One Piece Chapter 1069: Gear 5 Luffy vs. Lucci & Origins of Devil Fruits Revealed!

If you haven’t noticed already, Eiichiro Oda is nearing the final phase of One Piece, which will consist of one of the deadliest wars ever seen in the manga. And One Piece Chapter 1069 is the gateway to that war.

In the last couple of chapters, we got to see the giants from the Little Garden Arc. In Chapter 1068 and Chapter 1069, we met the antagonists of Water 7 & Enies Lobby Arc.

Following that pattern, a similar incident might take place in this arc, just like the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, because both Kuma and Kizaru are coming.

This points at one particular thing, the current arc,i.e., Egghead Arc, is a Pre-war Arc.

While it may sound confusing and too speculative, the following chart should give you a much better idea of why this chapter implies the pattern I am talking about. It follows the chronological order of the arcs as well.

Little Garden Arc → Water 7 Arc → Enies Lobby Arc → Sabaody Archipelago Arc → Marineford Arc

There’s another similarity, Ace was captive during Marineford Arc, and this time it’s Vivi who is missing.

Now, let’s discuss this chapter which opens up numerous possibilities in the tiny world of One Piece.

One Piece Chapter 1069 Quick Summary

Luffy finally encounters Rob Lucci on his way to Labophase, where he planned to embark out in the sea with Dr. Vegapunk.

Back in the Navy HQ, Akainu is concerned about Vegapunk siding with the Straw Hat Pirates, where we also get to know that Kizaru is on his way to Egghead.

Akainu asking for Kizaru

While he was asked not to engage by his fellow CP0 agents and Akainu, the current Fleet Admiral of the Marines. Lucci didn’t bother listening to either of them and challenged Luffy right away by transforming into his awakened form.

Dr. Vegapunk is fascinated to see Luffy’s Gear 5 form and talks about the history and origin of devil fruits.

Sentomaru appears and orders the Seraphims to attack the CP0 agents to protect Dr. Vegapunk.

Luffy toys with Lucci.

While Luffy is having a reunion with Sentomaru, Lucci shows his cowardice by attacking a distracted Sentomaru.

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One Piece Chapter 1069 Full Summary

Luffy vs. Lucci: The Long-Awaited Encounter

One Piece Chapter 1069 begins with Luffy, Jinbei, and Chopper encountering CP0 while carrying Bonney to the Labophase to meet Dr. Vegapunk, who is waiting there for Luffy to leave the island at once.

Luffy isn’t pleased to see Punk-05, Atlas in an awful state. When asked by Lucci to stay out of World Government’s business, Luffy says he cannot because Atlas gave them food.

Luffy angry at Lucci

Meanwhile, in the Navy HQ, Fleet Admiral Akainu is worried about Vegapunk siding with Straw Hats. He is made aware that Kizaru is on his way to Egghead.

While both the CP0 agents and Akainu have asked Lucci not to engage with Straw Hat, the new Emperor of the Sea; Lucci goes ahead and shows off the newly awakened form of his Cat-Cat Fruit and attacks.

Lucci Awakened Form

Vegapunk Reveals The Origin Of Devil Fruits

The devil is in the details, and it is true indeed.

Dr. Vegapunk, the vessel of infinite knowledge, is shocked to see Luffy’s Gear 5 form. Although he asked the other Straw Hats about the transformation, most of them didn’t have the answer.

However, on mentioning the Gum-Gum Fruit, Dr. Vegapunk explains that a devil fruit with that name doesn’t exist in the old encyclopedia. He continues by saying that there is no doubt about the fact that Gear 5 resembles The Warrior of Liberation, Sun God Nika.

Dr. Vegapunk talking about Sun God Nika

Dr. Vegapunk explains that Devil Fruits were born from the people’s desires. And because the devil fruits go against the laws of nature, they are subject to the wrath of mother nature herself, hence their weakness against the sea.

Meanwhile, Luffy is playing around with Lucci. The more serious Lucci gets with his attacks the goofier Luffy gets. The New Emperor of the Sea went as far as taking a super quick nap in between. After a while, Luffy one shots Lucci with a new move called Gum-Gum Mole Pistol.

Luffy using Gum-Gum Mole Pistol

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The Promised Reunion: Luffy Meets Sentomaru

After asking S-Snake to take the rest of the Straw Hats to the frontier dome, and ordering S-Hawk and S-Shark to attack the CP0 agents, Sentomaru finally had a reunion with Luffy.

Remember Chapter 601? When Luffy told Sentomaru “I think I’ll be seeing you again.” Well, he meant that, after exactly 468 chapters, both of them meet again.

However, this time, not as enemies. To Sentomaru, Luffy is the last hope to protect Dr. Vegapunk from getting killed by CP0.

Sentomaru and Luffy having a conversation

And, in between the conversation, Lucci pulled a sneak attack on Sentomaru, leaving him severely injured. The chapter ends with Luffy concerned about Sentomaru and Lucci taking over the control of Seraphims.

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Points to Note

  • There’s a Pacifista Command Hierarchy, Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites, The Five Elders and Sentomaru are the ones who can command them using a chip. Now that Lucci has it now, he can order the Seraphims on his will.
  • Sentomaru was given a new life after Dr. Vegapunk saved him from poverty-stricken life. That is why he owes a debt to Vegapunk and decides to fight CP0, that is, to fight against the World Government.
  • Both Kizaru and Kuma are on their way to Egghead. The whole situation takes us back to the Sabaody Archipelago Arc, where Kuma saved the Straw Hats. Not only that, but it was also Vegapunk who programmed Kuma to protect the Thousand Sunny until the Straw Hats’ return.
  • Considering the close relationship with Sentomaru, it will be interesting to see what route Kizaru takes. Will he continue being a lap dog, or will he finally turn over a new leaf?
  • The way the story is moving ahead, we will see a war break out soon enough, not to mention the outcome of the Blackbeard versus Law duel is yet to be disclosed by Oda.
  • Last but not least, Dr. Vegapunk might become the 10th member of the Straw Hat Pirates if he makes it out alive, that is.

One Piece Chapter 1069 took us back to the past, shocked us in the present, and made us worry about the future of the Straw Hats and the story of One Piece itself.

With Kuma coming to Egghead in such a poor condition, CP0 already there, and Kizaru being on his way, can Vegapunk set himself free from the shackles of the World Government?

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