All Moon Knight Personalities From Comics & MCU Explained

Marvel is setting up for a whole new world of series and movies with the introduction of Moon Knight, as he is not one of the regular superheroes that we have seen on the big screens up until now.

Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin, and he made his debut in Werewolf by Night #32 in 1972. He uses different personalities throughout his life, which makes him very interesting as a character.

The anti-hero leans more towards violence and the lethal side of being a mercenary. The Disney+ exclusive shows us a glimpse of the complex character with a dissociative identity disorder but this only raises more questions.

Is he mad?
Is he crazy?
Moon Knight fans will agree with me when I say, “Heck yeah! He’s absolutely crazy.”

Then what are Moon Knight’s different personalities? What are their stories? Let’s find out.

Main Personalities of Moon Knight

#1 Marc Spector

#1 Marc Spector
Source: Marvel Comics

Earth 616 is where most of the Marvel comics continuity and the present Marvel’s Cinematic Universe takes place. Here we find Marc Spector, born in Chicago, Illinois, to a Jewish rabbi, Elias Spector.

After the death of his father, Marc regularly trained to be a heavyweight boxer and then decided to serve in the US Marines.

Three years later, He was dishonourably discharged from the Marines due to his violent nature. Soon after, Marc joins the C.I.A. with his brother Randall Spector.

Randall betrays them for money and kills Marc’s girlfriend Lisa after she knows about his intentions. Marc hunts him down and manages to grenade him. BOOM! It kills him, or so he thinks.

After this incident with his brother, Marc leaves the C.I.A. and gets involved in illegal fights, where he meets a French Pilot, Jean-Paul Duchamp, better known as ‘Frenchie,’ and becomes great friends with him.

They become mercenaries and travel to Egypt together with Raul Bushman on an assignment to dig up an archaeological site.

They stumble upon the lead archeologist, Peter Alraune, and his daughter Marlene. Raul Bushman kills Peter to claim all the treasures for himself.

To save Marlene, Marc attacks him, but Bushman critically wounds him and leaves him for dead in the desert.

Local Egyptians find Marc and carry him to their place of worship. Marc collapses under the statue of Khonshu.

There, he encounters the Egyptian Moon God and is told that his life will only be saved if he agrees to serve as the deity’s agent of Vengeance on earth, to which the dying Marc nods and is brought back to life just like that.

This begins Marc’s journey as the Fist of Khonshu, A knight who serves as an agent for the Moon God, Hence the name “Moon Knight.”

Marc Spector is one of the primary identities of Moon Knight in MCU’s Moon Knight, currently airing on Disney+.

#2 Steven Grant

#2 Steven Grant
Source: Disney+

Marc believed that he had a friend named Steven Grant as a kid. He then unknowingly started to behave and act like Steven from time to time.

The personality of Steven Grant was later used by Marc, and under this identity, he invested big money that he had saved from his mercenary days and became an entrepreneur.

After becoming a millionaire, Steven walked among the high-class people to keep himself updated with the rich and elites of New York City for any criminal activity or evil plans being made or talked about at these fancy parties.

Steven Grant is also the one who funds his entire operation to make his weapons and different types of equipment.

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, We follow the events surrounding Steven Grant, played by Oscar Isaac.

In this live-action adaptation of Moon Knight, Steven is revealed to be a British employee who works at a gift shop and seems to know the history of Egypt and the ‘Ennead’ – A group of nine deities in Egyptian Mythology.

#3 Jake Lockley

#3 Jake Lockley
Source: Marvel Comics

As opposed to keeping tabs on the high class, Jake’s personality is that of a taxi-cab driver in New York City who was made to keep his eyes and ears on the streets among the lower-level people, including thugs and thieves.

Jake makes several connections and contacts using this persona, one of them being Bertrand Crawley, a homeless man who becomes his informant.

He meets Crawley in Gena’s Diner, a regular meeting place for Jake, and even befriends Gena Landers and her two sons, Ricky and Ray.

A few years later, her family becomes an essential network of informants for Moon Knight.

Ray used to tag along as his pilot whenever ‘Frenchie’ was unavailable or didn’t feel like helping him. However, Jake’s relationship with the Landers goes downhill after her youngest son, Ray, dies in assisting Moon Knight, and she blames him for her son’s death.

#4 Mr. Knight

#4 Mr. Knight
Source: Marvel Comics

The personality of Mr. Knight was revealed in 2014 as the newest addition to Moon Knight’s identity, and he became the face of the vigilante.

Mr. Knight wears a crisp white suit and tie and carries out his tasks looking all chic and poised. He represents the more elegant, classy, and sophisticated version of Moon Knight.

This identity of Moon Knight usually interacts with the police and investigates on behalf of Marc Spector, which would be challenging to do as a billionaire or a taxi-cab driver.

He even advised as a consultant and has acted as a mediator several times in the comics.

#5 Moon Knight

#5 Moon Knight
Source: Disney+

Finally, we’ve come to the character who carries out Vengeance for the Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu.

Moon Knight is brutal, violent, and extremely dangerous when it comes to fighting his foes.

No villain can escape him once he sets his eyes on them. He thirsts for Vengeance and leaves his targets in a critical state after a fight.

He wears an all-white suit knowing that he will be easily spotted, which is precisely what he wants.

Moon Knight also wears a hood and a cape. His armor is made of Kevlar and contains a two-way radio to contact his pilot ‘Frenchie’ when needed for backup.

This brings us to his Moon-Copter which is Moon Knight’s private medium of transportation, as it is the primary means that allows him to travel from one place to another cause, let’s be honest, we would not want to see a superhero taking the bus or a cab except when the character is Deadpool.

Moon Knight is very skilled in combat and knows about the human body’s weak points. He even managed to defeat Deadpool in battle, and the famous imitating character, Taskmaster, refused to copy his fighting style as Moon Knight would very much like to take a punch instead of dodging it.

The vigilante is assisted by Marlene Alraune and Jean-Paul Duchamp in fighting crime. Marlene later gets romantically involved with Moon Knight, which many fans don’t know except comic book readers.

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Other Imitations Of Moon Knight

#6 Captain America

#6 Captain America
Source: Marvel Comics

Moon Knight even mimics Cap in Moon Knight 2011, written and composed by Brian Michael Bendis.

Although it is mostly in his head, Marc imitates Captain America, and we can see him using a ‘Zero Point Energy Shield,’ which looks similar to Captain America’s shield with a star at the center surrounded by circles of blue and red.

He even uses it to fight Count Luchino Nefaria and throws it toward him like a projectile to cause maximum impact, much like Captain America, who has done it a countless number of times in the comics and in several movies that we have seen from Marvel’s Phase 1 to Phase 3.

#7 Spider-Man

#7 Spider-Man
Source: Marvel Comics

We also see Moon Knight dressing up as Spiderman to investigate a club where he fights Snapdragon as Spiderman.

He even uses web-shooters like Spiderman, which is a tech later revealed to be replicated easily by S.H.I.E.L.D. Moon Knight uses it to block enemy sight, neutralize them and even stop himself from falling off a building, which looked a tiny bit like our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

While fighting Snapdragon, she observes his fighting style and begins to doubt that he is Spiderman.

Moon Knight is caught off guard and gets shot by Snapdragon’s accomplice. She then notices the costume with a crescent moon symbol on his chest, under the Spiderman costume.

Quoting the comics, she says, “He’s got a costume under his costume? What the hell is this?”

Yeah, Moon Knight is totally crazy.

#8 Wolverine

#8 Wolverine
Source: Marvel Comics

In the same comic storyline mentioned above, the imitation of Wolverine by Moon Knight surfaces when situations get out of hand.

This persona takes over and makes decisions with his ‘Fist First Policy’ and uses retractable claws as ‘Close Quarter Weaponry’ (not made of Adamantium, of course), but mimics the actual Wolverine.

Marc is not only seen imitating these superheroes but also having conversations with them in his head.

The voices and hallucinations seem to retain the temperament of the Original Superheroes.

Captain America keeps telling him to think rationally and not injure civilians or the police officers who were only doing their jobs.

Spiderman makes occasional jokes and is pretty optimistic most of the time, and Wolverine is all about getting angry, running away, doing things alone, and killing, to which the others remind him that they don’t kill people.

If you are wondering how, Then the tech made to replicate the devices and equipment of Spiderman, Captain America, and Wolverine was made by Buck Lime, an ex-agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Buck Lime worked under Marc Spector as his weapons expert and military consultant. He also crafted tools according to his special needs, including the web-shooting device, the energy shield, and retractable claws.

#9 Maya Burr

#9 Maya Burr
Source: Marvel Comics

One of the very few female personalities of Moon Knight is Maya Burr from Earth 61615, also known as the Modern Universe.

She is the only soothing voice inside Marc’s head and never surfaces or makes a public appearance.

This personality was created by combining the likes of Marc’s mother, His dead lover Lisa, and his present girlfriend, Marlene Alraune.

Maya’s voice is like the voice of an angel, guiding him to do good, make proper choices, and even encourages him to lead a decent life.

#10 Yitzak Topol

#10 Yitzak Topol
Source: Marvel Comics

Another personality of Moon Knight from Earth 61615 is Yitzak Topol, but unlike Maya Burr, Yitzak is not just a voice but one of the regular personas which Moon Knight had developed on this earth.

Being a Jewish Rabbi, Marc’s father was very religious and a good-hearted man. Marc’s memories of his devoted father led to this personality development.

Due to his mental disorder and the containment of several separate personalities, Marc Spencer’s psyche is in turmoil, and the personalities like Marc, Steven, Jake, Mr. Knight, and Moon Knight are the primary identities retained frequently by him.

Numerous other personalities have come up in his life, a few of them being a little red-haired girl called the ‘Inner Child,’ an astronaut who fights werewolves, and Khonshu’s imitating identity.

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Moon Knight’s MCU Personalities

Moon Knight's MCU Personalities
Source: Disney+

To sum up Moon Knight’s personalities in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marc Spector is the original identity before he came into contact with Khonshu and became Moon Knight.

Marc is a highly-skilled combatant and marksman. He served in the US Marines for three years and then joined the C.I.A. After that, Marc became a mercenary for hire with his friend Jean-Paul Duchamp. This is when he meets his future lover Marlene, and his origin story begins.

Steven Grant is the millionaire and businessman who funds the vigilante’s crusades, weapons, and equipment.

Apart from that, Steven also keeps tabs on high-profile people of New York City.

Jake is a taxi-cab driver who connects with informants on the ground level.

Mr. Knight is the official representative of Moon Knight, who wears a suit, tie, shirt, mask, and a pair of white trousers, all in just plain white. He also works with the police as a private consultant.

Moon Knight is an avatar of the Lunar God of Vengeance and serves as an agent to carry out his justice in the world.

Everyone calls Moon Knight ‘delusional’ or ‘crazy’ for talking to an Egyptian God named Khonshu. Well, Everyone except his girlfriend, Marlene. She believes that Khonshu does exist, and he’s not just in Marc’s head.

With that, We’ve covered all the personalities of Moon Knight in both comics and the MCU. We believe that the article did a decent job at unveiling this complex character, and you got the answer you were looking for.