Abhradip Acharya

Abhradip Acharya has been writing professionally about anime/manga for over three years now. His writing has been featured at trusted sites like honeysanime.com and epicdope.com. He has been a fan of Japanese animation since 2003, when he discovered Pokemon in elementary school. A couple of decades later, he is a bigger fan of anime/manga than ever. He takes joy in sharing about anime and manga with readers worldwide. His neverending curiosity about the anime industry has led him to scour the internet to read interviews and learn about his favorite animators. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than delivering value to the readers by writing detailed articles. In his spare time, he binge-watches anime, K-Dramas, and vibes with Korean music, especially with his newfound love for KPOP. Besides writing for averagebeing.com, he swoons over his favorite idols and shares events happening in the anime world on Twitter. If you're a sucker for One Piece theories, come & find him on Twitter & have a chat.