11 Best Succubus Anime To Watch If You’re Into Beautiful Female Demons

Succubus anime is a genre of animated media that features female supernatural creatures, usually of evil spirits or demon origin. Originating from Western folklore, these characters often use their seductive powers to lure unsuspecting human males into danger.

The succubi are often portrayed as dangerous, manipulative predators capable of wreaking havoc on their victims. While the most commonly seen succubi in the anime genre are female, male counterparts have become increasingly popular in recent years. These characters typically embody qualities such as strength, cunningness, and sexual confidence that their viewers often desire.

While they may be viewed as shady figures who enjoy exploiting human weaknesses, many succubus anime serve as cautionary tales meant to make us aware of the dangers and our need for self-control. So, today we’ll be talking about the best Succubus anime with the best characters in them you shouldn’t miss.

#11 Carnival Phantasm

#11 Carnival Phantasm - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Kānibaru Fantazumu
Number of Episodes: 12
Number of Seasons: 1

Carnival Phantasm is a comedic and light-hearted anime spin-off of the popular TYPE-MOON visual novels. Featuring characters from Fate/stay night, Tsukihime, and Melty Blood, the plot is surprisingly cohesive, considering its surreal nature.

The story follows Lord Celestial Being, his assistants Caren Ortensia and Nrvnqsr Chaos as thy attempt to stage an entertaining festival in the new Fuyuki City, only to be foiled by Fate/stay Night’s Saber, Archer and Lancer, who are determined to stop them in order to organize their own.

Along with them comes Rin Toosaka, who tries to keep everybody in line as chaos ensues. As the narrative progresses, Carnival Phantasm interweaves comedy skits with heartfelt moments that keep viewers entranced.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Saber
  • Toosaka Rin
  • Brunestud Arcueid
  • Toono Akiha

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#10 The Asterisk War

#10 The Asterisk War - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk
Number of Episodes: 24
Number of Seasons: 2

The Asterisk War series is set in an alternate world called “Gundam XX City,” where schools resembling those of the 18th century consist of six academies that hold competitions called Festival Battles.

The main protagonist, Ayato Amagiri, an orphan from the surface, has enrolled in this city’s most prestigious academy, Seidoukan Academy, where he and other students with exceptional abilities decide to join together to participate in the exciting festivals.

He quickly makes friends with Julie Sigtuna, Kirin Toudou, and Claudia Enfield—all of whom aim to become fighters better than anyone else—and sets out on a journey to achieve their dreams.

Along the way, they face fierce competition from rival academies, battle sinister organizations, and battle monsters known as Harvests while training their skills and unlocking hidden potential. With stunning visuals and captivating stories throughout its 24 episodes, The Asterisk War is undoubtedly worth watching.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Toudou Kirin
  • von Riessfeld Julis-Alexia
  • Sasamiya Saya
  • Amagiri Ayato

#9 Overlord

#9 Overlord - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Ōbārōdo
Number of Episodes: 42
Number of Seasons: 4

Momonga is a master player of Yggdrasil, an online role-playing game. After the servers are shut down, and all other players have logged out, Momonga discovers he has been transported into the virtual world of Yggdrasil as his avatar, existing as the powerful and wise Overlord.

Along with his loyal minions, he must protect his domain from the opposing forces of eight major cities. Through various trials and tribulations, Momonga strives to lead his hordes of monsters to victory and unlock previously sealed aspects of himself. As he progresses in vying for control over all lands, dark secrets will be revealed concerning both Momonga’s former life and power within this new realm.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Albedo
  • Bloodfallen Shalltear
  • Gamma Narberal

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#8 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

#8 Magi The Labyrinth of Magic - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Magi Hajimari no Meikyū
Number of Episodes: 25
Number of Seasons: 1

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a Japanese fantasy anime series that follows the adventures of Aladdin, a young Magi with mysterious powers, and his companions Alibaba, Saluja, and Morgiana.

When they are drawn into a fateful quest to explore mysterious dungeons throughout their world and find the legendary treasure called Amon, they quickly form an unlikely friendship through their discoveries and battles against opposing forces.

Along the way, they encounter gods and magical creatures, powerful magicians and rivals, secrets about themselves and each other, as well as allies who will help them on their journey.

With every passing dungeon difficulty level, the stakes become higher until finally reaching the greatest battle yet: that between nobility and chaos. By unraveling dark secrets hidden within “The Sacred Palace,” Aladdin embarks on an unforgettable adventure!

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Morgiana
  • Ren Kougyoku
  • Ren Kouha

#7 Interspecies Reviewers

#7 Interspecies Reviewers - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Ishuzoku Rebyuāzu
Number of Episodes: 12
Number of Seasons: 1

The story follows the exploits of a group of adventurers who go on various quests to explore the seedy underworld establishments in the world, where creatures from other species gather for sexual activities.

Through their escapades, the cast is given access to sexual services from many different types of beasts and creatures, from goblins and fairies to dragons and vampires. The characters embark on their journeys in search of physical pleasure and satisfaction for themselves and discover new creatures inhabiting their extraordinary world.

Interspecies Reviewers intend to present a lewd take on the “adventure” genre that challenges what is socially acceptable while exploring themes such as alchemy, lust, passion, and more.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Crimvael
  • Meidri
  • Aloe
  • Elma

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#6 Trinity Seven

#6 Trinity Seven - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Toriniti Sebun: Shichi-nin no Masho Tsukai
Number of Episodes: 12
Number of Seasons: 1

Trinity Seven is a popular anime series centered around seven female magic users known as the Trinity Seven. The protagonist, Arata Kasuga, discovers a powerful form of magic called “Breakdown Phenomenon,” which has caused the world to collapse and be replaced with a new one.

With help from these seven powerful magical girls, Arata embarks on an adventure to discover the hidden secrets behind this phenomenon to restore balance and save his lost childhood memories.

Along the way, they battle powerful enemies while navigating the dangerous labyrinths created by enigmatic beings known as demons. Interwoven in all of this are themes of friendship, love, and growth as our protagonists strive to overcome any challenge thrown their way.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Kazama Levi
  • Asami Lilith
  • Sherlock Lieselotte
  • Kurata Yui
  • Kannazuki Arin
  • Yamana Mira
  • Fudou Akio

#5 Rosario to the Vampire

#5 Rosario to the Vampire - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Rosario + Vampire
Number of Episodes: 26
Number of Seasons: 2

Tsukune Aono is a teenage boy who enrolls in a mysterious school where the majority of its students are monsters and ghouls. Though Tsukune initially struggles with his transition into his new environment, he eventually makes many friends.

Among them is Moka Akashiya, a vampire chick who also turns out to be his love interest. Unfortunately, their relationship is complicated due to the presence of inner Moka, an even more powerful alter ego sealed within Moka’s body.

As Tsukune progresses through the series, he develops vampiric abilities while being caught up in the struggle between humans and monsters, both within and outside the school.

In addition to facing vampires, zombies, and other supernatural beings, Tsukune must ward off meddling from human and monster forces that endanger himself and those around him by constantly trying to capture Moka’s hidden alter ego for use in their respective causes.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Shirayuki Mizore
  • Akashiya Moka
  • Kurono Kurumu
  • Sendou Yukari

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#4 Interviews With Monster Girls

#4 Interviews With Monster Girls - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Demi-chan wa Kataritai
Number of Episodes: 13
Number of Seasons: 1

An anime series based on the manga by Petos follows a high school biology teacher’s efforts to learn more about his new, unique students, who are “demi-humans.”

As he interviews each student, he learns the physical differences between humans and demi-humans, such as vampires, dullahans, snow women, and succubi, and what it means to be human. Through these interviews, the teacher understands and empathizes with the hardships faced by his new pupils, who face discrimination from society due to their differing appearances.

Interspersed with insightful drama are comedy elements for light-hearted moments throughout the series. This gives a compelling balance to the storytelling that makes Interviews with Monster Girls both enjoyable and thought-provoking for viewers.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Takanashi Hikari
  • Satou Sakie
  • Machi Kyouko
  • Kusakabe Yuki

#3 Tokyo Ravens

#3 Tokyo Ravens - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Tōkyō Reivunzu
Number of Episodes: 24
Number of Seasons: 1

The series follows Harutora Tsuchimikado, who because of his family lineage, is part of the Onmyoji branch of shamans and serves a powerful spiritual clan heading up Japan’s Spiritual Affairs Agency. His best friend Touji Ato has inherited his family’s magical power, but Haru has not yet inherited any, ultimately leading him to be labeled as someone without talent.

However, after a chance encounter, Harutora learns that he possesses magical powers, and he, along with his friends, must reunite all five branches of the Tsuchimikado family to work together to restore balance and prevent evil forces from releasing ancient occult creatures known as exorcists.

Despite its dark subject matter, Tokyo Raven uses humor, character development, and story elements from both Japanese and Western folklore to create a unique experience for viewers.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Tsuchimikado Natsume
  • Dairenji Suzuka
  • Hishamaru

#2 Knight’s & Magic

#2 Knight's & Magic - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Naitsu ando Majikku
Number of Episodes: 13
Number of Seasons: 1

Robotics engineer Tsubasa Kurata is reincarnated as Ernesti Echevarria, a young boy living in a world of medieval fantasy. Ernesti had dreamed of becoming a pilot of giant robots—known as Silhouette Knights—in his previous life and now has the opportunity to fulfill this dream in his new identity.

With help from friends such as Archid and Adeltrud, he builds his own silhouette knight and competes against other knights in tournament-style battles, eventually accumulating enough power to challenge the empire that rules over their world.

Along the way, they discover mysteries behind ancient relics left by powerful beings known as gods who once inhabited the land. They aim to make their dreams come true as they battle their opponents using magical artifacts and advanced technology crafted with ingenuity and determination.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Echevarria Ernesti
  • Olter Adeltrud
  • Olter Archid

1# The Testament of Sister New Devil

#1 The Testament of Sister New Devil - Best Succubus Anime

Japanese Name: Shinmai Maou no Testament
Number of Episodes: 22
Number of Seasons: 2

Our story starts with Basara Toujou and his two half-demon sisters, Mio and Maria. Upon learning their true identity as heirs to their father’s throne, Demon Lord Wilbert, they are targeted by powerful forces after their power.

Despite this, Basara takes it upon himself to protect them both from the demons and humans opposed to the girls. Through incredible battles between powerful forces of good and evil, characters learn more about one another as they become increasingly attached due to supernatural bonds.

With its entertaining blend of action and fanservice comedy in a fantasy setting, “The Testament of Sister New Devil” stands out to many viewers as an enjoyable, light-hearted romp while still delivering a captivating story with plenty of twists along the way.

Best Character To Look Out For:

  • Naruse Mio
  • Naruse Maria
  • Nonaka Yuki
  • Hasegawa Chisato

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This is not the end of this blog. There are a few more great Succubus anime that you should check out, even though they are not on the list.

Honorable Mentions

  • Unbreakable Machine-Doll
  • The Tower of Druaga
  • Zero No Tsukaima
  • Isekai Quartet
  • Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

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