What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

The Man of Steel is the most beloved character to have ever graced the pages of the DC continuum. Born on the alien world of Krypton and sent to Earth just before his home planet’s destruction, Superman becomes the greatest hero in the known universe, with almost limitless power.

Superman might as well be a God at this point. There is a storyline where he becomes one too. However, having all this power does not make him completely invulnerable. When you think of Superman’s greatest weakness, Kryptonite comes rushing. It’s so famous, there is even a song with the same name.

If you don’t know what Kryptonite does, it drains Superman of his powers, rendering him powerless. This weakness is only there if Kryptonite is in the immediate vicinity, but it is short-lasting. Yes, sunbathing helps.

An uncommon fact is that green Kryptonite is not the only kind there is. There is, in fact, a whole rainbow-colored variety of Kryptonite that has different effects on the Man of Steel. Black Kryptonite can split a Kryptonian into a good and evil version of themselves. Silver Kryptonite causes Kryptonians to hallucinate, and Gold kryptonite can permanently take away the powers of a Kryptonian, to name a few. There is one that stands out on its own and causes some rather interesting changes in our hero.

We’re talking about Pink Kryptonite, and its effects are certain to raise an eyebrow. Let us see and find out together.

What Is Pink Kryptonite?

Pink Kryptonite is one of the many different Kryptonite. Like the substance’s other forms, it can affect Kryptonian physiology and alters it in certain ways. This particular version of Kryptonite seemingly causes a change in the sexuality of a Kryptonian, and it could be assumed that the reverse is also possible.

Pink Kryptonite has only made one appearance thus far in the comics. However, it has also appeared in the Justice League Action animated series as having the ability to change the gender of a Kryptonian while still retaining all its powers.

Given that it has yet to make many appearances, it is still hard to say where exactly it comes from. It can be a synthetic version of the original, or it underwent changes when floating through space. Other than appearing in one panel, it has not been seen since, with good reason.

When Did Pink Kryptonite First Appear In The DC Comics?

When Did Pink Kryptonite First Appear In The DC Comics?

Pink Kryptonite appeared for the very first time in Supergirl Vol. 4 #79 in 2003. Obviously, this was the writer’s attempt at satire, but it certainly has aged poorly. Appearing in only one panel, We see Lois asking Supergirl why Superman was acting funny, especially after being exposed to the Pink Kryptonite. Supergirl cautions Lois and tells her that she doesn’t know, all while we see Superman breaking out the charm on Jimmy Olsen.

The substance has not been given any real backstory or any actual details. Even this ability to change the sexuality of Kryptonians is not cemented, as we see Pink Kryptonite changing the gender of Superman in Justice League Action.

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What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

What Does Pink Kryptonite Do To Superman?

In one comic book panel that implies the effect of Pink Kryptonite, we see that it has changed the sexuality of Superman. We see the Man of Steel talking it up with Jimmy Olsen and being a little more friendly than usual.

To be fair, there is nothing in that panel that says that Pink Kryptonite explicitly makes Kryptonians Gay. Of course, there is a strong implication from Supergirl, but it could also be interpreted as the substance bringing out his more charming, feminine side. That may be why increased exposure to this Kryptonite turns Superman into Superwoman in the Justice League Action series.

Comics sure are an interesting place!

Where Did Pink Kryptonite Come From?

There isn’t much information on the origin of this Kryptonite variant. It has yet to be discovered its roots or if it’s an artificial kind. The first and only appearance it has made is on one panel of a Supergirl comic, never to be seen again. No context was given for the substance either, making it a rather funny mystery.

Given that there is a history of synthetic kryptonite variants being created in the DC continuum, that would be our best guess. This begs the question, though, why would any enemy want to create Kryptonite that would change the sexuality of the Man of Steel? What could they possibly gain from that? Maybe it was created as an accident? We know its effects are temporary since Superman goes on to marry Supergirl in the same comic.

Can Pink Kryptonite Turn Superman Gay?

There is a heavy implication of the same. In the panel that is constantly shared as evidence of the effects of Pink Kryptonite, no outright claims are made. However, writer Peter David was known for his wacky takes on comics, and it would be a good bet that he worked Pink Kryptonite in as a joke.

The way Superman speaks to Jimmy, Jimmy’s uncomfortable responses, and Supergirl’s words to Lois about why Superman has been acting strange all point us to the assumption that the substance could turn Superman Gay.

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Is Pink Kryptonite Canon?

The short answer? Nope. The storyline in question is one where a Pre-Crisis Supergirl lands up on the original DC continuum and ultimately dies, which causes the Supergirl of the regular DC Universe to go to the Pre-Crisis Earth and stay there for three years.

She even falls in love with Superman, and the two marry. They’re from two different universes and therefore are not related. So, if you’re screaming incest… We’re going to stare blankly at you.

All this happens on a different Earth altogether, so it’s probably not canon. However, it is the comic book world. So, why not!

With DC working hard to revive the DCEU to some kind of glory, we’re bound to see a bunch of new, wacky things introduced.

Do you think that Pink Kryptonite might be introduced too? The more important question is, do you want to see it in the DEU? Please let us know in the comments below.

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