Tejaswi Upadhyay

Tejaswi has been an entertainment writer for over 7 years now. A loyal cinephile who grew up following the words of David Fincher and Wes Anderson found his one true love when a low-class warrior from an alien race turned into a Super Saiyan. Nothing's been the same ever since Billionaire Thomas Wayne was shot in an ally for Tejaswi has to Tatakai (fight) his writer's block to put out reliable pieces of info for every pop-culture nerd out there. (But can he beat Goku, tho?) Doesn't have a suit of armor, but Tejaswi showed his genius as a ghostwriter for websites like CBR, Screen Rant, and those he has signed NDAs for. His work has been featured on sites like Gamerant, MSN, and more. Tejaswi's Ryōiki Tenkai (Domain Expansion) has MJ and Kanye pushing him to pursue other skills as a creative fellow making art, beatboxing to Kendrick, and flaunting his Simba mane. #longhairgang4lyf His love for movies, music, and anime has him debating on who's the strongest MC of all time, but yeah, opinions do vary, eh? With a browser history full of Reddit theories, anime openings, and whatnot, Seven years into the writing industry have taught him how to write stuff that keeps the audience hooked to the storytelling aspects of things. Tejaswi speaks for all those nerds who want a platform to let their love out. (World peace stocks after this 📈📈📈) Question: What's up with DCU?