Best Superhero Costumes (According To 4.1 Million Instagram Posts)

One of the most prevalent entertainments in today’s popular culture is the world of superheroes. Another thing that stands out more than the superheroes themselves is the costume they don. But what’s so special about them?

Batman’s suit strike fears into the villains he faces and also hides his identity, while Flash’s suit is to protect himself while he runs and helps him reduce drag; Ironman’s suit acts more as armor.

The costumes of superheroes are rife with philosophies and meanings that shift with the times and public perception. They are more than a simple piece of fabric – they are a symbol – a symbol of hope, a symbol of justice, a symbol of perseverance.

But also superhero costumes are no different from fashion in general. So, is the fashion statement of these costumes appeal to the cosplayers? The answer is not that simple – people wear these costumes to become a part of a larger community; they wear them to show love for the hero that they grew up with; they wear them to escape from reality, and even if it were for a while, to live in a world of fantasy. And while some wear it for fame.

It is a hobby for some and a profession for others, but at the core, there is a sense of bringing people together through the costumes they wear – maybe that is why they are popular. So, Here are the most popular instagrammable superhero costumes that are perfect for you to choose from.

Comic Book CharacterTotal Posts
Harley Quinn859200
Wonder Woman242200
Captain America110000
Black Widow106000
Iron Man77000
Red Hood66200
Scarlet Witch64000
Black Panther41700
Captain Marvel39900
Green Lantern14800
Most Instagrammable Superhero Costumes Infographic

Marvel vs. DC, Which Superheroes Do People Cosplay The Most?

This is a long-going war between the fandom; Marvel vs. DC war. Now, it’s not the battle between whether Batman is better or Ironman; it’s a battle between which universe is winning in the cosplayer’s battlefront.

  • From the data, we have a total of 18 popular DC superheroes cosplayed as opposed to Marvel’s 20 superheroes.
  • However, if we take the total posts posted on Instagram, we get 24,24,200 posts for DC and only 17,62,400 for Marvel – a staggering 31.61% of the difference between the two universes.
  • More than half of Instagramers, 57.90%, went with DC outfits. And 42.10% tilted toward donning a Marvel superhero.

We do have a clear winner for the most cosplayed universe. Though Marvel had more superheroes, people on Instagram preferred to go with DC, and this may have been the case because of Harley Quinn; she was the most preferred among the cosplayers.

Coincidentally, out of the top five of the most worn costume – three spots belong to the Batman universe; talk about the craze of Batman.

Do People Prefer To Wear Male or Female Superhero Costumes?

  • A total of 25,05,600 posts were for male superheroes, whereas 16,81,000 were for female superheroes.
  • Most people preferred to go with male superheroes; 59.84% went with male superheroes, while 40.16% went with female superheroes.

Out of the top ten most worn superhero costumes, only four spots belonged to female superheroes. And that may seem a small number to begin with, but the most worn costume belonged to a female anti-heroine, Harley Quinn, and that’s saying something.

Overall, our study showed that DC Comics’ superhero costumes are more popular on Instagram than Marvel’s. So, Which superhero did you cosplay?

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