Saitama Struggles To Celebrate Christmas Due To The Mosquito Problem In New Fan Art

Celebrate this Christmas with One Punch Man!

Our invincible Saitama from One Punch Man was brought to his knees by a Mosquito as he struggles to celebrate Christmas in new fan art.

If you’re a hardcore fan, you must be aware of One Punch Man’s Saitama, the indestructible anime character who can beat the living hell out of supervillains without breaking a sweat.

All it takes is one punch to turn the opponent into ashes. Following his vigorous training regime of 100 pushups, 100 situps, and a 10-km run, Saitama has become the strongest character out there, but he soon discovers that it gets boring. Still, our hero keeps seeking new stronger foes to add spice to his otherwise dull job.

However, this new fan by averagebeing introduces a new villain for Saitama to deal with. And to the entire One Punch Man fandom’s surprise, Saitama finds himself with the shorter end of the stick.

As the whole world celebrates Christmas, Saitama too decorates his apartment with high enthusiasm. But wait! What’s that buzzing sound? Ah, it’s freaking mosquitoes! But how did it get here? Whatever! It won’t be alive the next minute.

One Punch Man Christmas Story -  Saitama fights with mosquitos by

Turning into One Slap man, Saitama goes on to squash this gang but fails miserably. Sometimes, they land on the Christmas tree or buzz around the food, yet he’s somehow not fast enough to get the job done.

Dejected, our hero heads to a cafe in Z-City to celebrate Christmas. The cafe is empty as all the other superheroes are busy protecting the city, leaving our introverted Caped Baldy to sit there with orange juice at his side. While he’s still thinking of a way to get those intruders out of his apartment. (Santa’s been punishing the bad children, eh?)

One Punch Man Christmas Story - Saitama visits a cafe in Z-City  by

You can see the look on Saitama’s face as he’s all dressed up in the spirit of Christmas, but his face states otherwise. Plotting to squash the mosquitoes on sight.

Saitama thinks of heading back to his apartment, but he knows he will fail as he recollects his past experience with this mighty foe. Now, More frustrated than ever, The hero orders some food and sticks around in the cafe all alone, thinking of a way to deal with this mosquito problem. What if they’ve already left? Who knows? Something needs to be done.

One Punch Man Christmas Story - Saitama thinks of a way to defeat the mosquitoes  by

Eventually, he reaches his apartment, but the arch-enemy still has yet to leave his territory. If he couldn’t figure out a way, This probably has to be that one defeat Saitama can never move on from.

Well, Let us know if you are interested in what happens next in this story.

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An anime that’s a parody of the typical shonen tropes and cliches, One Punch Man is that one character who has a dedicated fanbase claiming him to rival other god-tier anime characters. Based on the One Punch Man manga written by One and illustrated by Yusuke Murata, One Punch recently concluded its second season in 2019.

Although no new information has been revealed regarding the third season, One is still writing the 27th volume of the original manga.

As fans wait for the third season, we hope that Saitama will have his fair share of Christmas celebrations with mosquito repellents by his side. Tell us if you know someone who’ll celebrate Christmas Saitama style!

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Merry Christmas!