Moon Knight vs Batman: Who Wins In A Fight To The Death?

With Marvel’s Moon Knight and DC’s The Batman clashing it’s time to see who wins in a straight-on versus battle between the two vigilantes aka Moon Knight vs Batman.

Though Moon Knight and Batman as similarly skilled, and equipped, Who wins this fight, Can Moon Knight beat Batman?

Rest assured, We did the hard part of comparing all their comic feats and there’s only one winner in a death battle. This article gives you the victor amongst the two with valid reasons to back them.

Note: We’re talking about the regular versions of these superheroes as Batman with his array of suits can literally torment the strongest of foes.

Though the superheroes share a similar past and background, We will clear things up as you read further.

For now, Let’s start with Marvel’s Batman aka Moon Knight.

Moon Knight History

Moon Knight History
Source: Marvel Comics

First appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 in August 1975, Moon Knight was created by writer Doug Moench and artist Don Perlin.

Born in a wealthy family, Marc Spector is the son of Rabbi. Even with all the riches at his disposal, Marc faced indiscrimination and injustice in his childhood.

This made him mentally ill as he created his own versions of personalities to deal with the real world.

One of Marc’s mental personalities is Moon Knight.

As a former CIA agent, Boxer, and Marine, Marc Spector is already a skilled fighter but after a deadly attack in Egypt, The mercenary was on the brink of death.

Witnessing all this, The Egyptian Moon God, Khonshu helped Marc to reborn as his avatar.

Thus, Marc Spector became the vigilante we all know today as Moon Knight.

Batman History

Batman History
Source: DC Comics

First appeared in Detective Comics #37 in 1939, Batman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Like all other superheroes, Batman’s past is the whole reason why he became who he is today.

Similar to Marc Spector, Bruce Wayne was also born into a rich family. In fact, Bruce is almost twice as wealthy as Marc.

When Bruce Wayne was just 8 years old, His parents we shot dead by a thug named Joe Chill in an alley.

Witnessing his parents Thomas, and Martha Wayne take their last breath, Bruce swore to set things right and become a symbol of justice.

In order to make Gotham free of criminals, Bruce took on the mantle of Batman and the rest is history.

Now that both contenders’ origin stories are out, Let’s dive into strengths and weaknesses.

Moon Knight Strengths

Moon Knight Strengths
Source: Marvel Comics
  • Boxer
  • CIA agent
  • Mercenary
  • Skilled hand combatant
  • Olympic level athlete
  • Has three suits
  • Moon-based powers
  • Psychic resistance
  • Split personality
  • Deadly ancient gadgets
  • Unbelievable pain tolerance
  • Can take life force out
  • Immortality
  • The total worth of 2.3 billion dollars

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Now that all of Moon Knight’s powers are out, Let’s talk about his raw strength.

In Marvel Universe #9, Moon Knight can bench press over 450 pounds which is twice his weight.

Wearing an all-out white costume, Moon Knight wants his prey to know, and fear him.

This is a day and night difference between Moon Knight and Batman.

With an array of gadgets like an adamantium truncheon, eyeball splitter, poison needle, and wrist blades, Moon Knight also has something interesting in his arsenal to mobilize.

With the help of Moon Copter, Crescent Shaped Glider, and Angelwing Glider, Marc can easily move from place to place.

Here are some feats to show the madness of Moon Knight.

When I said Moon Knight’s pain tolerance is unbelievable I’m not joking. One example of how he responds to extreme pain-causing situations is in Moon Knight #2.

When Bushman shot Marc with a crossbow, His reply is “Thuk,” and continues to rip Bushman’s face off.

Moon Knight shot with a crossbow
Source: Marvel Comics

Do you know that Moon Knight defeated Deadpool not once but twice in a row?
Well, For starters, Deadpool was distracted in the first fight but in the rematch Moon Knight sliced him real good.

Moon Knight defeated Deadpool
Source: Marvel Comics

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If it’s the speed you need then Moon Knight is more than capable in this category. He isn’t a speedster by any means but he once dodged Venom’s direct attack.

Moon Knight dodges Venom's attack
Source: Marvel Comics

Batman Strengths

Batman Strengths
Source: DC Comics
  • Knows over 127 martial art styles
  • Super strength and durability pills
  • Superhuman intellect
  • Agility
  • Genius Tactician, Strategist
  • Master detective
  • A ton of suits
  • Weapon master
  • Worthy of lantern rings
  • Echolocation powers
  • God of knowledge
  • Knows a few magic spells
  • The total worth of 5 billion dollars

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Let’s dive into Batman’s raw strength for now.

In Batman #655, Batman was seen bench pressing an impressive 1000 pounds which is just superhuman for a mortal.

Unlike Moon Knight, Batman covers himself in the dark and that unknown aspect makes him deadlier than Moon Knight.

With vast funding to his toys, Batman is known to have the most amazing gadgets and vehicles in all of comics.

Things like the Batarang, gauntlets, finger tasers, grapple guns, sonar vision, and mobilization vehicles like the batmobile, batcycle, batcopter, batplane, and even a batboat are freaking awesome to have.

Here are some feats to show how well trained Batman is.

In Batman (2011) #23, Batman trained his stamina and ability as a brawler in a gauntlet where he fought in a pit for 26 hours, with a new opponent being added every hour.

Batman's intense training in a pit with new fighters each hour
Source: DC Comics

In All-Star Batman #10, He opens a crocodile’s mouth wide open. It is scientifically proven that a crocodile bit consists of a force greater than 2 tons, and he did that in water.

Batman opening a crocodiles mouth barehanded
Source: DC Comics

Known as “The World’s Greatest Escape Artist,” Batman did a lot of things to gain this title. One such example is in Batman (194) #681. Bruce Wayne was drugged with Joker’s toxin which made him fatigue and was tied up.

On top of all that, He was buried in a coffin. When Batman escaped, He said, “He practiced every death trap thousands of times with different scenarios.”

Batman rising from a coffin after being injected with Joker's venom
Source: DC Comics

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Moon Knight Weaknesses

Moon Knight Weaknesses
Source: Marvel Comics

Despite all the similarities, Moon Knight is known to be violent, and he does not show mercy to his prey.

As someone with a history of killing, Moon Knight is just too blood-thirsty.

In other words, Moon Knight kills bad people which is a simple way to put an end to their crimes.

His multiple personality disorder is also a key factor that many characters have taken advantage of in the comics.

Honestly, Moon Knight’s weakness is that he’s a bit unsure of his actions.

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Batman Weaknesses

Batman Weaknesses
Source: DC Comics

If there’s one thing that holds back Batman is his “No Kill Rule.”

Unlike Moon Knight, The Cape Crusader never kills a criminal. No matter how bad and insane they are, Bruce believes that it isn’t what true justice is.

Yeah, He crushes every single bone making their lives far worse than death but he doesn’t kill anyone knowingly.

His inability to back down, and push past his limits may be well received by the fans but it’s done more damage to the Cape Crusader.

Another important weakness of Batman is suffering from past trauma for which he never really took action.

Final Verdict

Moon Knight vs Batman (Verdict)
Source: Disney+, WB

In a death battle between Moon Knight, and Batman, Marvel’s Moon Knight emerges victorious. Batman’s intelligence combined with the unparallel experience makes him a tough customer but Moon Knight is the literal avatar of Moon God.

Let’s decode how Moon Knight wins this fight.

For instance, Let’s create a scenario where Moon Knight captures a Joker, and when he’s about to kill him Batman stops Marc Spector.

This results in a fight and leads to our death battle.

Firstly, Batman and Moon Knight have similar gadgets but of different uses compatible with their fighting styles.

While Moon Knight seems to hurt people directly, Batman tilts towards stealth and surprise attacks.

Even the master of photographic reflexes, Task Master admits that Moon Knight’s fighting style is hard to replicate as it involves more pain for the user.

As Moon Knight has a higher pain tolerance, None of Batman’s stealth attacks work. For now, Let’s take that out of the table.

Even without all their resources, Batman can definitely go toe to toe with Moon Knight.

DC’s Dark Knight is much more physically powerful than Marvel’s Moon Knight as Batman can lift over 1000 pounds compared to Moon Knight’s 450 pounds.

Not only in terms of raw strength, Batman absolutely demolishes Moon Knight when it comes to tactics and countermeasures.

Batman never confronts an opponent without information. Every move he makes extracts more data than we think he does but Moon Knight’s ability to extract life force is deadly.

I’m sure Moon Knight can trouble Batman for the first few minutes but Bruce Wayne can figure that out in no time.

Don’t get me wrong, This battle is for sure a tough one for both vigilantes as neither of them faced such personality before.

While Moon Knight has never faced powerful beings like Darkseid, Batman has actually survived and found a way to win.

This is another thing that pushes Batman to the finish line as his intellect combined with his vast experience working alongside the Justice League makes him a difficult opponent.

The Dark Knight proved himself time and time again that he’s capable of taking down even the fiercest of universal foes. Whereas Moon Knight’s highest feat is fighting Doctor Doom.

Technically, Batman would be the winner here but Moon Knight has an unbeatable card up his sleeve that changes everything.

No matter how many times Batman defeats him, Marc Spector can be resurrected with the help of Moon God.

In the comics, We’ve lost count of how many times Marc Spector was killed and reborn.

Note: In some comics, Marc Spector has ended ties with Khonsu which means he cannot be resurrected but lately both Moon God and Marc seem to be in agreement.

With immortality at his side, Even if Batman wins a round, Moon Knight just keeps coming back from the dead.

Now Batfans, Don’t be mad about it. It may be a hard battle but Batman is definitely the better fighter amongst the two.

If it isn’t for his ridiculous immortality, Moon Knight would have lost in a fair and square match.

With Batman’s no-kill rule and Moon Knight’s immortality, Bruce Wayne has a definite disadvantage here. Hence, The true victor is clear in Moon Knight vs Batman fight. The winner is Moon Knight.

What do you think about this death battle, Do you agree with our final winner in Moon Knight vs Batman?

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