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15 Fan Favourite Anime Characters Named Yuki (Ranked)

Hey there! Have you ever wondered about Japanese names? Like why do they all have unique, and different meanings?

Well, One of the most common Japanese names is YUKI. It can be the first or last name of a person, and this is also one of the most used names in anime series.

So have you ever thought about or checked what it means or do you have any favourite character whose name is Yuki?

Today, We are here with the 15 Best Characters, Whose name is Yuki. You might not believe it, but there are so many unique characters with the same name.

Some of them are even the Protagonist of particular series. That’s why we thought, why not write about this fantastic topic.

Okay then. What does Yuki mean?

Well, in Japanese, it means Snow. There is a popular Japanese legend about a Yokai (Ghost/Spirit) of a girl named Yuki-Onna. This name often pops up in anime.

Yuki can also mean Happiness or Snow Flower. It is one of the most common names among Japanese girls, and now it is used for boys as well.

There is also one thing common between the girls with the name Yuki. Yep, They are gorgeous. It only makes sense according to the legends as Yuki-Onna was also a beautiful girl. So, without wasting any time, let’s get into our countdown of the best anime characters with the name Yuki.

#15 Yuki

#15 Yuki

Series: Ginga Tetsudou Monogatari
Gender: Female

For starters, Yuki is not a human, she is a humanoid. Even though she is a robot, she is pretty beautiful and is also the medical officer who works for Sirius Platoon.

Yuki is quite an introverted person who doesn’t like interacting or socializing with people. She doesn’t consider herself a human either. But after an incident, She decided to change herself and started talking with people more often.

As for her personality, She is a calm individual who minds her own business but is a curious one.

The most important thing about her that can win anyone’s heart is that she is selfless and doesn’t care about herself when in need. She often makes decisions in a rush when someone’s life is in danger. As a humanoid doctor, she loves her work.

#14 Yuki Kaizuka

#14 Yuki Kaizuka

Gender: Female

Yuki Kaizuka is a carefree individual with brown eyes and long black hair. She is quite a pushover and lazy.

Her brother Inaho Kaizuka cooks delicious meals for her and wakes her up in the morning. If he doesn’t do it, there is no chance she’ll be able to.

But depending on the situation, She can be pretty severe and determined too. Yuki also becomes the pilot of KG-7 Areion during the war.

She cares for her brother and other people. Yuki even started crying when she thought Inaho was going to die. Keeping everything aside, She is a cheerful girl who doesn’t like to see people in trouble.

#13 Yuki Sohma

#13 Yuki Sohma

Series: Fruit Basket
Gender: Male

Yuki Sohma is a handsome guy who can steal your girl easily. He is also one of the main characters in Fruit Basket.

When I say he can steal your girl, I mean it because he has pretty attractive facial features, like purple eyes. Usually, he wears Chinese outfits that suit him perfectly.

Even though several people like him, Yuki, being friendly and all touchy with others is difficult.

If we talk about his real identity as a Rat, he hates Kyo because he is a Cat. However, Yuki still admires him, but they both don’t get along well.

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#12 Yuki Yoshida

#12 Yuki Yoshida

Series: Given
Gender: Male

Yuki Yoshida is a guitarist in a band called Hiiragi. He is also the ex-boyfriend of Mafuyu Sato.

This guy is quite a looker with dyed golden hair and brown. He also has hazelnut-coloured eyes and ear piercings.

According to people, He is a nice guy who could attract people towards him with his charm alone.

Not to mention, He is pretty dominant as well. He is caring towards his boyfriend and was always there for him. However, He committed suicide when he was drunk, and people assume that this has something to do with Mafuyu.

#11 Yukiteru Amano

#11 Yukiteru Amano

Series: Future Diary
Gender: Male

Yukiteru Amano, also known as Yuki, is the first person who got the DIARY. Yeah, He has his motives to win this game of survival.

Like all other male Yuki characters on this list, This guy is also a decent looking one. He has black hair and blue eyes, Not to mention Yuno Gasai is interested in him.

He is a shy guy who doesn’t interact with people but writes everything that happens around him in his diary.

He also has an imaginary friend named Deus, but later it was revealed that the imaginary friend was real and, to be more precise, he is a GOD.

Though Yukiteru is part of the game, he is not confident, and often takes help from Yuno when there is any trouble.

But still, he is a good guy. Yep, He is a mass murderer but still doesn’t want to end up as a bad guy.

He often forgives Yuno for what she does and complains that she doesn’t kill anyone. Overall he has a weird personality.

#10 Ushimaru Yuki

#10 Ushimaru Yuki

Series: Gakuen Babysitters
Gender: Female

Ishimaru Yuki is in the same class as Kashima Ryuuichi, and also has a massive crush on him.

She is considered one of the cutest girls in the class. Her brown hair and average height make her look like a teddy bear, and every guy in the class is attracted to her.

As you can guess, Ishimaru is a popular student, but it’s not because she is beautiful. It’s because she is kind and gentle towards others.

Even after being an ideal student, she is not good at handling kids and gets embarrassed quickly when talking with her crush Ryuuichi.

#9 Yuki Cross

#9 Yuki Cross

Series: Vampire Knight
Gender: Female

Yuki Cross is a Pureblood which means she is 100% vampire and doesn’t have any human genes.

Unfortunately for her, She didn’t know about her true identity until she was awakened as a vampire by Kaname Kuran. One thing to note about her is that she is also the main protagonist of the series.

As for her appearance, She has brown hair and dark red/brown eyes. She has a cheerful personality who is quite energetic and can be very loud sometimes.

Yeah…She cares for people and often cracks jokes to create a great atmosphere. However, she is not good at her studies. Most of the time, she falls asleep in class because she stays up the whole night protecting the Day Class from Night Class.

Even though Ishimaru is a vampire and stands alongside them, She fears them.

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#8 Yuki Giou

#8 Yuki Giou

Series: The Betrayal Knows My Name
Gender: Male

Yuki Giou is the reincarnation of a mighty female warrior named Yuzuki. He is also the one who has control over the Light Of God.

This guy is a member of the Giou clan, so he has brown hair and golden eyes like the rest of the members.

Like anyone handsome man, He is often praised by girls who call him cute and handsome. Yuki is a lovely person who gets along with everyone, especially kids.

He is a caring and kind soul who doesn’t want to see anyone suffer because of him. Even though he believes in teamwork, he doesn’t want to be a burden on others.

Keeping everything aside, Giou is the kind of person who will sacrifice himself if it can be helpful or bring good to others.

#7 Yukito Tsukishiro

#7 Yukito Tsukishiro

Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Gender: Male

Yukito Tsukishiro is the boyfriend of Touya Kinomoto and is Yue’s humanoid alter ego.

He has admirable looks. With brown eyes, grey hair, and circular specs, He looks like a total gentleman. Not to mention, This guy has a beautiful smile.

Yukito is kind by nature and always keeps a gentle behaviour when he is with others. As you can expect, Yuki is also quite popular.

This is because he is good-looking, an excellent athlete, and is master chief.

If we put it in simple words, he is an all-rounder. Though he loves eating, In his proper form as YUE, This is a problem.

#6 Yuki Hanzoumon

#6 Yuki Hanzoumon

Series: Release the space
Gender: Female

Yuki Hanzoumon, aka Hanzo, used to be the popular gang leader known as Tsukikage and is also the deuteragonist of the series.

She is considered a beauty by others because of her notable features like purple hair and purple eyes, but they turn golden yellow when she transforms into her space form.

Once upon a time, She was the leader of a gang, but still, she is a calm and collective individual.

Yuki Hanzoumon is good at making quick decisions, and even amid a battle, she maintains her focus. She might seem to be a bit cold on the outside, but Yuki is a kind person who cares for everyone.

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#5 Yuki Nagato

#5 Yuki Nagato

Series: The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya
Gender: Female

Yuki Nagato is not a human and is a humanoid interface, which simply means she is an alien with supernatural powers created by Data Overmind.

She was assigned to look after Haruhi Suzumiya. Even though she is Alien, she is still pretty. With golden-brown eyes and purple hair, Her facial expression never changes, so it’s hard to tell what she is thinking.

Yuki is an introvert who rarely speaks to anyone. She is so introverted that this chick even ignores those people who try to talk to her.

At first, She didn’t have emotions or anything that kinda resonates with us humans, but she developed emotions and feelings as she stayed among other people.

Later, She started communicating with others. Even though she gave a short response, she is still trying her best.

#4 Yuki Takeya

#4 Yuki Takeya

Series: School-Live!
Gender: Female

Yuki Takeya is an innocent and optimistic girl who can cheer anyone up. She is a part of the School Life Club at Megurigaoka Private High School and is an adorable-looking girl.

Her pink hair and eyes make her look like a cutie pie. She is the kind of person who thinks that no one is bad. Yeah, I get it but everyone has some sort of quality that makes them unique.

No matter the situation, she remains positive and does her best in everything. If you are around here, you’ll always see her with a bright smile.

With all the great qualities to talk about you should be aware of her childish nature. Not to mention, She often relies on others and is also carefree. Still, Yuki is loved by everyone thanks to her warm personality.

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#3 Yuki Mitani

#3 Yuki Mitani

Series: Hikaru No Go
Gender: Male

Yuki Mitani is a student at Haze Middle School and a member of the Go Club. He has light red coloured brown hair with exciting eye colour.

Speaking of his personality, This guy can be very annoying. He is a moody person and does whatever he likes, which is why people often get angry with him.

Yeah, A total idiot who doesn’t think before speaking. He is pretty straightforward and doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.

Sometimes he does or says things internationally just to hurt people. However, he is a pretty good guy.

Yuki often feels happy for others but hides his true emotions and gives a rugged look. Ultimately, He’s a guy who doesn’t show any weakness.

#2 Yuki Yoshikawa

#2 Yuki Yoshikawa

Series: Horimiya
Gender: Female

Yuki Yoshikawa is a student of Katagiri Senior High School and the best friend of Kyoko Hori.

If we talk about her appearance, she is a short, high-pitched girl with olive green hair and yellow eyes. If anyone is around her, they’ll be happy because she is the kind of person who spreads positivity and maintains a good vibe.

Even though she cracks a lot of jokes, she doesn’t hurt anyone, and one of her best qualities is that she can befriend anyone easily.

You might think you have found the perfect waifu? Don’t, As Yuki has a dark side.

She can think negatively about certain people and act like nothing’s wrong while something is bothering her a lot.

Well, Kyoko often spots this as Yuki never talks about it and often she lets go of the conversation with a smile.

Accepting defeat even before trying eh?

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#1 Yuki Nonaka

#1 Yuki Nonaka

Series: The Testament of Sister New Devil
Gender: Female

Yuki Nonaka is a member of the hero clan who was assigned to observe the future demon lord Mio Naruse.

She is also one of the central girls in the series. As a cute teen girl, She is one of the most popular and admirable girls in the school.

Oh, yeah. Did I mention that Yuki is also a class representative and a good athlete?

Her blue hair and yellow eyes make her way too beautiful to even imagine. Most of the time, She is straightforward with her work and seems to know what she is doing, but acts like she is all alone in Basra’s presence.

Yuki is also a vital part of the story as she belongs to the hero clan. For any of her foes, She is a powerful and formidable opponent.

The problem is she has feelings for Basra, but as the very first member of the hero clan, Yuki doesn’t want to be in a mess. Maybe, This is the reason why Yuki avoids any negativity from Mio as she will kill her even if Basra comes in her way and starts hating her.

Honourable Mentions

I believe that this countdown has delighted you but let’s add a cherry on top of it. So, here are a few more characters whose names are Yuki.

  • Konno Yuki
  • Yuki Takeya
  • Yukihime
  • Yuki Endou

So, That brings an end to our listicle of the best anime characters whose name is Yuki. Well, Who is your favourite?

Let us know it all on our Instagram handle here and in the meanwhile, Keep visiting averagebeing.com for more awesome anime content.

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