Attack On Titan Ending Explained (The Real Truth)

Hi there! Today on averagebeing we are going to talk about the ending of Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular and hyped series in recent times. AOT has everything you can possibly ask for. With great action, story, and characters, It’s the complete package of entertainment any anime fan hope for.

Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titan written and created by Hajime Isayama has 139 manga chapters and 4 anime seasons with a total of 86 episodes.

This anime has some mind-blowing and breathtaking plot twists of all time. To be honest, Some of the plot twists shocked the entire anime world.

A masterpiece like Attack on Titan is not created easily. So, By now, you know how popular AOT is, right? So don’t you want to know how this series is going to end?

If you are a manga reader and you have any doubts about the ending we’ll clear that but if you are an anime watcher don’t go any further because there are a lot of spoilers.

With that out of our way, Today we’ll explain the true ending of Attack on Titan. I hope you’ll like our blog and keep coming to averagebeing Die more anime content. Without wasting any more time let’s get into the ending of Attack on Titan.


Crucial Episodes/Manga Chapters That Lead To The End Of Attack On Titan

Crucial Episodes/Manga Chapters That Lead To The End Of Attack on Titan

We’ve been on this journey from Episode 1 right? Everything begins when Eren’s mother is killed right in front of him. As the series continued we saw Eren’s character development in detail.

Until season 3, It was about Survey Corps fighting titans and saving people. But from then on the real story of AOT started in season 4 episode 1, The Other Side of the Sea.

In this episode, Eren points out that there are enemies on the other side in a place called Marley.

That brings us to season 4 episode 5, Deceleration of War.

In this episode, Eren officially declared war against Marley and killed thousands of innocent people including children. But the real deal is in season 4 part 2 episode 4, Memories of the Future.

This episode shocked the whole fandom as Eren and Zeke were in the past and they changed things forever. Eren made Grisha, his own father, kill the Reiss Family and inherited the power of the Founding Titan.

In Manga Chapter 122, From You, 2,000 Years, This is where we got to know about the first titan Ymir and her tragic history.

In this same chapter, Ymir gave Eren the power that could end the whole of humanity and that’s when Eren transformed into the Founding Titan.

After that, The Rumbling begins and all the wall titans broke through and started ending all the life forms outside the wall. So, The takeaway is that Eren only wants to protect his land and people. So, He’ll kill the rest of humanity for the cause.

How All The Pieces Fall Together

How All The Pieces Fall Together

Nobody ever thought that Attack on Titan would become so dark. For the first 3 seasons, it was about a guy who wanted to join the Survey Corps and protect his people from titans.

For the first 3 seasons, the whole story was based around a basement. When Eren and the Survey Corps finally found and opened the basement they found 3 books and got to know about Grisha, Yeager’s past, Knowledge about titans, and the History of Titans.

Everyone thought that this was it but hell no.

This all was just the beginning of the real end. As of today, Eren is not a kid anymore he is killing humanity and showing no mercy on anyone. No one ever imagined that Attack on Titan would change so drastically.

At the very beginning, Eren was someone who was trying to protect everyone but today everyone is trying to protect themselves from Eren.

You can see what a great change has come now. We even saw Eren making changes in the past. It was like he can make things happen which didn’t earlier. With the power of the Founding Titan, Eren now can change fate itself.

What Did Eren Do At The End Of Attack On Titan?

What Did Eren Do At The End Of Attack On Titan?

So what did Eren do at the end? Well, there are a lot of things that Eren did, for example killing 80% of humanity, turning people into titans, destroying Marley and the list goes on.

But also, in the end, Eren did nothing. Like do you believe Eren was someone who could’ve been killed off easily? A person who started the rumbling that killed millions of people with enormous titans backing him up would die that easily?

The truth is Eren allowed the Survey Corps and Mikasa to kill him. Because if they hadn’t killed him, Eren would’ve destroyed the whole of humanity. But many fans believe, that killing Eren was not necessary.

Even though he knew there was a possible way that he could survive and the rumbling could be stopped, Eren didn’t plan on changing the future that was planned for him.

He was stuck in his past, present, and future and this was the reason why he didn’t do anything in his last moments. If only Eren wanted he could’ve changed everything and would’ve lived the rest of his life peacefully.

Attack On Titan Ending Explained In Detail

Attack On Titan Ending Explained In Detail

So, here comes the question you’ve been waiting for. How did Attack on Titan End?

To be honest, Attack on Titan has been a great journey. The ending is a masterpiece. It’s a shame that some people didn’t like it.

Anyway, At the end of AOT, Nearly 80% of humanity was killed in the rumbling that Eren started. Both the warriors of Marly and Survey Corps joined forces together to stop Eren Yeager.

Before they could fight him, the rest of the people in Marley started becoming titans. Armin transformed himself into a colossal titan and fought Eren in 1v1 combat and to fight Armin, Eren also became a colossal titan.

During their fight, Captain Levi finally showed an opening for Mikasa. Even though Mikasa didn’t want to kill the love of her life, She had to do it for his sake.

So, Mikasa has finally killed Eren but before that, she kissed him. When Ymir saw Mikasa kissing Eren she realized that this is what real love looks like.

What Ymir and Karl Fritz had was not love. After Eren’s death, everything became normal. People who were turned into titans became humans. The power of titans was finally seized from this world and even titan shifters became complete human beings.

So, At the end of Attack on Titan, Eren Yeager was finally killed, that’s what you are thinking right?

The person who killed 80% of humanity died this does sound like a happy ending but no this is not true.

The truth is Eren planned all this. He wanted to be stopped by his friends. I’m going to mention something here which happened after Eren’s death.

When Eren died everyone got their memories back where he had a personal talk with each one of them.

Everyone finally realized that whatever Eren did, he did it for them. Armin remembered the places they talked about as kids.

Eren also told Armin that he doesn’t want Mikasa to marry anyone else, he just wants Mikasa to love him. Mikasa saw that she and Eren lived a happy life in the Mountains but she was the only one who remembered everything before his death.

If we get back a bit, When Mikasa was still thinking about whether she should kill Eren or not, She was shown a happy life and a conversation with Eren where he pleaded with Mikasa to forget about him which she is not going. Just after getting her memories, Mikasa kills Eren.

Not just Armin and Mikasa but the rest of the Survey Corps memorized all the past events.

Everything became normal as the Survey Corps and Marley warriors became heroes. Armin informed everyone that he was the one who killed off Eren so that Mikasa can take the remains of Eren and make a final goodbye in peace.

On the other end, Marley and Paradise formed a truce as they joined forces and became united allies.

Attack On Titan Ending Explained In Detail

Everyone was happy as there was no such thing as titans in this new world. At the very end, we can see Mikasa sitting next to Eren’s grave and she mentions everyone will come to meet him.

Just when she started crying, Mikasa saw a bird fly by which placed the scarf Eren gave around her neck.

As fans, we can only hope to think that the bird might be Eren’s incarnation since the flying bird represents “FREEDOM.”

So, This is how Attack on Titan ended. I hope I was able to explain it in detail and involve you in the story to the fullest. Also, I’m sorry if I didn’t mention anything or missed something you might be looking for.

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Is Attack On Titan Ending Controversial?

Is Attack On Titan Ending Controversial?

To be honest many people do not like the ending of the manga. Everyone has a different reason to hate the ending but the two most common reasons are Eren’s Death and his final words with Mikasa.

If you ask me, Attack on Titan’s ending could’ve been different, Eren’s death wasn’t necessary. He could’ve survived and after all of his suffering, Eren could’ve lived happily and had a great life with Mikasa.

However, Eren died and before his death, he confessed his feelings towards Mikasa where he broke down into tears and that’s something fans didn’t like.

Unlike Light or Lelouch in the end Eren became soft.

If he didn’t show any feelings for Mikasa from season 1 then there was no point in showing it now.

Whatever you might think about Eren, Everyone agrees on one point. When he finally showed his feelings, It was a good thing as it simply means that Eren Yeager was not a monster.

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Is Attack On Titan’s Anime Ending Different From The Manga?

Is Attack On Titan’s Anime Ending Different From The Manga?

As of now, there is no accurate answer for it. Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 ended on 3rd April. A total of 12 episodes aired but the anime didn’t finish. There are still 9 manga chapters left to be animated so we might get another season which is just dragging at this point.

They can even add some canon episodes to increase the length of the anime. The final season of Attack On Titan is set to release in 2023.

Regarding the end of AOT, Anime will be the same as the manga, nothing has changed. But keeping everything in mind the ending can be changed for fans.

Is Attack on Titan Getting A New Ending?

Is Attack on Titan Getting A New Ending?

We don’t know that as nothing has been officially announced about the new ending of Attack on Titan.

Hajime Isayama once apologized to the fans as he said he couldn’t express everything in the final part and even said thank you to those who liked the ending and his work.

We can only hope that Attack on Titan might get a new better ending. If Attack on Titan gets a new ending that’ll be great because many fans are hoping that anime gets a new one.

One certain thing is that a new ending will interest the audience and as it’ll be different from the manga, This is sure to increase the anime hype even more.

With that, we have reached the end of Attack on Titan and this is everything you need to know about its end. I hope this article answers the question you were looking for.

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