Moon Knight: 15 Crazy Powers and Abilities You Should Know

With Marvel’s Moon Knight series coming up, Fans need to know about this under-rated hero’s powers and abilities. If this seems like your cup of tea then keep reading.

Marc Spector aka Moon Knight first debuted in Werewolf By Night #32. The idea was to feature a new superhero away from the shadows of Batman who has multiple personality disorders.

This character is one of the most complex and enticing individuals who is yet to make his name popular in this era of live-action CBMs.

If you’re thinking that Moon Knight is just another rip-off of Batman then you got it all wrong.

Yes, He is a rich dude who’s done a lot of training on his skills but Moon Knight is so much different than the DC’s Dark Knight and this list of all his powers proves it.

So, Without any further ado let’s dive into the top 15 Moon Knight powers and abilities.

#15 Can Rival Batman’s Tech

#15 Can Rival Batman's Tech
Source : Marvel Comics

No one matches Batman’s tech in DC(other than Lex Luthor) but Moon Knight seems to be on his own level in terms of gadgets.

Marc Spector set up Spector International Galleries, A company that organizes and sells art is a huge money-making machine.

Apart from the art one, He has multiple organizations that send him massive amounts of money.

With a net worth of 2.3 Billion Dollars, Moon Knight developed several weapons and troop carriers.

Here’s every Moon Knight gadget he used in a fight.

  • The Golden Ankn, A sign of life that alerts him of any mortal danger
  • The Ivory Boomerang, A razor-sharp crescent moon just like Batman’s Batarang
  • Scarab Darts
  • Gas Darts
  • Adamantium Truncheon, A weapon that can be used as a nunchuck and a grappling hook
  • Wrist Blades, Adamantium blades attached to his wrists that comes out
  • Electroshock Wand, A massive electric wand covering his right arm
  • Eyeball Splitter, A tiny double-edged razor blade attached to a ring on one of his fingers
  • Sandwich, Bag of shards
  • Stinger, An electrocuted net attached to his right leg
  • Acid Flask, A small bottle containing an extremely corrosive acid
  • Poison Needle, A poison-filled needle in his fingers to kill heavily armored opponents
  • Nano-Technology Shield, A shield made of nanotechnology to guard himself against physical attacks
  • X-Ray Vision Goggles, A single lens on his right eye to spot enemies
  • Sunlight Bomb, A solar energy bomb to blind his foes
  • Combat Knife
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Desert Eagle

Let’s check what Marc Spector aka Moon Knight has in his arsenal to mobilize.

  • Angelwing Glider, A single person jet that can spot ghosts
  • Crescent Shaped Glider
  • Moon Copter, An advanced troop carrier which massive size that has 20mm cannons, and stealth tech

With these many toys, Moon Knight’s tech can definitely rival DC’s Cape Crusader.

#14 Variety Of Suits

#14 Variety Of Suits
Source : Marvel

Like any other superhero, Moon Knight has some pretty suit of armors.

Marc Spector has three main suits in his crime-fighting routine. Let’s break down each and every suit in detail.

III – Original Suit

This suit is used in his early days as the vigilante.

Moon Knight’s original suit is made of Kelvar which has a two-way radio system built in to call for help.

Nothing special about this armor but he finds it useful just as his other suits.

II – Adamantium Suit

After several fights, Marc Spector decided to upgrade his suit to the next level, and what better way than to use Adamantium.

This is when he added all kinds of gadgets into his suit and the first one on his list was the darts.

I – Advanced Carbonadium Suit

Before joining the West Coast Avengers, Moon Knight wore a suit made of Carbonadium.

Marc claims that this suit is his best work as it is more durable than Adamantium and is also flexible.

With his superhuman strength, The Carbonadium suit allows him to fight longer and significantly improves his agility.

Bonus: Most of Moon Knight’s gadgets were in white color. Unlike Batman, Marc wants his enemies to know and see him coming.

#13 Heavy Weight Boxer, Marine, and a Mercenary

#13 Heavy Weight Boxer, Marine, and a Mercenary
Source : Marvel Comics

With training in boxing, Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Marc Spector’s leg reach is about 41, and is one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in Marvel.

Not to mention, When Marc’s father Rabbi passed away, He enlisted into the US Army and served as a marine for three years.

Later, Due to his conflicting take on violence, He turned into a CIA operative and a Black Ops.

Due to the government’s dirty work, His sense of justice made him a mercenary who brutally takes down anyone in his path of vengeance.

This is when Marc Spector truly becomes Moon Knight, The vigilante.

#12 Skilled Detective

#12 Skilled Detective
Source : Marvel Comics

Detective Flint was the first NYPD to contact Moon Knight to aid the police in solving mysterious cases.

Under the alias, Mister Knight, Flint, and Marc solved several twisted crimes in the city.

Disguised as Steven Grant, Moon Knight used to finance crime operations to find out new leads to the crime.

Marc Spector worked in the NYPD to uncover his tracks and also to satisfy his thirst for crime-fighting.

He may not be as good as the Dark Knight but is sure a decent detective who worked for the police as a private consultant.

#11 An Olympic Level Athlete

#11 An Olympic Level Athlete
Source : Disney+

If you thought Spider-Man’s parkour skills were amazing you should definitely wait for Moon Knight.

He may not have the support of organic webs and slinging around tall buildings but he is a beast when it comes to chasing down enemies.

He is a natural gymnast, an athlete who can keep up with the likes of Black Panther and Captain America. In Marvel comics, He once blocked a bullet with his shuriken.

With that much speed and agility, Marc Spector does not let his prey live another day.

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#10 Has A Reliable Sidekick

#10 Has A Reliable Sidekick
Source : Marvel Comics

Do you know that even Moon Knight has a sidekick?

Not just any sidekick but the one who took down an entire roaster of Marvel heroes.

Jeff Wilde aka Midnight Man is Moon Knight’s sidekick. He was originally an old for of Marc Spector but honoring his father’s dying wish, Jeff appointed himself as Marc’s sidekick.

Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4, showcases Jeff Widle as an official sidekick of Moon Knight as Marc took Jeff under his wing and trained for the role.

In Amazing Spider-Man #353-358, Midnight Man wreaked havoc in New York City as he barged through Spider-Man, The Punisher, and Nova all by himself.

Now that’s one hell of a partner to pair up with.

Bonus: Did you know that Jeff Widle used Moon Knight’s costume most of the time for crime-fighting?

#9 An Original Werewolf Hunter

#9 An Original Werewolf Hunter
Source : Marvel Comics

What if I tell you that Moon Knight wasn’t supposed to be the way he is today in the first place.

As mentioned above Moon Knight made his first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 as a bad guy.

In this story, Marc Spector hunts a Werewolf named Jack Russell.

Marc was hired by an organization called the Committee and they were the first ones to provide him with a suit of armor.

Covered in a moon-based suit, Marc Spector was also given special silver weapons for his mission.

Though it leads to an anti-climactic end, Moon Knight can hunt Werewolves if the situation demands.

#8 Gets What He Want

#8 Gets What He Want
Source : Disney+

Out of all the superheroes who wear a cape, Moon Knight is one who doesn’t show mercy.

With a shifting mindset, Marc Spector beats up his enemies brutally and is known to extract information with his terrifying interrogation techniques.

Throughout his early comic arc, Moon Knight seeks revenge against Raoul Bushman who seemingly left Marc dead in an Egyptian desert.

When the time comes, Mark Spector caught up with Bushman and did some pretty nasty things to his face.

Possessed by the Egyptian God of Vengeance and Moon Knight’s sense of justice, He can be serious trouble for the bad guys.

Bonus: Moon Knight brands his enemies’ foreheads with a crescent symbol who makes repeated crimes.

#7 Cannot Be Taken Over

#7 Cannot Be Taken Over
Source : Marvel Comics

Thanks to his, Multiple personality disorder, Moon Knight’s soul cannot be taken over and controlled.

The four personalities in his mind can come up at any time and act in a completely different manner.

This makes his opponent’s job incredibly difficult to take over his body. We can also call that Moon Knight is resistant to psychic attacks.

In Moon Knight #12, Marc finds himself up against the mutant Profile. This dude is a private mercenary for hire who has the ability to analyze and predict his opponent’s movements. But this had no effect on Moon Knight.

This particular ability is one of the go-to Moon Knight’s power when fighting supernatural foes.

#6 Has Real Moon Powers

#6 Has Real Moon Powers
Source : Marvel Comics

Unlike many characters, Marc Spector actually has powers based on his superhero name.

Moon Knight has real moon-based powers that increase his abilities to a different level altogether. This can also be said as the lunar cycle powers.

The presence of the moon affects his strength and enhances his senses. This connection is stronger when the moon is fuller. Finally, A fuller moon can unlock his true potential.

These are the powers granted by the Moon God himself. In further stories, Marc Spector has stripped off the moon-based powers as he denied the deity.

#5 Serves The God Of Vengeance

#5 Serves The God Of Vengeance
Source : Marvel Comics

Marc Spector is a strong believer in the Egyptian gods. Right when his life was saved by the Moon God, he dedicated himself to serving as his Fist of Khonshu.

The Fist of Khonshu is a mere title given to all those who seek worthy of the Moon God’s powers. Simply put, This is an alternate name for the champions of the God of Vengeance.

In Marvel Comics, Moon Knight became the first high priest and acted to protect those who travel at night. In return, The Egyptian God gave Moon Knight superhuman powers and abilities.

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#4 Created The Shadow Cabinet

#4 Created The Shadow Cabinet
Source : Marvel Comics

This is one of the coolest things Moon Knight did to aid himself as the crime-fighting vigilante.

Marvel’s Batman created his own network of agents who inform him of any illegal or dangerous activities that take place in the city.

In Marc Spector: Moon Knight #38, The Shadow Cabinet made its first appearance as a top-secret organization that helps Moon Knight to catch criminals.

Each member of the cabinet is assigned different tasks and the identities were kept under wraps. In return for their work, Marc repays them with money, individual favors, or even blackmailing.

There are 6 members in the Shadow Cabinet and are listed below with their real names, alias, and skill set.

  • Warren Tork aka Junior Birdman – Hacker
  • Cass Bennan aka Shark – Head of Spector Corps
  • Peter Slate aka Psycho – Informs about criminals
  • Hannah Trumbull aka Mercy – Doctor
  • Robert Conners aka Stash – Collects information
  • Robert Plesko aka Sigmund – A Psychologist Mercenrey

#3 Unbelievable Pain Tolerance

#3 Unbelievable Pain Tolerance
Source : Marvel Comics

Do you know that Moon Knight can get hurt but he just doesn’t care at all?

Marc Spector has a high pain tolerance even the likes of Task Master cannot handle his fighting style.

In Marvel Comics, Task Master who is known to replicate anyone’s moves perfectly admitted that it is a pain to fight Moon Knight.

This is because Moon Knight never dodges any of his foe’s attacks. When replicating this style of action, It becomes difficult if the former doesn’t have the pain-bearing ability.

In this case, Task Master failed to assassinate Moon Knight because he just cannot replicate his fighting style as it would have resulted in his own death.

With the God of Vengence inside him, It just gets worse for anyone who’s likely to fight the White Knight.

#2 Can Resurrect Himself

#2 Can Resurrect Himself
Source : Marvel Comics

If you think why Marc acts in the above way then it’s because of the free wildcard he holds.

Moon Knight has died and resurrected several times in the comics. This includes his origin as well as many other comic issues.

The Egyptian God keeps on rescuing Marc Spector from mortal death every time he dies. In one issue, Moon Knight’s heart literally stopped and his soul began to drift over his body.

Then the Moon God hits the reset switch and guess what, He’s back to living his days as the Crescent Crusader.

If it weren’t for Khonshu, Marc would have been dead a long time back.

#1 The Iconic Different Personalities

#1 Different Personalities
Source : Marvel Comics

The thing which makes Moon Knight stand out from Batman is his dissociative identity disorder aka DID.

Initially, The creators specified it as the “DID” but later on, It was believed to be a personality shift.

Anyway, We are talking about tons of changes here. Not just 1 or 2 but Marc Spector has over 10 different personalities in his mind.

Here are all the top 10 different personalities the Moon Knight has manifested over the years.

  • Marc Spector – A boxer, marine, CIA operative, expert pilot, and a mercenary
  • Steven Grant – A charming, philanthropic billionaire who likes to earn
  • Mr. Knight – An official NYPD detective
  • Jake Lockley – A taxi driver who collects information on criminals
  • Moon Knight – The embodiment of Khonshu living inside

Apart from the regular 5, Marc develops new personalities in the 2011’s Moon Knight series.

  • Wolverine – His own version of Logan helping
  • Iron man – His own version of Tony Stark advising
  • Captain America – His own version of Steve Rogers
  • Echo – His own version of Maya Lopez

Note: With the personalities of other superheroes, Marc can not only take advice but also copy their fighting style.

The multiple personality disorder can be a blessing in disguise as it prevents him from psychic attacks but is also his one and only weakness.

Many foes had tried to take advantage of this defect and are still trying to take out Moon Knight.

That brings an end to our list of all the Moon Knight powers and abilities. So, Which Moon Knight power are you excited to see in the upcoming Disney+ show?

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