Gohan New Form: Everything You Need To Know

Remember when Gohan said, “My goal is an ultimate form no one has ever seen before.” ?

It was from Dragon Ball Super Ep 90 when Gohan challenged Goku to a duel to test how much he has regained his strength since his fight with Super Buu.

That was when the fans knew that it might be time for Gohan to get a new form. While it didn’t end up happening in the anime, we witnessed his new form in the latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie.

And we are here to talk about his new form, which is wild, seeing the arrogance in his eyes during his battle with Cell Max.

Gohan Beast kicking Cell Max

Since Cell Saga, Goku and Piccolo were aware of the potential Gohan possesses. And we have also witnessed his potential from time to time, but we never got to see a proper conclusion. Either the villain got away with tricks, or Gohan’s arrogance became an obstacle for himself.

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By the time Gohan achieved this new form, Frieza, one of the most celebrated antagonists of the series, died, reincarnated, powered up more than a couple of times, and ironically saved the universe in Dragon Ball Super.

However, keeping in mind how he attained Super Saiyan 2 and beat Cell at such a young age meant that he is surely the strongest Saiyan, yet he hardly had any shining moments since then. Gohan’s character eventually transitioned into a normal human being with a family. Just after the Buu saga, he got married and became a father soon after.

However, with the new Dragon Ball movie, it seems like Akira Toriyama finally saw how much potential is being wasted and decided to give Gohan a much-deserved power-up with not so much original plot. But we aren’t here to talk about the movie, we are here to talk about Gohan’s new form.

But, what is his new form called? Let’s find out.

Gohan New Form Name

Gohan’s new form is called Son Gohan Beast.

Gohan’s New Form Explained

Gohan’s new form, i.e. Son Gohan Beast is a form unique to Gohan. But before diving deep into the explanation let’s take a look at the past events since his Super Saiyan 2 awakening to have a clear idea about how he has attained such a unique form.

Gohan In Dragon Ball Z:

Cell Games Saga

Teen Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 will always be a fan-favorite moment in the Dragon Ball series. When no one was able to stand up to Perfect Cell, it was Gohan who beat Cell’s buttocks down to the ground.

Gohan Super Saiyan 2

But, it was also Gohan’s arrogance that ended up in Goku sacrificing his life. This was also the first and last time before his Beast Form, he let go of his emotional restraints.

Great Saiyaman Saga

During this saga, Gohan started focusing on his studies and enrolled in a high school. Unlike other Saiyans, his goal was not to keep getting stronger. While he didn’t want to get stronger, he took on the alias of Great Saiyaman to continue his life as a NORMAL high school student, and help the ones in need as the superhero.

Great Saiyaman

Fusion Saga

The Fusion Saga displayed the true potential of Gohan, and why he is believed to be the strongest Saiyan instead of not achieving that much. Thanks to Old Kai, Gohan’s latent power was awakened and he reached his Ultimate Form also known as Potential Unleashed. In this Form, he toyed with Super Buu, the same he did with Cell.

Gohan Potential Unleashed

However, the same pattern continued, and before he could end Buu; the supervillain absorbed Gotenks and Piccolo and pulled a reverse uno on Gohan.

Gohan In Dragon Ball Super:

Golden Frieza Saga

After becoming a scholar and a father to an adorable daughter named Pan, Gohan has weakened to a state where he was finding it hard to fight with Freiza’s minions. He had become so weak without training, that he had to power up to help Goku track him to save the planet from Frieza who has come back to exact revenge.

Universe Survival Saga

During this saga, when the fate of the whole universe was at stake, and his father showed disappointment at how weak he has gotten over the years, Gohan decided to train with his lifelong mentor Piccolo.

He did end up stronger and even started inching towards a goal of attaining an ultimate form through a different method than Goku and others. During the Tournament of Power, he ended up leading Universe 7 and even sacrificed his place to take out Dyspo of Universe 11 who might have become a threat in the endgame.

Now, this is the part you scrolled down for, Gohan’s new form – The Beast.

Gohan In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero:

Finally, Gohan got a new form. After getting sidelined for years, Goku’s son, Son Gohan has finally unleashed the beast within. And it’s not me, that’s what Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball said while describing Gohan’s new form.

The new form that Gohan achieved is called Son Gohan Beast, or simply the Beast Form. In this form, Gohan has red eyes with black pupils, while his eyebrows and hair turn into a silvery grayish color. The length of the hair can be explained as awkward length, it’s neither too long nor too short, with one long bang hanging down.

Son Gohan Beast

The aura surrounding Gohan’s beast form consists of a bluish outer aura and a reddish-magenta inner aura with sparks like his Super Saiyan 2 form. Although we don’t get to see too much about this form, one thing is for sure, as said by Toriyama himself, this form of Gohan is in the same league as Goku and Vegeta’s strongest forms.

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Which Movie Is Gohan’s New Form From?

Gohan’s new form, The Beast Form is from the new Dragon Ball Super movie, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022).

Is Gohan’s New Form Canon?

Yes, Gohan’s new form will be canon. According to the announcement in V-Jump magazine published in November 2022, Gohan Beast will become canon just like Broly after the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie, the prequel of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (2022).

Is Gohan’s New Form In Manga?

Yes, Gohan’s new form, Gohan Beast will be a part of the Dragon Ball Super manga along with Orange Piccolo. In the November 2022 issue of V-Jump, it was announced that the next arc will tell the tale of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie as a prequel. Gohan and Piccolo’s new forms were also mentioned which implies a possibility of their appearance in the main storyline.

Gohan New Form Manga Announcement

Dragon Ball Series Creator On Gohan

Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball series was quite frank about how he drew this new form and what’s in there for Gohan’s future.

Toriyama said that this new form is unique to Gohan, and is based on how he has been growing since his childhood. And he named him Gohan Beast simply because Gohan let the beast inside him loose.

Toriyama did try to draw Gohan with pale skin and a scary look but he felt that the design wasn’t true to who Gohan is, not only as an individual but also as a Saiyan.

And when it comes to further transformations, Toriyama is still unsure if he can give Gohan another transformation with a new design.

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Gohan New Form Power Level Comparisons

While we got to see Gohan’s new form in the new Dragon Ball Super movie, it was just for a few minutes. In these few minutes, Gohan flexed his strength and ended Cell Max by using his mentor Piccolo’s Special Beam.

Gohan Beast using the Special Beam

Apart from that, we can only rely on Akira Toriyama’s statement of Gohan’s new form being stronger than anyone else. But, that can be a marketing talk as well, so we will have to wait.

Gohan New Form vs. Goku Ultra Instinct

If we go by the words of Akira Toriyama as a creator, Gohan’s new form might be in the same league as the strongest form of Goku and Vegeta.

But, to us die-hard fans of the franchise, we know very well that Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct form is a force to reckon with. Although Gohan gained back his ultimate form in Dragon Ball Super, Gohan took on Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form but lost to him when he used Kaio-ken x20 on top of the Blue form.

So, by that, we can say that Gohan Beast might be able to take Goku in his Ultra Instinct form but not the perfected one. However, it is only a matter of time before Gohan surpasses everyone because he hasn’t realized his potential, which his father and mentor acknowledged way back when he was a teenager.

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Final Thoughts

Gohan is unfortunate to get sidelined for so long. We often forget that Gohan was the first one to achieve Super Saiyan 2 when he was a teen. After that, his character development was focused mostly on his human side rather than his Saiyan being.

While a more relatable Gohan was fun to watch, we always hoped Gohan to have supremacy above everyone else as the strongest Saiyan.

Well, it’s late but we are seeing more of the Saiyan Gohan lately, so let’s enjoy this ride, and hope that he gets the spotlight and becomes the savior, which he was unable to achieve since his awakening during Cell Saga.

With that said, I rest my case. If you have any objection, please file an animesuit on averagebeing.com ‘s Instagram handle.