20 Best Anime Waifus Who Will Make You Swoon!

Endless crushing on an anime character? Check. 

Scintillating personality? Check. 

Unlimited doses of “Kawai-ness?.” Check. 

A true wife-material? Check. 

And there we go; you have found your Waifu.

The word – “Waifu” is an Engrish alteration of “Wife.” 

It became famous among anime fans after being used in a scene from the anime – Azumanga Daiyo. Where a creepy teacher drops a photo of his captivating wife, and students ask who is in the picture, to which he replies, “Mai Waifu.” Alas, the legend of Waifu was born. If anyone is wondering, the original word for the word wife in Japanese is “Tsuma” or “Okusan.”

Without any delay, let the Waifu War begin and dive into the list of 20 Best Waifu of All Time: Who will Make You Swoon!

#20 Bulma

#20 Bulma

Anime: Dragon Ball Series
Waifu Meter: 48/100

You know what they say – classics never die. Many animes come and go, but there’s always a special place for the Dragon Ball series. And Bulma is one of those characters which has probably etched itself into our minds for anime and cartoon watchers alike.

Her personality is debatable. She’s liked by many and hated by many. Bulma is a spoilt rich brat, and she has a despicable way of using her beauty to justify her egotistical and overweening behavior. 

Nevertheless, she’s an attractive and intelligent woman. Vegeta and Bulma did not start on a good foot, and many viewers questioned their marriage. Eventually, they grew onto the fans with their heart-melting family.

#19 Erythrocyte Cell

#19 Erythrocyte Cell

Anime: Cells at Work
Waifu Meter: 55/100

Clumsiness and an overbearing cuteness is a never-failing formula for creating a Waifu Material. Erythrocyte, or AE803, is one of the two main protagonists in the series. 

As the name suggests, she’s an erythrocyte cell, aka Red Blood cell. With her amber eyes and short bright “Ahoge” styled red hair, she can capture any guy’s attention. 

As RBC, she is responsible for moving oxygen within the body. You would expect such cells to be wary and have a good sense of direction. But, on the contrary, she always loses her way in directions. Her perseverance in the worst situations possible is commendable.

Erythrocyte’s bubble, cheery, over-apologetic nature, and urge to help possibly everyone is reason enough to place her on this list.

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#18 Ino Yamanaka

#18 Ino Yamanaka

Anime: Naruto 
Waifu Meter: 55/100

Ino is the daughter of legendary Inoichi Yamanaka. Ino’s always been very confident, outspoken, kind, and cares greatly for her friends. 

Her creamy-blue eyes, platinum blonde hair, and bangs on the right side of her face would make anyone bleed from the nose. She’s highly talented coupled with a terrific personality. With such traits, Ino would make into anyone’s Waifu List.

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#17 Ikumi Mito

#17 Ikumi Mito

Anime: Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma!
Waifu Meter: 55/100

Food Wars is Waifu zone first and anime second. The anime is filled full of potential Waifu characters. Ikumi Mito is one of them. She is an enemy-turned-ally and probably got on the wrong ship at the beginning. 

Her specialty is in meats (no meat jokes here). She is like no other chef – I mean this, figuratively and quite literally. Her finesse in cooking and cutting meats is exemplary.

She probably does not dress like any other chef either. She cooks with a brassiere, unbuttoned denim shorts, a choker, and a knife holster tied to her right thigh. I probably should stop going any deeper.

#16 Tsukuyo

#16 Tsukuyo

Anime: Gintama
Waifu Meter: 60/100

If you are a fan of Gintama, this probably isn’t a shocker. Tsukuyo is loved by many, and her character was received well by the fans. 

Sold into Yoshiwara, Tsukuyo grew up to be a courtesan. She despised Yoshiwara and the women living in it who accepted their fate as courtesans. She threw her life of courtesan and womanhood to become a ninja.

She is an attractive woman with a slender body, a smoke pipe, and a scar running horizontally from her forehead to left eye to her cheeks. Her hair is tied into a bun and held together by two miniatures Kunai. The rest of the hair runs down her cheeks. 

Her stern look is enough to strike fear in any man and also make them fall for her at the very same time. 

#15 Celty Sturluson

#15 Celty Sturluson

Anime: Durarara!!
Waifu Meter: 65/100

Can you fall or like someone without even looking at their face? Or rather someone with no HEAD?! You sure can! Beauty is not everything, you know. And Celty Sturluson is such a character. 

She’s from Ireland originally and came looking for her head, yes, you read that right, her head, in Japan. She is probably one of the easy-going characters in the series. She is confident and optimistic with a tinge of insecurities. 

She rides around in a motorcycle with an all-black biker jumpsuit, with black shoes and gloves. She also wears a yellow helmet which resembles a cat head, especially the cat ears. 

Her all-out personality shows that the beauty of her face is not more than her personality.

#14 Winry Rockbell

#14 Winry Rockbell

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist
Waifu Meter: 68/100

Winry is one of the main supporting characters of the series. Though she is not an alchemist, she’s one good mechanic. She’s a personal engineer to Edward Elric, prosthetic leg and arm in working condition.

She has pale skin, long light blonde hair reaching her hips, and big blue eyes – that can melt anyone’s heart. Do not take her sweet, innocent, caring personality lightly. She can probably take you down with ease.

#13 Mitsuha Miyamizu

#13 Mitsuha Miyamizu

Anime: Kimi no Na Wa
Waifu Meter: 69/100

Mitsuha is a student living in a rural area along with her family. She also serves as a priestess and is somewhat dissatisfied with her small-town life. 

She wishes to live as a boy. This wish gets partially granted as she starts to switch bodies with a boy living in Tokyo. After the body switch, she begins to treasure even the smallest moments of her life – even working part-time at a cafe. 

Mitsuha is not just attractive – she is caring, kind, intelligent, and organized, making her a well-rounded personality.

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#12 Touka Kirishima

#12 Touka Kirishima

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul
Waifu Meter: 72/100

Touka is a young, slender, and attractive teenager with purple-ish short-cut hair and bangs covering the right side of her face.

Touka Kirishima is just a waitress working at the Anteiku Cafe. Well, she is more than that. Just like the show, Touka is full of surprises. Later in the show, she turned out to be a Ghoul. 

She is innately kind; however, after her father’s death, it was suppressed to keep up with the ruthless world of Ghouls. Her personality completely changed after coming in contact with Ken Kaneki. He helped her soften and re-ignite kindness buried deep inside her. 

Touka tends to be insecure, rash, reckless, and unpredictable due to her abandonment issues. But deep down, she is kind towards humans especially. 

#11 Yoruichi Shihouin

#11 Yoruichi Shihouin

Anime: Bleach
Waifu Meter: 75/100

Are you a cat lover? And, also looking for a Waifu? Look no more! Yoruichi Shihouin is your perfect match. She can turn into a cat at will. She turns into a black male cat with a peculiar male voice, probably one of her pranks being the goofball she is. 

Yoruichi was born into one of the four noble families, the House of Godly Gears. Her insane spiritual powers and assassination arts made her the first female Corps Commander of the Onmitsukido.

She is a witty prankster who often tends to flirt or tease those, including Byakuya, which is an incredible feat. Her strong sense of duty, cheerful personality, and compassion to risk a limb for a friend and comrade are admirable. Yoruichi might not be the No 1 in this list, but she is the No 1 Waifu in the Bleach Series. 

#10 Roronoa Zoro

#10 Roronoa Zoro

Anime: One Piece
Waifu Meter: 300/100

Ah! What do we have here now? Lost again, are we? Well, his poor sense of direction might have led him to this list, but we can’t complain now, can we? It’s Zoro! He is a strong muscular-built, tanned-looking pirate with three swords and probably a pot of Sake. Whether you are a guy or a girl, what’s not to like about that?

#9 Tsunade

#9 Tsunade Senju

Anime: Naruto 
Waifu Meter: 78/100

There are a few checkboxes guys have before checking them off as Waifus. A few have a thing for short hair, like tomboy characters, a few focus more on personality, and the list goes on. 

Then we have Tsunade – who has a gambling problem, a heavy drinker, a pet slug as a pet, a woman strong enough to break a mountain into tiny pieces, the only woman among the three legendary Sannin. 

For some of you, the following traits may come out negatively, but that is not the intention here. For a lady as strong and willed as Tsunade, these traits make her what she is – A strong leader, a mentor, a caring Hokage, and a medic.

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#8 Boa Hancock

#8 Boa Hancock

Anime: One Piece 
Waifu Meter: 80/100

Boa Hancock, the snake princess, is an absolute fan fantasy and always will be one. She has a habit of making it into everyone’s top list, and can we honestly complain? 

She first appeared in the Summit War Saga, the Amazon Lily Arc. Boa is said to be the most beautiful woman in the pirate world. She is a man-hating queen who built herself and her comrades a land to live a life without men.  

That all changed when she fell in love with Luffy. Usually, she is stern, and her eyes are emotionless when Luffy is not around. However, she goes all awry when she is around Luffy. She acts as a genuine girl around Luffy. Her sheer affection and dedication, even her decision to put her Warlord title in harm’s way for Luffy, make her a beloved Waifu.

#7 Alice Nakiri 

#7 Alice Nakiri

Anime: Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma!
Waifu Meter: 82/100

Like I said before – Food Wars is a “candy-Land” for Waifu characters.

Be it a guy or a girl, someone who cooks mouth-watering food is great to have by your side. Alice Nakiri is one such character. 

Alice comes from the esteemed Nakiri Family, and her specialty lies in molecular gastronomy. Unlike her cousin Erina Nakiri, she is more composed and calm. 

Her platinum blonde hair with distinctive red eyes and visible is just a riot. Alice is more like Soma – she is a no-nonsense scientist of gastronomy, and the next minute she is, throwing tantrums. And her chibi face is just swoon-worthy. 

#6 Rias Gremory

#6 Rias Gremory

Anime: High School DXD
Waifu Meter: 85/100

High School DXD is a fanservice series. You most probably already know that, didn’t you? 

Rias Gremory, aka “Crimson Haired Ruin Princess,” is one of the main protagonists in the series. She is the princess of the Gremory Clan. 

She is by far an ultimate Waifu material. Her crimson red hair, cute and sexy demeanor, and finally, her body is enough to weaken any guy’s knees. 

Her ability to order others falls right into the perfect senpai character. She is a very cheerful girl who cares deeply for others. Rias Gremory is a complete package of personality and looks.

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#5 Nico Robin

#5 Nico Robin

Anime: One Piece 
Waifu Meter: 87/100

A mysterious girl and introduced as a sidekick to probably one of the first strongest antagonists Luffy faced, Sir Crocodile. She has managed to reel in the attention of almost every fan with her mysterious nature.

Her life was no less than misery, trauma, and tragedy. Robin was branded as a devil child because she learned a language deemed illegal by the government. Her trauma-filled mind changed for good when Luffy took her in as a crewmate.

She probably is the only alive character who can read and decode Poneglyphs in the pirate world. Thus, making her a crucial character in the One Piece world that can decode and find the treasure.

Her slender body, dark black hair, big blue eyes, and witty replies to her comrades are down-right adorable to any watcher.

#4 Zero Two

#4 Zero Two

Anime: DARLING in the FRANXX
Waifu Meter: 88/100

Some of her popularity comes from Tik-Tok videos, and the rest comes from die-hard love-crushing anime fans. Zero Two is part human and part Klaxo Sapien, meaning she is an artificially created biological weapon. She has managed to mesmerize every viewer with her quirky aura. 

Her devilish aura and Kawaii personality are a perfect mixture of Waifu material. Zero two is a blend of quirky, whacky archetype girlfriend. She acts confident to hide her insecurities and flaws, plays with you like a child, and eventually opens up and trusts you as a haven from outside chaos to interfere with her own. 

And to top it all off, she has sweet-pink hair and horns and calls the protagonist darling, which has managed to appeal Otaku crowd.

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#3 Hinata Hyuga Uzumaki

#3 Hinata Hyuga Uzumaki

Anime: Naruto/Boruto
Waifu Meter: 90/100

Now, the wife of the Seventh Hokage, Uzumaki Naruto. And a shinobi hailing from the legendary Hyuga clan. Since the anime debut, Hinata has been a crush for many viewers. And you probably were searching for her on this list. 

She is probably one of the sweetest, most shy, and timid characters. Her crush on Naruto since the show’s beginning can melt anyone’s heart. She might be a shy girl, but she would go a far distance to protect her village, her crush, and her comrades. She even put herself in the way of death while fighting Pain only to protect and save Naruto. Making the fans love her even more. 

She is not as outspoken as some of the characters and is even too shy to say her share sometimes, but her self-confidence steadily increases with each season.

The most exciting thing about this is the fans got to see her grow from just being a shy little girl hiding behind a wall to raising a beautiful family with Naruto.

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#2 Asuna Yuki

#2 Asuna Yuki

Anime: Sword Art Online
Waifu Meter: 95/100

Anime and Games are a sweet spot for any Otaku. Asuna is one of the prettiest characters in Sword Art Online. Her character progression has been debatable, but fans and viewers alike will never give up on her. 

Asuna is a skilled player in Aincard. She has come a long way from being confused about the game; to being scared; to becoming the sub-leader of the Knights of Blood. She is a dazzling Knight in armor, with her amber eyes and long hair going past her waist.

MMORPG and pretty swordswomen as a woman lead, a never-failing formula for creating a successful Waifu material. And she probably will stay on the top Waifu list for years.

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#1 Kurisu Makise

#1 Kurisu Makise

Anime: Steins; Gate
Waifu Meter: 99/100

Finally, the crème de la crème, the character who made it to the top of the list is Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate. The rating may come as a shocker for a few but “read me out,” the show was no less than a masterpiece. If Christoper Nolan ever decides to make an anime, this is how it might be. 

Kurisu is a young genius and a scientific researcher. She has chestnut brown hair with bangs, dull pale purple eyes, and dresses shabby most of the time. She is usually the smartest one in the room. 

Kurisu is the ideal portrait of a super-smart, nerdy, and headstrong girl. She is more than your typical Tsundere archetype; she has more affection and depth. Unlike most of the characters in this list, Kurisu is just a simple girl with no superpower attributed to her, making her a little more realistic and easy to connect with. Thus, she is my top Waifu on this list. 

With this, I conclude my list of 20 Best Waifu of All Time: That’ll Make You Swoon. I hope I haven’t made any enemies along the way by not ranking your favorite Waifu. But hey, you know what they say, Waifu for Laifu. So, pick the one you love, and Happy Reading!

Honorable Mentions

  • Rem 
  • Mai Sakurajima
  • Erza Scarlet
  • Megumin
  • Holo
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Ryuko Matoi
  • Rin Tohsaka
  • Ai Hayasaka 
  • Shouko Nishimiya

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Is Waifu Male or Female?

Waifu are those female characters who seem likable to you and are considered wife material.

Is Waifu a Wife?

Technically, yes. The term Waifu is a slang word for Wife. Waifu characters are those to whom you are significantly attracted.

What is Waifu for Girls?

Waifu for girls is Husbando. He is someone you have a massive crush over, just like a Waifu. The only difference being is the gender of the character. 

Is it Okay to Have a Waifu? 

I mean, if it did not, we would not have made this list, right? So, yes. It’s completely alright to have a Waifu, and it’s completely okay even if you don’t want to have one.  

Can Waifu be Male?

No, technically, Waifu’s are female characters. If someone has a crush on a male character, then it’s called “Husbando.”

Who is The No 1 Waifu?

Kurisu Makise is the No 1 Waifu according to the list. 

What is Waifu and Laifu? 

Waifu for Laifu loosely translates to my wife for life. It’s a character with whom you are so obsessed that you cannot imagine your life without that character. 

Which Anime Has The Best Waifus?

I have no intention of starting a war for real by answering this. But it is subjective; you can’t just pick one particular anime. It can be High School DXD, Food Wars, Fairy Tail, and RE: Zero, to name a few, among thousands of anime.

That brings an end to our countdown of the best anime waifus of all time. Which character do you have a crush on?

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