Attack on Titan Map: All Nations, Walls & Districts Explained

Attack on Titan doesn’t need an introduction.

The story of Attack on Titan focuses on war, a topic that is more relevant than ever. Eren Yeager’s never-ending thirst for revenge has led several nations into a war – something that can’t be justified.

But we aren’t here to talk about that. We are here to talk about the world of Attack on Titan, the world map, to be specific. If you are an Attack on Titan fan, you must know that the world of titans is a mirrored version of our real world – with some apparent modifications.

This is what Hajime Isayama – the creator of Attack on Titan, has to say regarding the world of AOT in his recent interview with Crunchyroll,

“ So when I came up with the design of the world view—for example, the world view map, I kind of flipped it from the real-life world map to something similar, but different.

We all know that the map of Attack on Titan is far from detailed. That is why I have created this detailed article about the world of Attack on Titan by scouring through several manga chapters, anime episodes, and forums.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the World Map of Attack on Titan.

#1 Marley

Marley is a large nation across Paradis Island – where the Eldians reside.

Have you ever played ‘tug of war’? Because that’s what the history of Marley looks like. If you don’t know that sport, just google it after you read the history of this nation.

Marley Map Attack on Titan

Nation’s History

  • Marley was a powerful nation until the King of Eldia – Fritz, decided to abuse the new-found might of Ymir – a slave who gained the power of a titan.
  • Fritz used Ymir’s power to defeat Marley, among many other nations.
  • When Ymir died while trying to save King Fritz, her descendants carried her power – resulting in nine titans becoming the power of the Eldian Empire.
  • During the Great Titan War, when Eldia suffered from internal conflicts, Marley fought for their land.
  • Not only was Marley able to drive out the Eldian Empire from their land, but they were also successful in gaining seven of the nine titans of the Eldian Empire, making them a superpower.
  • Marley pushed the remaining eldians into internment zones to serve their military purposes. But with the advancement of technology, their status of being a superpower was at stake once again.
  • To maintain their status, they needed fuel, which Paradis Island had in abundance, and thus began the operation.
  • Marleyans attacked Paradis Island not only to obtain Iceburst Stone – the fuel, but also to obtain the power of the founding titan – the first and the greatest titan of all.
  • The operation provoked the Eldians of Paradis Island, and thus another war broke out between Marley and Paradis Island.


Surrounded by sea and different continents, the continent of Marley – which expands well beyond its territory to other continents – sits at the center of the world map in Attack on Titan. Marley is located on the west of Paradis Island.

Inside Marley: Deep Dive into the Titan Superpower

These locations of Marley appeared in the Attack on Titan manga/anime.

  • Liberio

Liberio is a city of Marley that acts as the internment zone for the Eldians – the second-class citizens – who stayed behind and served the Marleyan Empire.

  • Lakua

Lakua is a military base situated on the western Marley.

  • Lago

Lago is a Marleyan city that was destroyed in a single day by the titans of the Eldian Empire. This event was mentioned as – The Tragic Fall of Lago.

  • Odiha

Odiha is a city located in the southern part of Marley.

  • Karifa

Karifa is a naval port located on Marley’s northern coast.

  • Fort Salta

Fort Salta is the airship research base in the southern part of Marley.  It is in a mountainous region fortified by Marley. 

Fort Salta Attack on Titan

Which Country Is Marley Based On?

Marley is geographically based on the continent of Africa. If you look at the world map in Attack on Titan, you can see that it mirrors the continent of Africa.

#2 Paradis Island

Paradis Island is the last territory where the Subjects of Ymir – descendants of Ymir possessing the ability to become titans – reside. The island is on Marley’s east coast.

Paradis Island Attack on Titan

Nation’s History

  • Following the death of Ymir, when King Fritz moved the capital of Eldia to Paradis Island.
  • The internal conflict within the Eldian Empire worsened, resulting in the Marleyan uprising.
  • This led King Fritz to gather as many Eldians as possible and relocate the capital to Paradis Island. There, he builds three walls to safeguard the Eldians from outside threats.
  • After this, the new Marley Government also built a wall on the southern shore of Paradis to protect Marley against any escaping titan.
  • Besides that, Marley used Paradis Island as a dumping ground for the Eldian criminals – where they would turn them into titans and let them loose on Paradis.


Located east of the Marley continent, this remote island is mainly surrounded by ocean except on the eastern side.

Which Country Is Paradis Island Based On?

Just like Marley, Paradis Island mirrors the real world. This island is geographically based on Madagascar Island, which is obvious comparing the AOT and real-world maps.

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Inside Paradis Island: Deep Dive into the Pure-Titan Superpower

On Paradis Island lies the nation of Eldia, which is its last territory. To protect the Subjects of Ymir from any foreign attacks – primarily Marley’s – King Fritz built three walls using the power of the Founding Titan.

But, what makes Paradis Island an impenetrable fortress isn’t the presence of titans but the three walls that have been protecting the Eldians for ages.

King Fritz used the Founding Titan’s Power to order the Wall Titans to form three walls named after Ymir’s three daughters – Sheena, Rose, and Maria.

Within these walls are districts where the royal family and the Eldians reside.

An informative image of the three Attack on Titan walls
Attack on Titan All Walls and Districts Explained

#1 Wall Maria

Wall Maria is the outermost wall guarding Eldia. It is approximately 50 meters high. Among the four districts of Wall Maria, only one is known.

Wall Maria Attack on Titan
  • Shiganshina District:

Located on the south of Wall Maria, Shiganshina District is the home of Attack on Titan’s protagonists – Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert. The story of Attack on Titan began with the Colossal Titan breaching the Shiganshina District’s walls, leading to Eren’s mother’s demise, among several others.

The cycle of revenge begins.

Titan Forest

The name of this forest is Titan Forest, not because it has titans, but because of the trees which grow around 80 meters. But it is also true that it helps the titans to hide. These forests are located both inside and outside Wall Maria.

#2 Wall Rose

The second outermost wall is Wall Rose. The Colossal Titan also breached this wall, but fortunately, Eren Yeager sealed it.

Wall Rose Attack on Titan

Here are the four districts of Wall Rose.

  • Utopia District:

This district is located on the northern side of Wall Rose.

  • Karanes District:

Karanes District is located on the eastern side of Wall Rose.

  • Trost District:

Trost is the southern district of Wall Rose. Like Shiganshina – the south district of Wall Maria – Trost District was also breached by the Colossal Titan.

This district is the hometown of Jean Kirstein, among many other characters.

  • Krolva District:

Krolva is the western district of Wall Rose.

Here are some villages, towns, and other places inside Wall Rose.

Ragako Village

This village is located in the southern part of Wall Rose – close to Trost District. Beast Titan, aka Zeke Yeager, infiltrated and turned every inhabitant of Ragako village into a titan.

This village is the hometown of Connie Springer.

Dauper Village

It is a remote village of hunters located on the southwestern side of Wall Rose. Lying in a mountain forest, this village is ideal for aspiring hunters.

This village is the hometown of Sasha Blouse.


Located near the southern side of Wall Rose, Jinae is the hometown of Marco Bott.

Utgard Castle

It is an abandoned castle. During an incident at Utgard Castle, the survey corps got surrounded by several titans. It is closest to the inner side of Wall Rose.

Reiss Chapel

Owned by the Reiss family, Reiss Chapel might seem like a chapel, but in reality, it is a site for the succession ritual of the Founding Titan – which takes place underground.

#3 Wall Sheena

Wall Sheena is the innermost among the three walls that protect the Eldians. This is the wall where two sides of the coins live – the nobles and the dirt poor. Although the royals and nobles live above the ground, protected by the Military Police, a poverty-stricken underground city is also within these walls.

Wall Sheena Attack on Titan

Note: Wall Sheena is the official translation of Wall Sina – in Japanese. That is why you can see Wall Sina in anime and some other places.

These are the four districts of Wall Sheena.

  • Stohess District:

Stohess is located on the eastern side of Wall Sheena. When Annie Leonhart was exposed, this district became the epicenter of destruction. Eventually, Annie gets captured.   

  • Ehrmich District:

It is the southern district of Wall Sheena. When Wall Rose was believed to be breached, many refugees tried to evacuate to Wall Sheena.

  • Yarckel District:

Yarckel is the western district of Wall Sheena.

  • Orvud District:

Orvud is the northern district of Wall Sheena.


It is the capital city of Eldia. The three walls got built with Mitras as the center. The queen, and noble families, live in Mitras. It is a place where all government affair takes place.

Mitras Attack on Titan


It is a city located under Mitras. Unlike Mitras, Underground is the haven for criminals and is poverty-stricken. It is the birthplace of the man, the myth, the legend – Levi Ackerman.

Underground Attack on Titan

It is to be noted that such underground cities were planned to be constructed in a few other districts, but the constructions were never completed.

#3 Hizuru

Hizuru is known as the only nation to be on good terms with Eldia.

Nation’s History

Hizuru has been an ally to Eldia for a hundred years now. A son of Hizuru’s shogun clan became close with King Fritz. Later, It is also revealed that Mikasa is a lost descendant of Hizuru’s shogun clan.


Hizuru occupies a part of the East Sea. It is considered to be an island since there’s a shogun.

Which Country Is Hizuru Based On?

Due to the presence of the Shogun, and Hizuru occupying the East Sea, it can be assumed that Hizuru mirrors real-world Japan. 

#4 Mid-East Allied Forces

The allied force is comprised of Marley’s enemy nations. The goal is to subdue Marley for them having the titans. It is said to be located on a peninsula.

Nation’s History

When Marley lost the Colossal Titan and the Female Titan during their Paradis Island Operation, the allied forces saw it as an opportunity to turn the tables. Although the Mid-East Allied Forces initially had the advantage and fought back with anti-titan weapons, Marley had the last laugh.

Following this, the Mid-East Allied Forces lost their autonomy.


The Mid-East Allied Forces are believed to be located on a peninsula.

Which Country Is Mid-East Allied Forces Based On?

There are several peninsulas in the real world, so if we can take a hint from the map in Attack on Titan, these allied nations should comprise India and its surrounding countries.

Fort Slava

Fort Slava is heavily fortified with anti-titan weaponry. Sitting on a high hill, Fort Slava of Mid-East Allied Forces is a fort that is quite daunting, even for the titan unit of Marley.

Fort Slava Attack on Titan

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How many countries are there in Attack on Titan?

There are three countries in Attack on Titan:

  • Eldia
  • Marley
  • Hizuru

However, there is also the Mid-East Allied Forces, an alliance of several unnamed nations.

Where does Attack on Titan take place in the real world?

Attack on Titan's Marley and Paradis compared to real world map

As mentioned in the beginning, Attack on Titan mirrors the real world with some modifications. Marley mirrors the continent of Africa, whereas Paradis Island mirrors the Madagascar Island of our world.

Is AOT based in Germany?

Attack on Titan's Shiganshina and Nordlingen side by side

No, Attack on Titan isn’t based in Germany. However, the Shighansina district – located on Paradis Island – is inspired by Nördlingen, a town in Bavaria, Germany.

Where is Paradis Island of AOT in real life?

While Paradis Island in Attack on Titan mirrors the real-life Madagascar Island, there’s an island in the Philippines called Paradis Island.

How does Attack on Titan relate to the real world?

“For example, the Eldian and Marleyans. They’re really kind of similar to what the Germanic people and Romans went through 2,000 years ago. That’s kind of the unsaid rules that I keep in my stories.”   Hajime Isayama, Crunchyroll interview.

Be it the quote at the beginning of the article or this one, you can tell how the story, the infrastructure in Attack on Titan, was inspired by the real world and its history. But, Hajime Isayama built a unique identity surrounding the world of Attack on Titan.

Is Attack on Titan based on true events?

Yes, Attack on Titan is inspired by true events from our world history. The creator of AOT – Hajime Isayama, has mentioned it in several interviews.

It also depends on how deep your knowledge is about our world history. Because one needs to know the history to see the similarities.

“…the Eldian and Marleyans. They’re really kind of similar to what the Germanic people and Romans went through 2,000 years ago.” – Hajime Isayama in CR interview.

Final Thoughts

With that, I present to you the world map of Attack on Titan in detail. The world of Attack on Titan is anything but peaceful, but if you look at these nations’ infrastructure, you will realize how beautiful the world of Attack on Titan is.

One thing you should remember about Attack on Titan’s map is that although it might mirror the real world, it doesn’t mean the geography will be exactly like the real world. Hajime Isayama has modified them to match the theme of the story.

Although I have tried my best to put every nation, and significant place in Attack on Titan, if you have any suggestions, recommendations, or feedback regarding this article, feel free to reach out to’s Instagram handle.