Ultimate Manhwa Recommendations Guide (Every Otaku Must Read)

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For people who don’t know anything about Manhwa keep reading and if you are looking for manhwa recommendations, please check the table of contents and continue reading.

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What is a Manhwa?

Similar to comics of the western world, the manga of the Japanese, Manhwa is a term used for comics in Korea.

This is most known as South Korean comics and print cartoons which are read just like the Marvel/DC comics from left to right.

Manhwa is published in both online and offline formats. The online format being webtoons, digital Manhwa, and the offline one is published in the classic black and white paperback format.

Most Manhwa is usually one of the two styles mentioned below.

Horizontal: Read from left to right.

Vertical: Read from top to bottom.

This gets us going with some basic Manhwa knowledge.

Which is the best Manhwa?

If you are wondering about the right Manhwa to read or watch then this is specifically crafted for you. The best Manhwa we recommend you to read is the super popular “Solo Levelling” and the best Manhwa adapted to anime is the “Tower of God.”

If you have already completed those, We have some genuine Manhwa recommendations on what to read/watch next. So, Please keep reading until the end.

Are Webtoon and Manhwa the same?

Webtoon is not that different from Manhwa but it surely can’t be called the same.

Generally, Webtoons are comics that can be read online. These can be from any country but are mostly from South Korea.

Manhwa is a general Korean comic book similar to Manga.

Webtoon is a platform where you can read comics online through an app or website. Webtoon contains over 23 genres with countless stories to read.

If you are looking out for some webtoon to read then we recommend you to check out Lore Olympus, True Beauty, and Age Matters.

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Let’s dive deep into the world of manhwa with some genuine recommendations.

30 Best Manhwa Recommendations For You

Though a few Manhwa are made into anime, A lot of really good stories are still left behind. Here we make sure you won’t miss any of these amazing stories through our Manhwa Recommendations.

30# A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

30 A Returners Magic Should Be Special

Rating: 7.61/10

Genre: Action, Fantasy, Magic

If you believe in second chances then this manhwa will become your favorite one.

After a ten-year war in Shadow Labyrinth, The world is on the edge of destruction. Having lost all his friends and comrades, Desir Herrman is the only skilled magician left after the terrible war.

Even with all his power, He is no match for the enemy threatening humanity’s existence.

This changes when Desir is sent back to his early days where he learned magic in Hebrion Academy. With life giving him a second chance, He now is determined to change the future he knows would happen and wants to save his friends.

Armed with the knowledge of the upcoming future events, Desir has to prevent his comrades from death and save the world from the foes.

Can he change destiny or no matter what he does, it’ll end up the same?

While the concept of this manhwa is nothing new, the MC’s powers create a very interesting dynamic between his weaker self and the more powerful peers he has to navigate around.

Desir’s goals are very clear and he strives to reach them constantly. He is not your typical overpowered MC as he’s so underpowered yet overpowered.

He’s an anti-mage where you get to see him use his knowledge in planning to win fights cleverly. Overall if you’re looking to read another manhwa after Solo Levelling this is our recommended manhwa.

29# Looksim

29 Looksim 1

Rating: 7.93

Genre: Action, Supernatural, Comedy, Drama

Park Hyung Suk, A 17-year-old high school student was short, fat, and unattractive. His whole life, Hyung Suk has been running from his miserable life.

He was constantly bullied and discriminated against for his looks among other students in the school.

In order to escape from his greatest bully, Hyung Suk decided to transfer to Seoul’s Jae Won High School which was known for its friendly atmosphere.

Things take a turn when he was no longer in his old body but was in a new one that looked like a super-model.

The catch is that the old body was still with him and every time he feels asleep in one body, He wakes up in the other.

Can the new Hyung Suk lead two different lives all while solving the mystery of his second body?

Wanna read some high school action, This is the perfect Manhwa recommendation for you.

28# Fools

28 Fools 2

Rating: 8.07/10

Genre: School, Slice of Life, Shounen Ai

This is a cute little story with good emotions and characters.

Edward (Eungi), A college senior never really cared for friends and relationships as he sees them as a nuisance.

Soon Eungi finds the secrets of his junior Justin (Jeongwoo).

The freshman, Jeongwoo was very much interested to make friends with Eungi. The duo soon realizes they have feelings for each other.

Thus, A sweet romantic love story begins in the life of Eungi.

Can they both stick together?

27# Cheese in the Trap

Ultimate Manhwa Guide: Anime Adaptations & Recommendations

Rating: 8.08/10

Genre: Romance, Comedy, School, Slice of Life

I’ve read this manhwa and this is by far the most realistic Korean manga aka manhwa you’ll find.

Hong Sul being our main character, the whole story goes from her point of view but you’ll get more than what it seems to look like.

Initially, Sul takes a long break from college and is back at it.

She is intelligent, hardworking, and an overachiever but all these changes when she meets a high school senior named Yu Jeong.

All of a sudden her life changes from good to worse as Yu Jeong is behind all the mischievous things that occur.

If you think this is a boring plot with a college student going through life, then you’re wrong.

A year later, The high school senior turns nice and is now friends with Sul. There are plenty of other characters that make you worry about Sul.

This is all about how Sul lead her college life and what troubles she had gone through?

Everything from the story, characters, art hooks the reader and immerses you to want more.

The plot shifts between past and present which alter between two timelines that give us an overall idea of the characters and how they behave.

Finally, You either find yourself biting your nails for more or just enjoy the heck out of the manhwa.

26# Your Letter

26 Your Letter

Rating: 8.17/10

Genre: Adventure, School, Mystery, Drama

A kind young girl named Sori was always looking out for others.

Though it may seem to do the right thing, This caring, selfless behavior of Sori made her the target, and was bullied mercilessly in middle school.

When she decides to transfer to a new school, The same old problem continued as she kept defending the defenseless.

One day a mysterious trail of letters lead Sori to an underground world right below her middle school.

With every letter, a new secret was revealed and formidable bonds are being formed.

This showed Sori the true depth of friendship and a clear way to turn people good.

What are these strange letters? Who is behind all these and why did they choose Sori?

25# Vagrant Soldier Ares

25 Vagrant Soldier Ares

Rating: 8.18/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

The adventure takes place in Chronos which can be considered ancient Rome. This is all about a group of mercenaries known as The Temple Mercenaries.

The main characters in the manhwa are Ares, Michael, and Baroona who is very skilled and has mysterious pasts.

I’m not going to spoil anything but the story takes us into each of their struggles, how they overcome them and the new one’s when the team got together.

Ultimately, If you like war stuff and fighting in general then this is the one for you.

24# Heesu in class 2

24 Heesu in class 2 1

Rating: 8.18/10

Genre: School, Shounen Ai

The fun-filled emotional romance manhwa revolves around Heesu and his best friend, Chanyoung.

All Heesu cares for is Chanyoung and his ever-lasting problems. He is a true friend who guides his best pal from all the relationship problems.

But one day, All of a sudden, Heesu’s name became famous in the school. They say “Got a love problem? Find Heesu.”

The boy has become a popular brand in the school and is now bound to help others.

Can Heesu guide everyone to their love? How will this involve Heesu and Chanyoung?

If you are into cute romance and love stories then sit back and pick up this manhwa.



23# Villains are destined to die

23 Villains are destined to die

Rating: 8.19/10

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

There’s a popular game called “Otome” which pits multiple players against a villain, Penelope Eckhart.

This game in particular has different levels and modes.

A high school student decides to enter the game and easily gets past the first mode but when she plays the hard mode things take a turn.

The student finds herself in the game and takes on the body of the villainess, Penelope Eckhart.

With every character in the game looking to kill her, Penelope must find ways to survive and outwit her opponents.

Can she survive against all odds? Will the student escape from the game?

If you are on a hunt for something different, something unique, make sure to try Villians Are Destined To Die manhwa.

22# About Death

Ultimate Manhwa Guide: Anime Adaptations & Recommendations

Rating: 8.21/10

Genre: Psychological, Slice of Life, Supernatural

As the name suggests, This manhwa is about the thin line between life and death.

The story can be explained as the conversation between God and individuals when they’re about to die or experience death.

With several stand-alone stories on how people reflect and understand life, people say all kinds of stuff when they experience death.

Some accept their deeds and some disagree with the judgment passed by god.

These relatively short thought-provoking series make you rethink life as you get to experience each individual’s moral compass when they’re on the verge of death.

If you are interested in the concepts like death and the afterlife then have a look at this Korean comic.

21# Noblesse

21 Noblesse 1 1

Rating: 8.21/10

Genre: Action, School, Supernatural, Vampire

Rai also known as The “Noblesse” Cadis Etrama di Raizel enrolled in a high school to lure away the mysterious organization named the Union who seek for his blood.

Frankenstein, Rai’s servant helped him get into the school as he is the school’s director.

Later M-21, A union agent joins the school as a security staff who betrayed the organization and now is on the run.

To add salt to the wound, Nobles Regis K. Landegre and Seira J. Loyard enroll in the same school while the Union performs an intense Manhunt for the missing M-21.

Can Rai maintain his identity a secret? Will he get caught by the Union? What troubles does the M-21 bring into the school?

Watch the action drama here.

20# Winter Woods

20 Winter Woods

Rating: 8.21/10

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Horror

To summarise Winter Woods, The manhwa provides an enjoyable story that renews a common plot, making it feel new.

Everything from the storyline, the art, the character designs are wonderful and contribute a lot to the overall experience.

The story features a young boy named Winter that was created by an alchemist and is sent to live with a young writer, Jane.

In the past, He was basically sewed by different body parts and is experimented in a laboratory.

Winter is a kind of Frankenstein monster who is unable to feel emotions.

The plot follows to see whether he is really alive and can be considered a human or not.

This is all about their life together and how it brings an emotional aspect to the table.

If you like stories with smooth, warm relationships without any useless barriers between the characters that seem real and justified, I warmly recommend Winter Woods to you.

19# Let Dai

Ultimate Manhwa Guide: Anime Adaptations & Recommendations

Rating: 8.21/10

Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, School, Shounen Ai

Let Dai is a tragic tale of forbidden love and unforgivable betrayal between two boys.

Set in a neo-Seoul, an area ruled by young punks and pleasure seekers, a psychopathic teenager named Dai lives in the embodiment of the city’s beauty and cruelty.

As the leader of the vicious “Furies” gang, Dai seduces everyone who lays eyes on him and uses them to his own barbaric nature which is torturing people.

When an honest schoolboy named Jaehee rescues a beautiful girl from being mugged by the Furies, his encounter with the furies plunges him into a downward spiral of unbridled passion and pain.

From his brutal gang initiation, Jaehee wavers uncomfortably between revulsion and fascination.

Eventually, He sees Dai as a caring friend one moment and a heartless sociopath the next, leading Jaehee to start having a strange and unhealthy desire in Jaehee that he could never before have imagined.

But that love track isn’t the entire story.

The theme of “harshness of reality” is symbolized throughout the manhwa through the portrayal of the effect of a person’s environment or society on a person’s behavior.

Even if a person doesn’t want to act a certain way, sometimes it’s inevitable. The situation and the environment calls for it.

To wrap it all up, the ending of the manhwa is just super sad.

So if you’re wondering whether to check this out or not then hear me out one last time.

This story is all about truly a romantic, touching, and surprisingly innocent love between two very “troubled” boys that just melts your heart and makes you tear up from time to time.

The story was sad to the point where I had to stop reading and relax my mind in order to prevent my emotions from overwhelming me.

18# Weak Hero

18 Weak Hero

Rating: 8.22/10

Genre: Action, School, Drama

If you are into delinquent manga then this manhwa is a must-read.

Gray Yeon is the central protagonist of Weak Hero. Currently, a first-year at Eunjang High School in Class 1-5 this guy is pretty amazing.

The high school is run by tyrants whose favorite hobby is tormenting the weakest kids in class. But then, One day Gray arrived.

This mysterious new student threatens to dismantle the established order.

He may be small in size, but his calculative and brutal fighting ability leaves opponents lying on the floor begging for mercy.

Now the school’s toughest bullies have to scramble to take down this new and unusual hero.

Can Gray take on every bully in the school? What happens when they all team up against him?

17# Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love

Ultimate Manhwa Guide: Anime Adaptations & Recommendations

Rating: 8.26/10

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Seinen, Slice of Life

If you are into strong human emotions and relationships then I strongly recommend you to read this manhwa.

Min Geun Soo, A manhwa artist lives with his disabled mother who can’t even do the basic things like using a toilet and brushing her teeth.

The artist works day and night to support her and straining his eyes in the process.

Eventually, Soo turns blind and is now unable to draw.

When all hope is lost, He meets Jeon So Ri, A deaf girl who is seemingly in love with Soo’s previous work.

This paves way for a new love story between the blind Soo and deaf So Ri.

The main theme of this story is finding happiness in human relationships.

The webtoon shares such strong human emotions that it literally brought me to tears.

The art is so beautiful that it conveys a clear message of how in our everyday lives we can find simple and little things to make us happy.

The amazing emotions combined with the engaging art change our perspective on life.

It talks about how every relationship is important and the beauty of how we all can depend on each other.

So, Can the couple find happiness and live their life to the fullest? What hardships do they face and how do they overcome supporting each other?

16# King’s Maker

16 Kings Maker

Rating: 8.26/10

Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Shounen Ai

If you enjoy drama around the throne then this manhwa is for you.

The story starts with Wolfgang Goldenleonard, the 4th prince of his kingdom, being taken into the palace after having lived outside for years.

He despises the palace and his father and refuses any interactions with the tyrant King.

This is when he meets Soohyuk Shin. Shin is one of the ‘children’ aka boy toys of the king and he shares Wolfgang’s disgust for the current kingdom.

Shin wants to change all that and sees a potential rebellion in Wolfgang.

He then plans to make Wolfgang the king and the story goes on.

All characters in the manhwa are quite unique and under a ton of character development.

The drama, romance, political struggle, and stunning art sets you to read more of it.

Can Shin make Wolfgang the new king? What happens when the tyrant finds out about their plans?

15# Something About Us

15 Something About Us

Rating: 8.27/10

Genre: Romance, School, Slice of Life

This fun-filled cute manhwa is all about love and friendship.

Every character in the story is memorable and likable.

Something About Us is probably the best romance manhwa that you haven’t read yet.

This webtoon tells us about the love between Gahyoung and Woojin.

These two are best friends who unexpectedly fall in love with each other.

The story is simple and isn’t off-topic at any stage.

From the beginning to the end it’s about their relationship and nothing more. This is definitely not boring as there are a lot of funny moments in the mix which bring you immense joy.

Come on, Admit it, Most of us secretly love our best friend.

Seeing the main character try so hard to escape the friend zone and actually succeeding was the best part of the story.

If you are in the same situation, This reflects your current love with your best friend and hopefully provides you with some tips and tricks as the Gahyoung tries all sorts of things to make Woojin his beloved.

14# Her Tale of Shim Chong

14 Her Tale of Shim Chong

Rating: 8.27/10

Genre: Historical, Drama, Shoujo Ai

If you’re open to stories that are a bit sad and a bit yuri, then I highly suggest you read it.

The story revolves around two different women who share the same wish, The wish to die happy.

One is a rich but sheltered girl. Life’s necessities are always within her reach, but not the means to escape the household which suffocates and harasses her.

She always needs to worry about how she appears to others or else she won’t survive.

The other one, due to some circumstances, leads a miserable life.

Unlike the first woman, she doesn’t need to worry about how others perceive her but she does need to worry about what food she will eat tomorrow until she gets to eat something.

Due to an incident, their lives become intertwined but how will these two women affect each other’s lives? Can they truly excel in this world where women are seen as less than equal?

13# Omniscient Reader

13 Omniscient Reader

Rating: 8.32/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Do you dream about surviving an apocalypse and leveling up your powers? If you are into such stuff then check out Omniscient Reader.

Our story is about a young man named Kim Dokja who was the only reader of a web novel called “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse“.

After reading all 3,149 chapters this novel became reality and he is now living in the world of Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.

With Dokja being the only one who knew what was going on. An average office worker decides to play the hero.

Since he knows what’ll happen, he can save those who are in need and do what has to be done.

If I tell you anymore, It’ll spoil the experience.

So, Can he really change the course of the story and save those in need?

12# Sweet Home

12 Sweet Home 2

Rating: 8.32/10

Genre: post-apocalyptic, horror

I really didn’t plan on listing two apocalyptic manhwas in a row but with the user ratings in check, this is the right order.

So, Do you like Zombie/apocalyptic movies? If you do then this is definitely for you.

Cha Hyun is a high school student who plays a lot of video games. The kid is forced into the real world after his parent’s car crash.

The lack of funds and his reclusive behavior made him move to a new apartment.

However, All these things became the least of his concern when people around him suddenly turn into monsters.

With a mysterious voice in his head, He himself is beginning to turn into a monster.

Young Hyun now has to face the apocalyptic chaos and survive in this horrifying world without losing himself.

Can Cha Hyun survive in this hopeless world?

11# Your Throne

11 Your Throne 1

Rating: 8.35/10

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Drama

With the title in place you may be thinking that it’s another royalty, revenge story but hear me out.

This may seem like the general mind games around the throne type, The manhwa offers much more than it meets the eye.

We follow the story of Lady Medea Solon, an intelligent, calculated, and most of all a brutal villainess who lost her position as a crown princess to the pure, beloved Psyche.

Medea’s thirst for revenge takes a different turn when she swaps bodies with the Psyche.

She is overjoyed with this fate to cease the crown back but soon realizes that being in the body of the crown princess isn’t as good as it seems.

After the mysterious body-swap, Medea and Psyche will grow to learn one another’s strengths and flaws, to support one another, and most of all to find out the truth of who has been manipulating everything behind the scenes.

There are many good twists and unexpected events that occur throughout the story, enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and wondering what’s going to happen next but Medea shines through everything and everyone in this manhwa.

Yes, You heard it right.

My favorite thing about this manhwa is Lady Medea Solon.

She isn’t just a typical badass female character but also an intelligent, ferocious, and cunning woman.

Even with all this, She’s isn’t portrayed as a good or bad character.

Medea won’t hesitate to kill anyone who stands in her way, and the story doesn’t shy away from reminding us that she is in fact a murderer. Despite her brutal ways, Most of us who read this manhwa root for her.

Follow the revenge plot involving not one but two badass female leads.

Let’s enter the Top 10 domain of our Manhwa recommendations.

10# The Legend of the Northern Blade

10 The Legend of the Northern Blade 3

Rating: 8.36/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts

If you are looking for a well-balanced story with great character arcs, world-building combined with power-driven fantasy then this is for you.

A group known as Northern Heavenly Sect fought to keep the world safe from the evil Silent Knight.

But when the fourth-generation leader of the Sect, commit suicide the land became vulnerable to evil.

Due to some reasons behind the death of his father and the attack of the Silent Night, Moowon aka Jin Mu-Won fled to the mountains.

The young warrior now trains in the mysterious arts of his predecessors for 5 years and strives to master them all.

All of this changes, when his loved one disappeared and he’s now forced to re-enter the land he once left.

Follow Moowon as he leaves on a journey to avenge his father’s death and take down the villains who threaten to plunge the world into darkness.

9# Annarasumanara

9 Annarasumanara 4

Rating: 8.38/10

Genre: Psychological, Romance, School, Mystery, Drama, Seinen

If you are into stuff like personality development stuff, I guarantee, you are gonna like this manhwa.

The story takes us into a world where every character has their own problems. These problems are serious yet are very common in the world.

With completely unique and fresh backstories, Every tale contains at least one strong point to teach you. These stories can be considered as a self-healing journey for us and all the characters in the manhwa.

As the story goes, You have questioned things like what would happen if you turn away from society? What would happen if you don’t adapt to this ever-growing world? Will fate get you or Is it ok to be the good old person you once were?

Of course, The story is based around Magic but this is by far one of the most realistic thought-provoking manhwa you’ll ever read.

Annarasumanara tells about life, freedom, and joy. We relate to the character’s wants and imagine ourselves in those situations as we see how they break through all their hardships to reach genuine happiness.

If I tell you anything more about it, then you are sure gonna hate me for it.

Trust me, If you like listening and solving people’s problems or even your own problems give it a go.

8# The Breaker

Ultimate Manhwa Guide: Anime Adaptations & Recommendations

Rating: 8.47/10

Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Comedy

This is a classic martial arts story that is actually pretty short.

Our main character is Shiwoon wants to become stronger as he gets bullied by his fellow students namely Ho Chang and his gang in the Nine Dragons High School.

One day a man named Han Chun Woo sees all this and instead of helping Shiwoon, He brands Shiwoon as a coward.

The high school student then enrolls into a martial arts academy to teach some manners to the bullies but things take a turn when Shiwoon sees something interesting.

The man earlier is his new English teacher and he just saw him beat up a group of thugs in an alley.

Shiwoon also recorded the entire thing and now wants Chun Woo to teach him how to fight.

We follow Shiwoon as he gets into the new world of martial arts and over the course of his journey, We meet new characters that involve in the world of Murim and uncover the martial arts secrets.

The manhwa runs on Chi energy and consists of really good action scenes with a strong power system.

With beautifully crafted battles, This story is kickass and every page is such a delight to read.

7# Wind Breaker

7 Wind Breaker 7

Rating: 8.49/10

Genre: Action, Sports, Comedy

If you want to read some fun manhwa with realistic sports drama then it is for you.

This heavily underrated webtoon/manhwa ‘Windbreaker’ is an inspiring tale about cycling. It is filled to the brim with so much heart that it’s intoxicating.

The plot of Wind Breaker follows a high schooler and avid cyclist named Jay.

Throughout the series, Jay makes friends and encounters some crazy situations, all thanks to his passion for cycling.

I don’t want to spoil anything that actually goes down in the story, this is a general rundown of the starting premise for Wind Breaker.

While the story contains spectacular moments of intensity like any other sports anime/manga, the composer is somehow able to make the laid-back character moments more compelling.

This is achieved through impeccable characterization as the author takes extended periods of time to develop these individuals and their backstories.

The extremely high level of care taken when building these protagonists allows every frame of the story to be compelling and engrossing the reader into the wondrous world of ”Windbreaker”.

Something that should also be mentioned is that the series features a lot of humor.

In fact, the hilarious humor of Wind Breaker allows the plot time to pace itself, resulting in a series that feels relevant and fresh consistently.

6# Tower of God

6 Tower of God

Rating: 7.6/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery

This particular manhwa anime adaptation can be seen by anyone. The story follows a Tower that calls out chosen people known as “The Regulars” to climb it.

This special tower can grant you anything you wish for if you made it to the top.

Our hero Bam is a poor boy who lived his entire life in a dark cave covered in dirty clothes.

From the unreachable light of the cave, A girl named Rachel meets Bam and changes his miserable life.

Bam then learns a lot of new things about the outside world and wanted to stay with Rachel who has different plans in life.

When the girl sets out to reach the tower of god, Bam vowes to accompany her to the top.

This unexpected change in the path leads Bam an “Irregular” to the Tower of God.

Can Bam and Rachel make it to the top of the special tower? Can he protect Rachel along the way?

Here comes out Top 5 Manhwa recommendations.

5# Who Made Me a Princess

5 Who Made Me a Princess 1

Rating: 8.53/10

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Comedy

If you love the isekai story with gorgeous-lovely looking characters with a strong romance story, this manhwa is the right choice.

Like some other isekai anime/manga/manhwa, the main character, a beautiful princess, can remember what was happened in a previous life. It turns out she reincarnated to the princess who had miserable life in the book she was read.

Her dad, the king, is a cold-heart person that wants to kill her. This story begins with the simple idea of MC who wants to survive from her bloody dad. Then it turns to romance/comedy story.

But what makes this manhwa interesting is ‘MC can change the story. The readers are in the same view as MC, we won’t know what will happen next.

The past is shown from time to time, which makes us understand the story little by little.

Each character, even she is a maid, have their own back history.

I love how they showed them from the very beginning when the MC was just a baby how personalities they were and how they grew up.

They have reasonable reasons to do any action, especially MC.

4# Bastard

4 Bastard

Rating: 8.59/10

Genre: Psychological, Romance, Mystery, Drama, Horror

There is much more to Bastard than the single word horror.

Even if it was purely a horror it wasn’t scary or freaky and the gore was quite mild in my opinion. So don’t go saying when you read the description, “Awww it’s a horror story, I’m not gonna read it” because it is not only a horror genre.

The story is quite gripping and as each chapter goes by you want to read more and more of it until you become obsessed and don’t want it to end.

Well, this is how I felt about it anyway.

The plot takes place in Korea where a teenager is forced, by his dad, to commit murder. Well in fact his dad does the killing, he just lures in women and knocks out the victims with a hammer.

The boy, Jin has been doing this since he can remember so he just thinks it’s natural. That is until he meets a girl in his class named Kyun.

His dad starts targeting her, and as you probably suspect, he starts wanting to protect her. There is a lot more to the story however out of fear of spoilers I won’t continue any further.

The best points would be the suspense, the unpredictability of the story, and the compelling interactions between the characters.

The overall story is very simplistic yet very surreal.

3# The Horizon

3 The Horizon

Rating: 8.76/10

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Psychological

The title literally explains the entire storyline of this manhwa.

The Horizon is a beautifully crafted Korean work that tells the story of two children trying to survive in the midst of a war, pandemic, and world disaster.

The boy and the girl are interesting characters in that we mainly see them reacting to their own circumstances than having conversations. Their reactions to what’s happening to them are realistic and they differ from each other in their responses.

Special attention is paid to specific challenges and characters that the boy and the girl’s face and they gradually form their own perspective on the world.

There is a lot of suffering in this story as we are shown the impact of war on innocent lives.

I don’t know about others but in my view, this is a masterpiece.

With its immersive, philosophical history and beautiful art, I recommend this manhwa to everyone, especially for fans of apocalyptic and dramatic works.

2# Eleceed

2 Eleceed 1

Rating: 8.83/10

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural

The basic plot is that Jiwoo our main protagonist is a kind-hearted boy with super speed.

Jiwoo seems to have more of a childlike personality as he seems to still enjoy sleepovers with friends and other basic things young children would enjoy greatly.

He stumbles across a very fat injured cat Kayden who was transformed into a cat after being chased. The sarcastic fat cat reminds me of Garfield.

So, Anyways, It turns out that Kayden is someone with superpowers and this also leads Kayden to realize that Jiwoo also has superpowers.

The story leads Kayden to train Jiwoo and become a mentor and his friend.

Jiwoo also has other friends that are awakened ones and overall it gives off wholesome vibes. By the way, This Manhwa is written by the writer of Noblesse and the artist of Girls of the Wild.

1# Solo Levelling

1 Solo Levelling 2

Rating: 8.85/10

Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

This is no surprise that Solo Levelling is at the top of our Manhwa recommendations list. Many fans enjoy it and voted this at the top spot in MAL.

The story starts when the mysterious gates start appearing all over the world out of nowhere and people start awakening magic abilities and became the “Hunters.”

Our main character, Sung Jin-Woo is also a Hunter but was dubbed the name of “The Worlds Weakest Hunter.”

Even with his terrible rating, The boy continues to hunt monsters as he has to pay for his mother’s medical bills and sister’s education.

One day, Sung Jin-Woo joins a dangerous raid, and guess what, The raid went horribly wrong.

Three days later after the shit show, He wakes up in a hospital with a mysterious floating screen.

This is when Jin-Woo awakens an ability that enables him to level up his abilities. This screen contains a “Quest Log” which demands the user complete unrealistic training programs or face the consequences.

The story follows Sung Jin-Woo’s growth as a person and a hunter. The mystery and high stakes in this manhwa make it an enticing story to follow.

Solo Levelling is hands down one of my favorite reads ever, it’s captivating and you may find yourself re-reading the entire series over and over again without even giving it another thought.

This brings an end to our top 30 Manhwa recommendations guide.

11 Manhwa Anime Adaptations That Everyone Should Watch


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