Sayantan Ghosh

Sayantan Ghosh is more of an anime fan than a comic book one, but his love for cartoons was generated from Scooby Doo and Batman the Animated at an early age. The madness came when he was intrigued by anime when they were first aired on Cartoon Network around early 2000. He also has experience working with more than five different pop culture websites on various content to date. But as a Literature and Cultural Studies student, he prefers to judge any series from a black-and-white perspective. He rather prefers to see things through a gray lens. Sayantan is more interested in analyzing a series's characters and background than being an entertainment consumer. He loves to pinpoint the writer's hidden message. You can often expect an almost unbiased point of view from him. If you have any hidden gem kind of anime or manga on your mind to recommend, you can message him on his social media. Though Sayantan is not that active online, he is always open to criticism and feedback.