Darkseid’s True Form Explained

Darkseid is DC’s most powerful antagonist and is one of the most brutal supervillains ever. However, what we get to see isn’t the true Darkseid form.

The brutal ruler of Apokolips has been playing us all in his chair, and this is what makes him terrifying.

Lord Darkseid is thought to be among the most well-known comic book characters of all time.

“The New God” from Apokolips is a brutal ruler who is determined to achieve total dominance.

With the army of Parademons and his subordinates, Darkseid takes over the universe, destroying planets and making them appear like his home planet.

Despite being as strong as he is Darkseid has been a victim of loss throughout his career in comic books but he’s thought to be among the most powerful. Why is this? Continue reading to learn more.

Darkseid’s goal is not to conquer some planet but to take over all of existence and the terrifying task to bring down the Omniverse.

Who Actually Is Darkseid?

Source : DC comics

Darkseid is an imaginary character that appears in comics that are published in DC Comics.

The character was developed by Jack Kirby and made his debut in Forever People #1 (1971).

After having an appearance in The Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (1970), Fans got to know who Darkseid is.

Yuga Khan was the ruler of Apokolips and was later deposed by his two sons Uxas as well as Drax.

Uxas later killed Drax and took his Omega Force, the source of Khan’s power for himself.

With the full force that comes from the Omega Force, Uxas renamed himself Darkseid and transformed his body into a God.

Darkseid remains in Apokolips and sends different forms of himself as Swamp Thing did when he acquired the power associated with the Green.

Darkseid’s new body is outside of reality. When it enters a physical world it starts to tear it apart.

Darkseid makes use of his ability to manifest physical avatars with different power to create an order across multiple universes at the same time.

The ruler of Apokolips is often portrayed as the greatest supervillain in DC’s Multiverse but there are far more formidable cosmic beings that reside in the Multiverse.

Darkseid turned Apokolips into a hell pit and devised plans to conquer the entire universe and subordinate each and every living thing who has the freedom to submit to his vision.

He traversed the universe, destroying and conquering planets before creating terraforms to make them look like the hell pit the one he built on his own home planet.

You may think that Superman is able to beat Darkseid but if Darkseid is seen slapping Superman but it’s not at his full power then Darkseid certainly scales to superman many times in raw power.

Superman in time during some of his adventures is a universal and multi-dimensional level character. But Darkseid is no less.

Darkseid’s avatar does reside in Apokolips, which is an outerversal location. This transcends the multiverse and resides in the sphere of gods.

The Spheres of God From DC Comics

The Spheres of God From DC Comics - Darkseid's True Form Explained
Source : DC comics

As you can see here, The Sphere of Gods exists outside of the Multiverse and Space-Time.

The Avatars from Darkseid are in all likelihood a global threat of a certain level, capable of bringing the collective force of the initial Members from the JLA to their knees at any time.

Each of the forms of Darkseid we’ve seen in comics is believed to be an avatar and not his true form.

The real Darkseid is an incredibly godlike creature that is truly multi-dimensional, inconceivably powerful, and transcends our understanding of time and space.

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Darkseid Powers

Darkseid's True Form Explained
Source : DC comics

Darkseid as we’ve seen the avatar he is often seen as not only a god-like creature but he’s a God himself.

He is superhumanly strong, has the ability to regenerate, and his almost invulnerability renders him practically immortal.

With all that, Darkseid has been killed on several occasions. However, It was never ever permanent.

Also, he was granted the ability of the Omega Force, which made him stronger than prior to he is truly dangerous.

Because of the Omega force, he’s able to use Omega Beams.

These beams of energy can destroy any form of matter within a split second.

He also has cosmic awareness that allows him to travel through the universe and through dimensions and can make Boomtubes on his own and without the need for the use of a Mother Box.

He can alter his size and is able to use psionic powers like telekinesis, telepathy, and psychic abilities.

Because of his Omega Force, he can also revive the dead. Now, this is a handy power.

If necessary, he may also draw the power of Apokolips and other planets into himself and become even more powerful.

Now that you have an understanding of who Darkseid is. Let’s get to the different forms of Darkseid.

Darkseid Forms

Darkseid in particular takes three forms.

3# The Clone

This is seen the most often as he sends out some clones of himself with much less power and conquers a planet.

Most fans see Darkseid in his clone form and this lowest form has defeated the JLA and many other superheroes throughout the DC Universe.

2# The Semi-Darkseid

Simply put, This is an upgraded version of Darkseid’s clone form.

If he needs to take on much bigger opponents, Darkseid uses this particular form.

In this form, Darkseid’s power is limitless, since he’s easily capable of equalizing the power of other beings.

Darkseid’s Semi-Form was able to achieve some of the greatest feats such as the following:

  • Defeated the Source
  • Defeated the Anti Monitor
  • Escaping the platonic bullet composed of radion, which is the kryptonite used to kill the new gods
Darkseid escaping radion bullet - Darkseid's True Form Explained
Source : DC comics

1# The True Form

This is seen much less compared to the other two forms but Darkseid has used this form on few occasions.

Darkseid in his real true form can easily devastate planets using The Omega Effect.

In this form, Darkseid is a multiversal danger.

The True Darkseid form is an unconceptual evil that is applied to all scales.

In actuality, this model has also appeared in multiversity, as a person also known as the “Empty Hand.”

To let you understand how terrifying this form is, Here are few examples.

  • Darkseid in his true form, By falling, the man cast shadows over the entire universe and every plane of the universe.
  • Darkseid in his true form is the platonic notion of evil that the world has ever seen.
  • When the Spectre destroyed Darkseid’s avatar, The Ruler of Apokolips came back to tell him that his judgment is no match for Darkseid and is he is a mere pawn in his grand scheme.
  • Later, The Spectre appeared at Apokolips once more, Darkseid informed his client, The Ghost, also known as “God’s Wrath” didn’t have any power over him on the Apokolips.
  • Another evidence that Darkseid’s true form is capable of overpowering the Spectre can be seen in the way that Darkseid bullied and Eclipso.

Eclipso once controlled the Spectre and Darkseid simply trashed him away.

For your reference, Spectre is stronger than Marvel’s Eternals and is a grade above the Celestials.

Now that you’ve got an overview of all Darkseid’s forms, let’s dive deep into Darkseid’s enigmatic appearance, The True Form.

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Darkseid’s True Form Explained

The Real True Form of Darkseid Explained
Source : DC comics

As said above, Darkseid’s real nature in this form is a multiversal threat but there’s more to it.

The real appearance of his form is similar to the multiversal spirit. More than anything else and it only appeared in Final Crisis and the events that preceded the events.

We’ve looked at the personality of Darkseid in all its aspects, and you now know there’s nothing to do if he decides to do it himself.

All of what we’ve said is applicable to the Darkseid we all love and know from the Prime-Earth universe in DC Comics.

However, this evil god is only a tiny fragment of the Darkseid deity, and his real shape and form are hidden in his own world.

The majority of people think of Darkseid in the context of Darkseid as the New God we’ve seen in the comics.

The one who conquers the world and lost his way to Doomsday, Superman, Batman, and more.

However, we need to remind ourselves that much of this remains obscure which is just one of Darkseid’s forms.

In the Multiversity Guidebook, The Highfather is also a New God and Darkseid’s brother states that each of the realities that exist present, past, and future is a part of its distinct variant form of Darkseid.

This implies that Darkseid is in reality an omnipresent, non-corporeal entity split into multiple parts to be in every world.

As far as we are aware the only real multiversal deities are The Presence in DC Comics and The One Above All in Marvel Comics.

That would place Darkseid in his true form at top of every list containing the most powerful beings ever to appear in all of comics.

Unfortunately, little is known about this comment made on his older brother.

In the past, in the comics, Darkseid’s actual appearance was seen in a few cameo appearances. However, it was never completely revealed and did not play an important role in the majority of stories.

Why? Simply because the Darkseid who is the true Darkseid isn’t concerned with these trivial matters.

Darkseid is so powerful, and beyond the common perceptions of reality, that he does not bother to intervene by sending some of his avatars to complete the task.

The Final Crisis Darkseid is believed to be able to cast a massive shadow over the entire Multiverse which proves that he transcends all the realms of existence and reality, not just the one we’ve seen him most often in.

In the same way, the Flash declared that Darkseid’s falling is so risky that he could bring the entire universe down with him.

The fall of Darkseid would result at the end of all existence.

The Real True Form of Darkseid Explained
Source : DC comics

Additionally, he was able to make a singularity that was so strong that it was taking over the Multiverse which the Green Lanterns were witnessed.

In the Pre-Crisis region, Darkseid was able to manage a total of 3,500,000 Daxamites, Humanoid aliens that have abilities similar to those of Kryptonians with no assistance whatsoever.

This shows how powerful Darkseid is in his true form.

Nobody knows the character’s appearance and why he’s not caused greater trouble than he already has.

This remains a mystery and we’ll have to believe that the authors at DC will give us more details sooner than later.

This is the tale of Darkseid’s real form.

The avatars as powerful as they are will ultimately be a mere weakling when in comparison with the New God’s real form.

As this is beyond the realm of normality, We’ve witnessed just the power of this form and what it can accomplish.

This is why the saying “For Darkseid!” is heard from many powerful servants of the new god.

With all that mess, Writers decided to debunk the True Form Darkseid and it is the reason why we do not see him in the present comics.

After the New 52 storyline, There are no clones or avatars and Darkseid actually roams across the multiverse himself.


Darkseid Real Name

Darkseid’s real name is Uxas. He is the son of King Yuga Khan and Queen Heggra of Apokolips. He became Darkseid, A New God after gaining the Omega Sanction by defeating the Old Gods.

What is Darkseid’s strongest form?

Darkseid’s strongest form is True Form Darkseid aka The Essence which lies beyond the realms of reality and is terrifyingly powerful.

Who can defeat Darkseid’s true form?

Knull can defeat Darkseid True Form. The Elder God has an all-black Necro Sword which can kill any Celestial. Other than that Superman and Batman as a team has a chance of beating Darkseid if Batman figures something out.

Ultimately, The only way to defeat him is to combine forces and draw out an excellent plan.

Where is Darkseid’s real form?

Darkseid’s real form is in another reality altogether and he sends out smaller, lesser powerful versions of himself and devours universes in his name.

In Apokolips, Darkseid has an elite army with unlimited parademons and fierce Female Furies to safeguard the throne.

This True Form Darkseid is revealed in the Final Crisis storyline by Grant Morrison.

Is true form Darkseid Omniversal?

Darkseid is an omniversal threat, He lies beyond the reach of any reality and resides in his own universe. This makes him a new god and the first omniversal threat in the Infinite Frontier era.

What is Darkseid’s weakness?

All New Gods fear one thing, The Radion. This particular thing can even kill a new god. Though its source is unknown, Batman once used it to hurt Darkseid.

Is Darkseid stronger than Thanos?

Darkseid is much stronger than Thanos. Even if Thanos fights a clone of Darkseid, It would be a tough battle for the mad titan. However, Thanos can use the infinity gauntlet and kill one of Darkseid’s clones but Thanos could never beat the true form of Darkseid.

Can Darkseid Beat Galactus?

Galactus and Darkseid are two powerful beings from Marvel and DC comics. If these two fight each other, This would end all of existence.

Darkseid would be the winner as he can teleport Galactus to his reality and make his powers useless. Moreover, Darkseid can draw out energy from any form of life and add to his strength. It is very much a close battle but Darkseid would be victorious.

Is Darkseid immune to mind control?

Darkseid is indeed immune to mind control. With his immense control over telepathy, Darkseid can easily dominate millions of beings at once and isn’t vulnerable to any disease at all.

Who would win Trigon or Darkseid?

As we all saw Trigon face off against Darkseid in Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, Trigon can beat Darkseid’s clone but is nowhere near his full potential. Darkseid would demolish Trigon in an instant if he ever fights Darkseid’s true form.

Can Goku beat Darkseid?

No, Goku cannot beat Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips would very much enjoy battling against the super Saiyan but Darkseid can easily drain Goku’s life force out of him and make him useless.

Can Darkseid destroy a universe?

Darkseid can easily destroy a universe. If not with his mother boxes, Darkseid can use his Omega beams or Omega Sanction to bombard any universe he wishes. If he was in his true form, All it takes is one flick and multiple universes would be destroyed in an instant.

Who is Darkseid afraid of?

Darkseid in particular fears his father Yuga Khan. Yuga Khan is the original ruler of Apokolips and is known to be an even worse tyrant than Darkseid.

With all the powers at his disposal, Darkseid could stand a chance against Yuga Khan but his phobia towards his father is one he cannot face.

Is Darkseid Omega level?

Yes, Darkseid is an Omega level threat. Darkseid gained his Omega powers by killing and absorbing the energies of the Old Gods in The Post-Flashpoint storyline. This makes him a New God with multiple Omega-level powers.

Is Darkseid Omnipresent?

Yes, Darkseid is an omnipresent being. It means he is everywhere and knows everything. Traveling through time does not affect the New God as he is aware of all the possible events throughout the Multiverse even if they were erased.

Is Darkseid 5th dimensional?

Darkseid belongs to a much higher dimension, The ruler of Apokolips isn’t his real form but a mere clone of himself with considerably lesser power.

The New God is unaffected by time changes and can even remember events from erased timelines. This makes Darkseid an Omnipresent being who is everywhere and knows everything.

How old is Darkseid?

Darkseid first appeared in December 1970 and is known to be older than time itself. For an estimate, Darkseid is at least 250000 years old.

The New God stands at an astounding 8 foot 9 inches tall and is a fearsome being from all of comics.

Who can beat Darkseid in Marvel?

Darkseid in his clone form is much less powerful. This version of Darkseid can be beaten by The Phoenix, Franklin Richards, Scarlet Witch, Reed Richards, Silver Surfer, Doctor Strange, King Thor, Immortal Hulk, and The Sentry.

Is True Form Darkseid Canon?

Yes, True Form Darkseid aka The Essence is a Canon. This concept was first created by Jack Kirby and picked up by Grant Morrison turning it into a canon from Post-Crisis to Final Crisis.

True Form Darkseid vs Superman

Darkseid’s True Form is shown in Final Crisis where he fights Superman. This version of Superman is very much pissed off and is not holding back whatsoever.

Superman battles the True Form Darkseid aka The Essence and defeats him in this storyline. The winner from the True Form Darkseid vs Superman would be “The Man of Steel.”

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True Form Darkseid vs The One Above All

The One Above All wins this battle as TOOA is basically the writer and Darkseid is fiction. The One Above All easily obliterates True Form Darkseid out of existence in an instant. However, If The Once Above All is a celestial version, Darkseid would kill him.

True Form Darkseid vs Trigon

Trigon can defeat one of Darkseid’s clones but True Form Darkseid aka The Essence would destroy Trigon if they battle each other.

True Form Darkseid vs Galactus

First of all, True Form Darkseid is terrifying and has some of the greatest feats in all comics. The same goes for Galactus, but Galactus has never fought someone on the scale of True Form Darkseid’s power.

One such feat that could be taken as an example is from DC’s New 52 storyline, True From Darkseid destroyed entire universes at once in an instant but we have never seen Galactus pull off such a feat.

The True Form Darkseid is above space and time. So, Galactus has to come to Darkseid’s realm to fight his true form which would be a major disadvantage to any Marvel character.

Darkseid’s true form has fought much bigger threats and being than Galactus. The True Form Darkseid has a slight edge over Galactus and If these two fight, Darkseid would be the winner.

True Form Darkseid vs Doomsday

Doomsday has no chance of beating True Form Darkseid. The canon version of Darkseid is so much more powerful than a 100 Doomsday put together and transcends all life.

Sadly, The True Form Darkseid is debunked and Doomsday defeated the New 52 version of Darkseid multiple times.

True Form Darkseid vs Anti Monitor

According to the latest retcon, The Monitor and Anti-Monitor are way above the God Sphere, and it doesn’t matter where Darkseid’s true form is above the Multiverse, Anti-Monitor is still above them.

In this case, Anti Monitor wins but if The Anit-Monitor is not retconned as a 6D being, True Form Darkseid wins.

What do you think of Darkseid’s true form? Did you get what you wanted?

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