Namor Vs. Aquaman, Which Sea King Wins & Why?

The one true king decoded!

Now that we’re seen both Namor and Aquaman in action, it’s time to decide who the one true king of the seven seas is!

People often draw several similarities between these two characters. It would be hard to when these similarities are rather obvious. From them being rulers of the underworld, all the way to even carrying similar-looking spears, We can’t rule out the fact that their writers took a bit of “inspiration” from each other.

However, it is undeniable that each of these characters brings their brand of badassery to the table, with Aquaman being a strong leader and Namor being a bit of a flawed anti-hero. Their strength has been proven many times over, with Namor being able to go toe to toe with the Hulk and Aquaman holding his ground against Superman. Not to mention that each of them has an army of incredible warriors to run into battle at the flick of their wrist.

While Aquaman grew in popularity, both these characters have their massive following at this point. The Twitter wars and the Reddit pages that discuss who the stronger king is, are never-ending. So, in case you’ve wondered about this too, we’re here to help you on this vital crusade for answers and truth – Which King of the Oceans would come out victorious?

#5 Fighters Introduction

Let’s get to know our Kings!

Namor McKenzie Origin

Namor McKenzie Origin

Namor was created by Bill Everett, a writer-artist for an unreleased giveaway comic that eventually got buried. He later made his first appearance as an enemy of the USA and threatened to sink the island of Manhattan.

Man, New York City simply cannot catch a break.

With time, Namor went from villain to anti-hero and then an occasional member of the Avengers and the X-Men. However, his duties as king have kept him at sea for the most part and his anger towards the surface world never really subsides as he believes that they are the cause of the destruction of the oceans. He isn’t wrong there.

Namor McKenzie, otherwise known as Namor the Submariner, is the Ruler and King of Atlantis in the Marvel Universe. Namor is the mutant son of a Sea Captain and a princess who was of Atlantis. This unusual union created a Merman that could live both on land and at sea and gave this crossbreed powers like none other. His ability to walk both worlds and also the capabilities he received from his mutant gene quickly made him the King of the underwater nation.

Namor even fought alongside the Allied powers against the Nazis in World War ll. So, an anti-hero or not, at least he has his priorities straight.

Arthur Curry Origin

Aquaman Origin

Arthur Curry is what some may call a ‘rip-off’ of the Namor. Paul Norris and Mort Welsinger created Aquaman to be a backup character in the DC anthology series back in the day. He eventually garnered more attention and soon made his way to the limelight.

Aquaman even ended up being one of the founding members of the Justice League and even went on to receive storylines that depicted his serious life as both a superhero and Ruler of the Seas. Not an easy life to live.

For a good portion of his existence, the character has been made fun of as being one of the weaker links of an otherwise overpowered Justice League and his comical portrayal in the Super Friends show. However, writers and readers saw the character’s potential and decided to take things in a different direction.

For most of his life, Arthur Curry did not know of his Atlantean Lineage. Arthur Curry was born to light housekeeper Tom Curry and the future queen of Atlantis, Atlanna. Arthur was born with abilities he did not fully understand and eventually was taken to Atlantis to be trained in their ways. His dual world lineage made him the bridge that would connect and bring peace between the surface world and the Seas. His might and powers allowed him to live up to his royal lineage, and the Throne of Atlantis became his.

Aquaman rules with nobility and honor alongside his wife and queen, Mera. This King of Atlantis has found himself at odds with the surface world a few times, but for the most part, Arthur Curry believed that a peaceful resolution could always be met. He joined the Justice League and aided them in their battles to show both his worlds that they could work together.

See, he doesn’t just talk to fish guys!

#4 Powers

The ones with the bigger guns are usually victorious in war. When it comes to these two kings, the arsenal seems never-ending. Let’s take a look at their biggest guns.

Namor Powers & Abilities

Namor Powers

Namor is easily one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel universe. The combination of his Atlantean genes and Mutant genes makes him a unique specimen and a dangerous opponent. It has been stated that Namor is an Alpha-level Mutant. The list of powers he possesses is rather long, so we’ll point out the main ones.

Namor’s unique physiology grants him the ability to breathe underwater and heal at incredible speeds. When immersed underwater, his healing is nearly instantaneous, and even the most devastating wounds can be closed. This would make him a nightmare to fight, especially anywhere near water.

However, even without the healing factor, the combination of his inhuman strength and agility makes him an even harder target. Imagine fighting the Hulk, but in a much smaller package, and being in control of his emotions. I would not bet on you. Oh, and also, he can fly.

In addition to all this, Namor has everything else you’d expect from an Underwater ruler. The Submariner has the ability of aquatic telepathy, where he can speak to aquatic creatures and ask for help if and when he needs it. Namor also possesses hydrokinesis, wherein he can control the water and shape it however he sees to fight. All things considered, anyone who goes up against this warrior would have a small chance of walking away from that fight alive.

Aquaman Powers & Abilities

Aquaman Powers

It is impossible to start this section without letting you know that Aquaman can talk to fish. Low blow? Trust me that is helpful. We are not just talking about Aquatic Telepathy here. Aquaman can control all marine life, not just ask them for help. That means every sea creature can be called upon, and we all know that the ocean is just a fishbowl for sea monsters. You do not want Aquaman showing up at your doorstep with the Kraken.

Aquaman also possesses strength that is comparable to Wonder Woman and has been trained by the best warriors of Atlantis. With the combination of his powers and weapons, he could take down Superman if he wanted to. Did we forget to mention that Atlantean steel can pierce Superman’s skin?

His physiology also gives him the advantage of underwater breathing and the ability to swim at sonic speeds. Like the other King of the Sea, Aquaman can also heal at an inhuman rate, has stamina and durability that is on par with his other Justice League teammates.

The most interesting aspect of Aquaman’s powers is his connection to something called the Life Force. This connection puts Arthur Curry in a different class and gives him the potential access to abilities he hasn’t even discovered yet. The possibilities here are endless—a bit of a wild card.

#3 IQ Level/Experience

It doesn’t matter how strong you are or what weapon you have if you have no idea how to use it effectively. That’s where mindfulness and experience come into play. Let’s see how smart these two heroes are.

Namor’s IQ & Battle Experience

Namor IQ Level and Experience

One of the biggest advantages of the Marvel Atlantean people is their longevity. They can age at a much slower rate, and it’s said that Namor has been around for over 120 years. That is a long time, and he still looks like a young, capable warrior.

Over his long life, Namor has gained much experience as a superpowered being and as a king. Since childhood, Namor has been trained in the art of war and understands the sacrifices and actions he must take to protect his nation. This means that our surface world morals don’t apply to him.

One of the most advanced nations in the Marvel Universe is Wakanda, and they have often found themselves at odds with Namor’s nation. Black Panther, the ruler of Wakanda, is one of the smartest individuals on the planet, and even he has stated that Namor is one of the toughest foes he has faced. Not because of his strength but also his ability to utilize his resources in the best possible way.

Namor is very aware of his weaknesses and strength. Therefore, Namor tends to stay very close to the water when he is fighting so that he may use its magical properties to replenish his powers. He is even aware of the mighty power of flight that he possesses.

In the latest Black Panther movie, we see Namor using flight ever so smoothly and knocking down Wakanda battleships from the sky. In the comics too, he uses this ability to the fullest. Namor is also a member of the Illuminati, and only the smartest minds on the planet are part of this group. Intelligent and powerful is a deadly duo.

Aquaman’s IQ & Battle Experience

Aquaman IQ Level and Experience

Arthur Curry has a much smaller stint as his alter ego. For most of his life, he went about as his father’s son and had little connection to his mother’s world. This meant that the training and support he could have received were absent. However, like his mother, a fine warrior queen, Aquaman quickly picked up on the ways of the sea. He can be seen to wield his trident with the same might and enthusiasm as every Atlantean King before him.

One of the most significant advantages of Aquaman is that he is pretty tight with some of the greatest heroes and tactical minds on the planet. He is a teammate of Batman. The Justice League often trains together and goes on missions as a team. This has given Aquaman a front-seat view and hands-on experience dealing with various threats of both domestic and alien origin.

It is plausible to think that all members of the Justice League share techniques and strategies. It becomes increasingly apparent that Aquaman is a very skilled strategist. His martial art skills are on par with that of Wonder Woman.

He was once able to beat the God Triton, who was armed with Poseidon’s trident, all while Aquaman was unarmed. This fish talker is not to be messed with.

#2 Support

In the words of Dominic Torreto, it’s all about family. He isn’t entirely wrong. One powerful man can fall when faced with a battalion of strong individuals. There is strength in numbers, and these two noble kings are very aware of that. We’ll quickly look at who would come running if they called.

Who Can Namor Lean On?

Who Can Namor Lean On

Namor being who he is, has not made a lot of friends. His approach and attitude generally make him disliked, and those who give him the benefit of the doubt change their mind. It all boils down to one thing – trust.

Namor’s number one priority is his nation. Nothing tops that, and everyone is aware of that. All the heroes that Namor usually fights alongside know that Namor would do anything to protect his people, and to the extent, they respect that. However, it is obvious to his occasional allies that the tide could turn at any point and that they cannot rely on Namor.

That being said, it does not mean that Namor is alone. He is the king of a nation, at the very least. The love that the people of Atlantis have for Namor is insurmountable, and they would follow him into a war no matter what. This is no simple advantage. To have an enhanced army at your command is a good thing.

While the list of Namor’s friends is short, a few heroes would come to help him if he humbly asks. Captain America is one of them. During World War ll, the Captain and Namor fought alongside each other against the Nazis, and that is a bond that they will always share. Captain America understands Namor’s duties and responsibilities and only expects so much from him.

Another sect of the Avengers who would come to Namor’s aid is The Fantastic Four. While Reed Richards might not be a fan of the Submariner, Sue Storm has taken a particular liking to him, and the two have helped each other several times. Namor also has close Atlantean allies, like Namora and Attuma, that come to his aid when times get tough.

As we said, it is not a particularly long list of helping hands.

Who Helps Aquaman?

Who Helps Aquaman

This is an area where Aquaman shines. With all the strength and power Arthur Curry possesses, he is a diplomat first. After becoming the King of Atlantis, one of his first moves was to create a treaty with the surface world and negotiate how the two worlds could co-exist peacefully.

More often than not, Aquaman is a voice of reason in the Justice League, and his righteous stance has garnered the respect of many. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are also close friends, and if any harm falls on Atlantis, you can expect Themyscira to come running to their aid.

The biggest advantage that Aquaman holds here is that he is friends with Superman. Now, being a king and all, Aquaman has a bit of unnecessary pride and believes that he is strong enough for any threat, but we know that isn’t true. Having Clark Kent on your speed dial is never a bad thing.

Another wild card that Arthur Curry possesses is Batman. They, too, have become friends over the years, and Batman has much respect for the sea-dweller. The world’s greatest tactician being on your team is something you would want to work for.

Other than these big hitters, there is a whole army at his command, not to mention his fierce wife, Mera, and his trusted sidekick, Aqualad. When it comes to a support system, Aquaman has a lot of things covered. If anything, too many people have his back.

#1 Namor McKenzie vs. Arthur Curry

Now we draw close to a conclusion. With all the data we have pieced together, it’s time to see who would win in a fight between the two.

Namor vs. Aquaman, Who Won In The Comics?

Namor vs. Aquaman, Who Won In The Comics

Namor and Aquaman have faced off against each other in the comics. During the DC versus Marvel event that saw both these universes collide, we saw our favorite heroes pitted against each other, and it was absolute carnage but also a delight. The Flash went up against Quicksilver and Wolverine against Lobo. It was a hoot. One such matchup was Aquaman and Namor.

In this comic book fight, Aquaman came out as the victor. Surprised?

Throughout their entire bout, the two Kings were almost evenly matched, and the only reason that Aquaman won was by cheating. It turned out that Namor’s weakness in this fight was his honor and nobility. Namor wanted to fight Aquaman the right way, but after hanging out with Batman all these years, Aquaman has learned that it’s necessary to play dirty occasionally to win. Long story short, Namor was crushed by a giant killer whale summoned by Aquaman, and that was that. Pretty gory way to go.

Namor McKenzie vs. Arthur Curry, Who Wins In A Fight?

Namor McKenzie vs. Arthur Curry, Who Wins In A Fight

This is a tough question to answer. Putting aside all the morals, the two are evenly matched; if this battle were to play out, it could go on for days. One-on-one, the odds may be tipped in favor of Namor as his long life would have taught him several ways to adapt to his fighter’s style and counter it effectively.

This is all assuming that Namor puts away his nobility and fights to kill.

Averagebeing’s Verdict

While the chances of the Namor, The Submarine, emerging as the victor in a one-on-one fight are high, In an all-out battle, we believe that Aquaman would be the winner. The sole reason for this conclusion is the backup that Aquaman has.

Aquaman is a founding Justice League member and an ally of every other hero. His legend is held high among the heroes of the DC universe. In contrast, Namor’s unfriendliness and loyalty to his people have left him with very few friends on the surface world. When it comes to it, Aquaman would have an entire war plan put in place by Batman and would have the Army of Themyscira at his side. Not to mention Superman, Wonder Woman, and all the other League members.

If both the Atlantean Kings were to play all their cards, it would quickly become obvious that Aquaman would go home with the pot.

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That’s it, folks. Some may not be too happy with this verdict, but the truth can often hurt. (insert crying emoji) Please let us know if you think we are wrong and why as well. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this!

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Later, nerds.

Who was the first Aquaman or Namor?

Namor was the first character to be created. Aquaman was written later after taking inspiration from Namor’s character, but the characters’ personalities vary.

Can Namor defeat Aquaman?

Yes, in a one-on-one fight, it is possible that Namor can defeat Aquaman in a battle. For the most part, they are both evenly matched. However, Namor has more experience as a warrior and would overpower Aquaman as long as he is ready to do anything.

How Many Times Did Namor & Aquaman Fight In The Comics?

The one primary time that Namor fought Aquaman in the Comics was during the DC versus Marvel event. In this particular fight, Aquaman emerged as the victor.