Mob Psycho 100 Ends On A High Note, But Will There Be A Season 4?

Watching your favorite anime end is never an easy thing to go through, but everything good thing has to end eventually. The series finale took the fans through an emotional journey. It would be an understatement to say that the third season, which premiered this fall, more than lived up to the series’ lofty expectations but will Mob Psycho 100 get a season 4?

  • Shigeo appears on the screens for the one last time in the series’s finale. 
  • The story of Shigeo concludes on a happy note, and fans could not ask for more.

Shigeo loses all sense of self after being rejected by his childhood infatuation, and his psychic ability becomes uncontrollably strong. He has been battling with his future this season, and this episode finds the middle schooler feeling more conflicted than ever.

Reigen is left with the task of bringing his mentee back, and this episode’s conclusion follows the two as they put this disagreement to rest. The episode saw a time skip to Mob’s senior year, where his entire group was seen toasting Reigen’s birthday.

According to Shigeo, the part of him that fell in love with Tsugumi was his psychic side. He eventually comes to terms with his personality. 

Shigeo Kageyama, who can interact with his classmates in a much-more-relaxed way, was shown in the anime’s last scene as a senior and the vice president of the Body Improvement Club.

He is out there socializing, leading, and even he moved past his rejection; he is now at ease when around Tsugumi. And that’s the beauty of the show – fans fell in love with the show’s characters, who taught them important life lessons and gave the audience a tale in which a youngster finally learned to appreciate his abilities, which is analogous to a situation in which a person is unable to accept themselves. 

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The evolution of Mob from the first season to the present is not only plain to witness, but it also justifies everything. Fans watched as Mob transformed from a shell of himself into a confident individual who was able to make new friends and achieve the happiness he believed he never earned due to his powers; it was all about the journey. And we couldn’t ask for more; this is as good as any finally can get. As sad as we are to part with the series, we are happy to see Shigeo happy.

Will There Be A Mob Psycho 100 Season 4?

With Mob Psycho 100 ending, you might now suffer from “post-series depression.” You just don’t seem to get over it and want the show to continue; so, will there be a season four of Mob Psycho 100?

The manga had a total of 101 chapters, and the finale of Mob Psycho animated the 100 and 101 chapters. Sadly, the answer is no; there won’t be a season four coming.

However, the mangaka of the series, ONE-sensei, has written a spin-off manga called Mob Psycho 100: Reigen; that presents the unique tale of Reigen Arataka. All hope is not lost; we might get a glimpse of Mob again in a spin-off anime, and seeing the popularity of the show, the idea looks possible. 

What are your thoughts on six years journey coming to an end? How did you find the series finale?