30 Best Fictional Characters From Movies, Comics, Anime & Games

What is the world without movies, video games, anime, or any form of entertainment media? Maybe, our life would have been bland without them.

Since childhood, We grew up watching many characters – enacting some of them along the way, taking up the traits of our favorite hero and their mannerisms, so much that; some of us even altered the way we talk for a while because of the impact they left on us. The time we spend watching movies, anime, cartoons, or playing games inspires us through every step.

Every generation introduces a new crop of fictional characters that capture our imagination and continue to spark debate for decades afterward. These enthralling heroes (and villains) can offer insight into what it means to be human, pushing boundaries as they demonstrate courage, strength, compassion – or sometimes something darker.

Join me on a journey through time to examine the most iconic fictional characters as these timeless figures still influence popular culture today – you may find your favorite character or two on the list, or better even, learn a few lessons along the way!

#30 Captain Jack Sparrow

#30 Captain Jack Sparrow - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Pirates Of The Caribbean
Catchphrase: “Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho!”

Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the most beloved characters in film history. His tongue-in-cheek approach to life as a pirate has resonated with many fans, and he’s become a captain worthy enough to look up to those who make their own rules.

Jack is an out-and-out pirate at heart, but his quick wit and clever charm have enchanted every movie watched and made etched an eternal place in the heart of every moviegoer. Jack’s strengths come primarily from his cunningness. Whether that may be standing against formidable armies or even being cursed by a vengeful goddess – nothing seems too much for our swashbuckling hero and his mind!

The Captain began his journey seeming like just another petty pirate turning tricks on unsuspecting ships. But what makes him memorable is seeing how far he rises above other pirates by showing resilience when faced with death-defying odds.

From not particularly having his own ship all the time to his silly antics, his uniqueness is something enjoyed by a kid to an adult.

#29 Arthur Morgan

#29 Arthur Morgan - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Red Dead Redemption 2
Catchphrase: “I guess I… I’m afraid.”

We have a slew of characters in Red Dead Redemption, from the villain to the side characters, everyone has a charisma of their own, but among them all, Arthur Morgan stands out the most.

Every gamer had one question before jumping into Red Dead Redemption; can Arthur Morgan live up to John Marston? The equation changed, and we all got the answer when we reached the end of the game.

Arthur has led a life of an outlaw, he has flaws, and those flaws made him hurt people along his journey; but he never dwelled on it, nor did he forget it. Arthur learned from his mistakes and grew past them.

There’s bad and good in him; even when Morgan commits evil deeds, players still sympathize with him. But behind the evil, his true nature of heroism transcends.

#28 Rick Grimes

#28 Rick Grimes - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Walking Dead
Catchphrase: “We know what needs to be done and we do it. We’re the ones who live.”

Before zombies, we had walkers. The Walking Dead was at its absolute peak drawing over millions of viewers, and the viewership numbers are reason enough for it to make it to this list.

Rick Grimes is a person and ex-sheriff trying to survive in an apocalyptic world and a man who would go to any extent to protect his family. Rick has done some horrific things, like as brutally killing people, to survive, unlike many heroes who are whiter than white.

His sanity is frequently put to the test, and occasionally his actions push him over the edge and turn him into a full-fledged villain. He may be complex, but his ability to protect and lead is beyond commendable.

#27 Tony Montana

#27 Tony Montana - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Scarface
Catchphrase: “Say hello to my little friend!”

Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant, rises to become one of Miami’s most prominent drug lords in Scarface, a picture-perfect rags-to-riches tale. With references appearing everywhere, the hard-nosed gangster has now become a widely-celebrated figure in pop culture, especially in light of the cunning way in which he rises to the top.

Throughout the movie, we see Tony grow and evolve into an even more ruthless version of himself through experiencing intense losses to drug deals gone wrong, amongst others – prompting him black out emotionally on many occasions out-and-out.

Since his role in Scarface, Tony Montana has become an American legend to men everywhere. He possesses the qualities that every man seeks; Montana is fierce, fearless, brave, and power-hungry.

#26 Solid Snake

#26 Solid Snake - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Metal Gear Franchise
Catchphrase: “Metal… Gear?!”

Few gaming characters are probably even older than you, and Solid Snake is one of them. Born from the gaming mastermind himself, Hideo Kojima, Snake is one of the intricately designed gaming characters.

What started as a straightforward stealth action game quickly grew into a global sensation that mixed conspiracy theories and quirky antagonists.

Players soon found themselves captivated by the gameplay and the characters, and the man who stood out the most among the pick was Solid Snake, aka the Big Boss.

Snake is best characterized as a tough but sympathetic individual, and he is undoubtedly a hero because he has dedicated his entire adult life to saving others. He, unfortunately, views himself more as a killer than a hero because he has a considerable bit of self-hatred.

Snake is not only the best in the Metal Gear franchise, but he’ll go down in the history of the coolest tough guy gaming characters in the gaming community.

#25 Joey Tribbiani

#25 Joey Tribbiani - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Friends Series
Catchphrase: “How you doin’.”

Joey Tribbiani is one of the most beloved characters in television history. As the actor, Matt LeBlanc, said himself, “Joey was larger-than-life and made an indelible mark on popular culture.”

Joey first appeared as a ladies’ man, slowly working his way up to becoming a renowned actor. Joey grew professionally and personally, overcoming challenges along the way; while maintaining values close to him, like loyalty toward friends and his never-ending love for food. With his infectious enthusiasm for all that life has to offer – Joey has embraced every opportunity with open arms.

Joey is a great friend who will always be there for Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe. He often goes above and beyond to help out his friends, demonstrating what it means to have friends who are like family. He’s selfless, loving, loyal, sentimental, and empathetic, and who would not love to have a friend like Joey?

If not, I would, at least, love to get a friend who treats sandwiches the way Joey does.

#24 Tony Soprano

#24 Tony Soprano - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Sopranos Series
Catchphrase: “Those Who Want Respect, Give Respect.”

Tony Soprano is a popular character from the award-winning TV series, The Sopranos. He has become an iconic figure in pop culture due to his complex yet relatable personality and realistic portrayal of family dynamics.

The head of the DiMeo crime family demonstrates exceptional leadership skills while in charge. From his early days as a mob boss trying to balance family life with crime to managing his complicated relationships between business associates, rivals, and his mistresses – viewers cannot help but be drawn into this flawed yet dangerously charismatic character who continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

While Tony begins the show known for using violence to secure control over rival families within the mafia underworld hierarchy, throughout the years, we observe him becoming introspective towards personal relationships outside of work – especially when it comes to those closest to him.

#23 Lara Croft

#23 Lara Croft - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Tomb Raider Series
Catchphrase: “That’s right, run you bastards! I’m coming for you all!”

There is no getting around the fact that, in the past, female characters in video games were, at best, ignored and, at worst, poorly written fan service. And some may even argue Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft was no different when it debuted, but since her debut, the kickass archaeologist has gone through significant change.

Throughout the numerous games, Croft’s backstory has changed, but her intelligence and bravery have not, and the best version of Lara might be the rebooted version that came over a decade ago.

The previous Lara, who was quick and indestructible, is a far cry from this grim, mature Lara. This slightly better-dressed young lady transcends the strong female protagonist’s role and assumes the role of a fully developed character who is flawed, makes errors, takes chances, and develops and improves into a better version of herself. She is a remarkable woman whose will to fight never dwindled.

Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander both stepped in the boots of Lara and played the character of Lara Croft; both their movie adaptations were received well by the viewers.

#22 Ash Ketchum

#22 Ash Ketchum - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Pokemon Series
Catchphrase: “I’m destined to be the world’s number one Pokémon master!”

Ash Ketchum is a character many grew up watching and loved by many in the Pokemon universe. The fandom loves him for his iconic role in the show and video game as a tenacious trainer who has always strived to become stronger.

Ash Ketchum has become such a powerful character through decades worth of growth and development that spans multiple continents while showing assurance alongside relatable struggles at every turn – making him not just a protagonist but an inspiration of sorts – encouraging them further down whatever path awaits ahead. Both Pokemon anime and video games have given fans a beautiful childhood.

#21 Ezio Auditore Da Firenze

#21 Ezio Auditore Da Firenze - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Assassin’s Creed
Catchphrase: “Requiescat in Pace”

Can you say that a game has taught us more history than our school? This question was answered with the launch of the Assasins’ Creed franchise; the game taught us history, architecture, and countless life lessons.

In addition to being one of the most well-known and well-developed characters in the Assassin’s Creed series, Ezio is also one of the most popular characters. Fans were drawn more towards Ezio, his goals and beliefs, because of his past. And his character still remains one of the best from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. He not only succeeded in reviving the Assassin Brotherhood cult in Italy, but he also repeatedly defeated the Templars.

Ezio is a character filled with energy and personality, ever from his earlier days of brawling on the streets of Florence; he is witty, endearing, and naughty.

#20 Son Goku

#20 Son Goku - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Dragon Ball
Catchphrase: “Yo! I’m Goku!”

Goku is arguably one of the characters easily recognizable by non-anime viewers too; his strong persona is enough for you to know him! With his wit, charisma, innocence, and strength, Goku has served as the Dragon Ball series’ main protagonist for over three decades; he kept the show running and hooked the fans.

Son Goku has been chronicled in the Dragon Ball series since he was a little kid. He progressed from an innocent kid to a seasoned fighter with godlike strength.

His bravery, tenacity, and determination make him the ideal protagonist for every kid, which is one of the appealing factors – the straightforwardness of the show made the show an easy watch for kids. Goku may not be the most complex character in the anime world, but he undoubtedly is one of the characters that changed, inspired, and shaped the world of anime that we know today.

How can we forget the countless debates revolving around his strength that wreaked havoc over various fan forums?

#19 Marty McFly

#19 Marty McFly - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Back to the Future
Catchphrase: “If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.”

Who would have thought that the tale of a youngster, a scientist, and a time-traveling tale would capture so many people’s attention? Or even that Nike Mags featured in the movie would go on to become a holy grail of shoes among the sneakerheads?

It is hard to disagree that Back to the Future is the best Sci-Fi film of all time.

Marty McFly is witty and has a desire for adventure. Throughout the trilogy, we see Marty become more responsible and level-headed as he grows older – though this doesn’t stop him from getting himself into sticky situations at times.

The complexity of Marty’s characters helped the fans connect and also relate to similar experiences in their own lives. As we follow along with his journey packed full of fun adventures and thrilling moments, it adds an extra layer of joy each time we revisit this gem of the movie, and it would be totally incomplete without Marty McFly.

#18 Kratos

#18 Kratos - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: God of War Series
Catchphrase: “I Am What The Gods Have Made Me!”

A god-killing machine? A murderer? A protector? A ghost? or A father? What is Kratos? For us, he is the God of War who has cemented his place in the gaming community and has one of the best characters.

Games may come and go, but Kratos is not going anywhere anytime soon – this place is for him. His story is unexpectedly touching, and he not only has some of the most mind-blowing battle moments. His life has been filled with agony, trauma, and pain. But he blasted through those emotions in the most Kratos-like fashion – by slashing his enemies and his father (not a shocker).

Now, he is a father, leaving behind his traumatic past and trying to lead a life deemed worthwhile for him. No matter the beast hidden inside him, he has become a calm and reasonable person throughout the years, and his dichotomy to his past self has made the fans love him even more.

#17 Master Chief

#17 Master Chief - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Halo Series
Catchphrase: “I Need A Weapon.”

A man of few words, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, or simply Master Cheif, is a Spartan supersoldier and a character close to many gamers. Recruited by the United Nations Space Command, he began his training early on in his life and has been a soldier ever since.

He’s been taking on the worst of Covenant over decades with the help of his sidekick AI Cortana (No, not the Microsoft AI, well, technically, at least).

Imagine a guy with a helmet on becoming the face of Xbox; Master Chief became the face of the original trilogy’s popularity and has since appeared in 15 Halo games. He is proven to be a kind soldier despite his austere demeanor, particularly when it comes to Cortana, and he occasionally cracks jokes.

On the whole, though, he attacks opposing swarms like a lone warrior, wiping out everything in his way.

#16 Michael Scott

#16 Michael Scott - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Office Series
Catchphrase: “That’s what she said.”

Michael Scott is a fictional character from the critically acclaimed show The Office. A significant part of the show’s success was because of the painfully awkward but entertaining boss, Michael Scott. With his outrageous ideas and embarrassing actions, he brought life to the dull working environment.

He started out as an awkward and insensitive boss of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. But over time, his character developed into one of the kindest characters.

Despite often embarrassing himself in awkward situations, Michael could always make even the grumpiest person laugh through his ridiculous antics. How can viewers not grow to love such a character? Michael Scott probably is one of the best original characters to come out of a sitcom.

#15 Walter White

#15 Walter White - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Breaking Bad Series
Catchphrase: “Say My Name”

As Walter White continued walking down his disastrous road in Breaking Bad, it gave the viewers one of the best character arcs in television history.

Walt started out as a really likable guy, and it was difficult not to find some justification for his behavior. It became evident, though, that he was turning into a monster as his empire and ego increased, and it was impossible to turn away.

Even if it means harming the same family he had once promised to defend, Walter White shows what someone is capable of when they know the end is near. Fans were still hoping he wouldn’t get caught despite doing such horrible things.

#14 Magneto

#14 Magneto - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Marvel Comics
Catchphrase: “Never again.”

A guy wearing a tin-like bucket over a head would not be intimidating, or so we thought, but with time, that changed. But Charles Xavier’s archrival has demonstrated over the years that he is not only deserving of his notoriety – but something even worthier – he proved to be one of the best villains to come out of comic books.

Magneto can be challenging to perceive as the bad guy. Magneto, who was raised in Auschwitz, was one of the few people to survive the Holocaust that the Nazis committed on the Jews. He is a guy who is trying to protect his people from another Holocaust-like genocide from occurring.

But that said, he has done evil things that are far from forgiving. It’s difficult to contend that a villain has ever been more complicated, nuanced, sympathetic, and yet evil – thanks to his role in Marvel Comics over the years and outstanding interpretations in film and animation.

#13 Uzumaki Naruto

#13 Uzumaki Naruto - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Naruto
Catchphrase: “Dattebayo!”

Naruto is one of the “Big Three,” and not including him on this list would be a crime!

Naruto is an anime synonymous with an entire generation; it is one of the most inspirational and influential anime. For years, fans have loved the tale of the mischievous young ninja who goes from being an outcast to leading the village.

One of anime’s most known and revered characters is the brave, ramen-loving orphan. He was a troubled kid who had crossed every obstacle thrown at him, and he did that without fumbling or giving up his dreams – that is why he is an inspiration to many and more than a simple anime character. He is a beloved character because he is a wise, dedicated, inspirational, funny, and loyal buddy.

Despite having a connection to the strong beast, Naruto worked hard to develop into one of the greatest ninjas of all time and, in the process, became one of the most looked-up anime characters ever.

#12 James Bond

#12 James Bond - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: James Bond Movie Series
Catchphrase: “The Name’s Bond… James Bond”

There are few things synonymous with “spy” when it comes to the world of cinema, and the first word that pops into anyone’s mind is the universe of Bond.

The secret agent, created by Ian Fleming, is a phenomenon in cinema spanning over half a century. And to stay relevant even now is a marvelous feat. The fictitious British Secret Service agent has been adapted for radio, comic books, video games, and television, with films covering the big chunk of the franchise.

Action, guns, cars, watches, and, of course, Bond girls; what more can a teenager ask? Or, for that matter, and movie buff can ask? From the first Bond film, Dr. No, to the latest installment, No Time To Die, the tightly packed spy storyline has kept countless viewers on the edge of their seats for years and continues to do so.

#11 Monkey D. Luffy

#11 Monkey D. Luffy - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: One Piece
Catchphrase: “I will become the Pirate King!”

The best-selling manga of all time, one of the longest-running anime, and arguably one of the most influential titles in the industry, so it is no surprise that a character from the One Piece universe is on the list.

The anime has been running for over two decades, and for some, Luffy is the character they grew up watching. This laidback, silly pirate is known for his unfathomable appetite for meat, his trademark smile, and above all, his goofiness and loyalty towards his crew and friends.

His will to go above and beyond to reach his dream and to protect his friends is the personality that made every viewer love him even more.

Luffy’s often laidback attitude has jeopardized his crew multiple times, yet they never stop believing in their captain. It’s his captivating personality that makes every fan relate to him and believe in him.

#10 Indiana Jones

#10 Indiana Jones - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Indiana Jones Movie Series
Catchphrase: “Snakes. Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?”

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word “professor?” For some, it’s the daunting lectures they had to sit through, the deadlines, the assignments, and the semester exams; but for people like me, it’s the man with the fedora hat and whip!

Indiana Jones teaches college, battles Nazis, has a great costume, goes tomb searching, and carries a whip. “Iconic character” is thrown around easily; Indy is not one of those characters; he deserves the iconic character tag.

The persona of Indy was something new to the viewers; he is a person who values education, has genuine concerns, makes mistakes, and has fears, with snakes topping the list.

Because of how much people adore Indiana Jones, many fans have been inspired to pursue careers in history and archaeology by the character and the films. So much is the impact of a movie character on viewers.

#9 Han Solo

#9 Han Solo - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Star Wars Series
Catchphrase: “Never Tell Me The Odds”

Some say he is cocky, and some say his flamboyant, but there is no denying that he is the best pilot the Millennium Falcon has seen.

Han Solo travels from star system to star system with his hairy friend, who does not talk much, gets into scrapes, blows everything up, occasionally shows odd acts of bravery, and is somewhat of a ladies’ man. He is a dream hero for every kid who watched Star Wars.

Han distinguished himself in a series renowned primarily for characters with inherent strength by simply being himself and overcoming obstacles with tenacity and persistence.

#8 Samwise Gamgee

#8 Samwise Gamgee - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Lord of the Rings Series
Catchphrase: “That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.”

Samwise Gamgee stands out as the best Hobbit in The Lord of the Rings among all the others. Although he may not be the most intelligent or powerful character in the film, he does, however, bring warmth to every viewer.

Sam is a hero in every sense because he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Sam has always aspired to be a simple farmer, and that is all he is; but for the fans, he is more than a ‘simple farmer.’

Sam’s loyalty is his finest and most identifiable quality; he maintains it despite Frodo’s apparent closer bond with Gollum than with him and despite Frodo’s attempts to exclude him from the remainder of their voyage to Mordor. He may be a Hobbit, yet still, Samwise Gamgee is the heart of the movie series.

#7 Hannibal Lecter

#7 Hannibal Lecter - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Silence of the Lambs Series
Catchphrase: “I Do Wish We Could Chat Longer, But I’m Having An Old Friend For Dinner.”

Can we love a cannibal? We have come across many villains over our life, but ever so once in a while, we are left loving the villains more. There aren’t many villains that can be easily identified by a single line, and even fewer whose instantly recognizable sound can both thrill and chill you; Hannibal Lecter is one such character.

Astonishingly, Lecter has maintained his identity as a character given the format divergence and the variety of actors, directors, writers, and producers that have tried their hand at him.

He embodies the archetypal villain-turned-anti-hero-turned-monster; he is a man with unquestionable taste, intelligence on a grand scale, artistic mastery, and culinary skill. Especially after watching Anthony Hopkins’ performance, it is hard to get such a villain out of our minds, and he probably would stay for the rest of our lifetime.

#6 Joker

#6 Joker - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: DC Comics
Catchphrase: “Why so serious.”

Joker has become one of the most beloved villains in pop culture thanks to his complexity and fascinating blend of psychopathic traits, wild unpredictability, and dark humor.

The character first appeared as a criminal mastermind in 1940’s Batman comics but quickly evolved into a showstopping antagonist who bathed in chaos and disruption. Joker has remained popular throughout the years because he is versatile, incredibly intimidating, and whimsical. He appeals to everyone from comic book nerds all the way up to casual moviegoers.

Ultimately, the combination of mystery, backstory and unpredictable moral nature combined with stunning visuals make Joker a beloved cultural icon; also one of history’s best villains.

These themes of the dark and chaotic nature of Joker have resonated deeply with fans throughout the years, and it’s perhaps why we continue to find ourselves drawn back into these stories again and again – because they are rooted in so much more than simply good versus evil plots.

The evolution of Joker through different media also adds entertaining layers which draw us further – from comedic portrayal seen through animated series such as Batman: The Animated Series to a somber onscreen performance like Heath Ledger’s portrayal, each interpretation offered its fresh take on Joker keeping audiences hooked.

#5 Superman (Clark Kent)

#5 Superman (Clark Kent) - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: DC Comics
Catchphrase: Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow

The year was 1938, giving rise to a superhero featured in Action Comic #1 and ushering in the Golden Age of superhero comics. A child sent to earth from a dying planet, a child who became the “champion of the oppressed,” a child who grew into a larger than a comic book superhero. Clark Kent, aka Superman, is more than a superhero for many.

Superman is a hero and human who is revered and looked up to, be it in a fictional world or real life. Being an immigrant and a guy who is often referred to as a “strange visitor from another planet,” but in reality, he is an earthling, a human, and an American. The symbol he bears stands for more than a costume; he is an ideology and flag barrier of justice – He exemplifies the best of humanity.

Although Superman is more powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet, he is nevertheless an instantly relatable guy. And that’s what makes him easy for us fans to connect with, deep down the cape and superhuman strength – he is a guy who grew up with adopted parents and walked through all the problems of life, from working a day job to finding love.

#4 Spider-Man

#4 Spider-Man - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Marvel Comics
Catchphrase: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We have seen and read comics of many superheroes in our lifetime, but very few leave an impact on a boy’s life, and these characters have inspired us to transcend our darkest fears. Spider-Man is one such character; he probably changed the dynamics of the entire comic world.

In contrast to the multibillionaire playboys in their towers or gods or aliens with the godlike ability to move mountains, Peter Parker was a fifteen-year-old boy with typical issues when he developed superpowers. This young boy was relatable for many, and the problems he faced resonated with every viewer on an unimaginable scale.

He suffered a loss; he got bullied, had friends turn enemies, and had homework; he lost hope and was pushed down to his knees. But among all the chaos and mess, Peter always persevered and inspired many along the way and will remain one of the most iconic characters to come out of the comic world.

#3 Darth Vader

#3 Darth Vader - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: Star Wars
Catchphrase: “You Don’t Know The Power Of The Dark Side!”

Star Wars has introduced us to a world that we never believed was possible – it was everything a moviegoer could ask for; the storytelling, the visuals, the galactic universe, and of course, the lightsabers.

But the thing that stood out the most was the characters, the droids, the aliens, crime lords, bounty hunters, and many more. And Darth Vader stands out the most; he is too cool to ignore!

In the world of pop culture, Darth Vader is arguably one of the most iconic characters. Voiced by James Earl Jones and equipped with mechanical breathing and the iconic red saber – Darth Vader was a treat for every fan to watch, even though he was the antagonist.

The original series focused on his loyalty to Palpatine, which was destroyed by the love for his son, while the prequel trilogy explored his background as Anakin Skywalker. He is one of the most captivating villains in the history of cinema.

#2 Batman (Bruce Wayne)

#2 Batman (Bruce Wayne) - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: DC Comics
Catchphrase: “I’m Batman.”

Created by the masterminds of Bill Finger and illustrator Bob Kane, Batman is one of the most iconic characters to ever come out of the comic world. The rich kid who lost his parents early on becoming a noir superhero protecting the streets of Gotham has sparked a rave among the fandom.

Even if someone doesn’t consider themselves a fan of Batman comics, they have probably encountered him through the many films and television reboots, the slew of merchandise, and online forums, that have entered our lexicon.

Everyone has fears, but how many conquer them? Taking a paralyzing and dreadful fear and converting it into a sense of strength is no easy task to achieve.

Batman has crossed every bridge and transcended his fear to become the Dark Knight. And this taught the fans that every person has fears dragging them, and every person wants to use that fear to build themselves up.

#1 Vito Corleone

#1 Vito Corleone - Best Fictional Characters

Seen In: The Godfather Series
Catchphrase: “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

There are countless mob movies, mafia movies – but for many, the film that comes to them upon hearing the word ‘mafia’ or ‘mob’ is Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, The Godfather. And such a movie deserves astonishing acting, and none of the actors in the trilogy failed to mesmerize the audience with their acting – and we just cannot imagine any actor other than Marlon Brando playing Vito Corleone.

Vito Corleone has become one of cinema’s most popular and beloved characters due to his complex personality as a mafia boss and a family man. His calm demeanor and air of authority make him an intimidating figure who is strong enough to shake even the most powerful.

Over the years, audiences have come to appreciate Vito’s strength of character even more with each installment in The Godfather series – from his rise to power as leader of the Corleone crime syndicate to Michael taking on the mantle. Godfather has shaped the film industry as we know it today and can be dubbed a cultural influence.

We have gone down memory lane and shortlisted a few of the characters though it was no easy task; we may have missed a few of your favorite characters, so let us know if your character made it onto the list. And with this, we wrap this article; thank you for sticking around till the end, reader.

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