20 Most Powerful Teen Titans Characters Of All Time (Ranked)

The Teen Titans are a vital part of the DC universe. These young characters are so powerful that they have clashed with the members of the Justice League without hesitating. A few of them fought powerhouses like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Black Adam, and can keep up on their own. Apart from that, Teen Titans also rescued the League on various occasions and are respected by everyone.


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For those who are new, This article will clearly diversify each Teen Titan character from the comics and rank them according to their strength.

For readers who know all about Teen Titans, Here’s what I have for you.

Even if you are familiar with them, I picked up numerous comics and listed their best feats here. Keep reading and I promise you’ll be in for a lot of surprises.

So, here are the top 20 Teen Titans characters ranked according to their strength.

#20 Pantha

#20 Pantha

First appearance: New Titans #73 in 1991.

Best Feat: She has fought with Catwoman but the fight remained unfinished as they were interrupted by blasts from Orion.

Pantha’s actual name is Rosabelle Mendez aka subject X-24. She tried to find out whether she was a human or a panther before she was mutated by the Wildebeest Society, but her search didn’t give her any closure.

Yeah, Her origin is a bit of a mystery.

Her modified DNA allowed her to be a mutated cat or a Werecat which is pretty much the same as Werewolf.

In the comics, Red Star started liking Pantha. Later they formed a family and left the Teen Titans together with Baby Wildebeest.

#19 Red Star

#19 Red Star

First appearance: Teen Titans #18 in 1968.

Best Feat: Manages to hurt Superboy-Prime

Before we dive in, Do you know that Red Star was officially the first Russian Superhero?

His first alias was Starfire but since there was a Teen Titan named Starfire on the team already, He changed his name to Red Star.

Pretty inconvenient if you ask me.

Leonid Kovar was granted unknown mutated alien energy powers in an explosion when he was investigating a spaceship with his father Konstantin in the Yenisei River.

He forms a cute little family with Pantha and Baby Wildebeest after he quit being a Titan. Later, Superboy-Prime murders them in front of Red Star who manages to survive with a lot of injuries.

Years after this tragic incident, The Teen Titans fight with Superboy-Prime’s Legion of Doom, and Red Star manages to hurt Superboy-Prime for killing his family. But when Prime gets the upper hand in the battle, The Titans bail their old friend out.

#18 Static

#18 Static

First appearance: Static #1 in 1993.

Best Feat: Static has helped the Justice League to defeat Brainiac in DCAU’s Static Shock “A League of Their Own.”

Virgil Hawkins, aka Static, has the power to control, manipulate and enhance electromagnetic energy. His abilities prove to be essential when he breaks free from the Jericho-possessed Cyborg.

Static tells Cyborg that he underestimated his strength, and overloads the entire tower along with the evil Cyborg’s body.

He has also helped with the rescue of Raven from Wyld, Raven’s artificially created son.

Virgil goes into the Wyld Dimension with Superboy, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Beast Boy. With an enormous surcharge of powers in this dimension, Static defeats The Wyld and even saves Superboy from Kryptonite poisoning.

#17 Osiris

#17 Osiris

First appearance: Teen Titans, Volume 3 #38 in 2006 as a cameo, and in Teen Titans, Volume 52 #23 in 2006, He made his full appearance.

Best Feat: Tore the persuader in half and his sudden attack made Black Adam crash into the Statue Of Greed.

Amon Tomaz was enslaved as a kid and was tortured but the anti-hero, Black Adam saved him by sharing a portion of his power. Whenever he would call out to Black Adam’s name, Tomaz would transform into the Hero – Osiris, with the powers of the Marvel Family.

Osiris carries out his duties as a hero for some time then decides to join the Titans. Because of his connections to Black Adam, Captain Marvel Jr. is hesitant at first but Osiris gains his trust. He agrees but tells him to convince the world of his good intentions.

While fighting with the Suicide Squad, Osiris loses control and out of anger, tears a persuader in half, killing him in the process. Later, Tomaz feels guilty and leaves the team to get rid of his powers.

#16 Terra

#16 Terra

First appearance: New Teen Titans #26 in 1982 as Markov. New Titans #79 in 1991 as Doppelganger and Supergirl #12 in 2007 as Atlee.

Best Feat: Kills Slade Wilson/Deathstroke by initiating a volcanic eruption.

You will know this character from The Teen Titans animated series and the DC animated movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. In both of these, Tara Markov is portrayed as a Double Agent working for Slade Wilson.

In The Judas Contract, Slade sends Terra into the Titan Towers to spy for him and captures the Titans for Brother Blood who intends to absorb their powers through a machine and obtain powers parallel to a God.

Deathstroke fails to capture Nightwing and allows Brother Blood to take away Terra in his stead. As expected, Nightwing intervenes, Titans are freed, and Terra kills Slade Wilson.

Beast Boy, out of his affection for Terra says that when it counted she came through as she dies in his arms after the battle.

#15 Lilith

#15 Lilith

First Appearance: Superboy Vol 6 #8 in 2012.

Best Feat: Lilith defeated Thia, a Titan of Myth who attacked Olympus and the followers of Greek Gods. In honor of her contribution, She was offered a demigod position by Zeus and a place on Olympus.

Psimon used to call Lilith an Alpha level Psychic as she possesses very powerful telepathy, telekinesis, and mind-controlling powers.

Lilith, aka Omen, has also saved Raven by purifying her from evil in the Terror of Trigon storyline. In this comic, Lilith was possessed by Azar and managed to gather souls from Azarath for Raven’s rescue.

When this character joined the Teen Titans, she cast a spell to keep her identity a secret and took on the name Omen. There have been many versions of Lilith/Omen in the DC universe and even though her powers seem somewhat similar to Raven’s, she is a different character altogether.

#14 Jesse Quick

#14 Jesse Quick

First Appearance: Justice Society of America Vol 2 #1 in 1992.

Best Feat(s): Hurts Reverse-Flash and easily defeats Tigress and Icicle.

Jessie is the daughter of Liberty Belle and Johnny Quick. Her powers come from a formula that was taught by her father and later she inherits her mother’s powers as well.

Jessie has spent a lot of time studying the past superheroes and guiding the new age speedsters like Bart Allen. She even helped speedsters defeat superbeings like Hunter Zolomon and Savitar.

If you want a taste of her power then Jessie Quick is so fast that Donna Troy is unable to keep up with her and tells her to slow down.

#13 Beast Boy

#13 Beast Boy

First appearance: The Doom Patrol #99 in 1965 as Beast Boy, DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980 as Changeling.

Best Feat: In his Hanuman form (Monkey King-Gorilla) smashes reanimated forms of the Titans (Gods) and hundreds of demons alone.

Garfield Mark Logan aka Beast Boy is not only the entertainer of the superhero team but also a shapeshifter with the ability to metamorph into any type of creature be it extinct or extraterrestrial.

Gar has transformed into a Phoenix, Dragons, a creature with several heads, Dinosaur, Octopus, and several others.

This green-skinned shapeshifter is seen having a romantic involvement with Raven and Terra.

It’s true what they say, Girls prefer funny guys.

#12 Kid Flash

#12 Kid Flash

First appearance: The Flash #110 in 1959 as Kid Flash.

Best Feat: Attains the power of a God by sitting on the Mobius Chair and also gains some of Dr. Manhattan’s powers.

Wally West is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. Wally as the next-gen Flash has mastered the speed force and developed abilities that help him win against many deadly foes. If you are wondering then this is something that Barry Allen couldn’t do in his initial time.

As Kid Flash, Wally has run seven times around the world in under a second. This guy has even outrun the speed force and saved the Titans who were in different places throughout the country in an instant.

#11 Miss Martian

#11 Miss Martian

First appearance: Teen Titans #37 in 2006.

Best Feat: Fights with Supergirl and gives her a hard time. She even tells Supergirl that she is in every bit in her league, Proclaiming herself to be on par with the Kryptonian.

M’gann M’orzz, aka Miss Martian is a powerful member of the Titans. She phases through jets, regenerates after getting wounded, wakes up Raven from a coma, stops a speeding train, and Superman says that he couldn’t have done it better.

Miss Martian’s future self tells her that with her power, she could easily mutilate the Teen Titans if she wanted to.

Martian Manhunter placed M’gann in the Titans Towers to keep an eye on the young superheroes but it was later revealed by Batman that it was to ensure her safety.

#10 Aqualad

#10 Aqualad

First appearance: Adventure Comics #269 in 1960 as Garth, Jackson Hyde: Brightest Day #4 in 2010.

Best Feat: Teleported the whole of Atlantis into the past.

Garth is one of the founding members of the Teen Titans. He was originally a sidekick of Aquaman but later acquired magical abilities under the guidance of Atlan in another dimension.

He returned as Tempest and joined Aquaman in a battle against the Hunter/Gatherers.

So, Tempest possesses very powerful magic like astral projection, interdimensional travel, and teleportation. Darkseid sensed his abilities and opened a boom tube, using him as a conduit.

#9 Wonder Girl

#9 Wonder Girl

First Appearance: The Brave and the Bold #60 in 1965.

Best Feat(s): Defeats Prometheus, and makes the demon Etrigan revert to Jason Blood.

The character of Wonder Girl has various iterations but here we are talking about the first Wonder Girl, which is Donna Troy.

Donna’s origin is complicated in the DC universe. She is an amazonian from Themyscira and is the sister of Diana Prince who is one of the heavy hitters in the comics.

Like her sister, Donna possesses monstrous strength. She has taken down Grodd, a Superboy clone, hurt Eclipso, and caught an out-of-control helicopter with raw strength.

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#8 Blue Beetle

#8 Blue Beetle

First appearance: Infinite Crisis #3 in 2006 as Jaime Reyes, Infinite Crisis #5 in 2006 as Blue Beetle.

Best Feat: Defeats Starro with the power of five Sinestro Rings.

Jaime is the most powerful among the three versions of Blue Beetle. His scarab is attached to his spine, which can make force fields, commence countermeasures, create nukes, and change his armor according to his requirement.

His scarab weapon has a lot of options like Large Hadron Collider, Strong Force Disruptor, and Implicate Order Annihilation field.

Blue Beetle’s scarab often tries to implement lethal and life-taking measures but Jaime always settles for capture and restraint.

#7 Nightwing

#7 Nightwing

First Appearance: Tales of the Teen Titans #44 in 1984 as Dick Grayson.

Best Feat(s): Almost defeats Batman while sparring, overpowers Hawkman, gives Deathstroke a hard time.

Nightwing is one of the key founding members of the Titans and is the original Robin we all knew. He was adopted by Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight taught Grayson everything he knew.

Though they fought together as Batman and Robin, he often disagreed with Bruce and his dark ways, So, He left his side to become a superhero on his own.

Over his long run in the comics, Dick accomplished many feats and even took over as Batman in Bruce’s absence along with Damain’s Robin. He has fought many villains like Deathstroke, KGBeast, The Talon, and Hush.

Nightwing’s mental prowess and durability are something that rivals Batman’s. Some of his best work includes standing back in a fight after being tortured, fighting through the Fear-Toxin, and breaking free of a mental prison.

#6 Djinn

#6 Djinn

First Appearance: Teen Titans Special #1 in 2018.

Best Feat: Frees fellow Djinns from their rings and thereby revoking people’s ability to control them.

Djinn is an unnamed sila, a female Djinn, and has been introduced quite recently in the DC universe.

She is 4000 years old and due to her past, she is in hiding from her Brother Elias, revealed to be the devil himself who has forced her to do unforgivable things, things which she can never recover from.

Right now, She uses her power to atone for the horrible things she had done but sadly we do not see the full extent of her powers, as she does not want to be found by her brother.

While fighting with Brother Blood, he senses old-world power within her and tries to enslave her but Djinn tells him that he might be strong, but her powers are something he could never dream of.

Let’s hope that she comes back and reveals the true nature of her ‘Old-Worldly’ powers in the future.

#5 Superboy

#5 Superboy

First appearance: The Adventures of Superman #500 in 1993.

Best Feat: After developing Kryptonian Powers, Connor not only fought an overpowered Superboy-Prime but also inflicted damage on him, which many heroes could never do.

Superboy has been a part of Teen Titans, Young Justice, Legion of Super-Heroes, Supermen of America, White Lantern Corps, Superman family, The Ravers, and Project Cadmus. He has also fought cloned Kryptonians alongside Superman and Supergirl. This makes him one of the most experienced members of the Titans.

Connor is an artificially, genetically engineered Human/Kryptonian clone made with the DNA of Lex Luthor and Superman.

He initially struggled after learning about his true identity and being a clone he is confused about whether he has a soul or not. Later Raven shows his steadily growing young soul within him.

In the Infinite Crisis storyline, he saves the earth by clashing against Superboy-Prime and defeating him.

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#4 Robin

#4 Robin

First Appearance: Batman #655 in 2006 As Damian Wayne, Batman #657 in 2006 as Robin.

Best Feat: Gives the Joker a taste of his own medicine by beating him repeatedly with a Crowbar.

Remember the time when Jason Todd was beaten repeatedly by the Joker with a crowbar in Batman: Death in the Family? It was quite gruesome to read or watch.

In Batman and Robin #14, we see Damian threatening Joker and telling him that he wouldn’t think twice before inflicting severe brain damage and then proceeds to wallop him with a crowbar.

However short-lived this moment was, it was satisfying because Damian does something that the fans wanted to do themselves.

Being a biological son of Batman, Damian is not very likable due to his shrewd and proud attitude but he has done some pretty shocking damage to supervillains.

He has inflicted pain on Deathstroke, defeated a Man-Bat at the age of 10, defeated Talia Al Ghul, took Tim Drake head-on, and defeated Jason Todd in psychological warfare.

In Justice League vs Teen Titans, Damian Wayne makes a plan to overpower Trigon-possessed Superman and succeeds in the process.

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#3 Cyborg

#3 Cyborg

First appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980.

Best Feat: One of his greatest feats would be defeating Dr. Polaris by channelling electricity through his body, creating his own electromagnetic field, and directing it toward him which he taunts by saying he learned it in Kindergarten.

Keep in mind that Cyborg was originally a member of the Teen Titans. After DC’s reboot in 2011, Vic became a founding member of The Justice League.

Vic has vaporized parademons and stunned Shazam using his powerful White Noise Canon. He has restrained Miss Martian and hurt Wrath, the most powerful among Trigon’s children.

Cyborg’s greatest power yet is fusing with the Mother Box. Being capable to control any form of technology, human or alien, The Mother Box grants him access to any dimension in the multiverse.

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#2 Starfire

#2 Starfire

First appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980.

Best Feat: Defeated Brainiac 8, Eskaton demons, and a Black Lantern. Starfire held her own in a fight with Wonder Woman.

Starfire is an underrated character. Many have no idea about her powers. She was the only one who could subdue Raven when she was losing control.

Her Star-bolts are hotter than many suns, and the comics define her once as “A walking Solar Flare and a Princess with the power of the sun raging through her.”

Did you know that Koriand’r has absorbed energy from several Kryptonians to weaken them?

Once, She takes part in a tournament in Amazon and wins it. Even Hippolyta acknowledges her strength and combat skills.

If the Queen of Amazons has recognized her powers, Who are we to say otherwise?

#1 Raven

#1 Raven

First appearance: DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980.

Best Feat: Defeated one of the most powerful super-villains in the DC Universe: The Demon Trigon, multiple times.

If you follow the DC universe, you will understand why Raven is ranked 1 on this list.

Being the Half-Demon Daughter of Trigon, Raven is constantly trying to suppress her powers except for a few cases where she loses control.

When the Justice League is unable to overpower Trigon’s huge titan form, Rachel manages to trap the demon in a shard and wears it on her forehead.

Her Soul-Self is so scary that villains flee or surrender when she takes this form.

After learning to control her powers and getting rid of Trigon’s influence, Raven in her white form learns to tap into her raw power without being scared of losing control.

With that, We have listed and ranked the top 20 Teen Titans of the DC universe with their best feats from the comics.

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