25 Best Comics To Buy Under $100

The demand for comics has risen to a different level with the emergence of Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes. The superhero movie plots of Disney and Warner Brothers are loosely based on these comics, and fans always try to keep themselves updated by reading those stories before the release of a live-action film.

The other thing in the U.S. is that comics also age like fine wine, and some readers buy comics as their value increases with the progression of time. Sometimes, they hit the jackpot as well.

Today, we are going to discuss the 25 best comics which you can buy under a budget of $100.

We believe that these comics might become more valuable from the market price point of view and also are an excellent pick to read.


25) Spawn #1

25) Spawn #1

Publisher: Image Comics
Debut: May 10th, 1992

Things To Know: Spawn #1 is the first issue of Spawn Comics by the legendary Todd McFarlane. In our opinion, the first issue always shapes the whole comic, and this one is no expectation.

This issue starts with Spawn standing on top of an unknown building in New York City. He can recall his death but only as a fading memory. The comics solely focuses on the fragments of Spawn’s life before his death as an American hero, Albert Simmons.

With just a few flashbacks, He was able to remember his wife, Wanda Blake, and was determined to find her. But his deal with a devil named, Malebolgia doesn’t allow him to remember everything. So, He cursed the devil.

In this story, We also see glimpses of Spawn’s necroplasm, and with his newfound powers, he saves a woman whom some men sexually attacked.

The Spawn is a dark-themed comic with lots of violence and targets mature comic book readers.

Average Cost: $55.75 – $70.00

24) Micronauts #1

24) Micronauts #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: January 1979

Things To Know: Micronauts #1 tells the backstory of how a team of freedom fighters called Micronauts formed. Arcturus Rann, Bug, Acroyear, Marionette, Biotron, and Microtron come together with one sole purpose to explore the Microverse.

The former chief scientist Baron Karza is the primary antagonist of this series, and our heroes act like galactic freedom fighters. From the plot point of view, this comic issue is divided into three chapters: Homeworld, Homecoming, and Escape.

Homeworld focuses on two royal family members, Argon and his sister Mari of Homeworld. During their escape, the Dog soldiers of Baron Karza captured Argon, and his sister Mari can hide in the shadows.

Homecoming follows the story of the first space traveler, Commander Arcturus Rann’s returning to Homeworld and how he gets captured. In the last chapter, Escape, all the protagonists come together and are able to escape from the evil rule of Baron Karza with the help of the Enigma force.

This one is fun to read with space adventures and lots of cool-looking vintage robots.

Average Cost: $20.00

23) Amazing Spider-Man #265

23) Amazing Spider-man #265

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: June 1985

Things To Know: This is when Parker’s Spidey appears in a black suit and tries to save Black Fox from the hands of Silver Sable. This is the first time where Silver Sable appears in all of Marvel Comics.

In the end, Peter makes a wise decision to let Black Fox go for the sake of his family. This ends on a happy note as Peter reunites with Aunt May after they have been missing each other for a long time.

Later, Silver will become one of the love interests of the wall-crawler as she is found to be highly interested in him at the end of this issue. The Amazing Spider-man #265 is an excellent pick under the $100 comics list.

Average Cost: $89.99 – $100.00

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22) The Uncanny X-Men #282

22) The Uncanny X-Men #282

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: November 1991

Things To Know: The Uncanny X-Men #282 is the first issue where Bishop from the future appears.

The series starts with the members of the X-Men who have returned with the soulless body of Jean Grey. Professor X scans Jean’s body and finds out Jean’s consciousness is still alive in the deceased body of Emma Frost.

After waking up inside Emma’s body, Jean witnesses how Fitzroy forcibly takes control of the Upstarts from Shinobi Shaw. Later, Fitzroy manifests his power by opening a portal and bringing some of his allies from the future. With crucial data from a Sentinel, the X-Men could find Jean and save her in time.

The other X-Men stayed behind to battle Fitzroy, but new arrivals attacked him from the portal. A man from the future named Bishop wearing the X-men uniform appears in front of the mutant superheroes with two other members to aid them.

Not only does this issue have the classic thrill of the X-Men, but it also has a ray of hope that Jean is still alive. We highly recommend you to read it, and I’m sure it will not disappoint you.

Average Cost: $95.00

21) Static #1

21) Static #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: June 1993

Things To Know: Kids from the 90s have no problem whatsoever recognizing the superhero name Static. Static #1 is the first issue that narrates the experience of Static.

The backstory is set in the fictional city of Dakota. Our protagonist, Virgil Hawkins, is a typical 15-year-old who has undergone a bizarre biochemical change that can manipulate powerful electrostatic forces.

In this story, We see a few teenage boys and some school issues. Virgil, aka Static, saves Frieda from the five-alarm crew. But the next day, the evil crew arrives in the class and takes Frieda to Hot Streak. So, Virgil suits up as Static and comes to save Frieda from Hot Streak.

This DC Comics series is specifically for those looking for a black teenage superhero.

Average Cost: $86.00

20) New Mutants #1

20) New Mutants #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: March 3rd, 1983

Things To Know: New Mutants #1 is the second appearance of the New Mutants and the first issue of their solo comic series.

Things go wrong when Psyche accidentally shows Karma’s trauma to every member of the New Mutants. Karma loses her control and attacks Psyche, but she is stopped somehow. It was revealed that Karma was not ready to accept Psyche’s apologies.

Later, Psyche reveals her childhood alienation from society to Wolfsbane. She stays behind and enters the Danger Room while the rest of the team leaves for a trip to visit the town.

The New Mutants comic focuses on superhero mutants who have their traumas to live with, but they struggle every day to overcome them and act as a team when others are in need.

Average Cost: $98.00

19) Avengers #23

19) Avengers #23

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: December 1st, 1965

Things To Know: Avengers #23 is the second appearance of Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Comics franchise.

After adding the fourth floor to the Avengers Head Quater, Kang tricks Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quick Silver into transporting them to the future.

Though Quick Silver can escape, he finds no help from his other members as they are trapped. But Cap arrives in time and confronts Kang, finally defeating him.

Kang does all this to impress the future Princess Ravonna.

The story is not so impressive, but Kang is the next big bad in the current phase of the MCU. So, this comic is significant in the present scenario.

Average Cost: $76.00

18) Fantastic Four #66

18) Fantastic Four #66

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: September 1967

Things To Know: Fantastic Four #66 focuses on The Thing’s backstory and the insecurities he feels about his looks.

With the sudden disappearance of Alicia Masters, The Thing has become worried and gets the feeling of being abandoned by his beloved woman. He suddenly curses Reed for not discovering a cure for his rocky look and leaves them behind.

The story solely emphasizes The Thing’s inner conflicts. It is later found out that Dr. Hamilton has taken Alicia through a portal to somewhere else. The whole team begins to find a way to bring Alicia back.

Marvel’s first superhero family, Fantastic Four, has a special place in the hearts of Marvel Comics readers, and if you are a fan, go for it.

Average Cost: $95.00

17) Avengers #55

17) Avengers #55

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: August 1968

Things To Know: One of the deadliest android villains, Ultron appeared for the first time in the comics in this issue of the Avengers series.

Crimson Cowl imprisons the Avengers, and Ultron-5 is disguised as Edwin Jarvis. It is assumed that Jarvis was killed, but he was able to escape somehow.

Jarvis turns to Black Knight for help. The Black Knight attacks the Masters of Evil and helps the Avengers escape. All the members of the Avengers team up and defeat the supervillain group. But Ultron and Whirlwind flee from the scene.

This is iconic because Ultron first appears in this comic and is a classic comic to be collected for under $100.

Average Cost: $84.00

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16) Omega Men #3

16) Omega Men #3

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: June 1st, 1983

Things To Know: Omega Man #3 was the first issue where DC’s most famous anti-hero, Lobo, appeared for the first time. This one is truly iconic, but Lobo appeared bizarrely with a tight purple and an orange jacket.

The Citadel plans to conquer the last world in the Vega star system for the Euphoric, but the Citadel bounty hunters break the planetary shield protecting Euphoric. Lobo appeared as the leader of the bounty hunters’ team.

Now, Lobo is not the main part of this story, but you can imagine the first is always special, and Lobo’s first appearance makes this issue more valuable.

Average Cost: $70.00

15) Alpha Flight #1

15) Alpha Flight #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: August 1983

Things To Know: Alpha Flight #1 was the first issue of this comic series, which was published from 1983 to 1994.

For starters, Alpha Flight was similar to the Avengers from the U.S., but they were all from Canada. The P.M. of Canada decides to shut down their nation’s superhero team Alpha Flight, but everything changes when an OP monster Tundra, is released in Canada’s countryside.

The surprise is that the Canadian government did not ask for help from Alpha Flight. It was Vindicator’s wife, Heather, who summoned the superhero team to deal with this threat.

In the end, Vindicator re-establishes the Alpha Flight without the government’s help. Back in 1983, this 48-page comic book issue became a massive hit.

Average Cost: $99.00

14) Tales Of The Teen Titans #44

14) Tales Of The Teen Titans #44

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: July 1984

Things To Know: Tales Of The Teen Titans #44 is a comic issue with lots of historical value. This series tells the entire origin of DC’s mercenary, Deathstroke.

Adeline Kane, the former wife of Deathstroke, narrates the origin story of Slade Wilson and reveals the treachery of Terra. Adeline convinces Dick Grayson to take help from her.

In this comic, Dick suits up as Nightwing for the first time, and Jericho, son of Deathstroke, also joins the Titans to bring his father to the lighter side.

The story is excellent, and the Teen Titan’s arch-enemy, the origin story of Deathstroke, gives this comic great value for money, and we highly recommend this one to you.

Average Cost: $99.00

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13) Darkhawk #1

13) Darkhawk #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: March 1st, 1991

Things To Know: Dark Hawk #1 introduces the teenage OP Marvel superhero, Darkhawk, and tells his backstory.

On a Sunday night, Chris Powell was responsible for babysitting his twin brothers. But, at some time, young Powell left them to hang out with his friends.

After returning home, he finds out that his twin brothers are gone. As he looked for them on the street, they were chased by goons.

Chris picks up a diamond-shaped amulet to save his brothers. But that crystal turns him into Darkhawk. He beats those goons and leaves them tied up for the police.

Darkhawk is not very much mentioned in the Marvel community, but he is a very powerful character. He has appeared on TV only once. This issue will be a decent one for those who want to know more about the mysterious superhero.

Average Cost: $49.00 – $99.00

12) X-Force #2

12) X-Force #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: September 1991

Things To Know: Kane appeared for the first time in this issue. Yes, Garrison Kane is also called Weapon X.

This comic has explicitly three background settings. The first fight starts between Deadpool and Kane when Deadpool tries to steal some Japanese software at Port-Menier. Kane comes out victorious in this fight. He is offered to join forces to hunt Cable by G.W. Bridge. In the end, Deadpool flees with the use of teleportation while they are negotiating.

The second event occurs at the X-Force training center in the Adirondack Mountains, where practice becomes a huge mess.

In the end, the story shifts to the World Trade Center, where Juggernaut returns from isolation with the help of Arianna Jankos’ inter-dimensional teleportation machine.

This one is a decent pick as the story does not bore you as Marvel’s comedy king Deadpool is here with all his gibberish.

Average Cost: $40.00

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11) Predator #1

11) Predator #1

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Debut: June 1989

Things To Know: One of the most dangerous races, The Predators, makes their debut in the comics with this issue.

After dominating theatres, this race comes into the pages of comics with different motives. They mostly use the tropical jungles of South America as their hunting grounds.

But this time, they have changed their minds as they decide to use the concrete buildings of New York City as their new playground.

Detective Schaefer suspects that the Predators are behind his brother’s disappearance and the wave of serial murders throughout New York City.

If you are a big fan of the Predators, you should pick it as this one is under $100.

Average Cost: $47.00 – $88.00

10) Next Men #21

10) Next Men #21

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Debut: December 1st, 1993

Things To Know: In this issue, Hellboy appeared for the first time in the Next Men comic series.

For starters, The Next Men are a bunch of genetically engineered super-humans who grew up in a virtual environment without knowledge of the real world.

Hellboy saves two kids from a vast tunnel monster, and the three travel underground together. But they are attacked by the same monster again.

The red-horned superhero holds the monster back as the two boys can escape. The plot also gives us updates on some other members of Next Men.

Writer and illustrator John Byrne surprised his readers by debuting Hell Boy in his comic book series.

Average Cost: $90.00 – $179.99

9) Thor #168

9) Thor #168

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: September 1st, 1969

Things To Know: Thor #168 reveals the origin of one of Marvel’s biggest villains, the Galactus, but this is just part one of the “Galactus Found!” story.

Odin punishes Thor again by sending him on a journey into space to learn the origin story of the Devourer of the Worlds. Odin is very curious about Galactus’ origin, but he is also worried about his favorite son.

Thor is finally able to find Galactus, but Marvel’s cosmic supervillain starts to reveal his origin without any hesitation.

This comic’s story is not only a cosmic adventure but also teases an upcoming threat to planet Earth. Galactus is created by the legendary duo Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Average Cost: $52.00 – $107.00

8) Moon Knight #1

8) Moon Knight #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: November 1980

Things To Know: After getting popular in his first appearance in the Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight gets his solo series, and this one is the first issue among them.

Here, we learn more about how mercenary Marc Spector becomes the Moon Knight. After the killing of Dr. Peter Alraune, Marc defies Bushman to save Marlene. Bushman stabs Spector and leaves him to die in the desert.

But he survives the desert fatefully after the ancient Egyptian god, Khonshu, resurrects him and grants him superpowers. Mark vows to avenge his death against his oldest foe in the comics, Bushman.

This issue dives deep into Moon Knight’s origins after his mysterious appearance in Werewolf by Night.

Though the MCU has introduced Moon Knight, his true origin is not shown properly in the live-action series. So, we highly recommend this comic book to anyone who wants to know more about Moon Knight.

Average Cost: $30.00

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7) Shazam #1

7) Shazam #1

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: February 1st, 1973

Things To Know: Shazam debuts in the DC Comics with this issue. Captain Marvel, aka Shazam, first appeared in Thrill Comics under the Fawcett Publications.

After a legal battle, Fawcett stopped publishing the character in 1953. But in Shazam #1, the original Captain Marvel returns as ‘Shazam’ in the comics after a long hiatus since the early 1950s. This happened because DC bought the rights to this character in 1972.

The story focuses on how Billy receives the godly power of Shazam. Though Billy is a kid, it does not take long for him to understand his responsibilities as a superhero.

Now, this particular issue is a historical comic as Shazam returns with his arch-enemy Sivana and Billy’s whole Marvel Family. With DC’s reintroduction, this fan-favorite character survived its unreasonable end.

Average Cost: $96.00

6) Hulk #1

6) Hulk #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: January 2008

Things To Know: As the first issue of the Hulk series, the plot is a continuation of the Incredible Hulk Volume 3. The events take place after the rampage of World War Hulk.

Abomination’s murder has caused chaos among superheroes and government officials. All the pieces of evidence indicate that Hulk is a murderer, but he is locked up in a highly secured jail. And the traces of gunshots also rule out the possibilities.

Now, one witness tells the story of a red hulk, and the heroes meet Bruce for assistance in solving the case of the mysterious red Hulk at the end of the story.

Not only Hulk, Abomination, but the story also features the Red Hulk for the first time in Marvel Comics through this issue. We suggest you read this series chronologically as the plot has many twists and turns, and you will enjoy it.

Average Cost: $99.00

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5) Superman: Man of Steel #18

5) Superman: Man of Steel #18

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: December 1992

Things To Know: The events of this issue are related to The Death and Return of Superman storylines, which makes it worth the read, and the entire plot ends with Superman’s death at the hands of Doomsday.

The story is simple as some underworld monsters attack Metropolis and try to take over the city. In this process, Lois is captured by them. But Keith, a little orphan boy, notices everything and gives a signal to Superman by using glow paint.

Just like in a typical Man of Steel style, Superman comes and saves Lois and his beloved city. If you wonder, is there anything special about it?

In this story, Superman’s strongest enemy, Doomsday appears for the first time in DC Comics. But his role is very limited in this arc as he is just introduced to the readers.

Average Cost: $56.00

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4) Venom Lethal Protector #1

4) Venom Lethal Protector #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: February 1993

Things To Know: Venom Lethal Protector #1 is the first issue of Venom’s solo comic book series.

The story begins with Eddie Brock’s moving to San Francisco as his approach to his new life changes because Eddy decides to fight against crime in an anti-hero manner. Here, he is also being chased by police for committing the previous crimes.

In search of a place to stay, Eddie finds people being beaten in the park and saves them by transforming into Venom. But Spidey interrupts him by misinterpreting the situation. Eddie gets angry as Spiderman has broken their agreement to stay away from one another.

Those who have read Venom before will find it intriguing as a villain tries his best to come to light. This issue ends with a twist, and you will have to read it to know that.

Average Cost: $78.00

3) Wolverine #1

3) Wolverine #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: November 1988

Things To Know: Wolverine #1 is the first issue of Wolverine in the Ultimate series.

Our list would be lacking if we did not put any comic issue of Marvel’s most fan-favored mutant, Wolverine. His journey is tremendous, and his craze is almost over the roof with Hugh Jackman.

Wolverine #1 is a straightforward story of Wolverine’s hunt for Kojima Noburo after he went missing along with a plane and all its crew members. Logan’s nature of brutality is seen in the pages as he kills all the pirates.

In his last breath, Noburo reveals all the information regarding the Cult of the Black Blade and the Muramasa Sword to Wolverine, and the sharp mutant begins his hunt again after arriving at Madripoor.

This comic book is often considered the most valuable among Wolverine comic books, and during sales, the price comes under 100 dollars.

Average Cost: $75.00

2) Secret Wars #1

2) Secret Wars #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Debut: May 6th, 2015

Things To Know: Marvel Cinematic Universe is rumored to introduce the Secret Wars storyline in the upcoming phase, and this comic book issue is the perfect buy right now.

Earth’s 21 superheroes are suddenly teleported into a space arena where they are forced to battle against another list of Earth’s supervillains who are also teleported into space.

One of the most powerful characters in Marvel, The Beyonder, appears for the first time in this issue and is the leading man behind all this. The villains and heroes must find a way to return to Earth after fighting against each other.

Though Beyonder appears here, he does not take any physical form. Doctor Doom and Galactus are the standout characters in this series. The involvement of the antagonist in the plot makes it a must-read for any comic book reader.

Average Cost: $43.00 – $95.00

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1) Batman: The Killing Joke

1) Batman: The Killing Joke

Publisher: DC Comics
Debut: June 1988

Things To Know: Batman: The Killing Joke is ranked 3rd in Wizard Magazine’s “100 Best Single Issue Comics Since You Were Born” list. It has one of the cruelest versions of Joker in the comics.

Though it is a Batman comic, it focuses on Barbara Gordon and her controversial romance with the Caped Crusader. Joker and his heinous crimes hit the lowest point in this story by kidnapping Commissioner Gordon and doing the unthinkable with Barbara, aka the Batgirl.

If we disclose an inch more about the plot, it will spoil the reading experience of the thrilling story. The story is very controversial as the actions of Batman are questioned in the comics, but the ending scene of the story is something one comic book reader should not miss.

Average Cost: $50.00 – $75.00

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The list of comics under $100 is long, and we have put numerous comic books with various storylines here. Check out the honourable mentions where we listed out comics that didn’t make it into our countdown but are worthy to justify the $100.

Honourable Mentions

  • Marvel Super-Heroes #12
  • Show-Case #60
  • Avengers #25
  • Spectacular Spider-Man #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #45
  • Ironman and Sub-Mariner #1
  • Thor #338
  • Marvel Team-Up #141
  • Amazing Spider-Man #365
  • Avengers #62
  • Marvel Team-Up #3
  • Incredible Hulk #234
  • Marvel Zombies #1
  • TMNT #51
  • Naomi #1
  • The Sentry #1
  • Shazam! #8
  • Heavy Metal #1
  • Booster Gold #1
  • TMNT: The Last Ronin #1
  • Show-Case #94
  • Iron Man #282
  • G.I. Joe #53
  • Batman #497
  • Daredevil #227
  • Doctor Strange #179
  • Sandman #4
  • X-Men #105
  • Harbinger #1
  • Star Wars #81
  • Marvel Super-Heroes #8
  • Thor #1
  • Sensational She-Hulk #40

We’ve tried to list out comics that hold the most value for your $100. These rankings are also taken after considering CGC ratings. So, Which comic book are you going to buy next? Did you find the article helpful?

Let us know it all on our Instagram handle here and in the meanwhile, Keep visiting averagebeing.com for more awesome superhero content.