Why Did Joker Kill Jason Todd (The Truth Explained)

All of Batman’s comics point out one brutal arc, which is Jason’s death, but many of you don’t know the whole story of why did Joker kill Jason Todd and all the terrible things he’s done to him.

Here we dive deep into the scenario where Jason Todd was captured and tortured to death by the Clown Prince of Crime.

We’ve taken the liberty to make you guys understand how Jason was brutally tortured and beaten to death by The Joker. This is an in-depth article on how Joker killed Jason Todd.

Alert: This article contains violence and spoilers for Batman #427, Batman: A death in the family.

Now, Let’s not rush anything and understand it completely. Here we laid out everything you’ll ever need to know about the tragedy and why did Joker kill Jason Todd.

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How Did Jason Todd Get Captured By The Joker?

Joker used Jason’s mom as bait and invited the boy sidekick to capture him.

Jason wanted to put an end to the Joker and track him down to a remote area. The sidekick turned off all his coms, including the emergency tracker in his suit, and went on his own. This is probably his biggest mistake, Not to mention going blindly where Joker tells him to meet is questionable.

Jason did as Joker said him to but what he didn’t know is Jason Todd is walking right into a master trap laid by the Joker.

Joker caught him by surprise and then tied Jason to a chair and was all ready with his vicious plans.

What Did The Joker Do To Jason Todd?

Why Did Joker Kill Jason Todd (The Truth Explained)
Source: DC comics

This is the next thing that comes after Joker captures Jason Todd. The Clown Prince of Crime is not some idiot without a plan. He always has a card up his sleeve but doesn’t act like one.

Joker wanted to trap Jason in an untraceable area, and Jason walked right into it. He then did some terrible things to Jason in order to break him both physically and mentally.

What many of us know is Joker beat Robin with a crowbar, but it isn’t that simple.

If you played Batman: Arkham Knight, I’m sure the brutal treatment done to Jason will break your heart.

Joker first wanted to exhaust him and then turn him against Batman.

So, He beat the crap out of Jason with a crowbar and made some goons dress up as Batman and beat him every single hour.

Jason always believed that Batman would come to his rescue. Every time a goon dressed up as Batman shows up, he thought it is Batman.  This continued for over a year, and it took a heavy toll on Jason’s spirit.

Moreover, Joker would randomly visit the place and just trash him like he’s a toy.

Why Did Joker Kill Jason Todd (The Truth Explained)
Source : Batman: Arkham Knight, DC Comics

After tearing his spirit, Joker sends a fake video to Batman which shows Jason dead.

The Clown Prince of Crime tortured Jason for over a year, and the sidekick slowly began to believe that Batman had abandoned him and there was no hope left.

What he doesn’t know is that Batman had no idea that Jason was alive and was being brutally tortured.

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Why Didn’t Batman Save Jason Todd?

Why didnt Batman save Jason Todd 1

Many of us wanted Batman to rescue Jason Todd from Joker, but it didn’t happen.

Batman may be the world’s greatest detective, but he too needs some leads to catch up.

There are absolutely no clues left on how to find Jason. This, combined with a videotape of Joker killing Jason, made Batman believe he was dead. On the flip side, With the resources and vast knowledge at his disposal, Batman could find Jason but the writers decided not to.

Yes, The real reason why Jason was killed and not rescued is because of a fan poll.

After Nightwing, The new sidekick got so much hate that the fans wanted him dead. This alone made the writers take a new direction, and they wanted to make it intense.

So, The writers put out a poll on whether to kill him or not.

As a result of severe hatred towards the character and as per the final results of the poll, The sidekick was killed off.

Later, It was revealed that one fan, in particular, had voted several times, misleading the poll in killing Jason.

The writers then brought him back as the fan-favorite “Red Hood.”

How Did Jason Todd Come Back To Life?

The answer to this question depends on the comic edition and the storyline you are referring to.

The most known answer is Ra’s al Ghul resurrecting Jason from Lazaro’s pit in the animated feature “Under the Red Hood” but what many don’t know is the main comic storyline.

In the comics, Earth-Prime Superboy was trapped in a heaven dimension on infinite earth.



He then hammered the barrier so hard that reality itself changed. These heavy pounding created resonances in our dimension, which led to people forgetting the Doom Patrol and the change in Jason’s fate.

Why Did Joker Kill Jason Todd (The Truth Explained)
Source: DC comics

The dead sidekick rose from the ashes in a coffin and is back alive in a graveyard. Six months after Joker killed Jason, The boy sidekick was restored to life and broke out of the coffin.

Jason walked about 12 miles with his bare hands and was hospitalized for several months with severe injuries and blood loss.

What Is Jason Todd’s Personality?

What is Jason Todds Personality
Source: DC comics

Jason Todd is a skilled individual with an immeasurable sense of justice. He is definitely a very complex character, full of tragedy.

In fact, his story is filled with more bad things than any other member of the Bat Family.

As we can easily see through his actions, Jason Todd is intense in his emotions and has a limited personality.

This can be considered as his strength but also be a weakness that enemies can exploit at times. One thing everyone should remember is Jasin Todd is tough as hell with everything he’s gone through. This is one reason why Jason tends to protect himself from further emotional traumas.

He constructed a barrier around his mental state and is very much clear in what he must do rather than what would have happened. Lazaro’s pit also has an influence on his character, as the mysterious pit can alter one’s emotions when brought back to life.

When it comes to dealing with criminals of Gotham City, Jason Todd seems to have better solutions than what the remaining Bat Family has to offer. Mostly, His personality depends on the type of people Jason’s around.

Yes, He is flawed, but what more do you expect from the Bat Family?

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Does Jason Todd Become The Joker?

The answer is a definite “NO.” Jason Todd would never become the man who killed him. Putting this aside, Many fan theories claim that Jason Todd is the Joker in the DCEU. This is a big one to claim but hear me out.

With the bizarre events occurring in the DC Extended Universe, One theory strongly suggests that the version of the Joker seen in Suicide Squad is actually the cinematic adaptation of Jason Todd.

There is the possibility that it is true, but if this story ever happens in the mainstream DCEU, this would be the most unexpected plot ever in all of CBMS.

Is Jason Todd Evil?

Jason Todd is a typical Anti-Hero in the DC comics.

Don’t get me wrong. He’s done more good than bad, the lengths his actions can go to are quite extreme.

Jason’s character often sides with good, but he doesn’t always have the qualities of a so-called “Hero.” He might have some anger issues, but the truth is he wants the same thing as the rest of the Batfamily. They want the world to be a better place.

In recent times, Red Hood is exploring the world, murdering hardcore criminals, and also establishing a decent school.

Jason changed his view on crime and now believes crime can never be stopped or eliminated but can only be controlled with power.

So, He took all that on himself and is now teaching the super-villains his own moral code. This allows him to control crime by taking it into his own hands.

He follows the principle of “killing the really bad people who must die and leaving the innocents alone.”

Ultimately, If you need someone to stand still and do the right thing, even if it means killing some people who deserve it, then Jason is your obvious choice.

Finally, Jason Todd just thinks his way of fighting crime is a better option.

Does Jason Todd Kill Joker?

No, Jason didn’t kill the Joker. This particular plot hole in the DC comics can make fans go crazy. Jason first spares Joker’s life because he wants to kill him in front of Batman, but the second time, Batman doesn’t allow him to.

Like why in the hell is Joker still alive?

The reason, DC doesn’t want to kill their most popular villain and interrupt the Batman-Joker cycle.

If you know Batman, He’s never going to kill the Joker or any other criminals, no matter how bad they are.

Why Is Jason Todd Batman’s Greatest Failure?

Why Did Joker Kill Jason Todd (The Truth Explained)
Source: DC comics

There are many stories where Batman failed to deliver, but the one arc that tops everything else is Jason Todd’s death. But why is Jason Todd’s death significant enough to take the top spot?

Firstly, Batman himself admitted that he rushed Jason into being his sidekick and taking the mantle of Robin. Jason was not as stable as Tim or Dick when he took on the role of Robin.

No matter what you say, Sending an angry kid to fight criminals is bad parenting.

Jason didn’t have the time to stabilize his mental state as Dick Grayson.

Fans may take on Batman’s side and argue it was Jason’s fault, but if Batman was there for him, The tragedy would have never happened.

If not anything else in the Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Bruce admits it himself as his greatest failure in his Last Will and Testament.

Something which is further mocked by the Riddler in Batman: Hush and subsequent other storylines where he faces guilt for the same. In the end, It all comes down to being a failure in mentoring his sidekick, which resulted in Jason’s death, and taking away one’s life is the most sinful thing you can ever do.

Now that you have read all this, what do you think of Jason’s death?  Did you get the answer to why did joker kill Jason?

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