One Piece Chapter 1071 Spoilers: Kid Arrives at Elbaf & Garp to Fight Blackbeard!

Finally, Some action from Monkey D. Garp!

It’s one hit after another, and One Piece Chapter 1071 isn’t any different. Instead, this chapter is one of the most content-rich and impactful chapters of the Egghead Arc.

While the last couple of chapters mainly focused on the events going on in Egghead Island, One Piece Chapter 1071 includes five different events taking place simultaneously in the world of One Piece. And the most surprising one is the appearance of Garp.

But before diving deep into the chapter, here’s a quick summary for those who like to get the smell of it and taste the whole thing later when the official chapter gets released.

One Piece Chapter 1071 Quick Summary:

Kuma arrives at the Red Port and walks toward the World Government Symbol, where the lift to Mary Geoise is located.

Lucci orders for the blockage of every escape route and orders the minions to destroy the ships if they have to. Meanwhile, Dr. Vegapunk contacts a mysterious person on the island who could help him and his six satellites in getting out of the island.

Just when Dr. Vegapunk and his satellites were ready to escape with the straw hats, the frontier dome defense got shut down. Although Pythagoras (Punk – 04) turned the frontier dome online in no time, CP0 has already infiltrated the impenetrable defense.

The Frontier Dome Image

Meanwhile, CP0’s Kaku attacks the Thousand Sunny to destroy it. Unfortunately, he finds Zoro defending the ship.

On the other hand, The Kid Pirates reach Elbaf, the island where the giants reside. And, now comes the most unexpected appearance, that is Vice Admiral Garp, who is adamant about attacking the Blackbeard Pirates and rescuing Koby, even going against the order of the marines.

One Piece Chapter 1071 Full Summary:

Kuma Appears at Red Port

While we all thought that the former warlord was rushing to Egghead Island to rescue her daughter, it seems to be a wrong assumption after all.

Eiichiro Oda misdirected us. Classic G.O.A.T stuff.

Anyway, Chapter 1071 of One Piece started with Kuma appearing at the Red Port and is seen walking towards the lift that connects the port to The Holy Land Mary Geoise.

Kuma at Red Port Image

Thousand Sunny Gets Attacked, A Mysterious Person appears

Even with the Seraphims under his control, Lucci isn’t able to do anything due to the presence of the Frontier Dome. While figuring out a way to penetrate the defense, Lucci orders the CP0 minions to block every possible escape route and destroy all the ships if needed.

Aware of the orders given by Lucci, Dr. Vegapunk and the satellites explore ways to get out of the mess. Pythagoras (Punk -04) advises calling the ally who’s also on the island. Listening to which Edison (Punk -03) advises against it, saying that if that person helps them, then that person would have nowhere to hide and will be hunted down by the world government.

Even if it might be the case, Dr. Vegapunk calls that person for help, and that mysterious person agrees to help them without any hesitation. As soon as he is assured of the help, Dr. Vegapunk asks Robin’s group to escort the seven of them, including the satellites. On the other hand, an enraged Bonney is going after Dr. Vegapunk.

Dr. Vegapunk calls the Mysterious person Image

Suddenly, an alarm goes off announcing the shutting down of the Frontier Dome defenses. On asking, Pythagoras says that there is no one in the control room to do that, and although unsure of this being a trap, Lucci decides to take the chances. Although Pythagoras turned the impenetrable defense of Frontier Dome online, it was too late, as the CP0 agents had gotten past the defensive barrier.

Lucci asks Kaku to destroy The Thousand Sunny, which is the last ship on the island, but fortunately, Zoro was on the ship to defend it against Kaku’s attack.

Zoro Vs. Kaku Image

But, what’s worse is Zoro was taking a nap and was absolutely pissed about two things, first his sleep was interrupted, second The Thousand Sunny getting attacked, and all of these were done by one single person, Kaku. The much-awaited fight begins.

Finally, Luffy’s group reunites with Robin’s group; but some people are missing. Oh, it’s just Bonney hunting down Dr. Vegapunk again.

Kid arrives at Elbaf & Garp to rescue Koby

The Kid Pirates’ ship is finally at the shore of Elbaf, the home of the Giants.

Kid arrives at Elbaf Image

Back at G-14 Naval Base, Vice Admiral Doll is requesting Garp to join them in the expedition to Egghead Island. But Garp has something more important and asks Helmeppo to come out.

A bawling Helmeppo appears along with Hibari, and Garp asks them to get on board as he is heading to the stronghold of the Blackbeard Pirates, Hachinosu, to rescue Koby from one of the most notorious Emperors of the Sea. 

Garp Image

Points to Note:

  • Why did Kuma decide to go back to the place where his fellow revolutionaries risked their life to rescue him? Not to mention the fact that a whole island was erased from existence in retaliation to this incident.
  • It will be interesting to see who the mysterious person is, and if he’s hiding from the World Government, it must be someone whose existence is too problematic to be kept alive.
  • Eustass Kid has finally arrived in Elbaf, and there can be only one reason, which is to meet Jaguar D. Saul, which he mentioned previously in Chapter 1056 as “The Man with the Burn Scar.”
  • In One Piece Chapter 1066, it was confirmed that the man was none other than Jaguar D. Saul, the one who survived the Buster Call and inherited the Will of Ohara.
  • With Garp going to rescue Koby from the Blackbeard Pirates, it doesn’t seem there’s a solid plan for this mission. And, no matter how strong Garp is, he has too many disadvantages. Firstly, Garp has aged. Secondly, he is going against an Emperor of the Sea, Blackbeard, whose crew consists of the worst criminals ever in the world of One Piece.

That being said, One Piece Chapter 1071 is something you have to read a couple of times to get a grasp on the events taking place.

With Sabo missing in action, Koby kidnapped by Blackbeard, and Garp going to Hachinosu to rescue Koby, everything points at something tragic that will end up triggering a war way beyond anyone’s imagination.

Oh, and if Blackbeard is there at Hachinosu when Garp arrives, you know what it means for Law and the Heart Pirates.

What are your thoughts on the events taking place in Chapter 1071? Let me know in the comment section below. And don’t forget to read the official release of the One Piece chapter.