World’s Largest Metal Statue Of Grendizer Unveiled In Saudi Arabia

Guinness World Records has just registered the Life-Size statue of Grendizer from the Mazinger franchise as the world’s largest metal sculpture of a fictional character. Situated in Riyadh’s Boulevard World zone, this sculpture stretches 33.7 meters (110.5 feet) in height.

  • Life-Size statue of Grendizer from Mazinger now holds the record for the world’s largest metal sculpture of a fictional character.
  • The team behind the 110.5 feet is a Saudi Arabian media company, Manga Productions.
  • The series has amassed a massive fan following in Saudi Arabia, outnumbering even its country of origin, Japan.

Created by Saudi Arabian media company Manga Productions and unveiled for tourists in Riyadh’s Boulevard World zone on November 21. Manga Productions teamed up with manga artist Go Nagai’s Dynamic Studios to portray characters from UFO Robo Grandizer as attractions for games, amusement facilities, and events.

These events are part of Saudi Arabia’s state-sponsored annual entertainment and sports festival, Riyadh Season. The Boulevard World is a multicultural zone of Riyadh Season.

Accounting for the anime’s popularity in Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh Season festival adapts amusement attractions from Japan under “Japan Anime Town,” recreating Tokyo Tower, as well as restaurants and stores imported directly from Japan.

“Because anime is such an effective means of invigorating events and tourist destinations for both domestic and international tourists, we decided to use the widespread popularity of UFO Robo Grendizer to enhance all forms of entertainment,” commented Essam Bukhary, CEO of Manga Productions.

  • Grendizer Statue In Saudi Arabia
  • Worlds Tallest Grendizer Statue

“The world’s largest statue was a good place to start. Because this project is such an important milestone for Manga Productions’ business, we really wanted to create an unparalleled entertainment experience for all the fans through this partnership. We have partnered with several Japanese companies in the past, and would love to do so again.”

For those unfamiliar with the anime, UFO Robo Grendizer is the third installment of Nagai’s Mazinger giant robot franchise (after Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger). Released in 1975 as an original anime and manga project, Grendizer was adapted in the US as part of Force Five, created by Tim Jerry. Grendizer anime later transformed into three anime films.

French publisher Microids (formerly known as Anuman Interactive) and Dynamic Studios announced an action game last year, mainly due to the impact the Grendizer anime had on the anime community in France since it premiered in 1978 as Goldorak. (Alternative title as produced in France).

Grendizer Giga manga launched in 2014, making its debut in Akita Shoten’s Champion Red, and remained in circulation till July 2015. Grendizer Giga is a complete reboot of Nagai’s UFO Robo Grendizer story. The story follows a great fleet of flying saucers invading Earth, which awakens the true power of Daisuke Uryū. (The main lead of UFO Robo Grendizer was named Daisuke Umon.)

A new UFO Robo Grendizer project is all set to release in 2023.

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Source: Hachima Kikо̄