Best Superhero Weapons Of All Time (Ranked By Popularity)

While some heroes use their fists to do the talking, some like the feeling of a blunt force object in their hand. To each their own. Over the past few decades, we have been introduced to many new weapons, from ray guns to mythical hammers, to laser swords. We’ve seen it all.

Each weapon has different capabilities and can do damage of various types. It left us all hoping that we also come across a mystical weapon or hammer that would only answer our call or teleport us to wherever we wanted. With each more powerful than the next, it would be hard to pick just one.

You would be lying if you said you had not imagined a scenario where you got your hands on Thor’s Hammer, Mjölnir. That would be a good day, indeed.

One of the highest-grossing children’s toys is toy versions of weapons like lightsabers, ray guns, and even the Captain America Shield. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most popular superhero weapons out there, what exactly they are, and why people buy them. So, arm yourselves. It is about to go down.

#15 Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver

#15 Judge Dredd's Lawgiver - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Judge Dredd
Monthly Searches For Lawgiver: 200

The Lawgiver is a sidearm explicitly made for the judges of the fictional world in the famous comic Judge Dredd. This voice-activated pistol comes with several security features so that the weapon can exclusively be used by the assigned Judge.

Since many Judges are killed on the street, this feature was built to prevent these weapons from falling into the wrong hands. The Lawgiver can fire a variety of ammunition from that one cartridge. No one stands a chance in the hands of an experienced judge like Dredd.

The gun is so iconic that if you see it, you’re immediately about to see Judge serve some gory justice. As of late, we’re starting to see real-life applications wherein world military organizations have been developing guns that only work if the assigned user’s hand is on it. The fictional world of Dredd seems pretty close now.

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#14 Hellboy’s Samaritan

#14 Hellboy's Samaritan - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Hellboy
Monthly Searches For Samaritan: 600

Hellboy is a big dude, and a standard handgun would not work for a hand that size. Plus, it will look less cool. This is why Hellboy walks around with an oversized 22 mm, four-round revolver. This gun fits right in his hand and also to the whole neo-noir aesthetic that Hellboy pulls off so well.

The Samaritan has custom-made bullets that can pierce any material, and the gun itself is made of Irish church bells, crucifixes, and other mystical metals. Due to the size of his fingers on the right hand, Hellboy only shoots using his left hand.

Every single image of Hellboy you can think of has his gun in his hand. It almost feels impossible to imagine without it. While the sheer size and the inconvenience of having only four rounds are not ideal, the brutality of the gun matches that of Hellboy, and the two seem to be made for each other.

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#13 Thor’s Stormbreaker

#13 Thor's Stormbreaker - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Thor, Beta Ray Bill
Monthly Searches For Stormbreaker: 1.6K

The Stormbreaker is Thor’s second most iconic weapon and was also used by Beta Ray Bill. Unlike Thor’s Mjölnir, which is a hammer, the Stormbreaker is more like an Axe. It was created by Odin with a similar enchantment to that of Mjölnir and was even made of the same material. It took its Axe form in the comics after the Silver Surfer gave it cosmic powers.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we get to see the Stormbreaker in all its glory. When Mjölnir is supposedly destroyed in battle by Hela, Thor is left without a weapon to fight Thanos and seeks the help of Eitri, the Dwarf, to create a new weapon fit for a raging God.

Stormbreaker was a result of this effort and turned out to be just as powerful as Mjölnir. It has the power to channel and direct Thor’s lighting, and if nothing else, it can take down just about anything.

#12 Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth

#12 Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Wonder Woman
Monthly Searches For Lasso of Truth: 2.4K

The Lasso of Truth has been Wonder Woman’s main tool since the character’s inception itself. It’s almost impossible to picture the princess warrior without it.

Created by Amazon from Aphrodite’s magic girdle, this golden lariat can force anyone to reveal their truth and obey the wielder’s commands. The Lasso is unbreakable and also infinitely elastic. In Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movies, we see the hero using the Lasso to catch lightning and catapult herself through the sky.

As a primary weapon, the Lasso of Truth is used by Wonder Woman to round up criminals and bind them. Its properties allow her to get information quickly, with almost no effort. The Lasso is just as iconic as Wonder Woman herself.

One unique power that this weapon has is the ability to tether hearts and minds, allowing individuals to understand each other better. This helps create a telepathic rapport between people. The Lasso of Truth truly lives up to its name.

#11 Lantern Rings

#11 Lantern Rings - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan, John Stewart)
Monthly Searches For Lantern Rings: 3.5K

The Green Lantern rings are one of the most famous superhero weapons ever and probably the most powerful in the DC comic universe. Initially introduced to us via the Green Lanterns, we soon learned that there is a whole set of colored rings that were based on the Emotional Spectrum.

Each has its unique properties. One of the most common properties across all the lantern rings is the ability to create various constructs. The type of construct does, however, vary between each Lantern ring.

One hero who has wielded all of these rings, sometimes all at once, is Hal Jordan. Wearing all the colored rings once made him the first white lantern and one of the most powerful beings in the Universe. While the Green Lantern ring relied on the willpower of the wielder, the White Lantern ring represented life itself.

The Green Lantern ring and its lantern symbol are unforgettable, and so is the oath that comes with it. The stronger the emotion inside the wielder, the more powerful the ring becomes.

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#10 Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation

#10 Dr. Strange's Cloak of Levitation - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Dr. Strange
Monthly Searches For Cloak of levitation: 4.1K

The in-house magician for the Avengers is a being of great power and potential. However, with all his Godlike abilities and skills, Dr. Strange can’t fly. Bet you’re wondering why you see him flying about in the MCU or the comics, then.

Enter the ‘Cloak of Levitation.’ This magical cloak works like a bit of cowl for Dr. Strange, and we’re pretty confident it was initially a fashion choice.

In the comics, the Cloak was given to Dr. Strange by the Ancient One after defeating Dormammu. This mystical cloth is more than just a weapon. It is essentially a sidekick to the sorcerer.

The Cloak of Levitation has a mind of its own and can act independently on missions. It helps Dr. Strange fly, living up to its name, and also can leave Strange on command to go retrieve, protect or even catch. The Cloak is said to be nearly indestructible and has protected the good doctor on many occasions by itself.

Though it has its individuality, the Cloak is extremely loyal to the wielder and would do anything to help in a battle. The applications are endless, and honestly, it would feel wrong to see Dr. Strange without it.

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#9 Captain America’s Shield

#9 Captain America's Shield - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Captain America
Monthly Searches For Shield: 6.7K

If you don’t recognize the Captain America shield as soon as you see it, you might just be living under a rock. The leader of the Avengers is never seen without it, and in his hands, it is the deadliest weapon on the planet.

Made of Adamantium in the comics and Vibranium in the MCU. Either way, it is the toughest substance on the planet and, when used right, can mow through anything in the way. While most see a shield as a defensive tool, Captain America taught himself to be so proficient that he could take out entire battalions armed with just his shield.

The shield has become an iconic part of the first Avenger, and with it, Steve Rogers has won almost every battle he has fought. The metal makes it virtually weightless but indestructible. It is shown to even take on the full force of Ironman’s chest beam attack and still protect the Captain standing behind it. Truly, a remarkable weapon.

#8 Star Trek Phaser

#8 Star Trek Phaser - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Spock
Monthly Searches For Phaser: 6.9K

Star Trek has been the staple source of sci-fi action for every space buff out there. It quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon, with every other person being a fan in the 80s.

Captain Kirk and his teammates have taken us on many journeys through the stars. However, when you travel to unknown worlds, you will find things that don’t want you there or things that might want to harm you.

So, it might be a good idea to arm yourself. That’s where the Phaser comes in. This space gun is a standard weapon in Starfleet’s Arsenal. There are many types of Phaser weapons, with the Phaser Pistol being the one most used by our favorite space explorers.

The main antagonist of the original series, Spock, regularly uses the Phaser Pistol. Essentially, they fire particle beams that travel at near-light speed. This, in turn, disrupts the target’s molecular structure and heats it to the point where it blows a hole through someone. With it, Spock and many others on his team have defeated numerous foes who sought to destroy them.

#7 Aquaman’s Trident

#7 Aquaman's Trident - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Aquaman
Monthly Searches For Trident: 9.2K

For most of Aquaman’s existence, this character has not received too much love and has attracted much ridicule for his lack of impressive powers. That all changed when Jason Mamoa decided to jump into the water. He has redefined the superhero in the most badass way and changed how people look at him.

Since more people have started noticing this hero, they’ve also grown fond of his royal weapon, the Trident. Aquaman’s Trident is said to be one of the most powerful weapons on the planet. The mystical weapon can cut through Superman, control the oceans itself, and, if nothing, is a deadly weapon in the right hands.

Also known as the Trident of Neptune, this weapon was created by a Legendary king named Atlan. It has been a symbol of royalty and is only held by the rulers of this underwater nation.

Aquaman is rarely seen without it, and over time has become a master at using this weapon in combat. The Trident is a nod to the God Poseidon.

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#6 Ghostbusters Proton Pack

#6 Ghostbusters Proton Pack - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Dr. Peter Venkman
Monthly Searches For Proton Pack: 18K

Ghostbusters have sat at the very epicenter of pop – culture for decades, with people still trying to revive the classic. They even had considerable success with the latest installment of the franchise, Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

If you don’t know who these heroes are, they are a group of ragtag scientists who use their intellect to fight paranormal entities in the city of New York.

To do so, they have equipped themselves with Proton Packs, a gun, and a trap device that is meant to entrap the ghost/entity. This fictional weapon fires positively charged ions to counter the negative energy of ghosts, but it is barely controllable. Most Ghostbusters struggle with aiming this thing, and it does not help that the ghosts can move quickly through the air.

Proton Packs have made themselves unforgettable due to their large size and cool, fictional ghost-catching. No Ghostbuster goes into the field without one. It would be hard to go to any kind of Comic convention without a group of wanna-be Ghostbusters armed with their Proton Packs.

#5 Spider-Man’s Web-Shooters

#5 Spider-Man's Web-Shooters - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Spider-Man
Monthly Searches For Web-shooters: 25K

Depending on which origin tale or earth you visit, Spider-Man’s webs have their story on each. While some have webs that come out from their wrists, the official version and also the MCU’s version is a Spider-Man who makes web shooters.

After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker gets all the powers of a spider except the ability to produce spider webs. So, he uses his big science-y brain and creates twin devices that can shoot a substance similar to spider webs and use it as his main tool in fighting crime.

These devices can use tiny capsules in which ‘web fluid’ is stored and then direct a stream of web in whichever direction the user wants. Even the pressure at which the web comes out can be controlled to an extent by the wielder.

As mentioned earlier, imagining a spider who couldn’t shoot webs would be hard. The same goes for Spider-man as well. A hero based on the 8-legged spider must also be able to use the web.

After his creation, Spider-man constantly uses it to swing through his city and also uses it as an effective weapon in fights. If you ask a kid to imitate Spider-man, the first thing they would do is try to shoot a web at your face.

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#4 Batman’s Batarang

#4 Batman's Batarang - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Batman
Monthly Searches For Batarang: 34K

Batman’s Batarang is one of the most iconic pieces of weaponry ever introduced. The name gives it away, but like always, Batman needs his enemies to know exactly who he is to strike fear into their hearts. So, naturally, the Batarangs are shaped like Bats themselves.

These small, sharp, and strong blades act as handy throwing stars, a nod to Batman’s training as a ninja and member of the league of assassins. Stored in his utility belt, Batman pops one of these out, and you’d best believe they will hit their targets. Engineered to be similar to boomerangs, these throwing weapons are designed to come right back to the user’s hand if required as well. Think Shurikens, but bat shaped and cooler.

The material with which these weapons are made varies over time, but for the most part, it is made of some type of steel alloy. They’re very sharp and can be dangerous in the wrong hands. With it, Batman can attack assailants from far away without the risk of getting hurt. He primarily uses it to knock guns and such from his enemy’s hands.

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#3 Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet

#3 Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Thanos
Monthly Searches For Infinity Gauntlet: 172K

With the release of Avengers: Infinity War back in 2018, the Infinity gauntlet became one of the most researched topics on the internet. Its uses, abilities, and applications have been the center of many discussions, and something of that power warrants it.

If you were living on the moon and somehow missed Thanos’ slap in Infinity War, there are two things you should know about the Gauntlet. One – equipped with all the stones, it could end all life as we know it. Two – you could rule the entire Universe with your thoughts. There are no limits to what the Infinity Gauntlet can do. Of course, without the Infinity stones, it is just a metal glove.

What the Infinity Gauntlet does is that it channels the power of all Infinity stones and allows the user to harness the power of all the stones together.

Without it, the Gauntlet is simply a piece of metal, but if you can get your hands on all the infinity stones, consider all our wishes granted. With it, Thanos was able to wipe out half the life in the Universe, and that moment became one of the most memorable in the MCU. That is until Ironman decided to reverse what Thanos did.

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#2 Thor’s Mjölnir

#2 Thor's Mjölnir - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Thor
Monthly Searches For Mjölnir: 210K

At the very birth of the MCU, we were introduced to Thor and the world of Asgard. With it, we met the All-Father Odin and a gift he gave his son, Mjölnir. This mystical hammer can be seen with the Thunder throughout the MCU, and we wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Mjölnir is an enchanted hammer and can only be lifted by one who is deemed worthy. The worthy one, in most cases, is Thor. However, Captain America and Jane Foster are a few of the other worthy ones who’ve been able to lift the hammer as well. The hammer is made of Uru metal and was forged by Eitri and the Dwarves of Nidavellir in the heart of a dying star.

Pretty cool, right?

Of its many powers, a few are weather manipulation, energy projection, and flight. It acts as a beacon for Thor to direct his lightning and is nearly indestructible. The only metal that it cannot seem to pierce is Adamantium.

Even the mythical version of Thor is always seen with his magical hammer. It has reached the point where seeing Thor without his weapon almost feels wrong. A slightly sentient hammer that can call down the Thunder, grant you flight and repel anyone who tries to steal it? Sign me up.

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#1 Lightsaber

#1 Lightsaber - Best Superhero Weapons

User: Yoda
Monthly Searches For Lightsaber: 350K

Lightsabers have been the ultimate object of desire among sci-fi lovers. This energy blade can be seen through most of the Star Wars movies as the ultimate weapon, with every main antagonist and protagonist wielding one.

While guns and other weapons exist, Lightsabers have a more obvious charm, and one can only imagine how fun they are. It is a signature weapon of the Jedi and also the Sith Order. So, it is technically not a weapon held strictly by a hero or villain. It is simply a powerful weapon that can be used for both good and evil.

Lightsabers come in different colors, given to them by their power source – the Kyber crystal, and depending on the wielder’s connection with the force. However, the Sith Order exclusively uses Red Light Sabers. Just trying to keep the whole ‘bad guy’ thing going.

A 2008 survey of about 2000 fans of cinema revealed that the Lightsaber is the most famous weapon in film history. None can deny that it is plain cool.

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Most Popular Superhero Weapons According To Number of Searches

Weapon NameMonthly Searches (Global)
Thor’s Mjolnir210K
Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet172K
Batman’s Batarang34K
Spider-Man’s Web-shooters25K
Ghostbuster’s Proton Pack18K
Aquaman’s Trident9.2K
Star Trek Phaser6.9K
Captain America’s Shield6.7K
Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation4.1K
Lantern Rings3.5K
Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth2.4K
Thor’s Stormbreaker1.6K
Hellboy’s Samaritan600
Judge Dredd’s Lawgiver200

For good or for bad, the weapons wielded by superheroes have influenced how we look at weaponry, and some have even inspired the creation of weapons we use today. The above table gives us a brief look at some of the most popular superhero weapons in all of history.


At the heart of our case study on the most popular superhero weapons of all time lies a meticulous methodology aimed at unearthing valuable insights from online search trends.

To begin, we compiled an extensive list of popular superhero weapons featured in comic books, movies, and TV shows. We then utilized Google Keyword Planner to determine the average monthly search volume for each weapon, enabling us to discern the weapons with the most interest from superhero enthusiasts across the globe.

Armed with this knowledge, we proceeded to conduct a comprehensive Google search for each weapon, meticulously recording the number of search results returned. This allowed us to rank the weapons in descending order based on popularity, providing a compelling list of the most sought-after superhero weapons of all time.

Our methodology is the bedrock upon which we built our findings, unveiling trends and preferences that shed light on the psyche of superhero fans and providing a unique lens through which to view the world of popular culture.

With this, we end our list of the most popular and sought-after superhero weapons of all time. If you had all the money in the world and these all existed in real life, which one would you try to get your hands on?

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Later, nerds.