25 Hottest Anime Girls: Which One Suits You Best?

Which of the 25 Hottest Anime Girls is Your Soulmate?

Hey there folks! How have you been? I hope you are well, and if you are not, then today’s blog is going to make you just fine. Today, averagebeing is here with a literal hot topic which is “Anime Girls.”

For most otakus, Anime girls are the best human-made creations. I mean, our whole humanity should respect the mangaka and animators who gave us such hot and beautiful characters.

As we all know, There are a lot of anime shows and movies, but in every one of these, there is one girl who just steals your heart. To be blunt, some of us watch the whole anime just because of them.

Come on…I know that.

So, Why not talk about the best anime girls of all time?

I know this topic excites you, right?

Do you think your favorite waifu might be on this list? Well, find that out by sticking around till the end.

Maybe you’ll find a better one to crush on. Anyways, Without bragging anymore, Let’s get into it our countdown of the 25 hottest/sexiest anime girls of all time, and hey, Did I mention, We also added the best-fit section for each character?

#25 Ikumi Mito

#25 Ikumi Mito - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 53/100
Anime: Food Wars
Height: 5’3 (163 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 16

Ikumi Mito, aka Queen of Meat, is one of the best cooks in the Totsuki Culinary Academy and specializes in cooking all types of meat.

She is a tanned beauty with short blond hair and a slim waist. Her eyes are green, and she looks good in all types of clothing.

Ikumi has quite an attitude since she is the best, it’s obvious. But sometimes, she can act cute and can be very humble; besides, she really doesn’t want to hurt anyone intentionally.

Her overall appearance is just soothing to the eyes.

According to her fans, she is the most beautiful girl in the Food Wars series, and there is no doubt about it.

Best Fit For: Gym Guys.

#24 Yuuki Asuna

#24 Yuuki Asuna - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 56/100
Anime: Sword Art Online
Height: 5’4 (168 cms)
Weight: 54 kgs (119 lbs)
Age: 17

Yuki Asuna is one of the most kind-hearted girls of all time. She cares for her loved ones more than herself and puts them first.

In the anime, she has orangish hair and hazel-colored eyes.

Asuna is quite a slim girl. It seems she follows a proper diet to maintain that figure. Keeping everything aside, Asuna can be considered one of the best anime girls of all time.

She is loyal to her love Kirito and tries her best to make things good for everyone.

Best Fit For: Teenage boys.

#23 Midnight

#23 Midnight - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 59/100
Anime: My Hero Academia
Height: 5’9 (175 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 30

Nemuri Kayama, aka Midnight, is the R-Rated pro hero who teaches Modern Hero Art History at U.A. High School.

She is quite beautiful, and most of the youngsters at hero academy are attracted to her. I mean, she is good-looking after all.

She often jokes around and keeps a happy environment around her. But she doesn’t like it when someone interrupts her or insults her in any way.

Midnight is always there for her students and the people in need. Her body releases a special pink aroma that can make anyone sleep instantly. Yes, This is her quirk.

Best Fit For: Anyone looking for a waifu.

#22 Darkness

#22 Darkness - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 60/100
Anime: KonoSuba
Height: 5’6 (164 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 18

So, if you have watched Konusuba, then I don’t think that you don’t know Darkness.

She is the best girl in the whole series. She is quite weird, but yeah, she is still the best.

Her light blue eyes, long blonde hair, and snow-white colored soft skin make her look like an angel from heaven.

Darkness is a crusader, and this is the reason why she has pride and is always there as a shield for people to protect them.

However, Darkness gets turned on by little things. You know what I mean. This is something that makes her weird even though she is a Nobel, she is a real masochistic pervert.

Best Fit For: Someone who can violate her.

#21 Orihime Inoue

#21 Orihime Inoue - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 63/100
Anime: Bleach
Height: 5’2 (157 cms)
Weight: 49 kgs (108 lbs)
Age: 17

Orihime Inoue is a pure girl with a beautiful soul. When she was still a child, she often got beaten by her father and mother, but when her brother turned 18, he took her and started raising her.

She is quite a beautiful lady. She has long orange hair, brown eyes, and a slim body with huge breasts.

When she was young, her brother passed away, but she kept living happily and prayed for her him every day. Later, Orihime met Ichigo and started liking him. They even got married and had a boy together.

Orihime is a friendly individual who is innocent and childish, but she is dependable and cares for everyone around her.

Best Fit For: All types of men.

#20 Saber

#20 Saber - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 65/100
Anime: Fate/Stay Night
Height: 5’1 (154 cms)
Weight: 42 kgs (92 lbs)
Age: 35

If you’ve watched Fate Series, then you have watched one of the best-animated anime of all time, and if you love Saber, then you have great taste in waifus.

Saber worked as a servant for her masters in the Holy Grail War. She is undoubtedly one of the most powerful servants in the series.

This girl is also known as the king of all kings, Arthur. Her hairs are golden, and they shine as bright as the summer sun.

She is often seen wearing armor with an old-fashioned dress. She looks good in all types of clothes but doesn’t like dressing too much and prefers wearing formal clothes over fancy ones.

Best Fit For: Classy men.

#19 Mai Sakurajima

#19 Mai Sakurajima - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 67/100
Anime: Bunny Girl Senpai
Height: 5’5 (165 cms)
Weight: 49 kgs (108 lbs)
Age: 18

Here she is, our bunny girl Mai. She is a model, an actress, and right now, she is a third-year student at Minegahara High School.

Mai has long black hair and purple eyes. She is a cute girl with beautiful bangs that cover her face.

She is often a serious individual even though she is not someone who hits anyone, but with Sakuta Azusagawa, it’s different.

Mai often hits him, slaps him, steps on him, and pinches him. She usually does all this when she is annoyed, or Sakuta says something lewd to her.

She loves him a lot and doesn’t want to share him. Besides all this, she is a good student and a kind person.

Best Fit For: Annoying, loyal teens.

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#18 Elizabeth Liones

#18 Elizabeth Liones - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 70/100
Anime: Seven Deadly Sins
Height: 5’4 (162 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 16

All hail to our goddess Elizabeth Liones. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Liones and is the 107th incarnation of the goddess who was also known as Elizabeth.

To be honest, She does look like a goddess, her silver-colored hair and blue/orange eyes make her look like a real-life goddess.

Keeping everything aside, she is very kind, tries her best to do good deeds for the benefit of her kingdom, and is affiliated with Seven Deadly Sins.

So, She cares for her comrades, and she is deeply in love with Meliodas.

Elisabeth’s past life is quite traumatic. She was born 106 times, and every time she was reincarnated, She died differently. All this was a curse, but in her 107th birthday, this curse was finally lifted.

Best Fit For: You better be a king or god.

#17 Yumeko Jabami

#17 Yumeko Jabami - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 71/100
Anime: Kakegurui
Height: 5’5 (166 cms)
Weight: 54 kgs (119 lbs)
Age: 17

If gambling addiction was a person, then that’ll be Yumeko. She is a transfer student at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

If we talk about her appearance, she is a charming girl with long black hair and burgundy-colored eyes. But when she gets excited or thrilled, her eyes turn red which looks quite scary.

She is a calm individual, but when it comes to gambling, she is totally crazy.

Yumeko is not afraid of any type of game and is ready to follow all kinds of rules. Her skills in gambling are on a whole different level.

She often attracts the attention of the whole school towards her and is ready to gamble anytime.

Best Fit For: Gambling Lovers.

#16 Yoruichi

#16 Yoruichi - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 73/100
Anime: Bleach
Height: 5’1 (156 cms)
Weight: 42 kgs (93 lbs)
Age: 30 humans, 380+ Shinigami age

Here she is, our cat lady, Yoruichi.

Before abandoning her duties, She was the 2nd division captain of Gotei 13 and was also the commander of Onmitsukido.

Yoruichi has long black hair, and she is a dark-colored beautifier. We can say that she is one of the most beautiful dark-skinned women of all time.

Her eyes are golden in color. She is a clever and intelligent individual with a sharp mind and quick decision-making skills. She often takes her cat form and likes to tease Ichigo for no reason.

Best Fit For: Someone who loves tanned women.

#15 Mikasa Ackerman

#15 Mikasa Ackerman - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 75/100
Anime: Attack on Titan
Height: 176 cms
Weight: 68 kgs (151 lbs)
Age: 19

Here she is one of the most loved female characters of this decade Mikasa Ackerman or should I call the most loyal girl of all time, who took the life of her love with her own hands.

She is the literal definition of a fit woman. She is quite muscular, and her muscles are visible, which makes her even more attractive.

Mikasa is quite tall, and her short black hair with bangs makes her look even hotter.

She can be ruthless and emotionless when someone tries to harm her friends and Eren. besides she is an excellent survey corp member who protects people from deadly man-eating titans.

Best Fit For: Loyal Guys.

#14 Revy

#14 Revy - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 78/100
Anime: Black Lagoon
Height: 5’5 (165 cms)
Weight: 58 kgs (128lbs)
Age: 20

Revy, or Rebecca Lee, is a half-Chinese and half-American girl with tanned skin.

She has burgundy hair color and amber-brown eyes. She is a good-looking hot lady, but at the same time, she is deadly.

Revy just knows how to get her work done. She is quite competitive, short-tempered, and has a sarcastic sense of humor.

Besides all this, Most of the time, She acts rude and cold toward others. Revy is the kind of person who is done with this world and doesn’t follow rules or principles of society.

She is a heavy drinker and smoker and is not afraid to kill anyone, even if someone is unarmed. But sometimes she can be a good talker. That is if she is not mad or is in a good mood.

Best Fit For: Gang leaders and Mafia people.

#13 Nami

#13 Nami - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 80/100
Anime: One Piece
Height: 5’7 (170 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 20

Nami, aka the Cat Burglar, is the Straw Hat crew and works as the navigator.

Right now, She has a bounty of 66,000,000 bellies. She looks like a mermaid and has orange hair.

Nami is pretty slim and has brown eyes. Her overall appearance is quite attractive, and people often fall for her when they see her for the first time.

Take Sanji as an example.

She had a rough childhood and suffered a lot, but after joining Luffy’s crew, she is doing good now and is happy.

According to Oda, She is one of the most intelligent people in East Blue. It means she is intelligent and hot at the same time.

Best Fit For: Rich Guys.

#12 Lucy Heartfilia

#12 Lucy Heartfilia - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 82/100
Anime: Fairy Tale
Height: 5’5 (165 cms)
Weight: 47 kgs (103 lbs)
Age: 17

Lucy Heartfilia is a member of the Fairy Tale guild. She has different personalities depending on her mood.

She can be pretty caring and kind but ruthless and angry at the same time. However, She can be considered one of the best blond anime girls of all time.

Lucy has blond hair and brown eyes, and her outfit is different with each arc, but she looks good in everything she wears.

She uses Spatial Magic and can summon Celestial spirits who’ll follow her orders. She is a good friend and a dependable comrade.

This chick cares for everyone and doesn’t want to lose what she has.

Best Fit For: Someone who can be dependable.

#11 Boa Hancock

#11 Boa Hancock - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 84/100
Anime: One Piece
Height: 6’3 (191 cms)
Weight: 58 kgs (127 lbs)
Age: 31

I don’t know how I should address her like a Pirate Empress or Snake Princess or Empress of the Amazon lily.

It’s difficult to choose a title, but one thing is for sure, She is a real empress.

Boa Hancock currently bounty 80,000,000 bellies and is the user of Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

Hancock is an ideal woman for most men.

She is quite tall, has long black hair and dark black eyes. She is considered the most beautiful girl in One Piece.

However, Boa is already in love with Luffy, and she is not going to marry anyone else besides him. She is quite cold-hearted as she thinks men are nothing but scum. Thankfully, Her mindset changed after meeting Luffy.

Best Fit For: All types of men.

#10 Erza Scarlet

#10 Erza Scarlet - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 86/100
Anime: Fairy Tail
Height: 5’6 (169 cms)
Weight: 49 kgs (109 lbs)
Age: 19

If you don’t know Erza Scarlet, then you sure have not seen one of the finest beauties of the anime world.

She is an S-Class Mage and later became the 7th guild master of the Fairy Tail guild.

As for her looks, She can be seen wearing knight armor and a short skirt. She has brown eyes, and like her name, she has scarlet-colored hair.

Erza has a special kind of magic with which she can summon different types of suits and weapons that she can change in an instant.

She has even more than 200 armor types and weapons, and each of them has special abilities.

Erza has a motherly figure who cares for everyone in the guild, but she can be very dangerous if she gets angry.

Best Fit For: Matured adult men because you need to handle her anger.

#9 Esdeath

#9 Esdeath - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 88/100
Anime: Akame Ga Kill
Height: 5’7 (170 cms)
Weight: 52 kgs (115 lbs)
Age: 20

This girl looks beautiful and hot but believe me; She’ll not hesitate to kill you.

The General of the empire, Leader of the Jaegers, and the Empress of snow that’s right, I’m talking about Esdeath.

She looks like an ice-cold lady. Maybe it’s because of her dark blue hair and blue-colored eyes.

Add to that, She can control ice on will and is devoted to her nation and will do everything to protect it.

However, she fell in love with Tatsumi. We know he was a member of Night Raid, which Esdesth was ordered to get rid of.

For her, weak people were nothing but trash, and she makes her enemy suffer until they beg for death which is oddly her favorite thing to do.

Keeping everything aside, she is a beautiful lady. She can attract anyone with her charm, and till the end, She is loyal to Tatsumi.

Best Fit For: Powerful, tolerant guys.

#8 Hinata Hyuga

#8 Hinata Hyuga - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 90/100
Anime: Naruto
Height: 5’2 (160 cms)
Weight: 45 kgs (99 lbs)
Age: 16-19

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about her. All I can say is that she is the most perfect waifu of all time.

Hinata is a shy girl who is not able to express herself properly and remains silent most of the time.

She has dark blue hair and white eyes. Their eyes are white because she belongs to the Hyuga Clan and her Kekkei Genkai is Byakugan.

From the very beginning, We’ve seen how much she loved Naruto and followed him to till the end. Even though she was never able to express it, Hinata’s love for Naruto is one of the purest things you’ll ever see.

Later in one of the movies called Naruto: The Last, we finally saw both of them getting married, and now in the new series, she is still a pretty lady who has two kids.

Best Fit For: Caring and loving teens.

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#7 Nico Robin

#7 Nico Robin - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 91/100
Anime: One Piece
Height: 6’2 (188 cms)
Weight: 56 kgs (124 lbs)
Age: 30

People call her the Devil Child, but we call her the beautiful Nico Robin.

She has a bounty of 130,000,000 bellies and is also the user of Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit.

This fruit gave her the power to reproduce her organs anywhere. She could produce several hands and use them of her own free will.

As for her appearance, She is quite a tall woman with shoulder-height black hair and blue eyes with wide pupils.

Robin can be considered one of the most beautiful girls in the world of One Piece. She is a calm and smart individual. Currently, she is a member of Straw Hat Pirates.

Best Fit For: Smart, attentive lads.

#6 Tsunade Senju

#6 Tsunade Senju - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 93/100
Anime: Naruto
Height: 5’3 (163 cms)
Weight: 49 kgs (108 lbs)
Age: 54

Tsunade Senju, or should I call her the 6th Hokage of Village Hidden in The Leaf?

She is the prettiest old hag you’ll see in the whole Naruto series and even in the whole anime world.

Even though she is quite aged, she still looks quite young and beautiful.

Tsunade has blond hair, fair white skin, and brown eyes. Her overall appearance can make anyone just fall for her.

Keeping her beauty aside, she is a heavy drinker and gambling lover.

Even with all these flaws, She is the best.

Tsunade lost her love and her brother when she was a vicenarian, and after that, she lost all hope and left the village.

But later, Jiraiya and Naruto brought her back, and she became the Hokage. Tsunade knows her responsibility, but sometimes she goes out drinking during the day.

Best Fit For: Old dudes and milf lovers.

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#5 Rias Gremory

#5 Rias Gremory - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 94/100
Anime: Highschool DxD
Height: 5’8 (172 cms)
Weight: 58 kgs (128 lbs)
Age: 18

All hail to the queen of destruction, Rias Gremory.

You should know something that no one can mess with her. Rias is the sister of Lucifer and the heiress of the Gremory Clan besides, she is a High Rankin devil.

She is a real beauty. I’m not surprised that she is also known as the most beautiful girl in Kuoh Academy and the Demon world.

Her hair is as red as blood, they are long enough to reach her slim waist, her eyes are blue, and they are as deep as a sea.

Rias is in love with Issei Hyodo, aka our MC, and he is also her fiance. She is quite protective of him and won’t let anyone get away after hurting him.

She is a king herself, but she cares for her comrades and doesn’t want to lose any of them at all costs.

Best Fit For: Teenagers and vicenarians.

#4 Rangiku Matsumoto

#4 Rangiku Matsumoto - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 96/100
Anime: Bleach
Height: 5’7 (172 cms)
Weight: 52 kgs (126 lbs)
Age: NA

Here she is the beauty from the Bleach World, The lieutenant of Gotei 13, Rangiku Matsumoto.

Rangiku has long blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, and a beauty mark on the right side of her mouth. She has a very attractive figure and is quite popular among guys because of her huge breasts.

She is a free-spirited woman who likes to live in her way and is quite a heavy drinker. She also likes to joke around and is friendly toward everyone.

Rangiku is not the kind of girl who tries to make her way by seducing someone, but she often gets angry when someone doesn’t give her enough attention or compliments.

Best Fit For: Every guy in existence.

#3 Erina Nakiri

#3 Erina Nakiri - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 97/100
Anime: Food Wars
Height: 5’3 (162 cms)
Weight: NA
Age: 16

The real god has “God’s Tongue,” the finest tongue in the world that can’t be wrong when it comes to taste.

Erina Nakiri is one of the top students of Totsuki Academy, and later, she even became the Headmaster of the academy.

She is a young girl with honey-blond hair and pinkish eyes, which makes her like an angel from heaven.

Maybe, That is why she is popular among boys and girls.

Nakiri is a pampered girl. Ever since she was a kid, She was served the best food in the nation, and if she said it was not good, then no one ever questioned her God Tongue.

Naturally, She has quite an attitude, but things change when she meets Soma Yukihira.

Best Fit For: Guys with great taste in food.

#2 Albedo

#2 Albedo - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 99/100
Anime: Overlord
Height: 5’7 (170 cms)
Weight: 54 kgs (119 lbs)
Age: NA

Albedo might be an obsessive succubus, but she is one of the finest beauties in the anime world.

She is not a real person as she was programmed but still, she is so beautiful that she looks like a fallen angel and a demon.

Her long black hair and yellow eyes make her look attractive enough to seduce anyone.

In addition to that, She also has wings and horns. Albedo was programmed by Ainz, and that’s why she is head over heels for her master and will do anything just to get his attention.

Sadly for us, She only wants Ainz’s kids and doesn’t intend on marrying anyone but him. She was often seen sleeping with his body pillow and sometimes he regrets his decision to program her.

Best Fit For: You had to be Ainz, or you have no luck here.

#1 Akeno Himejima

#1 Akeno Himejima - Hottest Anime Girls Of All Time

Hotness Meter: 100/100
Anime: HighSchool DxD
Height: 5’6 (168 cms)
Weight: 54 kgs (119 lbs)
Age: 19

The priestess of Lightning and Thunder is here, Akeno Himejima.

To be honest, Ask any man of culture about their favorite waifu. I can guarantee they will take her name for sure.

I mean, she has one of the best voices, and oh my god…she is just so beautiful and hot to handle.

This chick is often so cute that you just can’t ignore her.

Akeno has black hair and is often seen with a ponytail that reaches her legs. Her eyes are violet-colored, and she is considered one of the most beautiful girls of Kuoh Academy and the underworld.

She is also the queen of Rias’ team and a motherly figure for everyone in the group. She is also one of Issei’s fiancees.

Initially, Akeno didn’t get along with her father. He is a fallen angel, but now they seem to get along and in terms of power, She is one of the strongest characters in the whole series.

Best Fit For: Teenagers and vicenarians.

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