasy stories have taken new and exciting turns on both paper and the big screen, and the little boy with his Incredible Hulk comic could not be happier. Jeremiah started his journey as a writer with Averagebeing and has written numerous detailed articles that deep dive into comic theories, TV shows, and the current happenings of this exciting world. If he isn't writing new songs, he is reading as many comic books as he can find. If you need a breakdown of your favorite comic hero or supervillain, Jeremiah is here to spill the tea.